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Sororities met to have Thanksgiving dinner

Kentucky Laureate RHO and Beta Kappa sororities met Nov. 12 for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the James M. Caudill Community Trust Bank banquet room in Whitesburg.

Ellen Compton catered the turkey and dressing and sorority members made all the trimmings. Beta Kappa furnished the delicious desserts and drinks, and decorated the tables with beautiful Thanksgiving arrangements. Very festive.

Delicious food, great fellowship and Thanksgiving trivia was enjoyed by Herb and Sally Caudill, Sandy Banks, Fred and Cheryl Hall, Lenville and Liz Lee, Scooter and Brenda Quillen, Jerry and Patty Nantz, Dan and Penny Combs, Ronnie and Ellen Compton, Sonny and Mahala Frazier, William and Jolinda Wright, Jo Champion, Ann Reynolds, Ann Bradley, Ann Estep Janet Tucker, Earlene Williams, Delta Craft and guests Lee Cornett and Whitney Bentley.

Attending from Beta Kappa were Gary and LeeAnna Mullins, Jimmy and Liz Sergent, Larry and Henrietta Wright, Jimmy and Pat Nichols, Billy and Sondra Hatton, Linda Clark, Rachel Breeding, Lisa Giles and Patsy Stamper.

Nov. 11 was Veterans Day. Thanks to all veterans who have served, and those who are serving today. Your courage and sacrifice for our freedom will never be forgotten.

Four sorority sisters will be celebrating a birthday in November. The sorority will celebrate with a luncheon for each of them, Patty Nantz, Nov. 15 at Las Penas Mexican restaurant in Whitesburg; Jo Champion, Nov. 20 at Pine Mountain Grill; Delta Craft, Nov. 25 with her luncheon on Dec. 1 at Heritage Kitchen in Whitesburg; Vernell Mullins, Nov. 2, the sorority will join me later for a celebration.

I received so many beautiful cards from family and friends. Thanks to all for remembering and all your beautiful thoughts and prayers for me and my family.

Sorority sisters are great. They are, “Your forever friends.”

I received a book of Thanksgiving poems from a friend, and the following was one I loved. So beautiful.

Thanksgiving, By Edgar A. Guest:

“’Twas this the mother always said:

Be thankful for your daily bread,

And thankful for your strength to bear,

Whatever comes of hurt and care.

Make every day Thanksgiving Day!

At table bow your heads and pray.

And give your hearts to God alone,

In gratitude for all His love.

Be thankful for the loveliness,

Of Earth in every season’s dress;

The springtime green, the summer rose,

And autumn’s glorious, golden close.

Be thankful for your blessings all:

The happy memories you recall;

For time, which every heartache mends,

And, Oh, be thankful for your friends!”

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