Whitesburg KY

Some council races are still up for grabs

City Council races in Letcher County may not be determined until Friday.

While all of the incumbents in Jenkins are guaranteed reelection because no one else registered to run, only one incumbent filed for reelection in Whitesburg and none filed in Fleming-Neon. As a result, those races will be determined by write-in ballot.

Write-in votes were still be counted Tuesday night, and some absentee ballots could still arrive before the totals are finalized on Friday.

In Whitesburg, Derek Barto, the only incumbent councilmember to file, received 386 votes. Eight other candidates have filed as write-ins.

In Neon, five people filed as write-ins for the six seats.

In Jenkins the results so far are as follows:

Ernestine Hill – 469, Sammy Elswick – 499, Rick Damron – 505, Chuck Anderson – 507, Garnett Bently – 443, and Shaun Collier – 390.

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