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Son, friends ride motorcycles to visit Wennings


Hello everyone – I hope all are enjoying the upand down weather of April. Hopefully we’ll get to warmer weather in May.

I do enjoy reading the “Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High School” by Bennett Welch in The Mountain Eagle. In last week’s column, my greatuncle Edgar Banks was mentioned. He had been the assistant principal at Whitesburg High School from 1955 to 1961. Uncle Edgar was married to my Granny’s sister, LouAma Gibson Banks. I do enjoy reading about Whitesburg High School memories.

Our middle son, Mark Wenning of Monroe, Ohio, came in for the weekend. He and three friends rode their motorcycles down. Mark had some motorcycle issues with a tire and didn’t go out with his friends on Saturday. The three friends rode all day and Mark spent the day with us. Mike and I enjoyed our time with Mark. We even took a drive on Town Hill. They all made it home safely on Sunday with two having to have new tires and one maybe getting a new motorcycle. As Mark said, “It was a normal trip.” Those that came in with Mark were Denver Little, Steve Richardson, and Brennan McClory, all of Cincinnati. This was Denver’s first trip here and he enjoyed it.

Joe Stamper, Susan and Waldo Stamper, and Tyler Stamper, all of Lexington, were in for the weekend. Tyler helped his Granny plant some fruit trees. I enjoyed my visit with Aunt Susan. She told me some stories about my grandparents and stories of when she was first driving. Memories are great.

Debbie and Jeff Vice, of Flemingsburg, were in for a couple days but we didn’t get to see them. We had company coming and they had to leave. We’re hoping to connect on the next trip.

On Saturday evening I received a phone call from a friend in Ohio. We have a group of friends that we went to college with and they were all together Saturday evening except for Mike and me, so they called. They posted group pictures on Facebook so we could see them. Those that were together were Steve and Cathy Foley of Dayton, Ohio; Ken and Dani Conley of Centerville, Ohio; Gerry and Cherie Friesthler of Niceville, Florida, and John Walterbusch of Dayton, Ohio. I do wish we could have been there with them. We’ll see them sometime.

Mike and I went to dinner at Pine Mountain Grill on Monday evening to celebrate

John Campbell’s birthday. Those attending were John Campbell, Gemma Bentley, Steve McNamara, Shyanne Mc- Namara, Mike Wenning, and Martha Wenning. We did sing Happy Birthday while in the restaurant. It was a good meal with good people.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Nanette Dingus; Randy Brown; Ramona Caudill; and Nick Walker.

We nearly had a negative experience on Friday afternoon. Mike was killing weeds in the gravel and decided to light the trash in the burn barrel as it was fast food bags. He continued to work on the weeds and suddenly looked back — the whole brush pile and more was on fire. We assume the wind blew something out of the burn barrel. I heard Mike yell and saw the flames. It seemed to take forever to get the water hose hooked up and buckets found. I was filling buckets in the kitchen and bathroom. It was so hot that it was hard to get close to the fire. We got the fire under control and continued with the buckets of water. My cousin, Joe Stamper, came over and got in the creek with a bucket to throw water from that side. We really appreciated his help.

The fire was a quick initial high flame from the brush but wasn’t longl asting at the high flame point. It just seemed to be long lasting and there was a lot of smoke.

A lot of trucks and cars were driving by and going slow. One vehicle even came across the bridge and turned in my brother’s driveway and then watched. They didn’t ask if we needed help, they just sat there.

The smoke did make our cat, CAT, nervous. He was sitting on the enclosed porch waiting on us. I think he wanted to make sure we knew where he was during this.

We always wanted the brush pile burned down but we were going to wait until next winter. Now it’s burnt. I really don’t want to go through anything like that again. I do feel lucky that it didn’t get to the garage but we did move the vehicles just in case.

This week’s quote: “Enjoy every moment of life, live every moment with all your heart, make memories today, and cherish them your entire life.”

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Have a good and productive week. Remember to wear a mask.

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