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Some grocers want wine sold in their stores


A group of grocers is planning another push in the 2010 General Assembly for a bill that would allow wine be sold in grocery stores.

The Food With Wine Coalition has pushed for a bill in the last two sessions.

“This issue is going to be coming back before the legislature,” said Luke Schmidt, lobbyist for the group, which was formed by grocery stores in 2007 to promote the idea.

Rep. Larry Clark, a Democrat from Louisville, submitted a bill in early 2008 to allow wine sales in grocery stores, but it never got out of committee. A similar bill proposed for the spring 2009 session wasn’t even formally filed.

State Sen. Mike Reynolds, DBowling Green, said he anticipates seeing the issue on the January agenda.

A petition drive in more than 100 grocery stores collected about 56,000 signatures in late 2008. This year the group is hoping to get more signers with an online petition.

Earlier this month, the group began placing 5-foot-tall displays in many grocery stores asking “Where’s the wine?”

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