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Spanish class headed to Costa Rica

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T.J. Thompson, son of Tim and Janet Thompson of Potters Fork, received first place in science at the Regional Governor’s Cup on March 22.

T.J. Thompson, son of Tim and Janet Thompson of Potters Fork, received first place in science at the Regional Governor’s Cup on March 22.

Hello once again everyone! How is the weather in your corner of the world?

One day it is almost bikini weather and the next day, or almost that same day, you need a heavy coat. It snowed in different places, but thank goodness it skipped here.

My heart breaks for all the tragedy that is going on in different places, the plane disappearing with all those people, and the mudslide.

My granddaughter Sarah Nottingham will be leaving with her Spanish class and the teacher for Costa Rica in a few days. They will be gone for a week. Oh how I wish she wasn’t going.

Yet I let Anna go to Paris, France when she was 15 and a freshman in high school. The senior French class was going on their trip and not enough seniors were going, so they opened it up for other students so Anna went with the class. Memories that she will always have.

Can you believe another week has flown by? Oh what am I saying, another month has come and gone. In the blink of an eye another year will come to an end. I wish winter would have gone this fast as I don’t believe it will ever end.

I still don’t have a furnace, but I have a new computer. You might say I have my priorities sort of mixed up. This computer is so different than my other one, I am about ready to say heck with it, to put it mildly. A friend was going to stop by to set it up for me, but I was feeling so bad I said please wait until later. Before I get finished with this column I might wish I had said come on up as I had to go into a different format to write this.

There are times I feel like doing with out this contraption, then there are times it is my only communication. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t turn it on.

I will tell you something plain and simple; life is swiftly passing me by. I made it through the past couple of months without a furnace, and I sure in the heck can make it a little longer.

My sister-in-law Wanda Hall told me one time that I spend on everyone but myself. The only thing I really do for myself is go to bluegrass events, and I really am selfish by doing that. I spend more for gas than anything. I had rather go to listen to bluegrass music and dance than go out to eat in fancy places.

Monday night, Daphne Korner and I went to Hunter’s Pizzeria to see Tony Hale & Black Water Band, and it was great as usual. Tony always sings a song that I simply love, ‘ You’ll Always Be My Blue-eyed Darling.’ I’m sure glad my eyes are hazel in color. I have loved this song from the first time I ever heard it for some reason

I was also pleased that I spent a little time with Les and Pat Wagner. Larry and Becky Hasty, along with Polly and Kelly, were’t able to attend as Larry is having complications from his hip surgery. Larry, I really hope you heal quickly as I miss all my extended family. Better hurry and get well or Les is going to throw me off the family list.

Friday evening, Daphne Korner and I ventured to College Hill Coffee Co. to see Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers, and as usual the Lady Slippers had a great show. There was an addition, as a well-known dobro player, Jim Huey, Dr. Dobro, sat in as an honorary Lady Slipper.

There was another musician in the audience, Ernie Phelps, who was asked to do a couple of numbers. I really like it when bands will invite other musicians to join in an event.

I wish Gary Eldridge had been in the audience as the Lady Slippers like his mandolin playing.

I am looking forward to the time that Gary Eldridge and my favorite fiddle player Marvin Davis can someway somehow get together. I will think I have died and gone to heaven should this ever come to pass.

I wish I could handpick a bluegrass band, and these two musicians sure would be in it.

I finally got to talk to Betty Ison. Doyle and Betty are glad the weather has sort of warmed up. It is always good to talk to them.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are both doing well. Johnny will be in the garden if it ever quits snowing.

Hello to Ann’s brother Hubert Caudill, and Johnny’s sister Hattie, and also to Hayward Day and his beautiful daughter Kim. Hello to all of Ann and Johnny’s family who read The Mountain Eagle.

I have so often heard that you can take a girl from the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl. That rings so true with this misplaced hillbilly.

As I am writing this column, I suddenly got a hankering for some cornbread. I still don’t have an oven, so I fried some cornbread with a tiny bit of onions mixed in it. Yes, it is very good.

Larry Roark will be tantalizing everyone soon with his delicious looking food, minus his crawdads. For many years I wouldn’t eat shrimp as it looked like the crawdads we used as bait to fish with. Never did I ever think I would see someone eating them. There’s a restaurant that has them on the menu. I will not go there, because I know fish is fried in the same vat of oil. In fact I eat very little red meat or any kind of meat at all. I will eat fish, pork and chicken occasionally.

I can live on fruit, I try to stay away from sweets, but once in a while I give into temptation.

Bread used to be a weakness with me. I read where they are using the same ingredients in some bread, so I won’t be eating that either. I’m getting rather finicky in my old age.

I wanted to call Polly Maucher, then thought I’d better not, as I wanted to live a little longer. I remembered Polly would be watching basketball since Kentucky was playing. I bet Polly was on the phone with Frick & Frack during the game.

No, I am not the one bit interested in sports. I do like NASCAR racing.

Glenora Eldridge, just remember we will have lunch when it gets warm. I will bring a carryout to you and Kenneth and we can have a picnic.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, and their neighbors.

Oops, I almost forgot my two young readers, James and John Ison. John don’t tell Pat Wagner you are going to share a Diet Coke with me. James is doing training with the fire department.

I hope someone is keeping Jon Caudill of Caudill Construction busy, except don’t get him too tired so he can’t play the guitar with 7 South.

Libby Smith is trying to perform my trick, as she has hurt her ribs.

Well it has been a long, difficult day for me, so I will close for now.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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