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I’m calling about a lady over in Jenkins who is stealing the money again.

Two-thousand six-hundred dollars is what the Letcher County Board of Education approved to maintain the boys’ baseball field. We were told the same night at the same board meeting that they had no money for sports. Just like we said, the girls are last and we don’t need your stinking money. It’s pretty bad when you have to lie about it, though.

Do you think He’s proud of the churches who mock Him after all He went through to make Passover possible? You will stand before Him just like I will. I’ll bet you throw that so-called Easter basket down then. Run, rabbit, run. I’ll bet it won’t be Easter eggs dropping out of your pants, you Biblically-illiterate pagan worshippers. Don’t you know what Passover is? I’m ashamed of you.

You called last Sunday and told me you would call back in a week. I’m ready to talk. I want to know more about you.

My big old honey bun, I love you more than words can say. I love you more every day. Love, your puppy.

I wish they would quit talking about things like possum grapes and sassafras root tea on our county road department radios. I heard four men talk for over 30 minutes the other day. That’s a waste of our tax dollars.

This is Shannon Cupps Harris. There was an error in my e-mail address last week. It’s shannonharris1960@yahoo.com.

I would like to wish a happy 72nd birthday to my mother, Lois Breeding. Love, Shannon and family.

Whatever happened to the road County Judge Jim Ward promised to build to a cemetery in the Doty Creek area?

To the people who are packing lies about a certain man with a certain woman: You all need to get your facts straight before you say things.

To the bunch in Buck Creek: If you don’t quit stealing money from people you’re going to get killed.

I’m calling concerning the LCC girls’ softball team: I don’t think it’s fair that they don’t have a field. I think there should be locks put on the baseball field and football fields until the other teams, including the soccer team, have fields of their own.

Why was the elementary school child who brought a gun to a sporting event not disciplined?

Dear Mr. Barnhart: I am terribly sorry that Bob Banks couldn’t accept the job as head basketball coach at UK, but he already had previous commitments. Maybe this new guy can do as good. Let’s hope.

This is the 45-year-old woman responding to the 27-year-old coal miner: You can meet me Friday morning at BP. I’ll be yard-selling.

If you’re flirting or harassing, you’re doing a lousy job at both. I’ve got your number now.

It amazes me how Pike County and Perry County keep getting all these jobs and Letcher County gets nothing. County Judge/Executive Jim Ward promised during the election that he would bring jobs and new businesses to our county, but we’ve seen nothing yet. What a joke.

Someone needs to clean the ditch line on the road in front of the Whitco Old Regular Baptist Church, or whatever the church is. It’s probably one of our dirtiest ditch lines.

Dear Edward: Please meet me at our usual place at the gate at the usual time. You have my cellphone number. Please give me a call.

To the lady who said I have no respect for the disabled: Why did you put your son out in the camper instead of in your house? You’re just jealous because I have money and a goodlooking man who loves me. Look at you and look at yours.

Hello, Cotton Top. I’m hoping you are missing me right now and that you are also doing some nightdreaming about us. I like to hear when you tell me of those great dreams about us. I miss hearing your voice right now, and I can hardly wait until I get to see you. I’ve been having some wonderful dreams myself. I hope they come true this summer. Sweet Thing misses her Cotton Top very much.

To a lady who works in the call center: I still would love to take you for a ride on my Harley. Thank you.

Congratulations to a certain guy on his new baby boy. Best wishes always from an old friend, J.

Could someone please take over the Whitesburg Housing Authority and do it right? That place is not being run right at all. Thank you.

To that wonderful little lady who used to work at McDonald’s: Me and my niece are still looking for you. We think you are wonderful and gorgeous. Give us a ‘hey’ sometime. You know who you are.

Hey, wifey, your mother is looking a whole lot better than you do. You just don’t put anything into our relationship. If she gets much closer I’m fixing to trade you off.

A true Christian would give back what is not rightfully theirs and offer an apology for the exaggerated lies they told.

I’m from Ohio and this is a message to a young man on Heartbreak Ridge: You’ve messed with the wrong woman, so my advice to you is to watch your back real close. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

With all the people working with our students and staff in the Jenkins Independent School System, surely the scores will improve. But, this will have little to do with the superintendent or how good a job she did or did not do. The increase or decrease in scores relies solely on particular groups of students, their knowledge, preparation, and desire to do well on the tests. But with all the changes in testing, there will be no way to make a comparison. All that can be said about the changes at Jenkins is that the superintendent hired one teacher who was let go from Jenkins twice before, has kept a fulltime substitute in another teaching position since October, reconfigured the district to a K-12 school, abolished site-based councils, and her dictatorial, narrowminded attitude is resulting in the staff at Jenkins looking elsewhere. So, what kind of job is the superintendent doing? The jury will be out on this decision for at least four years, if the district lasts that long.

It is good that some people are starting to plant and reforest the mountaintops. I’m sure there aren’t many grandmothers in the area that didn’t know you had to dig up the dirt around what is planted, and they will need water now and then. It’s sad that Letcher County people didn’t do some planting in the past and people from outside of the area had to come and start the job. Let’s see if the county people will continue with the job. My guess is they will sit on their dead behinds and complain for more help.

Poor kids have a hard time learning in school. Their parents learned little in their time. Why can’t the parents learn along with their children? Then maybe they can help their children some and feel some pride in themselves. How many children would feel pride knowing their parents could now read? Foolish pride is stupid. Learning is a great feeling. I think most people are good but the bad rule. Isn’t it sad to see our young with no chance and doomed to poverty? There is no one who can’t learn if the opportunity and will is there. We put ourselves in the position to be judged by others.

Have any of you dopers ever thought about what you are doing to our young? What are you doing for yourself or your family? You are making the big man rich by buying your dope. You are dragging the good people down with you. Natural gas and coal companies are destroying your country. No, not all of them, but the damage is large. You continue to elect people based on the family line. Guess it is okay when a family politician screws you. If a person speaks up too much they just might get killed.

Old friend, thank you. Myself, I am not in love with anyone. Have a nice day. Wishing you the best.

What do people mean when they talk about tourism? Does tourism only happen once you build something you think tourists will come and see? I say market what we have. Find people who care enough about the environment to come tour a mountaintop removal strip job. Seek people who care enough about the poor and unfortunate to attend a juvenile and domestic relations court day. Print maps showing the homes of fiscal court members, judges, and local government officials so motorists can compare and contrast the splendor some of these bloodsuckers live in with the squalor so many other people inhabit. Set up observation posts in the supermart parking lots to observe the tide of humanity that washes up against these places on check day. Until we find tourists to come see what’s already here, tourism will continue to mean a few road signs here and there and taxpayer funded paychecks for political appointees.

I have something to say about the store owner who runs his business with no morals. I know many people that know how you operate. If the person who mentioned getting the Better Business Bureau involved is reading this, I will be happy to speak with you. My brother stopped going in there because the owner called him a name that rhymes with fay, and told him he needed to do something with a male body part.

I would like to give kudos to the girls in a certain business in Whitesburg. They really know how to keep it in the family.

There’s a lot of talk about investigations, and I wouldn’t doubt but what they’re happening this time. Knott County, Clay County, Magoffin and others are all feeling the sting, and Letcher could be reaching the head of the line. We may be close to being freed from the corruption, vice, political and industrial intimidation, and fraud that has sucked up our wealth and kept us down for so long.

I would like to know what Regina Donour and her chemistry class discovered in their testing of the river water. I, too, would trust their findings more than those of a lab or testing unit that works for the locals or the state. I had the feeling all the time we were under the advisory that the state officials were trying to play the problem down. Why aren’t her results being published?

The mining and gas company executives, noble people all, have cloaked themselves in patriotism and imply that those who resent their land being permanently destroyed are unpatriotic. They consider any inconvenience to them to be threat to the nation’s electricity, security, and economy. What a crock. Total BS. We had electricity before mountaintop removal, and we get almost nothing from the destruction of the gas companies. Some wise person once said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Mountaintop removal doesn’t provide anything but fatter profit margins for down state or out-ofstate predators, and less employment locally. Blowing mountains away allows these companies to extract the coal with a fraction of the work force required for other methods. Wait, I forgot one other thing that these environmental atrocities provide — overstuffed campaign coffers for our politicians, all of whom are also patriots, no doubt.

Crime, as predicted, is increasing with each tick of the economic downturn. A lot of these thieves have recreational activities that need to be sustained, no matter what. In order to maintain some semblance of civilization through this crisis, we must recognize the problem — growing numbers of thieves, avaricious lawyers completely devoid of ethics, and ineffective, evasive prosecutors who are as slippery as the thieves in avoiding their duties.

Anyone who goes through many of the criminal charge records in the Letcher Circuit Clerk’s office probably notices the numerous cases in which vehicular crimes such as no registration, no driver’s license, no insurance, etc., have been resolved by dismissal. What is this, an extension of fixing parking tickets?

To the woman making the most recent comments on breastfeeding in public and anyone who feels likewise: I am a Christian mother born and raised in Letcher County and am raising my family in these hills. I am also a mother who was blessed by God to be able to breastfeed my babies. God gave me breasts, as He did every other woman, to be able to provide free and perfect food to my babies. The difference between my breasts and a man’s is mine are functional. I have no qualms with breastfeeding in public and will do so rightfully anywhere I please. I am only a mother feeding my child. I am able to do so modestly. Equating me with a sow is fine. Their teats serve the same purpose as ours. But equating breastfeeding with sex infuriates me. I believe in so doing you have a mind perverted by an over-sexed media. If my husband couldn’t turn away and stop staring at a breastfeeding woman, I’d be concerned about his perverted mind. Yes, sex within holy union is a gift from God, but is private between a man and woman. Breastfeeding is simply feeding a child. I don’t hide when I eat, or put a blanket over my head. It isn’t a passionate erotic thing. It is obvious you’ve never breastfed. It is my sincere hope that more mothers breastfeed in public so people like you will begin to understand that there is nothing sexual about it. Bottle feeding without a medical or work-related necessity is a choice I’d be more uncomfortable with. Formula was not created by the Creator. What you call ‘gross milk’ was and is obviously the better nourishment for a growing child. There is something horribly wrong when Kentucky ranks 49th in the U.S. for moms initiating breastfeeding. In some eastern Kentucky counties only one in five newborns are ever offered the breast. These statistics come from the state’s advocates for children. What is wrong with that is when breast milk and breastfeeding is the proven best choice for babies and mothers, and we rank so low, it tells me our healthcare system is failing us.

I just want to say congratulations to a certain couple on their wonderful engagement. Hope you guys fix up the trailer. Love, Shimmy.

Oh that tom cat just keeps coming. He must have him a gem this time.

I don’t know what the woman’s deal is in Jenkins but she needs to stop snapping pictures of vehicles driving through town. That light is going to make someone have an accident. You know who you are. What is the deal? Why are you taking pictures of people in Jenkins at night?

I just want to tell my king that I love him more than anything and I want to wish him an early happy birthday. I will be there to share this birthday with you and many, many more. You have brought so much happiness back into my life that I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you so much for showing me what true love is all about. Please hurry home. Love always and forever, your queen.

What has happened to the Blackey mayor and city council? I haven’t heard anything about them for a while, and I always enjoyed reading about them and their kind of unique approach to government — different even for eastern Kentucky. As I remember, they were trying to annex all their neighbors, and I think they were spending more on postage to collect taxes than the taxes returned. What happened to their annexation? If anyone has an update on this please let us know.

I just wanted to thank Mr. Young with Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Pikeville for his assistance in helping me deal with my credit card debt. After reading Suze Orman’s book I discovered that CCCS is the only nationally accredited non-profit counseling agency. I encourage anyone who is over their head in debt, being harassed by collection agencies, or is considering bankruptcy like I was, to contact them immediately. Their phone number is 606-432-5337. God bless.

This is a response to a certain man: Lord forbid that you’ve fathered another poor child. You don’t even take care of the two you have now, but how could you from jail? The only thing you’ve ever been worried about is stealing something to get a pill. Your kids are better off growing up without you anyway. Good thing your ex found a good man for your girls to call daddy. Leaving you was the best thing she’s ever done for herself.

Inneedof agood woman, no pill heads and must be willing to travel the country (48 states). I have no residence. My home is a walk-in sleeper compartment of a big rig. If you hook up with me we’ll be waking up in a different state every day. We’ll have a bed, fridge, microwave, flat panel HDTV with built-in DVD player, small closet, a few storage compartments, etc. We’ll take our showers together every evening at truck stops and eat our meals at fast food joints. It’s not an easy life. We’ll spend 21 days straight in the truck and then get three days off before starting the whole thing all over again. Our reward will be about $25,000 per year going into a savings account. In 2 or 3 years we can buy a house and pay cash for it, then maybe get off the road for a while and have some kids. Must be over 18 and under 40 and able to prove it. Must have a valid state identification and Social Security card. You should also be able to use a calculator and know how — or be willing to learn how — to send a text message. Contact with family and friends will be limited to a cellphone, which you will have access to 24/7. Anyone interested can e-mail me at JGS1970@yahoo.com

I would like to let everyone know that our home was burglarized two weeks ago while we were on vacation. We live in the Sandlick area. The items that were stolen were an entire bathroom set decorated with pink polka dots and Playboy bunnies. It was a five-piece set with the soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and things like that. Also taken was my husband’s brand new CB that was still in the box. It was a Cobra brand. These thieves were idiots because they left the shower curtain hanging and they forgot to steal the antenna to the CB. If anyone has any idea where these things are, we are offering a reward. Thank you.

Just how many years ago was Jenkins Independent Schools one of the best districts in Kentucky? What year did it rank in the top 10? Many years ago, teachers could paddle a child for disturbing class and the child was punished when he got home. Now, parents complain that the teachers are at fault for trying to discipline their child, even if the child is a constant disruption and prevents others from learning. It does take everyone working together for students to succeed. But, the motivation to excel and do well starts in the home.

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