Whitesburg KY

Some days are better than others

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all. Hope everyone is well and having a much cooler day than it’s been around here. Been in the 90s for several days and seems we have more of the same predicted for several days to come. At least I don’t think rain is in the forecast. We had a terrible storm one day last week. In fact everyone was told to seek shelter.

Red and I are still hanging on. Won’t say we are doing great. Some days are better than others which is normal for someone our age and circumstances.

Charles called Red today and I got a call from Jeanie. She is having her 18th birthday soon. I told her I would be there (ha!).

Don’t get out and about much anymore so news is sort of scarce.

Catharine called a short while ago and was just leaving work and was on her way home.

Jennifer’s husband is a truck driver. He just got in a short while ago and will be leaving again at six in the morning.

Is anyone planning to be here for the family picnic? We both have strict orders to stay out of the heat. Just want you to know that we are anxious to see everyone and wish I could cook for y’all but not this year unless there’s a big change.

Guess I had better say so long for now. Be good and be happy, love and prayers.

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