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I have two things I would like to comment on. First, why wasn’t anything in your paper about Fleming-Neon Little League winning the regional tournament? Both the boys and girls won and are on their way to play in the state tournament. I’ll bet if it had had anything to do with the Cougars it would have been plastered all over the paper. This is a great honor for Fleming- Neon and they should have been mentioned. The second thing I want to talk about is former Rep. Howard Cornett. I asked Mr. Cornett for help twice while he was in office and I received it both times. It didn’t take him a month to respond either. As for the one who defeated him, I’ll say Letcher County’s loss is Pike County’s gain. She hasn’t done anything for Letcher County and she probably won’t. I don’t know why Wayne Fleming thinks she’s so great. I used to think Mr. Fleming was a nice man, but his flapping tongue has buried him with me. I will miss Mr. Cornett’s help. I don’t think I’ll get any help from Rep. Combs.

(A color photograph of the Fleming-Neon girls’ team appears elsewhere in this week’s edition. No one – yourself included – has submitted a photograph or any other information to us concerning the boys’ team. With our small staff we have to depend on coaches, parents, or people like you to keep us up to date on what’s going on. That didn’t happen in this case. The same would be true if the Little League team was from Whitesburg, Isom or Jenkins. We’ll leave it up to Magistrate Wayne Fleming and State Rep. Leslie Combs to answer the second half of your comment.)

Because my daughter is a drug addict I have been through hell. I have seen her choose drugs before her children. I have seen her boyfriend’s mother give her cocaine. All they do is smoke crack, take pills, and fight. God help me. I don’t know what to do.

Who am I? I will steal your time, I’ll make you late for work. You’ll lose sleep. You’ll neglect your family, kids and wife. You’ll sit down entranced by the glow and forget to live your life. You’ll stay in your chair and forget to eat. You’ll skip a bath for one more hour – just five more minutes, you’ll say. I cause divorces because I provide all you want – porn, gratification, chat room friends and more. Everyone likes you because no one can see you. It’s not like life you’ve known. With me, everyone wants to talk. I’m the Internet. I’m worse than drugs. Drugs can be detected, the Internet can’t. I’ll cause your divorce, because with thousands of porn sites who needs the real thing?

The Jenkins City Police officers probably do make more arrests than any other department in the county, but how many of the people they arrest are convicted of anything? Ninety percent of the ones they arrest haven’t done anything, probably, and as far as Jenkins losing officers to other agencies, I don’t think any other agency would hire one Jenkins police officer.

Word’s out that a certain drug dealer is still running around in Mayking, Ermine, Neon, Love’s Branch and just anywhere else she can park.

Keep up the good work, Terry Braddock. You are the only Jenkins City Council member I will vote for next time. You voted against the unnecessary raise on the water and sewer bills.

To the lady on Craft’s Colly: Peediddle from me. I love you, and while we’re apart I’m learning how to love you even more. And I do have faith in us and all the good things love has to offer. I know you have those things to offer us as well. I love you and I hope you forgive me for being so mean. I’m sorry. I know God will make a way for us.

I don’t think it’s right that Bocky Adams had to die. I think justice should be done in the case of the man who is charged with killing him.

People shouldn’t put others up to saying things to a man about his girlfriend. I’ve tried to tell the man it’s just people trying to aggravate him, but that’s no way to do someone. I wish people would quit it. Pistol City gets talked about more than any other place I’ve seen, but many of the people who live here are good people who help others.

I went to an off-branch family reunion recently and it was different from anything I’ve ever attended. They didn’t even have plates. All they had was spoons. You just walked to each selection of food, ate what you wanted, and then walked to the next one. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

This is from the women at Isom: I’ll tell you what you call us – sluts. That’s what we are. So keep your men at home, married or single. From the sluts.

I called in last week about the Jenkins police and you didn’t report my full comment. I would like for you to please report that I am not paying taxes in Jenkins for a certain officer to run up and down the road with his girlfriend while he is on duty. My water bill is never under $55, and I don’t even have a washer and dryer. So I can’t be using $55 in water just to take a shower every day.

To a certain smart-mouthed drug dealer who sells out of Doty Creek: Everybody knows what a piece of trash you are. And everybody knows the kind of trash your mother is, too. Let me tell you something, punk: You’re messing with the wrong person.

This is in response to the omnipotent and egocentric boy who called in and belated all the females in last week’s column: You say that all women are deceitful, lying, manipulative creatures who only value partying and booze. Perhaps if you weren’t searching on Myspace.com for a girlfriend and actually showed a bit of integrity and tried to improve yourself, you would find out that men aren’t the infallible creatures you’ve made them out to be. While it is true that lots of girls my age are all about the buzz and what’s hot at the moment, there also lots of us who see past all the glitter the world holds. Lots of ‘good’ men cheat on their wives, sexually abuse their nieces and nephews and their children, and beat on every woman who is unfortunate enough to be around them. Tell me, do we exalt such behavior or ignore it because it’s done by a man? So, caller, a bit of advice from a very young but very mature woman: Don’t look for a deep connection from a woman you’ve met on Myspace or in a bar. Those women are there for the same reason you’re there. And I’ll tell you, it is not intellectual intimacy. And second, don’t act like you know what every woman is about, because from my perspective you don’t. Plus, insults won’t get you very far. Don’t go out with women who have no virtues. You won’t have so much to complain about then. If you get a bad feeling from her, just stay away. And those words are from a woman who knows what she’s talking about. Partying isn’t everything, and anybody with any sense can tell you that. You just can’t find a party girl to love, because people like that love themselves too much to give up their pleasures. Know what I mean? You need to ask Jesus for help, brother, because it sounds like you’re a little misguided if you’re looking on-line for love. Go to church instead of a bar to meet a good woman. What’s wrong with you that you go to Myspace for dating. It doesn’t take a woman with strong intelligence to set up one of those accounts. And only a boy with smaller intelligence would use it to find a girlfriend. So try a little harder to find a decent girl. And don’t call in and complain about finding bad ones in bad places, because it’s really amusing to the girls who are decent.

Sheriff, you need to work with some mothers who have drugaddicted sons and daughters. You would then be able to find out who is bringing drugs into Letcher County from other states. Mothers know and hear a lot.

Did you see how beautiful the evening star was last night? Did you see the morning star this morning? Well, that wasn’t a star at all. At both times it was the planet Venus. Sometimes we see things and think we know what they are but don’t understand their true identity. That’s the way some see the Bible. It has been proven over and over that it is the word of God and the history of the world, yet people don’t understand what it says because they don’t do research. They listen over and over to preachers who are wolves in sheep’s’ clothing and charm people like a snake charms a bird. After a time their congregation has splinters in the windmills of their minds, and their false teachings become their security blankets, following man’s tradition instead of God’s true word and teachings of the Bible. Think about it.

You think you are a bad-a&& woman? You sell cocaine to children. You think you are sexy? You are not. But a coke whore? Yes, you are.

I am replying to the caller who said the Jenkins Police Department is not harassing people: You say the female they stopped was suspected to be a drug user and had a suspended driver’s license. If the cops didn’t harass her all the time how would they know that? The cops harass everybody in Jenkins, including people at Mountain Breeze. I know it for a fact. Their day will come when they pull over the wrong person who is going to flip out on them for being harassed so much. I know one guy who has been harassed many times, and he’s really ticked. I would hate to see something bad happen. The cops need to just calm down.

My son is a drug addict. People who know he is on drugs use him every way they can. They get his money, they get his prescription pills, and they abuse him mentally and physically.

The Jenkins police need to start concentrating on busting these drug dealers and stop worrying about pulling people over for minor traffic violations. They pull you over and get you out of your vehicle and think they have the right to search. For a minor traffic violation they have no right to search your vehicle. And they’re setting up road blocks way too often. They’re not scaring anybody.

To a certain cook – the black-haired, tall and sexy one: You make good food and the restaurant where you work is very improved because you’re there.

Listen, Mr. Music Man. If I were you I would be ashamed not to put flowers on my mother’s grave after she spent her whole life saving money to buy you a house. Live with yourself.

That person will tell you there’s no problem with the noise, but if you aren’t quiet after midnight the next thing you know social services or the police are knocking at your door. So you better be warned. Be careful.

The people of Jenkins who live right and actually hold a job greatly appreciate the hard work our police officers are doing.

To the nasty little girl who is dating my ex-husband: You need to get a life and stop obsessing over mine. He is your problem now, not mine. And I couldn’t be happier for you two. You deserve each other. You both are truly pathetic people. I hope he is everything you ever wanted, but I am sure he will disappoint you the way he did me. He is a deadbeat. What kind of man throws his baby away? I don’t care what the court says, it is his baby. He was the daddy for six years and just gave her away. How can the two of you sleep at night? Just fine, I’m sure. The trailer park is peaceful at night.

To the tramp: You should think about your two kids before you start rubbing on other people’s husbands or any guy with a pill for you to snort. It is so pathetic that you live with your ex-husband and lie to get food stamps and whatever else you can get. You are nothing but a nasty lying leach. If I hear of you being around my husband or anyone else I know I will tell your man. And with all the proof I have on you, believe me, he will kick your nasty behind out and you will have to run back to your parents in Florida who have no idea how conniving you are.

The person who called in about a church deacon being a Mason shouldn’t concern herself so much about that as she should a Sunday school leader who believes in drinking and practices it.

I just wanted to know someone else’s opinion about my little problem. I am a married man with about $150,000 to $200,000 and cannot touch any of it. My spouse controls everything. I tried to get a thousand from her just for a little pocket money and she tells me how stupid and dumb I am. I just wanted to know if any of you other men have the same problem. If you do, then you are stupid like I am stupid. I am a very stupid man. I’ve put up with this for about two or three years. We are supporting people we shouldn’t be supporting with what I thought was my money. Evidently, it is her money. What is your opinion?

I couldn’t help but notice where it is on the front of The Mountain Eagle again about the company coming here to buy up people’s property taxes. Let’s see if we can put that into words that you can understand. Some of you idiots are not paying your taxes. And when they come in here and buy your taxes up, sooner or later they are going to own your property, your house and whatever else you own. I strongly suggest that if you like living where you live now that you get your happy rear-end up there and pay your taxes. If you don’t you’re going to be out in the road. And they will put you there. You know what? They’re doing everything they can to tell you by putting it right on the front of The Mountain Eagle. I actually believe that half the people who buy the paper don’t understand what the headlines say. I don’t know if they can’t comprehend it or what, but if they don’t pay their taxes they will be out in the road. Either pay your taxes or get out, because that basically is what’s going to happen.

Property owners here could make money if they would build cabins on the tops of mountains and rent them out. Without a doubt they could get $125 a night for a cabin. There are some of the most magnificently beautiful scenic views at the tops of these ridges. There aren’t words to describe how beautiful it is when you’re almost as high as the clouds. I’m pretty sure this could be turned into a great tourism place. But until some of you people start working together instead of pulling apart on every idea someone else comes up with, nothing will ever be accomplished. If you stay ignorant you can live in ignorance and die in ignorance. Then maybe someone else can do something.

I think the fall festivals have been going downhill lately. This year I hope they can get something going like a country music star – somebody that is somebody. I think that’s such a fun time of the year.

(Country music star Mark Chesnutt is scheduled to perform at the Mountain Heritage Festival in Whitesburg in September.)

I would just like to know when they’re going to bust the three dealers on Cram Creek. They’ve all been busted before. Everyone knows who they are, because it’s where they get their OC’s. They’re killing our kids with their dope. It’s also dangerous to be on the road with their customers who are ‘oxy’d’ out of their heads. I’m tired of it. I’m going to take matters into my own hands if something doesn’t start happening.

I would just like to thank the elected official in Jenkins who finally brought it to the attention of this city that the Jenkins Police Department is harassing our citizens instead of serving and protecting us like they are paid to do. They are harassing people when they pull them over and say, ‘Tilt your head back so I can look up your nose.’ Since when did the Jenkins Police Department become nose specialists. They also say, ‘What is that on your nose?’ I didn’t know we had booger specialists in Jenkins. I thought we had law enforcement officials who were supposed to protect and serve our children and our families. I just wish these elected officials would get rid of the Jenkins police officers who are doing the harassing.

I would like to report another incident of the harassment by the Jenkins police: Last month a few graduates of Jenkins High School went camping to celebrate their graduation when the Jenkins Police decided to go four-wheeling in the Durango paid for by taxpayers. They went just to try to control the graduates. The two officers in the Durango were accompanied by two private citizens in a vehicle insured by taxpayers. Are we paying the police to spy on young campers while they’re out four-wheeling?

You better watch out, you better be clean, the drug squad is coming to town. He knows if you’re slinging the dope, he knows if you’re using the dope. The drug squad is coming to town. He’s checking his list to see if you’ve been naughty or nice. He’s not riding a one-horse sleigh. He’s driving a 400-horsepower SUV. He’s not leaving presents, he’s serving up summonses and warrants. If you’re naughty he’s going to put you in jail. The drug squad is coming to town. You better watch you, you better be clean. The drug squad is coming to town. His elves are rats, his workers are the police, UNITE and DEA. His magic window is a neighborhood watch. Santa he is not; Satan is what he’s coming to be close to. The drug squad is coming to town. He’s not leaving candy. He’s more like a grinch taking candy. His toys are his badge, mace and gun. He’s able to turn family against family. He’s no longer dressed in red with a fat belly and white beard. He’s in uniform, street clothes or in an unmarked car. His boss is city, county, state, and your next-door neighbor. So for goodness sakes, you better be a good law-abiding citizen of Big Brother. If you’ve been bad, a clue for you all: He’s no longer living at the North Pole. His work factory is now a jail, institution or prison. So you better watch out and you better be clean, the drug squad is coming to town.

No expiration date is what I’ve encoded in my search for love. A no deposit, no return, everlasting, outlasting everlasting. Could be I’m going to receive lots and lots of letters stamped return to sender – a vow that echoes every letter. Is this possible in a mission impossible? don’t tell me. Don’t correct me. Just give me a heartbeat – another heart that beats with the same cadence that makes love more than evolution, more than a fairy tale. Give me love, give me love with no expiration date. Let me hear the birds sing. Let the winds lift me up. Show me it’s more than words, that God is not dead, not sleeping, not a rumble of thunder, more than lightning arcing from the end of the sky to the beginning of the sky. Give me love, give me love that doesn’t end like Romeo and Juliet – that doesn’t end like me and you. No expiration date. One with no deposit, no return. One that never ends, deeper than the ocean’s depth, one that keeps me higher than the highest mountain peak. Give me love, give me love. One without an expiration date.

When these two men from another planet were asked if they believed in God, one looked at the other as to decide which one would answer. Then one of them said, ‘Yes, we believe in God, but you people on earth have the whole thing upside down and backwards.’

I’m calling concerning Terry Braddock: Someone called Speak Your Piece last week asking how he got on the city council in Jenkins. Six people ran and six people were elected. The citizens of Jenkins need to get off their behinds and run for city council the next time. We need to get those women off the council. Terry Braddock should have been elected mayor so that Charles Dixon could do what he does best – be a council member.

To Councilman Braddock: We appreciate all the help – ‘we’ being the people who commit all the crimes in Jenkins. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have anyone backing us at all, so we appreciate that. By the way, the girl you got upset about? She got caught driving again on a suspended license. But I guess you’re going to try to get her off on that charge, too. You’ve got her vote, Terry. What if she was out driving without a license and hit one of your relatives? Would it be harassment for the police to stop her then? Just wondering.

Two or three weeks ago there was a wreck here at Burdine in Jenkins. I was there and saw a fight break out and the Jenkins police grab a 15-year-old boy who had nothing to do with it whatsoever and throw him on the ground. It scratched the kid up and hurt him. The city should take action against this police officer. I think this officer’s name should be printed, because the city needs to know what’s going on with its police officers. Thank you very much.

I would like to know what law-enforcement academy a certain Jenkins city police officer attended. Did they teach him that bad language he used in front a child in Neon a few days ago? How would he like it if someone used the same language in front of his little child? When this same officer goes out on a complaint he needs to ask questions and find out why he was called there before he does all of this stuff he did at Neon.

Terry Braddock, we appreciate all the help you’re giving us crooks in Jenkins. I would much rather have you chasing the police off and making the golfers pay taxes than take care of the good citizens. We appreciate that.

Question to a good lawyer: Will it be all right as a school teacher to go out to lunch and have a drink or two and then go back to work?

Hello, Jim Ward. This is a person who used to ignore you until I voted for you instead of Carroll Smith. Now I wish I had voted for Carroll. He could have still been in office and helped bring some business to our county. But no, he’s out and you’re in and you still haven’t brought any new business here. Look at Pike County. All the jobs are going there. When are you going to start bringing stuff to Letcher County, Jim – they way you promised us you would during your campaign?

I called about six months ago and I’ll repeat my message. Driving by McDonald’s the sign on the marquee says ‘$2 for two.’ I still don’t know what that means, but I think it’s time to change the wording on the sign. Perhaps the guy who changes the words is in a union and on strike. Or maybe they’ve lost the letters or don’t know how to spell. But let’s move forward and do something different. I’d like to see a little progress at McDonald’s. Thanks.

This is in regard to Terry Braddock, Jenkins city councilman: He has more sense than all of you put together. Thank you.

Dear Clyde: Time has taken you away from me, my love. However, time will also bring us back together again. I love you much. Bonnie.

A certain man has had girlfriends all of his life – some in different states, even. As long as they play along with his illness he will stay with them. But when they challenge him for more he is gone. He will buy them gifts and they will buy him gifts. He will put his in the garbage or give them to other people and act like he is giving them a gift he bought just for them. He will deny to his family that he ever knew you. He acts like he is a rich man, but he doesn’t have a pot if you know what I mean.

To straw legs: I just wanted you to know you have been flushed out. When all else fails you can spin straw into gold. This is the flusher and her cohort.

I want to apologize for people being swept away on Route 7. It must be the flusher.

Remember about a year ago when you told me if I ever left you again I wouldn’t come back home? Well, I told you also that if I ever had to leave you again that I wouldn’t be back. This is to say I’m not back and it’s been a year. I will always love you and miss you, but I will never take another beating from any man. Thank you.

Beware of the fairy on Walton’s Mountain. He is armed and dangerous.

To David in the Letcher County Jail: I love you and I miss you. Can’t wait until you get out. From your punk face.

Does the guy who can tell who cut the tree and what kind of chainsaw he used do a chant and close his eyes and rub the stump? Well, don’t doubt him. I know a guy who can do that and can talk to Napoleon and Alexander the Great.

Misty (beautiful painting), at least you can sit there and remember your life as you once knew. That’s more than the poor old man you are in jail for killing can say now. He felt sorry for you and David and gave you a home because you were living in a tent. Now he’s dead. His family is going through life without him. His little granddaughter has had such a hard time learning to live life without him. She has been faced with having to go to school and trying to move on while you sit there and dream of the life you used to have. It takes her breath every time she thinks about life without him. There is nothing that puts her mind at ease. You do have one thing in common, she too holds on to the memories she once had of him. No matter how busy her little life seemed to be, she took the time to check on him, to laugh with him, to love him as her papaw. I can’t believe you even know there is a God in light of the fact you are in jail on murder charges. Once again, how can you close your eyes and drift off to sleep and not see that poor old, sick, helpless man? Do you dream about what you all admitted to doing? Our God is a peace-loving, forgiving God. We are all blessed in some way or another. You should feel blessed because you are alive and breathing, able to dream and write your poems. I wish to God someone had taught you some respect and morals. Maybe that man would be here with their families that love and miss them. You should be praying to God for the mistakes you have made and thinking of ways you could learn to behave better. I’m shocked with your drug history you weren’t blown out of your mind when you were watching the sea gulls in love. In my thoughts I see you as a very sick person to do what you have done in your lifetime and not have it in you to realize your mistakes. Even now your mind is fast at work working over everyone, including David, so you can be like a snake and slide right out of trouble once again. Do you really think you can make David love and feel sorry for you so he tries to take all the blame and once again you walk? Do you think he would sit in jail for crimes you both did and let you go free as a bird to be a spider and find your next victim? And let’s not forget the new boyfriends you would be hunting for the next big game hunt you would try to pull off. I can only pray this time people see you for what you are and make you serve your time like the boyfriends. I do hope and pray you get a heart and stand up and remember death as you have seen it and find some guilt for the wrong you have done. Jack’s family is a loving, forgiving family. I’m going to try to bring myself to pray for you, because his family would want me to. But I know life comes around and goes around. I’m waiting for karma to bite you. So while you sit there writing poems, try to realize your wrongs and try to find it in that cold heart what you did and know as sure as the sun comes up in time your time is coming. You will answer for your wrong at some point. If it’s on Judgment Day when you have to look God in the face and explain why you did what you did and then you have to pay for your sins, may God have mercy on your soul.

To the 15-year-old skank at Mountain Breeze: You need to find a man your own age and stay away from married men, especially the one you’re seeing.

Another young life was taken by illegal drugs in our community. When, Lord, when will our court system deal severely with these drug dealers?

This is to the skank in Seco who doubted who the father of my baby was: Well, the results have come back and, yes, your husband is 99.99 percent the father. Just like I said from the start. The question is, how many of your kids did he father? Maybe after he gets the results of your test he will realize he made a mistake for leaving me and staying with you. And when he does, I’ll get to laugh even more because all your manipulative work of keeping us apart would be for nothing, and you will no longer be able to use your kids to keep him. I’ll also laugh at him because I no longer want him. He made the dumb choice of leaving me and his son. He can sit in jail and think about the life he could have had, and the fact that he’s going to miss out on his son’s life.

To a sexy man at the Breeze: We see you almost every night and it never fails that you take our breath whenever you walk by. Make sure next time you have your mirrors. Ha, ha. See you tonight.

To the sexy cop in Jenkins with a nice booty: I think you’re doing a fine job keeping a lookout at the Breeze. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

When will the people of Letcher County wake up and demand that laws are enforced to the letter of the law? Elderly citizens in our county are in fear in their own homes. Nothing can be left in the open else it will be stolen. How many of our young people have died of drug overdose? How many homes have been destroyed due to family members’ use of illegal drugs? Although our law enforcement make arrests, the problem continues to grow. Why? Because certain lawyers for the sum of $3,000 go to the judge, make a deal and the drug dealer goes back to business. The sum of $3,000 is easily earned by a drug dealer in a week or less, so this is no big problem for him or her. How many drug dealers have been arrested and how many do you know that have served any length of time for their crime? Practically none, thanks to our so-called judges. The drug problem will never improve until it will cost the dealer more than he can profit from the illegal drugs if caught. How about a mandatory five-year sentence if convicted? If sells are made from a home, take the home. If children are in a home where drugs are sold, take the children. Letcher County should unite and demand the judge to severely prosecute these dealers or move him out of office. Law enforcement cannot be effective unless it is backed by a strong judicial system. Some counties are demanding this enforcement by the courts and the effort is working. People are sick and tired of the death and destruction caused by these drug dealers and are looking for help and should demand it.

I notice The Mountain Eagle allows criticism of some officials by name but apparently protects others. Two Speak Your Piece inputs criticizing Archie Banks never appeared in the paper, but you frequently print criticisms of other officials by name. It will be interesting to see if this gets printed, and also to know why you’re shielding Archie.

The fact that people are finally paying their taxes because they are afraid of the company that buys back taxes points out another expensive failure of county government. The County Attorney is supposed to enforce tax laws and take legal action against those who don’t pay. These taxes could and should have been collected all through the years, had he done the job he is paid to do. Where else in the nation is there a place that allows people to pay taxes and county bills only when they want to? The County Attorney’s failure to do this has cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars. Letcher County is much too generous with its elected, highly-paid officials. They need to be held accountable and be responsible for carrying out their duties.

It’s not right for you not to print calls to Speak Your Piece just because you disagree with them. It’s not right for you to scold people for giving their honest opinions, just because you disagree with them. Why don’t you write some stories about the corruption and crookedness that is going on?

To Misty and David: When you lie down at night and you all are thinking of each other, do you ever stop to think about the son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, friend or better yet, the man that gave you a home, that opened his door to you all, the one that fed you when you were hungry because you spent your money on pills? I’d be willing to bet these good people never cross your mind. It’s a shame what you all did, yes, both of you, because you told Danny Webb in your signed statements what, how and why you did it. David, she tells you she loves you, she longs for you. Have you stopped to think she told that same song to her last boyfriend to take the heat? While you’re in jail do you really think she’s saving herself for you? You need to wake up. Misty, If you really do love him like you say, why would you want him to pay for what you helped to do? One thing about it, God knows. You won’t get by with this in God’s eyes. I’m a firm believer in what comes around goes around. You don’t do a good or bad deed you are not held accountable for. Someday you will both pay for all the wrongs as well as the rights – if you’ve done anything right. I just hope I’m around to see it ’cause every day I watch that family do without Jack Q. I see the pain, the hurt those grandchildren as well as the son and daughter go through. David, you’re crazy if you take the fall for it all. Misty wouldn’t do that for you.

I want to say I have the utmost respect for Don McCall, our jailer, but there are a few things I don’t understand. I’m guessing you’ve not been made aware of this so I want to shed some light for you. 1. Misty is being allowed to take GED classes when she finished high school. I feel this is a way for her and David to talk. They have written about this in Speak Your Piece. 2. This is her way of getting David talked into doing a full statement that he did it all to Jack Q. 3. This isn’t the first time she’s done wrong and talked a boyfriend into taking the rap. 4. Why should our tax dollars pay for all this? 5. If it was your father, son, grandfather, dearest friend that died the way Jack Q. died, would you give the this time together? 6. You are a good family man. I know you and your wife really well. In fact, I did all I could to get you in office. I hope you don’t let us down. 7. David might be a fool in love, but you strike me as a smart man. Please don’t let Misty do her dirty deeds in your jail. David and Misty shouldn’t be allowed to even see each other in any shape. No communication should be allowed. They now call themselves Bonnie and Clyde, I’m guessing so they can talk through Speak Your Piece. I understand in the United States we are innocent until proven guilty, but Misty shouldn’t have the chance to work her stuff all over like she did the last time she was brought up on charges.

In our day we used to kick behind at volleyball. We were a great team and we became dear friends. You were a kind and loving person and you will be missed but never forgotten. You will remain in my heart and thoughts always.

Summertime, relatives, lemonade and a pool … life is good.

K, I’m going to miss you when you’re gone. Take care. M.

Dear Bonnie 357: I just wanted to write you and thank you for smiling at me this morning. Hopefully I made you proud for what I did. I know I’ll probably never feel love again. But, I thank God that your love was the last love I’ll ever feel. You’re the love of my life, doll. Remember and love me all the days of your life. Because I will you. Love you always, Outlaw.

I am responding to an article which was in last week’s Speak Your Piece. I am only responding because I know you were referring to me. A few others in the family also know that you were referring to me. So you opened the door and started the trouble, not me. I am going to address each and every thing you said. First of all, it wasn’t me who put the first article about you in Speak Your Piece a couple of weeks ago, that is if you are the person they were talking about. Also, a lot of people besides me know about your past and your military history, especially all your ex-wives. First of all, I wrote you a seven-page letter a while back because I wanted you to hear everything I had to say and I didn’t want to get hung up on if I called you. I thought that was going to be my last contact with you. I guess I was wrong. Next, about you saying I go to Pike County to buy hydrocodone. That is a pretty serious false accusation. I would have sued you for slander if you would have mentioned my name in any way. Are you still selling your hydrocodone and nerve medicine? Me and you both know I’m not the only one who knows that for a fact. As far as making $200 or $300 a day at the flea market, prove it. Sure, I have had a yard sale every now and then. I was told I was allowed to have a few sales a year by Social Security as long as i didn’t make over so much. You asked if I missed my dad keeping me up for years. How dare you even disgrace his honor in this nonsense you started in a public paper. Sure, I miss my dad and my mother. Sure, Dad helped me from time to time. I know why he did, because he loved me. Now I know the love he had in his heart, because I have done the same thing for some of my children; a parent’s love is unconditional. But you wouldn’t understand that, now would you? You are the one that went to his apartment and said to him that you were going to jump off his balcony and kill yourself if he didn’t give you $400. Do you remember the time Dad wanted to go to Michigan and he gave you the gas money in advance and you were supposed to be there at 11 a.m. to pick him up, but you never showed up or called? You just left him standing and waiting for you. You never even gave back the money. How about when our sweet mother passed away? Someone at her church, whom I knew at the time, collected money to help pay for the flower spread and they made the mistake of handing the money over to you to pay the flower bill. You kept the money and spent it on yourself. What I’m saying about you has been a long time coming and it’s not a bunch of made-up lies like you tend to tell on innocent people. You said I need to get rid of my wife. Why in the world would I want to leave the my wife of almost 30 years? She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love her more every day that goes by. When you spoke of her, you crossed the line with me. You look and flirt with anything with a dress on. Your wife deserves so much better, because I know she’s a good woman. You are the most dishonest person I have ever known. All I was doing was minding my own business, then all of a sudden I’m getting accused of saying something about you in Speak Your Piece when I didn’t. Do you forget where your hometown is? Pike County. You’ve left many, many enemies down there. Didn’t you ever stop and think it could have been one of them or one of your ex-wives that may have said that about you, even if it was about you? I can’t believe you are taking credit for being a Vietnam veteran. You went AWOL and after 30 days you were a deserter and stayed a deserter for five years until the FBI caught up with you. So quit trying to take the glory and honor of all the men and women who have really fought for this country and lost their lives. That is a disgrace for you to do that.

A local newspaper printed my Father’s Day poem on June 2, 2004. ‘A Star Angel’ My father came to me in a dream, as Jesus in person./My father told me my Eight Ways as a Writer could sell as good as the Bible in 30 years./My father told me he was proud of me as an honest man./To make peanut money 20 ways as a dynasty./ My father told me Jesus saved me/At the age of three with bad chicken pox in 1966/So I could make the whole world laugh with hope and enjoyment./My father told me he was proud of me because I listened to him./ My father doesn’t need to watch over me anymore as a star angel. By Donald L. Howell, Craynor, eccentric poet of Big Mud.

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