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Son celebrates 48th birthday

I will try to write and say I hope all are feeling better with all your aches and pains since I didn’t write last week.

I’m feeling some better, but still not able to do much. I am so sore.

My youngest son had a birthday on August 14, his 48th birthday. He is a fine young man and helps me do things when I need him. He takes me to the store and to the doctor. I don’t like to drive much anymore.

I went to the eye doctor and he finally told me I have cataracts that will have to be removed. They are pretty bad so I have to have surgery.

My sister Judith has been having a lot of problems with dizziness and she has cataracts also. The doctor thinks she doesn’t need surgery yet. She lost one eye when was two or three years old. She was trying to eat an orange and she had been wanting my brother Emory to let her have his little pocketknife to peel it with. He didn’t want to let her, but she was crying for him to let her have it. Our mom told him it would be O.K. to let her because she couldn’t get hurt with that little knife, It was just real little, so he gave it to her and she was getting up in a chair and her foot slipped and she fell and jabbed the point of the knife in her eye.

They rushed her to a doctor and he said there was nothing he could do. In those days they didn’t do the kind of surgery they can today. That was 71 years ago.

An eye specialist told her last week that if that happened now they could have fixed it, but then they couldn’t do it.

Emory has always grieved over letting her have the little knife. He loves her so much and he is now 82½ years old and Judith is 75. He has always thought about that accident. She is so special to him. He is in a nursing home in Marion, Ind. He has Parkinson’s disease. He doesn’t shake, but he can’t walk anymore. His mind is real good though. He just can’t help himself get up or take steps. He sits in a wheelchair and the nurses ride him around the home.

His wife Darlene and their daughter Tammy go every day to stay some with him, but Darlene is not well herself. She tries but it’s so hard on her.

Tammy has a lot of worries with both of her parents sick. Now her son Nicholas is married and she has two grandchildren that she has to help with because his young wife has cancer and is so sick. They really are having a terrible time. I pray for God to be close to all of them.

Darlene lost a sister about three months ago with cancer. Her name was Lottie Mae. She was the baby one in the family.

One of the grandsons is in Tennessee helping my niece and her husband move to a new place out by the lake. Chris has been down there for nine days.


I went to see my cousin Bruce Jones yesterday. He was doing pretty well. His son Rick bought our grandparents’ place a few weeks ago. I was glad he got it. He has a bunch of ponies and likes to raise animals so he will make a good place out of it I’m sure.

I hope all my cousins in Columbus, Ind., are feeling better by now. I love all of them, Juanita, Ernesteen and Ron and daughter, Lawrence and Libby, Wallace, and family and Evadeen, Malean and James. Let me hear from some of you. I’d love to come to see all, but I’m not able to right now. Maybe later this fall I can and go see my brother.

Lavene and wife, I hope you are both doing well. I remember so many things about what all of us kids used to do. We were up at Aunt Mealie’s one time and all of us went to play on the mountain, and you caught a green snake and threw it on me. It almost scared me to death. I told you if I had a gun I’d shoot you. Ha ha. My mom always said if a green snake bites you, you will laugh yourself to death. I don’t think I’d laugh, I’d cry myself to death. I’m so afraid of any kind of snake.

We had lots of good times at Ingrams Creek School, playing marbles, whip creek, coon and dog and seesaw and skip to my Lou and so many other games. Going on trips to other schools for spelling matches and arithmetic matches and on picnics on Big Branch Mountain. A lot of good times and then we’d get mad at one another and fuss. But it didn’t last that long. We’d be back playing again.

I kicked you and one time you grabbed my leg and held it and I had to hop all over the yard. It was all fun though. I love you and Jean. She is a beautiful person.

One of Byrd Hogg’s sons died yesterday. Bruce told us and Larry and C.C. were going to the funeral home to see him and the family. I didn’t know the boy, but I know Byrd Hogg.

My sister-in-law Jewell Ann Morgan is very sick at this time. She has cancer and is retaining fluid in her body. She can’t take Lasix any more so she may have to go on dialysis soon. She is so special. I pray that she will better soon.

The news is telling us so many bad things happening all over the world. Floods, tornados, heat waves and people killing each other and the election for President is so out of focus. They lie, cheat and call each other names. It’s the worst I’ve ever known in my lifetime.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve been watching the Olympics in Rio. A lot of Americans have been winning gold.

I just got a call from a sweet lady in Florida. Her name is Mary J. Adams. She was born in Kentucky and knew many people from here. She likes to do genealogy stuff. She is 84 years old and she knows a lot of people in Indiana.

Well, I guess I better get this on its way. I’ll write again later.

With love, Bonnie.

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