Whitesburg KY

Sorority meets at Hall home

Kentucky Laureate RHO Sorority met March 19 at the beautiful home of Anna Hall at the golf course in Jenkins.

Hostesses for the meeting were Norma Collins, Vernell Mullins and Ann Reynolds. A delicious dinner of chicken, potato salad, baked beans, banana cream cake and lemon puffs was served from beautiful colored decorated picnic baskets to Jolinda Wright, Janet Tucker, Shannon Mullins, Sandy Banks, Irene Smith, Penny Combs, Cheryl Hall, Sally Caudill, Brenda Quillen, Ann Estep, Jo Champion and Earlene Williams.

In support of our Kentucky Wildcats, we wore Kentucky Blue. (We sure looked good.)

Several of our members pledged to a higher degree chapter, with a beautiful candlelight service. Jolinda Wright, Sandy Banks and Ann Reynolds officiants gave the pledge rituals to Brenda Quillen, preceptor, Janet Tucker, Patty Nantz, Mahala Frazier, Laureate Jolinda Wright, Norma Collins, Master Earlene Williams, Irene Smith, Shannon

Mullins, Ann Hall, Ann Reynolds, Sally Caudill, Ann Estep, Ann Bradley and Pearl Goode, torch.

Congratulations and best wishes to each sister for many more years in Beta Sigma Phi.

Jolinda Wright conducted the business session. She reported the officers for this past year had volunteered to keep their offices for the 2015-16 year.

We will be having a legacy ritual in May at the Presbyterian Church. March 30, we will be traveling to J.W. School in Wise, Va., to see “The Great Gatsby”.

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