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‘Space station’ camp was a blast

Imagine a building about the size of a football field in width and length. Now imagine such a building being built approximately 199 miles to 215 miles above the earth’s surface. That building is the International Space Station (ISS).

If you’re interested in learning how its being built, how people live there, what people eat in there, or any other fact about the space station – not to mention having a great time – you missed a great opportunity at the Challenger Center in Hazard this summer.

On July 12 and 13, I attended a summer camp called the International Space Station Challenge. That is where I learned many facts about the ISS, including that when completed it will weigh 471,444 pounds and that it travels an average speed of 17,240 miles an hour around Earth.

In this camp the teachers added competition. One game required you to read a fact sheet about a certain part of the ISS and then go around to different tables while being asked many questions about the station. The first team to answer all questions was the winner.

The teachers also took us to a nearby football field where we used measuring tape to mark the football field to show how big the station One activity I definitely liked was when we went to the Hazard Pavilion and used pipes we brought with us to build a small scale ISS under the water to resemble building it in zero gravity.

This camp was a great way to meet friends and learn about an amazing project of NASA. Even though the summer camps are gone for this year, you should try to attend next year for a great learning experience.

For more information, visit www.clcky.com/ 2007campbrochure.pdf

Zach Joseph is a student at Whitesburg Middle School.

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