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Sowards, Engle have common ground

Northeast Ohio

Hope this writing finds everyone well and having a really good day. Red is having a bad day, but I am doing fairly well and hoping I can keep on and even do better.

Got some special letters this week, one from Dawn and Jack Roberts and Dorothy Sowards in Florida. It was such an interesting letter. Jack and Dorothy, his sister, grew up in Jenkins. Dorothy and I have some common ground. We are both Letcher County hill girls and we both belong to Old Regular Baptist Church. She’s in Crystal Spring Church in Crystal Springs Fla., and I am at Little Edna Church here in Lorain, Ohio. She has been a member for 23 years and me, only since July 1 of this year. I want to thank them for letting me know about Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. By the way, sending a big hello and love to Lilly, Rosie and Precious.

Thank you, Kathleen Axsom, for the sweet note. I think about you often and still tell friends about your mom Nellie Banks. Even though we never met she was one dear precious friend and I’ll never forget the phone visits we had. I would have loved meeting her and the next best thing would be to meet her daughter. You!

Thank you, Susie from Arizona, for the dishtowel and CD. I love both of them.

Are the mountains still flaunting their gorgeous colors? Around here it seems as though most leaves are turning brown and falling fast. In some areas one will see some beautiful yellow and reds.

Seems as though this year has gone by on a fast track. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year will soon be a reality. Are you ready? Seems to be too near but nothing one can do to stop time from moving on.

I haven’t heard from Mae and Lena since they called letting us know they were safely home. I have talked to Carlita and Frances and Red has talked to Charles. I have talked to Jeanie, Georgia and Henry Warren called, he’s now completely discharged after the one knee replacement and just waiting for a call to have the other one done.

As I write this it is time to start deciding what we are going to have for supper. Any recommendations? Sandwiches and soup are okay once in a while, but I crave some good ole country grub.

Red just went out to the garage and came in with two big booboos on his left arm between wrist and elbow. I’ll soon qualify to be a nursing attendant. I’ve just got to find out where he’s hiding that bottle and, no, I didn’t find it before I fell. Guess we are just too old and too clumsy.

Hope the little ones have a safe time for trick-ortreating and hope they get lots of goodies.

Have a fantastic week, stay warm, stay well and be happy. See you next week. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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