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Soup beans and dumplings bring back many memories

Hello again everyone!

We’ve had rain again in the Ohio Valley area that I call home. At least it took away most of the snow, that is until I awoke this morning to about an inch of new snow, plus the temperature dropped drastically and lots of freezing on the roads.

Oh well, we still have a couple of months then spring will be here. It can’t get here fast enough for me.

Before long I am going to have to get another electric blanket as this one isn’t heating quite like it should.

Vickie Power and I braved the cold to go to Coon Hunter’s Club. I really don’t understand if people are going to talk above the musicians why don’t they just stay home and talk on the phone.

I will be so glad when Carcassonne Community Center starts up again. It is worth every cent I spend for gas, motel and the time to drive about 500 miles or more for a round trip to enjoy going to Campbell’s Branch Community Center on Friday evenings and Carcassonne on Saturday.

The only good thing about going to Coon Hunters Club is, I’ve seen a few people that I’ve not seen in several years.

My heart breaks when I see the pictures and posts on the computer concerning Bertha Turner’s accident. Bertha is very lucky to be alive. She is going to be in pain for several months. Bertha will bounce back as she is one tough cookie.

Please keep Bertha, her daughter Glenda and grandson Mikey Tolliver in your prayers. I don’t think Glenda and Mikey have left Lexington hospital since Bertha was admitted a week ago. I know Bertha is missed at Campbell’s Branch Community Center, along with Lawrence Boggs who passed away.

You never know what goes on in someone’s personal life. I really didn’t know Lawrence, except I know he shared the same passion for dancing as I do. During this winter it seems I have spent more time sitting in front of my computer.

Brenda Dotson, formerly close to Hot Spot (Premium), shared a post of soup beans with dumplings. This brought back so many memories of Mommy and Grandma, as sometimes they would cook beans this way.

I cook them once in a while, as I still love the taste, in fact I love dumplings in a lot of things, like blackberry cobbler made with dumplings. I make them with peaches and apples also.

I received a beautiful letter from Dana Collins in Indianapolis, Ind. Dana was born on Campbell’s Branch and is familiar with all the places that I go to when I am back in the mountains. Dana attended school at Stuart Robinson. Dana is a long time subscriber of The Mountain Eagle. Although Dana has made Indiana her home for many years, she is like me in so many ways. The mountains will always be home in her heart.

Dana’s parents were Sam and Rachel Fields of Linefork and the Long Branch area. Her husband’s parents were Curt and Essie Blair.

Dana is wanting my recipe for chicken and dumplings, as she said hers isn’t what she wants. Now I had to laugh as she explained the reason she doesn’t have a good recipe is because everyone used a pinch of this and a dab of that. Well this really made my day as most of the time that is exactly how I cook.

I wouldn’t try to make a fancy meal, but I have never seen my husband “when I had one or two” complain of my cooking, nor my children ever went hungry.

I wonder if families still sit at the table for meals anymore?

There are times I have to laugh at myself, as lots of times I feel so bad that I can’t hardly go, yet I will be in the kitchen each evening preparing supper for my son Keith. I feel as if he needs a hot meal after working such a hard and long day in construction. Keith will fuss at me saying he can fix himself something to eat.

Now I am so hungry, writing about food. Yes, I will try to eat a little when I cook, knowing it is going to hurt me. No, it isn’t worth the misery.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner. It seems that the days go by and I don’t get anything accomplished any more.

Becky Hasty’s granddaughter, Becca, had surgery on her shoulder, as it kept popping out of place almost as fast as they would get it back in. Polly Hasty is a nurse, and she set it a couple of times, to no avail.

After having my Christmas tree up for a month, I finally got off my bottom and took it down. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed every night sitting in my living room, recline in a comfortable chair, snuggled under my electric blanket with no one to bother me, saying get me this get me that, while watching Hallmark movies, with the beauty of the Christmas tree for lights. I really thought about leaving it up all year, then I was afraid I would not enjoy it as much for Christmas.

Keith has his own entrance to his room, and when he comes home, he takes a shower, eats, then sometimes he leaves and I never know he is gone.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing pretty well. Ann is having trouble with that old arthritis with this cold weather. Their daughter Sue Wagner is thrilled that she was once again placed on the liver transplant list. Sue has to go very often to have iron transfusions and have blood also. Please keep this family in your prayers. As you know they aren’t blood relations, yet they are like family to me.

I miss Betty Ison so much that it is almost unbearable at times. I still have her phone number in my phone.

Bessie Shepherd, if you read this, somehow I lost your cell phone number, so give me a call.

We are expecting another round of bad winter weather so you better have those long johns washed and ready to put on. Once again, I am thankful for a gas furnace as I don’t have to contend with a coal furnace as I did for so many years. Now it is the hot water tank going out. Oh well it will be over in due time. Keith bought a new one, he has been working so much that he hasn’t time to put it in.

Stay as warm as possible. All we can do is hunker down and make the best of it. I do feel sorry for all the ones who have to work out in the cold to make us safe.

Well it is past time for me to get this on its way. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email bluegrassmamam4@aol.com.

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