Whitesburg KY

Sons surprise mother on her birthday

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I had a great Thanksgiving. I had one of the best birthdays a few days earlier. My son Astor and wife Rosemary came in to spend the night with me and take me to dinner. When we got there, the first ones I saw were my other three sons and wives, a great surprise. I didn’t expect to see them. I was overjoyed!

I had been worried about Rob. He had been getting over a big hip surgery.

I asked Larry earlier to go with us. He said he didn’t like to go to restaurants. See how they do me! And I hadn’t heard from Bill. There they were all there.

It’s hard to get families together. I’m so proud of my boys. I guess everyone knows by now.

I want to thank all the people on Facebook who wished me a happy birthday to my sons. I couldn’t believe that many people knew me. I don’t have Facebook. Most of my people do and they pass it on to me.

I visited my brother Hubert and wife Joyce and my sister Louise Shepherd. She had a great Thanksgiving with her daughters Shannon and Carol Day and their family had a good day.

I talked to Dorthy Tacket. She is doing better and her daughters were all helping her with her Thanksgiving dinner. I know they had a great day. I never had any daughters to help me, but I have four great sons.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with my son Larry and his wife Linda. They live next door to me. All their family was there, daughter Wendy and Kevin Day and their two sons Rocky and Larry Kevin, I think everyone knows him, and their son Chris Hatton and wife Sara and their three children Brooke, Gracie and son Beau. He had been in Akron, Ohio, for a while. We were so glad to see him.

My son Bill and wife Sandra had Thanksgiving dinner with Maggie Cook and all her family. I know they had a great time. I’ve been there and had some of their great food!

I got a call from my brother Hillard Howard in Florida. He had eye surgery and was doing OK. His son Jason and his wife were visiting him.

I enjoyed having lunch at Dairy Queen with Joyce Howard for her birthday. We also had Hubert, her husband, and our brother John Howard and sister Louise Shepherd. We saw Imogene Sexton and her son Roger there. I hadn’t seen them in a long time. We saw a lot of friends there. I love Dairy Queen!

We’ve been having such nice weather. I’d like to plant a garden, but it’s the last of November and I won’t be doing that. I’ll probably be inside watching it snow pretty soon. I hope it’s not soon.

I talked with Bertha (Page) Dye. She was doing better. She’s been having some health problems like about everyone else.

I just heard one of our sisters in church, Hazel Ison, is in Pikeville Hospital and needs everyone’s prayers. We all love Hazel!


My sister Kathleen Brock and all her family had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the home of her daughter Debbie and Ron Lester. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. It’s good for families to get together and stay close to each other.

I just heard Janice Reed died. Everyone around here knows her. She worked at Save-A-Lot store for a long time and everyone loved her. She was so friendly. I’ve known her about all her life.

Well, I’ve run out of news so I’ll stop and not rattle on. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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