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To all the drug addicts and anyone out there with any kind of disease: Grab hold of God. God is the key answer to all problems. I have been there and done that. I finally grabbed hold of God and He took all the demons out of me. You can get clean, but without God you will live a very miserable life. You don’t even think about drugs and stuff like that after you find God. God doesn’t cost a penny and is easy to get.

I love nature, but somebody is going to have to take care of these ducks that are taking over downtown. I cannot live like this.

I hope the lady in Gordon is happy with the land she stole from my husband. She was supposed to have paid him $500.

When you take Christ out of Christianity all you have then is just another religion. Religion is not going to get you in, my friend. Think about it.

It’s a shame the people of McRoberts can’t keep their nose in their own business instead of meddling in everyone else’s.

Hello, Dream Lover. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to see you or talk to you, and that makes me so sad. I miss you so very much. It is so very depressing when I don’t get to hear that sexy voice of yours and see your handsome face and sexy blue eyes. I am beginning to hate your job, because it takes so much time away from us. By the time this is printed I will have gotten to talk to you and, hopefully, gotten to see you. If not, you better check with the hospital or undertaker. Your Sunshine.

That Wellmont bunch from Tennessee should be ashamed for leaving the elderly without a hospital in Jenkins. I wish I had the faith that everything will work out for our community, but I have a hard time believing it will. Wellmont did nothing to improve our hospital other than paint the buildings. What happened to all those promises they made about bringing specialists to our community and things like that? To me, this sounds like a case of major mismanagement.

To the nasty, skanky little 19-year-old: Why don’t you straighten up and get someone of your own race?

I think that King-Queen junk in last week’s Speak Your Piece is just ignorant. That should be in a personal love letter. It sounds more like Dumb and Dumber. That just ain’t cool.

I see you up and down the street, you and your little friends — the Camaro and the Dodge. You’re looking for the silver bullet, aren’t you? It’s gone.

My hat is off to the couple from Sergent who were able to force Kinzer Drilling to settle their lawsuit over damages Kinzer caused to their property. The gas companies are ruining our county while all of our elected officials, county and state, stand by and do nothing. Ol’ Carroll Smith is looking pretty good right now. He’s the only county judge we’ve ever had that gave a darn about the people. He would never have let these gas companies do what they’re doing to our county right now.

To a certain man who works at one job on the weekends and night watches the rest of the week: You did your ex-wife dirty. She took care of you and saw that you were clean. That woman did all she could do for you. Do you want to be lying around like some of your people were forced to when they were sick? You have done everything in your power to lie on her when she is the sweetest and nicest person you could ever meet. She is pretty and she also works. One day you will see who takes care of you and who doesn’t.

I wish our county judge would get our road department to fix our roads instead of being on the radio talking silly stuff. It’s a shame and disgrace. It looks like the county judge would do something about it.

To Bonnie: If you don’t want that sexy man of yours, reply in Speak Your Piece and I will be glad to take him off your hands. I’ll be good to him. I know you’ve had a wonderful life together, but if you don’t want him I’ll take him. I would love to have a man who has treated me as good as he treated you.

To the boy who drives a GMC pickup on Pine Creek: You need to stop following the girl around. You two have been broken up forever. If you know what’s best you will back off.

There’s a little ugliness in Jenkins. Young man, does your wife know what you are doing? I do. You better start doing your job or you won’t have one.

Hey all you Twilighters out there. You’ve got to Google on YouTube beautiful Edward Cullins. It’s awesome.

When I think about our soon-to-be graduates from Letcher County Central and Jenkins high schools I can’t help but be concerned that only a few of them will make it in this world while most of them will turn out to be unemployed drug addicts who are having babies way too early. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a strong feeling that I am right. Our support system has failed our young people.

I’m a 50-year-old white female and I want me a coal miner, too. So if you’re up to it, boys, and want some good old-fashioned country loving, holler at me.

I think all the people who say they find all these dryland fish and have them for sale are liars. I have looked for the past seven years and can’t find any. I think it’s a bunch of bull. I’d have to see them to believe them. If they bring them to me I will buy them.

To a special friend of mine: It doesn’t matter where I am, if you see me you can come there. You don’t have to be shy about it. Ask where I am and come to me. Anytime you want to call my phone you can. No one can listen to my voice mail but me. I do have Caller ID, but who cares about a pay phone number.

To a woman who lives in Pistol City: If I were you I would watch my P’s and Q’s, because you’re fixing to get one. And I thank you for letting me have your man.

To whom it may concern: I want to apologize for running my mouth too much. To the people from the fire department: I’m sorry for that; you’re people just like me. But, James Sturgill from Big Cowan, there’s nothing funny about a man’s home being burned. I want to thank friends, neighbors, and so many relatives thus far for helping me out. I appreciate this greatly. It is so very nice. Thank you. Stanley D. Pack

God needs no great house in which to stay./God will enter the smallest house, if there you pray./ God sees not the fancy clothes that people wear on Sunday./God looks at the heart, for there He does stay./God judges not by the amount of money you give./ God sees us each day and judges by the way that we live./The poorest of us can be great in God’s eyes./The richest can be least if his life is filled with lies./A big shiny car to God means not a thing./God doesn’t care if you walk as long as a clear heart you bring./God judges us not as man does here today./God goes by our hearts, give Him yours today. C.A.C.

To a certain lady in our community: You need to keep the brakes on that husband of yours. When you are not around he is so vulgar with other women making these nasty comments when he talks to women. Please put a bridle on him. If he is a church-going person he better pray for his sins and apologize to some of the women he talks to.

To my painter: I haven’t heard from you in a while. I still love and miss you very much. Keep up painting. I would like to look at one of your paintings.

Well, didn’t I ruffle someone’s feathers. What the heck does being a Christian have to do with breastfeeding? God gave me breasts too, lady. I’m so glad that you have ‘functional breasts.’ I guess that puts you one step ahead of men. According to the way you wrote, men do not have functional breasts. Maybe you can feed your kids modestly, but a lady with 50- pound breasts hanging out of her shirt in a restaurant isn’t modest. The only person glad to see those huge watermelons was her big kid who was grappling the milk-filled mountains like a pig who’s gone without food for a month. That was for you since you think it’s OK to be equated with a sow. My husband is not a pervert. He couldn’t believe how disgusting it was to see a topless woman in a restaurant. He gawked because he couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only are we not perverts, but I did breast feed two children in the privacy of our own home. I didn’t say breastfeeding was the same as sex. They’re very different, but I still say I don’t want to view either one in a nice restaurant or anywhere else. I think you are a jerk who tries to sound all smart and uppity. Maybe you’re the big cow that grossed everyone out at the restaurant, and you were afraid to admit that you’re the two-ton hippo with the big kid latched onto your big jugs. Very disgustedly yours, a modest woman, well endowed but still and always well covered. PS. My husband read the letter you wrote and said someone should kick your behind. He’s not a pervert, but he’s got a temper when someone is as mean as you. Doesn’t anyone in Letcher County find it sick to see people in public with their boobs hanging out?

It seems to me that every week there is a comment protesting mountaintop removal. I have to wonder why. I make a good living, working by the hour, on a mountaintop removal job. The people who own the land don’t seem to mind getting their royalty checks for getting a piece of nearly useless land changed from somewhere that only got walked on by a few hunters, ginseng or dryland fish gatherers who were trespassing a couple of times a year, to a usable property where the owner can make a living or at least some extra money (by raising cattle, grazing horses, selling off house seats, or putting in a trailer court). How about growing switchgrass to make bio fuel for cars and four-wheelers of which everyone seems to own two or three? A reclaimed mountaintop removal strip job would be a great place to put a wind farm or a chicken or hog farm. That would make a few jobs. The run-off that went down to the ponds could feed the fish that people are always putting in so they don’t have to drag the boat to the lake. Now that’s another idea: Why not set up campsites on these old jobs and let people ride their fourwheelers on the strip roads, not on US 119? They could fish in the settlement ponds. Then they would be spending their money locally. Man, if you would just think about it, there is no way of telling how much good could come from mountaintop removal. I can’t see a down side to it unless you’re not the one making the money.

Happy birthday, Aunt Virginia. Have a great party.

Happy birthday, brother. Love, your sisters

KJ and DL, looking forward to see you all soon. MA

I want to wish my beautiful and smart daughter a happy 15th birthday. It was on April 21. We love you, Sam. We are so proud of the wonderful young lady that you have became. Love, Mom and Dad.

Hello, my king. I just want to let you know that I am in love with you and I will never leave you. I don’t care what people are saying, they don’t live our lives for us so they all can just keep our names out of their mouths. They are miserable with their lives and want to try to make us as miserable as they are. Well it’s not going to happen. They can’t destroy our love. We are very strong and we have an unconditional love. I’m just sorry that they don’t understand what real love is. I feel bad for them, but I will not let them hurt our love. We will be married very soon and then what are they going to do and talk about? Maybe they can talk about how if they had kept their big mouths closed then they would have been invited to our wedding, but I don’t want any of them there on our day if they can’t be happy for us. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. I am so sorry that your family can’t support your decision to marry me and make me your wife, but I am your family now and I always will be. Love, your queen now and forever.

My grandson Donnie is taking me to Disney World. We go about once a year. Last time we went to Disneyland, but Disney World is just six hours from Summerville, S.C., so we can drive there. This time next week I will be there if the Lord is willing. I know I will be willing. I love Disney World. L.H.R

To the person complaining about the housing authority: Just how or why is it not being run right? If you have a problem or complaint, don’t cry here, call the office and tell them what’s wrong. More importantly, what did you do wrong and get caught at that makes you mad at them? You’re a loser.

To the person who made the comment about needing someone to take over and run the Whitesburg Housing Authority: You must have been a tenant that got caught not reporting income, or having too many pets. The staff does a real fine job of looking after us. The office people are real nice when you call or go in and the maintenance men are always available in an emergency. That fellow that does the weed whacking does a dandy job and is cute too. Sounds like sour grapes to me — or someone who got caught doing something they should not have been doing. If you don’t like how it is being run you can always move. We don’t need the likes of you cry babies. Keep up the good work, Housing Authority staff.

I need some help. I am on a fixed income and I need paint very badly. My house has not been painted in a long time. If anyone has any paint I could sure use it. Inside or outside, I could put it to good use. God bless you. Please write me back and I will pick it up. Thank you.

This is to some of the eighth-grade girls at Arlie Boggs Elementary School: This year you are at the top by being the eighth graders, but in August when you start at Letcher County Central High School you go back to the bottom. I hope none of the upperclassmen at LCCHS treat you the way you all have treated some of your younger classmates at ABES. So maybe when you are a senior you will think back to this year at ABES and your own freshman year and you will be kind to lower classmates. Good luck.

What do newborns and the Republican Party both have in common? They are both toothless. Ha ha. What is the difference between your old papaw and Jim Bunning? You papaw knows he is crazy. Ha ha. I saw Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party kicking an old beat up tin can down the street. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ and they said, ‘Moving.’ Ha ha.

To the man seeking a road companion: I am a interested 19-year-old truck stop worker looking to break away from my everyday life, waiting for my prince charming to ride in on your 18-wheeled horse and sweep me off my feet.

Wishing a happy birthday to Nicholas Issac. Love, Your Indy family.

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