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Isn’t it funny how someone will make a comment, then someone else will respond to it even though it’s not about them? I just love Speak Your Piece.

To a woman in Jenkins who is a self-proclaimed workaholic: I admire your work ethic and your organizing skills. There is no telling what you might have been able to accomplish in your life if you’d had any integrity.

To my neighbors with the dogs up all night long barking: Some of us have to work. You hear the dogs barking, too. If you can’t contain them, get rid of them. I’m going to kill them if you don’t quiet them down at night.

It’s high school track season now. Could someone please post the schedule of Letcher County Central High School track team in the paper?

To Letcher Judge/Executive Jim Ward: We the people of Ministry Lane on Daniels Branch would appreciate it if you would fix our bridge, or culvert, like you promised you would.

To a certain woman whose last name begins with the letter J: I love you and can’t wait to see you. We’ll work it out. Drop by sometime. Bye, beautiful. From you know who.

To my Love Cat: Happy birthday on your special day. From your husband and children. We love you.

To a certain man: We seem to have a problem. It’s called lack of communication. I know you got all that and you read all that, but you still didn’t tell me anything. You’re not saying what you want to say. You’re beating around the bush too much. In other words, if you wanted me to go with you why didn’t you tell me to go get in the car or go get in the truck? Get off your behind and get here. We’re going to have to straighten some stuff out.

To a certain man: Why don’t you just go throw down three dollars and slide yourself right into that tanning bed so you’ll be roasted and toasted look hot and sexy in those sleeveless Tshirts? Go do it and quit being chicken. And you better not lie over seven minutes the first time or you’ll be extra toasty.

Operation UNITE is always bragging on the people they arrest for drugs. Why don’t they ever make any arrests in Letcher County?

Please put this is bold print. To all you people out there thinking the jail in Whitesburg is directory assistance: It is simply the jail. Please call 4-1-1 when you need a phone number.

To a guy in jail: You have never loved anyone but yourself in you entire life.

I want to thank the lady who conned my father out of his land. He didn’t like anyone to love on him, and she did. She did not pay him for the land, not one penny. I hope she is happy. He knew what she was working for. There is a Man looking down from above and He knows what she did. She better think about what she’s done when she steps into the church house.

It’s a shame that a Kingscreek boy can bully an insurance office.

When a good friend dies in your home, you should at least let the body get cold before you take the money and medicine right out of their pockets and the shoes off their feet. There is a special place in hell for you fools. At least grave robbers wait until after someone is buried.

To a certain couple whose husband owns a red truck: Is your life worth living in the hell you’re living in? Think about it.

You quit McDonald’s and went to Wendy’s. My little niece loves you because you were so good to her. Why don’t you give her a ‘hey’ sometime. You might help her get another job. We think you are gorgeous.

I saw you driving the dark Trans Am. If you don’t stop disturbing the peace here I’m going to take a warrant for you. I’ve got your tag number too, buddy.

I’m trying to find information about a teacher who still does substitute teaching. She married a teen-ager in the sixties after leaving her husband for him. She messed up his life as far as women are concerned and we’re trying to get a book together about it. Please respond.

A certain woman who goes both ways is snitching on everyone in the county.

People, don’t buy the new Troy-Bilt weed trimmers. I bought one last year and it lasted three days. I took it back to them and they replaced it. It lasted the rest of last summer, but when I cranked it up yesterday the same old problem happened again — the shaft wrung in two.

To whom it may concern: I recently met and fell in love with a girl. It was perfect in every way — her laugh, her giggle, her personality, and her beautiful smile. She makes my heart race whenever I see her, but now she no longer wants me. She is so much in love with me, and me with her, but there is also someone else in her life. She had to make a choice and I am the unlucky one. I just want her to know my heart is open for her whenever she wants it, and I love her more. So just remember I am waiting for you whenever you want me. You are an angel, and our paths crossed for a reason.

How can you set yourself up for an abortion in Letcher County but you can’t buy a beer? How come no one ever protests that?

It used to be that Head & Shoulders shampoo was really good at stopping dandruff. I used it for 35 years and it worked great, but it’s not working anymore. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

Just wanted to take the time to say I love you to the woman with the beautiful dark eyes in Cell #109. Well, the ones we used to be with didn’t want to do the right thing, but what they don’t know is they ran me and you right into one another’s life and we thank them, don’t we, baby? You’re the best thing that could have happened to me yet. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, my trip here was well worth the visit. Now I have something and someone to look forward to. You hang in there, baby, and me and you will enjoy life to the fullest this summer. While they said all the wrong things, me and you were busy saying all the right things to one another and then some. Oh yea, all the right things they could have come at a better time. You lifted me back up when I needed it the most, for that, I will love you forever. It’s all about me and you, baby, no one else matters. Their loss and our gain, and the way I see it, me and you come out with the best deal by a long shot. I see your beautiful eyes in my mind every night before I fall asleep and awake with a smile, just knowing that I have you in my life. Yes, you, from Cdog. Cell #111

To a woman whose husband is currently doing weekends at LCJ: He needs not to throw rocks at my glass house when he lives in one also. I could tell you more if you are interested. Respond in next weeks Speak Your Piece. Thanks.

Where is the gold? There is a report which said that the gold is no longer in Fort Knox. If this is true, then where did it go? Wake up, America, or you will be like Rip Van Winkle and when you finally wake up you will not recognize your country. Over the past three decades I have seen a slow demise of this country, but in the present decade the pace has quickened. It seems that complacency on the part of most people, and especially in this part of the country, has kept people from getting involved in the issue. We are beefing up the Canadian border security, when in fact the biggest treat is from the open border with Mexico. Terrorists from the Middle East have come through Mexico and assumed a false identity to enter the U.S. and MS 13 from Colombia has come into Mexico, and with the Mexican drug cartel, have all but taken control of Mexico. The violence is spilling over into this country. We have 5 percent of the world’s population, and 25 percent of the prison population, and about 30 percent of these are illegal aliens, most of whom are convicted of murder, rape, and armed robbery.

The snare is land for him in the ground and a trap for him in the way. I go to buy a chicken sandwich for $1.25 on the board. Then when I pay for it the working girl smiles and says $1.05. Who is right or wrong? Don’t we have anyone that knows? Job 18 says: yea, the right of the wicked shall be put out and the spark of his fire shall not shine. The steps of his strength shall be straightened, and his own counsel shall cast him down. Revelations 22:12-13 says, I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. Hi, Greg and friends in Carlisle, I’m glad that you like Speak Your Piece. Glad to send it to you. Enjoy.

I’d like to meet a single, or divorced, or widowed coal miner in his late 30s or his 40s and 50s. I’m a white, widowed, female who is 46 years old. I’m a good woman with strong morals who would like to meet a good man. I’ll treat you like gold. Let’s hook up if you’re out there. Respond back in Speak Your Piece.

To H.S.: Love is like the weather. I think love is a lot like the weather/By the acts of Mother Nature all controlled together/Like in the spring with everything in blossom/That is when our love is really awesome/ Then you got summer so full of fun/When me and you are lying in the sun/ Now it’s autumn, the fall of the year/With us drawn closer and all so near/Our hearts full of love showing no fear/Here comes winter with a cloud knocking at the door/And now our love is stronger than ever before/ Then the cycle starts over as it begins/It’s like our love, it never does end/In these walls where it all began. From G.S.

I think its a shame that a husband will leave his wife in jail after she has stood by him always. He is going to lose a good woman. Someone else would give anything to have her. And if he isn’t careful he will. If she would let me I would go get her. Better wake up before it’s too late.

Lee, You are my baby boy/Just wanted to let you know where my heart truly is and I love you/Just a few feet away stands the sunshine in my life/One day soon it won’t be long, I’ll be your wife/You have truly been my angel since I have been here and you will remain forever the angel I hold dear/My friend, my lover, my husband soon to be/I can’t wait my darling, you’ll forever belong to me/ Our love will remain strong and always true/In our eyes together I’ll always belong to you/Walk with me, hold my hand through these trials we face/And hope and pray how quick we get up out of this place/Lying in your arms is my dream come true/I hope you know that always my heart belongs to you/Our lives will combine and we will unite as one/I can only imagine the days that will come/So, Lee, until our time is over and me and you are complete/ Every day upon this wall we will continue to meet/Always remember, baby, that love you I do forever and forever it will be just me and you/(My special sister here, she loves you too.) Love you. Heather.

To the Kentucky Ridgerunner: Just thought I’d let you know that my love is true, and I thank God every day that He led me to you/My knight in shining armor, the angel in my heart/Don’t you ever forget, my love, we will never part/ The only thing between us now a block and a little time/Not many more lonely days then you will forever be mine/In your arms soon I’ll be, and hear your heartbeat/ Then everyone in this whole world we will defeat/ You won my heart so quickly that I didn’t even know/How very much I love you, I dread to see you go/ But our love will outlast many, many moons/So, baby, just hold on ‘this outlaw’ will see you soon/Ever how long it take I will wait for you/How wonderful it will be when our time is through/My best friend you are and will forever be/So wherever you find yourself always think of me/Always remember in the deepest of your soul/With you now in my heart my life is fully whole/I’m loving you, angel, with each passing day/ For you to know just how much I really can’t say/I’ll keep you in my dreams and hold your heart with me/ And pray how fast with you I’ll forever be/Until then I’ll be right here loving you every day/Won’t be long to your face these words to you I’ll say. I love you baby. Your ‘Indian Outlaw’

To the person who wrote in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the hiring of the English teacher at Jenkins High School: That person was chosen by the school council that was still in place at the time. By law, the superintendent had to hire the person that the school council wanted.

Just a friendly warning to all. I was at Hazard Wal- Mart on April 9 betweem 9 and 10 p.m. and my vehicle was broken into and a lot of personal belongings were stolen. If anyone else had any items missing after a simple trip to Wal-Mart, please respond, also if anyone saw anything or knows anything, please respond. It is sad when people cannot even go to the store without being stolen from. So as a friendly reminder check your vehicles and never leave the scene.

I travel Route 7 daily and truly enjoy seeing the Jody P. and Susan Blair house in the Twin Bridge area. The house has country charm and looks ‘happy.’ The blight in that community is the old barn directly across the road. We have a county ordinance against dilapidated property that is an eyesore and a danger in a community. Maybe this ordinance should be enforced against that barn.

Delana Banks, thanks for putting the Jeremiah news back in The Eagle. I missed you when you stopped writing. Living in Roanoke, the only way I had of keeping up with the goings on in Letcher County was by reading your column and Oma Hatton’s.

Hello, my gorgeous king. I just wanted to tell you that I can’t wait for the day that I become your wife. I have finally found true love and it feels wonderful. I can’t believe that it took us so long to get back together, but it’s all good. All that counts is that we found each after all these years and we are back together and we will be married very soon. Trust me, I will sport my new name and be very proud of it. You are the love of my life. There have been so many times that I thought that I had found true love but in all honesty I never realized what true love was until I looked into your eyes. I am completely head over heels in love with you. You are ‘the one’ for me and I truly, madly, deeply love you my king. Your queen is sending more love to you than you will ever know. I know cowgirls don’t cry, and all we both need is a second chance ’cause all we’d ever need is a love story and a white horse to go with what goes on behind closed doors. I will be your angel from far away until I can be next to you. You can tell a certain person that our love is alive and sometimes things get a little blurry, but this is our love song and we want to stay. You know that you have a bad girlfriend and you still love her for she is your very own queen. I love you my king now and always.

I have been checking out The Mountain Eagle’s website. They’ve done a great job. I had no idea that you can go back and read the articles, editorials, and even Speak Your Piece from back to 2007, I think it is. That’s nice. How many times have you read something and wanted to cut it out, or even reference it for a class paper, and the paper has already been lost or thrown away long ago? Nice job on the website, guys. The only way it could be better is if you scanned the older issues onto the site as well, but that’s a whole other issue. Good work.

(Thank you.)

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