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Son-in-law suffers from ‘grillitis’

Southern Ohio

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

I hope it is a fun time for everyone and we stop for a moment to be thankful that we live in a free country! How much longer is questionable!

We are into the first week of July and it will be gone before we can turn around. In a month school in this area will be starting.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, who is six, will be starting first grade, along with my greatgrandson, T. J. Proctor.

This has been a very rough week as my granddaughter Jodi Gray is having trouble with her vision. Jodi has to get a MRI on her eyes, and a possibly on her brain also.

If it was possible I would gladly give her my eyes as she is only 24 years old and has her life ahead of her, and mine will be soon drawing to a close.

I went to Front Street Café in New Richmond. I really had a nice surprise there as Carol Calihan Dieckman and her friend Carolyn, joined me.

Ma Crow & the Lady Slippers do a great job anywhere they play. I want go back to Front Street Café unless it is in the courtyard as it is too loud and you can’t hear the music for talking.

Saturday evening, my daughter Anna Nottingham tried to reach me to no avail as my two-year-old grandson Kyle Nottingham climbed on the couch and either started to jump or fell, and broke his foot.

Kyle has broken both arms in less than a year. Anna has to call the doc- tor today to see if they are going to put a cast on. It is in a soft wrap and he isn’t allowed to walk on it

Kyle wanted to see me, so I spent some time with Scott, Anna and the kids. Jessica and Katelyn came to spend the night with me.

Sarah will be 15 on July 29 so she is outgrowing staying with me.

As usual I never have any snacks in the house so we stopped at Kroger’s on the way to my house. While shopping Jessica turned to me seriously and said, “Mamaw, I think there’s something wrong with my dad!”

Of course I asked what did she think was wrong, and Jessica said, “I believe he has something called “Grillitis.” I sort of frowned and asked, “What?”

Jessica said since her dad has been retired from the police department he wants to grill out every night for supper. What will kids think of next?

While I was at Anna’s, Katelyn took me by the hand and asked me to go in her room as she had something she wanted me to see.

Katelyn has a beautiful, pink child’s size guitar sitting on a stand in her bedroom. Katelyn is going to the Guitar Center for lessons starting July 6.

I finally paid a visit to Johnny and Ann Calihan. Please keep Ann in your prayers. The shingles are gone but Ann is so weak. She has been sick for seven weeks.

When Ann is too sick to go to church, she is very sick. Johnny and the family are so good to her.

I was on my way to Kroger’s to get a small bouquet of flowers for Ann, and just as I was locking my door I looked at my flowers and cut her a bunch so Ann could see them. I have a couple of lilies that are so large. They were given to me a couple of years ago.

I took Ann a bouquet of flowers, and Johnny gave me fresh produce, so I think I am the one who got a treat. I shared with Anna, as she grills zucchini

Gwen Huff Farmer, I thought about giving you a call and saying ready or not here I come! I hope you are doing alright. I know you have had a lot of rain, just hope no high winds to go with it.

Anita Brewer’s story of lightning bugs made me start thinking of so many things of childhood. Several of us are still enjoying reminiscing of clothes we wore and food we ate.

Not a single one has complained no matter how little we had, we just accepted.

This one woman joined in our conversation to inform us that everyone was poverty stricken in the mountains, and to brag about how fortunate she was that her dad worked for a large coal company so that meant she lived in a house with running water.

Heck, who didn’t? Except that in mine and so many other people’s situation, we had to run to get it!

My point in joking about this is there are several families that had a lot more than lots of us, that were raised in Roxana, Kingscreek, Mill Branch area, yet I don’t remember anyone acting so high fallutin’.

Well I seem to recall a few that would sort of get on a high horse because of what they had accumulated. Most of us were in the same boat and as children we didn’t know we were poor.

I did envy a couple of girls from Mill Branch because they had prettier dresses than me, and there were children who had better food than me, yet I had food, and enough to share with a few kids that had nothing to eat. I have taken a couple of bites of milk and bread many a time, then shared the rest with a family of children who had no lunch.

Sunday afternoon, I called to see if my extended family was back from the mountains of eastern Kentucky, and it was at a very bad point in my day. Not for long, as someone was almost planning my funeral, over wop biscuits.

Someone even bought a mountain cookbook, only to find a recipe to make fried apple pies using a special ingredient. Yeah, you got it, wop biscuits.

If there’s any that is confused as I was about this term, and wouldn’t ask, they are canned biscuits.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I am ready to head your way to hide.

Les and Pat Wagner, along with Larry and Becky Hasty, really enjoyed a trip to the mountains and being with several family members.

Hello to everyone, glad you enjoyed my column. By the way, daises are in bloom if you find a need for them.

My granddaughters are awake so I need to make heart-shaped waffles since I don’t have an oven to make biscuits with gravy.,

Since I still have a bag packed, and didn’t go too far, I think I am going to use the money that I didn’t spend on a trip to have a CD player put in my car and replace my oven coil. Gee, I still seem to hear the mountains calling to me, except now I believe it might be the mountains of Kentucky instead of Tennessee.

I was just informed 7 South Band along with Route 7 and Sunrise Ridge will be playing at Calvary Campus July 4. The time I don’t know.

Emma Lou Engle, just remember one thing, how precious it was to meet you.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:, 513- 367-4682

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