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I don’t know if last week’s comment about a good friend dying at someone’s home is directed towards me or not, and I don’t care really. There was an incident right almost three years ago when a friend whom I loved like a brother (and was the closest I’ve ever had to one) passed away at my house. Since then a multitude of idiotic and downright ugly rumors have circulated about the event, none of which have I commented on. I choose not to say anything because for one thing, this area’s a fiction-fueling frenzy of gossips and cowards that talk crap about someone behind their back, yet never to their face, and second, the deceased person in question, myself and God know the truth. Anyone else I couldn’t care less about simply because I loved this friend for over 30 years, and since he had to pass, I am glad his last few days were spent with me. As for the ignorant banter about medicine, money and shoes taken, I am going to break my silence and address that right now. This person had substance demons just as a lot of us do, and was consuming such large quantities of a certain prescribed med (as well as unprescribed), that he had done, sold, or whatever, a large amount days prior to his death. Thus the lack of appropriate pill count. As for money, he should have had a few hundred dollars on him at he time he died, and if he did, then it left with his corpse. After he was removed from my home, I can’t tell you who was around his body or had access to his belongings, so take it up with them. Lastly, he had no shoes on due to the fact that his feet, knees and legs were severely swollen due to his then-failing heart, and thus could not wear any his final 24 hours or so, nor could he walk. I know this because I carried him into a local hospital the morning of his last day, though sadly, he refused to stay for treatment. What I have stated here is absolute gospel truth as far as the situation I endured, and by the way, he was autopsied and a full investigation conducted concerning this event, with no incriminating results, period. Congestive heart failure took him and even his own father, far too early.

I wish a battalion of militant fiddlers would take up bows and cases, infiltrate the string band venues, assault the stages, and reoccupy the fiddle breaks that too many mandolin-flailers get. If you can’t keep a fiddler in your band’s lineup, you don’t belong on the stage. Fast does not equal good. If Ma Joad couldn’t do a dignified buck-dance to it, it’s too fast. And you take the tune ‘8th of January.’ That’s a day in 1815. There’s been five generations to me since then, and I’ll bet all the previous four heard fiddlers saw that one out. Fiddlers, please. Thomas B. Baty.

To the person who commented on the King and Queen comment last week: Are you so jealous that you have to put someone else down because they love the person that they are with? Who do you think you are to talk trash about the way a person feels? It is not our fault you don’t have someone in your life that will take the time to let you know how much that they love you. Oh wait, that is the problem, isn’t it? You don’t have anyone to love you because you are so cynical. Well don’t put others down for wanting to show their love. And you want to call it more like Dumb and Dumber? Well I guess we can say your article is Clueless, because you don’t have a clue as to what love is. So stop and think before you say something as ignorant as you did about how someone else feels for the person that they love. And besides that, who in the world says things like "that just ain’t cool" anymore? And how old do you claim to be?

I learned how to use our library’s on-line catalog. So, I used it and found the book I had been looking for. It was available at Jenkins and Neon. So, like a fool, I drive from Whitesburg all the way to Neon (because putting a book on hold takes way, way too long), only to discover that Neon’s little library was closed. Maybe the reason people are lined up at the door in the mornings is because it doesn’t open on time either.

To a certain person: Tell her to get over herself, she’ll never be me. No matter what, you’ll always want and love me. Ha ha, isn’t that great? I love you, babe. Tell her to call Jenny.

Anyone who has traveled at all knows that eastern Kentucky has some of the world’s best people — warm, friendly, generous and hardworking. It is also well known that they deserve a lot better than what they get in terms of leadership, law enforcement, congressional support, education and infrastructure. Letcher County is a prime example. The current fiscal court is the worst in memory, and that’s saying a lot. The entire law enforcement system, from deputy and state trooper to prosecutor and judge, is heavily slated on the side of the criminals. The U.S. Representative manages to get reelected by the entire district, although all his effort and funding go to London, Somerset, Corbin and Lake Cumberland. The school superintendent must have a sublimated urge to be a cheerleader, because that system is focused on sports, and not just any sports, but only the highly visible football and basketball. I wonder if she knows the odds of any school child getting into and making a living in pro sports, or even getting an athletic scholarship? Another distorted system is the school educational TV channel. How can that be called an educational channel? I challenge anyone to find anything academic on it. All these distorted programs point to an urgent need — to replace as many of the reigning establishment as possible in the next election, and those who won’t be running in the next election, in the election after that.

Remember that sometimes all you have is your family. Treat them with respect.

Happy 50th birthday, Susie. We love you.

DL, good seeing you at the birthday party. Wasn’t much time together. Have a good rest of the school year. MA.

KJ, looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. If you get to LC before then, let me know. I’ll be there. Have a great week. MA

Aunt Susan. Happy belated birthday. Enjoyed the time together.

Reminder: The Hop Gibson family reunion will be June 27. Please plan to attend.

SE, before you tiptoe through the tulips, make sure there are tulips.

Can anyone help Jenkins? We have a professional bum. I’m sure if you’ve visited any our local stores you’ve had a run in with him. He walks around everywhere with a backpack and claims to have no money for food, and gives a sad story about his wife. He’ll ask for a couple of dollars every time he sees you. I myself have given him money plenty of times before. I thought he really was bad off, and really didn’t have a bite to eat. After some time, I have learned that this man does pretty well. He lives in an apartment. His wife gets to ride the LKLP bus every day. They receive disability checks, and several times as I drive through Jenkins he’s always on the street with a pop or a Hardee’s bag. He is a very good con artist. So people, beware if you come through Jenkins. Save your dollars for yourself. And if anyone knows how to put his scams out of business, let me know in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thanks.

Shew. That Burdine Church of God of Prophecy is at it again. Can you believe they’re giving away free clothes and food on Saturday, May 1 at 2:30? Aren’t they so nice?

This is to a certain grocery store: I go every month and buy a 50-pound bag of potatoes and every month I break my back trying to put them in the buggy, and then lifting them out of the buggy and putting them in my car, and then lifting them into the house. Now, I invite family over for dinner and I can’t even feed them. Those potatoes, by the time I sort through them and pick out the bad ones, with my thumb going through the bad ones, I can only save about 7 or 8 potatoes, and that won’t feed anyone. Please check your potatoes. DJ.

Thanks for helping the other two. I knew you wouldn’t be there for me in court today, the 27th, and I knew you wouldn’t help me out with money. So, I disown you, not only as a sister, but as a friend. I realize your only friend is Neurontin.

To T. and G.: I just want the two of you to know how much I appreciate everything that you have done for Chris and me. It is people like the two of you who show that there really are kind and caring people in this world. How can I ever repay you for everything that you have done? Gina, I think you are one of a kind to call and check on me every time that Chris was worried about me, or if he just wanted to send me a message that he loves me, like he did on Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Tim, where do I begin? I guess thank you so very much for being one hell of a friend to the love of my life. You are always there to talk to him, and you take the time to get Gina to call me for Chris, and I know that is taking away a few minutes from your phone call, just for us. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I wish that there was some way that I could repay your for all of your kindnesses. If there is ever anything that either one of you need, all you have to do is say it, and it will be done. Again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

This is to the love of my life: Chris, I love you with everything in me. My life is almost complete now, as soon as we say our ‘I do’s’ then it will be complete. You are the one and only man in my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I thank the good Lord every day for bringing us back together. It is time for us to enjoy our lives together, and to realize that we are all that each other will ever need. We are our own family now. I love you and I miss you, and I just want to wish you a happy birthday, my love. I hope that this is one birthday that you always remember. Love always, your soon-to-be wife.

As the wind that moves the branches of the trees/ God’s spirit is there even though you may not see./In our lives God is watching each and every day/At work, at rest, and even at play./ God is real, to me there’s no doubt./God is always near if you’ll only seek Him out./ Those who say there’s no God, with great fear they should walk./When their life is over, they’ll be judged for their talk./You may not can see God, but you can feel His love each day./Simply open your heart and take a little time to pray. C.A.C.

We, the members of the Hurricane Gap Church would like to thank the Gordon Fire Department, the Linefork Fish and Game Club and the Hurricane Gap Park for the help at our dinner on Good Friday. Thank you for loaning tables and chairs. Thank you, Joy Depew and Roger Shelten, for the barbecue. God bless each one of you and all that attended. The Moderator.

I want to personally thank Shawn Brown, I believe is the name on the check, and the Kingscreek Community Church for the huge donation they sent to me. It is greatly appreciated, I thank you all whoever is involved, it is so very nice for you all to think that much of me to want to help. Thank you. Stanley D. Pack.

Remember the hole in the ozone that people were so worried about years ago? This was supposedly cause by aerosol sprays and greenhouse gases. That scare finally went away. Now we have global warming, supposedly caused by carbon dioxide. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up this claim. These are just scams by certain groups of people to get huge sums of tax dollars. Anyone who knows anything about plant life knows that without carbon dioxide, trees and plants will die. But the people will believe what they hear on the news. And now Rosa Brooks, who has been appointed to the Defense Department, wants a bailout for the newspapers. This would only enrich the owners whose newspapers are failing because they are not reporting the important news. When do we say ‘enough is enough’?

There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Old one is our school master. The new one is our road map. Through Jesus Christ we Christians should be Christ like. Jesus came though prophesy. Matthew 1:20-23. Be careful what you say about what is written in these books. We are going to be judged by them one day. The gospel of John 1:1-5 also 14-17 Acts 2:17-20 Peter prophesied also 2:38-39, 3:26-28. I Corinthians 12:1- 13 Ephesians 4:1-6 Revelations 3:7-12. We are the bride of Jesus Christ, also read Revelations 22:16-19. Jesus Christ came to us Gentiles to get his bride, because the Jews wouldn’t receive Him. That is why I’m such a Jesus lover. I don’t see any other way to eternal life. It sure doesn’t come from any denomination Jesus Christ saved and baptized me in the Holy Ghost and told me to go in His name. Call me whatever you want to, if Jesus be for me that’s all that matters to me anyway. I do wonder how many churches Jesus would be welcome in today. And I wouldn’t want to go where He is not welcome because He lives in me. Keep up the good work.

I hope this will help your reader who asked if the recent ice storm could be caused by the wrath of God to know the love of God. We are so sorry it took so long. We get our paper when friends pass it on to us. Read Psalm 62:1-2.


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