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Southern Ohio has its first frost

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As I look across the field in front of my house, there’s a tad bit of smoke lingering on the hillside. There’s a house hidden among the trees and the owners must have a fire going in the fireplace.

The hillside is so barren looking as all the trees have lost their leaves. There’s a cedar tree that is hidden by the greenery of the leaves during spring and summer. It now stands with its beautiful green color showing so proudly.

Ricky Caudill says that Johnson Fork has been filled with smoke as the mountains have been on fire. I read on the computer where several counties have mountains on fire. It was on our local news here also. I really hope no homes were affected.

We finally had our first frost and there’s a chill in the air in the mornings. We sure have had beautiful weather. I wish it would stay this way until Christmas, then I wish we would have one snow and no more until springtime.

We really haven’t had a lot of the beautiful fall foliage that previous autumns have bestowed on us in previous times. There have been a few trees that have been exceptionally beautiful. I travel a country road called Cleves and Warsaw between Addyston and Delhi, and each year it is like driving through a golden maze with the sunlight filtering through the trees.

Southern Ohio

How anyone can see this amazing beauty and not believe in God is beyond me.

Les and Pat Wagner celebrated their anniversary in the Great Smoky Mountains. I haven’t talked to them, but I will fill you in on details next week.

Les sent me a picture of either a bottle of champagne or sparkling water along with a small cake in their hotel room. Have I said how much I care for this wonderful couple?

Johnny and Ann Calihan are keeping busy, but Ann is having trouble with her hand as arthritis or something is causing her lots of pain.

I wish I had known something was going on at the Nazarene Church for Halloween. There was a hayride from the Harrison Community Center to Harrison Nazarene Church, where John and Ann along with other volunteers handed out about 600 bags of candy. Had I known I would have taken my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, although it was a wonderful time at Veterans Park with Angie and Bennie as I watched them play basketball.

I plan to call Doyle and Betty Ison to check on them.

I have been rather sick again since I came home form my trip to Florida with my daughter Kay.

I had an appointment with the specialist in Indianapolis, and my daughter Kay had a severe upper respiratory infection, so she wasn’t able to go with me.

My daughter Anna was very sick with a virus, so I drove myself to Indianapolis. I’ve been to Indianapolis several times, but this is the first time that I’ve driven there. I would rather go to Cincinnati any day than drive to Indianapolis. I am surprised I didn’t end up in St. Louis or Timbuktu. Oh well I made it there and back.

The doctor is planning on increasing my medication to 10 pills a day instead of eight. He advised me against getting any type of cold or the flu as it can affect me seriously since my immune system is weak. I will never be allowed to eat the foods that I love.

I am facing another Thanksgiving knowing I can’t have turkey and dressing, which I dearly love, along with shucky beans. At least I am not on a feeding tube. Sometimes I want a piece of fried chicken so bad, and people tell me to eat it. Yes I could do this, but the price I pay is not worth it.

Mike and Marcia Caudill along with Ricky finished putting the trim for the underpinning on Ricky’s house. Ricky fixed supper for them. He sent home bags of mustard greens with Marcia.

I still have a few apples from Mike and Marcia’s tree. I am not supposed to eat fruit. I almost scraped an apple and ate part of it. Oh, these are the best tasting apples, I’ve had in years. If God lets me live until next year, I will have Marcia to save me as many as she can so I can fix applesauce.

It is an old-fashioned russet-colored Golden Delicious apple, I don’t remember ever seeing an apple like this before. Thanks, Mike, Marcia and Ricky, for sharing with me.

Oma Hatton, you mentioned knowing my grandma Rosa Hall who lived in Caudilltown. I stayed with Grandma some, and she raised two other granddaughters, Rosa Lee and Yvonne, and a grandson, Tony. Yvonne had long blond hair and wore it in pigtails when she was little. Rosa Lee had dark brown hair, it was long. I never knew of her braiding her hair. Yvonne is dead now, I don’t know what happened to Rosa Lee, Tony and his wife live on Mill Branch. My cousins are scattered all over.

Through Facebook I have been in touch with my grandma Rosa Hall’s brother, Harlan Hollins’s grandchildren. I hope to meet them personally sometime soon.

I am sorry this column isn’t interesting. I have a heavy heart as I am losing a friend after 31 years to that dreadful disease called cancer. She only has a few days until she will take her final journey.

Hug someone and tell them you love them.

Until next time.

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