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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Soldiers honored on Memorial Day

We at Ermine Senior Citizens have had another slow week with not much going on.

Monday, our centers were closed for Memorial Day so about six or seven of us went to the Veterans Museum for the memorial service for our soldiers. It was really nice. The cannon was shot, and they had the 21-gun salute, singing, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

County Judge Jim Ward and Mayor of Whitesburg James Wiley Craft were there. They both gave a speech, which was very nice also. Rick Hall videoed it for Channel 98 so if you didn’t go, watch it on TV and maybe you’ll want to be there next time.

Thursday we were told our Senior Prom has been called off. We were all disappointed about that, as we were looking forward to attending it.

Maybe another time (we hope).

Friday our centers were closed so we could go to the Health Fair at Whitesburg Hospital, for their 40th anniversary celebration, and it was a good day.

They had t-shirts and lots of other items to give to the people. Free hotdogs and hamburgers and drinks. We didn’t stay for that, as it was beginning to get hot, and you know our recycled teenagers can’t stay in the sun as we will ruin our complexion.

We had 14 and our site manager Debbie Slone, and Ann Adams to drive us there. So we went to Pine Mt. Grill for dinner.

We’re planning a picnic and a short trip soon. We don’t know for sure where we will go and when, but probably in this month of June.

Ed Pike and Betty have been fishing, they said, but we didn’t see any fish.

Joe and Doris Bentley have missed a couple of days. Where are you guys? Are you fishing too?

But we have had a good crowd each day. Charles and Shirley are showing up. Helen Bentley is on the road again. We miss our seniors when they’re not here.

Come on you seniors, don’t miss or you’ll lose your seats.

We’ve had a new man whose joined us. So we are glad for the new ones and all our regulars too.

So come on out and join us and be one of our family, as that’s what we are like, one big, happy family.

I hope to see you there soon. God bless until next time.

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