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Soup beans, greens, cornbread make good meal

Northeast Ohio

Hello and yes, it’s that time again. Hope everyone had a fantastic week and was well and happy.

Fall is here finally, but it seemed as though we mostly had fall weather all summer long. Colors are beginning to change with all the hues of green, gold, red and yellow, with a touch of orange and rust here and there. An absolutely beautiful season.

One thing I sort of hate to see is leaves falling and already that is happening around here, but pretty soon the bare trees will be clothed in their robes of pure white. A splendid sight when the winter sun makes an appearance causing everything to glisten like so many jewels. Who but a master artist could create such wonders?

Our baby is home now, Mama got to come home Sunday and baby Brooklyn three days later. Both are doing well.

We picked a mess of fresh mustard green yesterday, so last night we had one of my favorite meals, soup beans, greens, cornbread and cold buttermilk. I would have fixed a meat dish but neither of us really wanted anything more. We really don’t eat a lot of meat, not vegetarians, just prefer vegetables.

Mr. Chucky hadn’t seemed to have been in the patch anymore, maybe he got a tummy ache from gorging last time. Or maybe he found someone else’s garden with food more to his liking.

Sunday is Little Edna Church time and we do plan to go. It’s the only one close enough to bring Red home if for some reason he needs to leave early. I do miss going to church and I miss getting to see and visit with the beautiful and precious friends we have met in church. So many are like us, not getting any younger and some live in other towns.

Red has talked to Charles and Jean. All seem to be well. Jean and her daughter and son-in-law, Terri and Phillip Shorty, are in upstate New York right now. They went to visit Terri’s youngest daughter Vanessa, her husband Bill and baby. I believe the baby boy will be celebrating his second birthday along about now. Terri’s oldest daughter Heather just might have gone with them, no one has said so. I hope they have a safe trip and enjoy their visit.

It’s a beautiful warm sunny day here, the kind that makes one glad and thankful to be alive.

I have talked with Richard. Everything seems to be well with them. Bill and Redia were by yesterday. Bill has to work the store this afternoon, says he works more and harder during retirement than he did on the job. He said he didn’t think opening a store would be so much work and if he had it to do over, he would think twice. Had he not opened the store he would have been into something else; he’s not one to just sit around and do nothing.

Hello to Oma Hatton. I hope and pray Clyde is holding his own and that you are well. You have our prayers. Howdy to Rose and Gladys Smith, hope the both of you are well and the same goes for Nellie Banks, Janice and James Jordan, Gerri Cossins, James Slone, Dorothy Potter, Watson Craft, Darlene Pettibone, Mildred Perdue, Emilie Schmidt and Bob and Eva Dale Douglas. I could go on and on but it would take up one whole page of the paper, so I will just say howdy to everyone.

Hope all the Engles and Sergents are well and getting ready for the coming months. I still have plenty quilts to work on and a million letters to write, well, maybe not a million, guess I stretched the number just a mite. Now you don’t really believe I would do that, do you? Yeah!

Isn’t it terrible about all the disasters that seem to be happening? I feel so sorry for those who lost everything due to flooding. Could be we are being warned and should take heed. We never know, when or where or what will happen next, could be right in our or your corner of the world.

It’s now three o’clock and getting cooler outside. It made me decide to put on a pot of vegetable soup. Hard to make a small amount so some of the family will end up getting a container full.

I just sampled my soup, and it’s pretty doggone good if I do say so myself. Bragbrag! I’m sure Catharine will have a bowl when she stops by tonight, which won’t be too long now, unless she works late.

I called Chester and Jettie, and both are doing fairly well. They had had company from Letcher County, her nephew and wife, Jimmy and Gledith Duncil. He’s the son of Jettie’s sister Mable and the late Ellis Duncil. I’m sure it was a surprise for them and a most welcome one.

A nurse came by Jennifer’s to check on baby Brooklyn, and she’s doing well. She had gained three ounces, so now she’s four pounds, four ounces.

You all stay well now, have a great week, share a smile and be good to yourself and to one another. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440) 233- 7548.

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