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Charlie Banks is a class act. He could have been jealous of his backup Logan Johnson but instead he treated him like a brother and showed him the ropes. Both of these boys have great character and are great role models. Thanks, Charlie.

I’m looking at a great website, standeyo.com. It gives tips on what to do if you get the swine flu. The name of the article is ‘How to prepare naturally for the swine influenza choosing vitamin C regimens and other supplements’. This is a great website for stockpiling food and how to prepare food in an emergency. It tells you how to prepare for any emergency that you can think of. Check this website out. Thanks.

David, I haven’t put anything in Speak Your Piece because you know I love you. But I guess since you’re looking for this I will put it in here and let you know how much I love you. I love you, baby.

To the City of Jenkins Water Department : How come this is April of ’09 and today in our water bills we got reports for water quality report for the year 2008? Where is the water report for March 2009? This one is dated March 2008, which is not acceptable because we should be getting current and not last year’s. We got them last year.

Yes, I am also another one that is highly in agreement with mountaintop removal. My husband and I, we go four-wheeling on weekends and we go up on some of these strip jobs and I would give my eyeteeth to have that property. I keep saying that we could have Dollywood on some of these places so why can’t we have what other people have? It would just be profitable for this state, this county. I am wholly for it and my husband is a coal truck driver.

The message is to someone who lied about being my best friend. So after finally finding out the truth, which is so hard to find in you, the fact that you and your love triangle pulled off the so-called love conspiracy right under my nose proves the fact that love really is blind. So what goes around comes around and I guess I can’t argue with that. So, backdoor man, you won. You got her and there’s nothing I can do about that. They say you can’t trust a friend, to put your trust in a stranger. Broken hearts and long nights are like life without parole. So, woman, pull the knife out and give yourself a big slap on the back for a job well done, a job even your ex-sister-in-law would have to marvel. You live around them so long you are just like them. Let’s all have a toast. A big glass of Kool-Aid and sing along with me, the song about big fat Annie and how she made a bad boy out of me.

Okay, I was reading that Superintendent Anna Craft thinks that Letcher schools should still write portfolios. You all are such a joke. Why don’t you follow the rules and laws every once in a while? And besides, how can you say it helps the children by writing portfolios when the teachers are the ones that make the children mostly change everything. And they don’t write them anyway. They print. You know why? The little schools around here don’t teach our children how to write, you know, cursive writing. We’re not talking printing portfolios. Why don’t you all wake up and teach our children how to write and maybe then we can call them writing portfolios?

I would like to speak my piece about this man that’s sowing discord between families and also churches. What are we going to do about this? We know that God is not pleased and I guess we’ll just have to leave it to God because He knows exactly how to handle it. Don’t you think? We can’t pay attention about what people tell us between churches. We’re all starving to go to heaven instead of going the other way so we just have to let the devil go on down the road and be thankful we know God. Thank you.

I just want everybody to know that I found the best tomato plants at the greenhouse down at Dry Fork. I don’t know the name of it, but the tomato plants are out of this world.

Someone made a comment ‘to a special friend of mine.’ Give more information as to who you are, male or female, and who you are talking about. Thank you.

At last, at long last, I found something that ticks everybody off and I’m not coming home.

I can’t believe how they promised the people in Doty Creek and around the Jeremiah area they were going to build a road to the Raleigh Cemetery in the lefthand fork. They built a road but they didn’t build it in the right place. That ain’t where the cemetery is at where the road is.

Please pray for Jessica.

I would like to ask anyone associated with the coalfields in any way to join with me and all other miners in the fight to keep mountaintop removal. These people that are trying to stop it need to look at it the big picture. The mountains are beautiful but they are not usable. When we finish with them they are valuable landscapes that can be developed for houses and businesses. We need to get off our behinds and start fighting back.

This is to a certain man: You are sitting taking what you are taking off that woman when you had the prettiest woman. You let all that stuff stand in your way and the only thing that I know of that she asked you to do was call her and let her know that you were alright and not be running around while she was at work. That is the only thing she asked of you and I know because I am real good friends with both of you. You are crazy, buddy. You need to get your hind end back home where it belongs. I know she didn’t treat you like that. She was good to you.

How come I have to wait until after midnight to get any peace and quiet in this town? Nobody is patrolling between 4 and midnight. What’s the deal?

The color of our skin God cares not to see./It’s what’s in man’s heart that binds him or sets him free./The speech that some have we don’t all understand./God however hears all, our speech is part of His plan./ Created equal we are not better than anyone else./If we think we’re better we need to examine ourselves./ If through our lives God’s love we would share/ People’s lives would be better if other’s burdens we would help bear./If on earth we can’t live together, how then in Heaven can we be? The things we do to each other God does always see./ Think not about the color of your neighbor’s skin./God made us all, we will have to answer to Him in the end. C.A.C.

A big thank you to whoever cut the pine tree over Road 1148 near the intersection of 15 and 1148. You probably saved lives and vehicles. Again, you performed a big deed.

To the man in the gray truck: This is from the redhead. I’d like to meet you and get to know you a lot better. I saw you at the B.P. at Pine Mountain Junction on April 21 on a Sunday. If you’re not married write me at Miss A.M., Box 311, Neon, Ky., 41840

I’m very sorry, James Sturgill. You made me realize when you came down Friday to talk to me, how wrong I really was for what I accused you of. Please accept my apology once again. I should have known better. Thank you, Stanley D. Pack.

Judge Ward, I will give you credit for one thing. The senior citizens program is being operated with the most efficiency I have ever seen since it started. We senior citizens appreciate it very much. Since you came into office this program has improved 90 percent. The staff is friendlier and more helpful. The food is excellent. We get to do much more. Thank you for doing an excellent job with the senior program. God bless you. It would be sad for us if our program didn’t exist.

If you haven’t visited Iowa in the past 20 years or so and you are planning to revisit the state this summer, prepare yourself to be astonished at 21st century Iowa. The first thing you’ll notice is there are few Ma and Pa family farms anymore. What you will see instead is football-sized factories housing feeder pigs, turkeys, and chickens. As you venture inside one of these high-tech marvels, you’ll see animals crammed nose to rectum, rectum to nose as far as the eyes can see. And you’ll be greeted with a fragrance that some would call the rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended a nostril. Shakespeare said it first, but since there were no factory farms when he lived, he must have been smelling England before they acquired indoor plumbing. Anyway, it’s all in the nose of the beholder. It smells like greenback dollars to cashchallenged Iowa. As we once were a leading prisonbuilding state, our new economic engine is the gaming industry. You won’t have to travel very far before you spot one of our bedazzling casinos. And as soon as you leave that game of chance, just a few miles down the road really you’ll get a fresh chance to spin the wheel at another magnificent one. We welcome all visitors to take advantage of Vegas in the Heartland. Look, we’re hurting economically here, so we plead with you to stop. OK, we’re down on one knee. We’re begging you to stop. If you last visited Iowa with your parents, you’ll soon discover this isn’t your daddy’s Iowa. In the last 30 years we’ve changed everything. We who have lived here all our lives don’t recognize Iowa anymore. You too can experience 21st century living in go-go Iowa.

To a certain woman: I want to tell you and the world just how much I do love you and always will. You were mine and all mine for awhile until I messed it all up. I want you to know that you are the queen of my heart and that you are the prettiest and sexiest woman in the world. I pray to the good Lord every day and night to bring us back together again. I know that you are the angel that I asked Him to send me for so long. I want you know that you are the only woman who is in my life, heart, and mind, and the only one that will ever be there for the rest of the time. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday for what I did and the way I have hurt you and the boys. I want you to know I am sorry for hurting you and them and doing the things that I have done to you all. I know since all this has happened my life has been hell. I just wish that you and the boys could see my heart and the way that it loves you all. I love you all with all my heart, Babylove. I love you and I am yours and only yours forever and always.

Citizens of Jenkins, let us meet at the marketplace and stone the beggar who daily begs for alms. Oops, wrong century.

Some people consider the ultimate compliment to be that someone takes care of their own business. What that means is that person won’t complain, make waves, or risk criticism, no matter what. I think that notion has been created and promoted by those that should be on the receiving end of the complaints and criticism, and that the passive attitude that is pervasive here makes it easy on those who control and manipulate others, and difficult for the few people who have the courage to do what’s right, and who are indifferent to criticism. That criticism, incidentally, is usually that those who dissent and complain are troublemakers, and that they are crazy, or nuts. I wonder if those who call others crazy, and worse, know how close their behavior is to that of totalitarian regimes, who like to imprison dissenters in ‘psychiatric wards’, saying they must be crazy if they disagree with the rulers. Most of us know, and a lot of us admire, two of our most effective ‘watchdogs’, both of whom are women. One tries to keep the fiscal court straight, and the other concentrates on the school board, and these two functions need all the watching they can get. It’s a shame that more people don’t support them.

Being able to express yourself without exposing yourself to others or retribution is a good thing. Speak Your Piece is about the only way most of us can do that. Some have questioned why people hide behind Speak Your Piece. I believe the answer is that discretion is the better part of valor. Who wants to jeopardize their job, or the jobs of others, or be subjected to vicious gossip, or have a friend’s or relative’s probation reviewed, to their disadvantage? I think it is pretty common knowledge that all of these things have occurred when someone got too vocal, or offended someone in power by having opinions contrary to those of that person, or let it be known how they voted. It seems to me that some of the most vindictive people around here are those that have positions that allow them to be able to ‘get even.’ I think a lot of our authorities have been in office so long, or feel so solid about their positions, that they think elected office is their God-given right, and that they are free to use it for personal purposes, no matter how wrong, or immoral, or illegal those purposes may be. I also think, from my personal observations, that such behavior isn’t restricted to the political and business world — that most of the churches have the same situation.

To our mom Alma on Mother’s Day: It has been a couple of years of your passing. Mom, we think of you every day, the love we had for you was everlasting. When we were little we thought you were the best mom in the world, but now we are not so little anymore. We now know you were the best mom in the world. Mom, we thank you for the wonderful life you gave us. We love you. From your kids, Bud, Sis, Wilma, Hiram, Mary, Wood, Willis, Cena, Linda, Wendell.

To my sister Lola: Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day from all of your brothers and sisters in Indiana. Cena, Linda, Wilma, Wood, Willis, Wendell. We all love you.

To anyone interested: There is a real website that costs less than the price of cheese, called whosearat.com that will give you information on a national database of all rats, also called snitches and for you politically correct they are called confidential informants or government witnesses. Have fun and enjoy looking at the ‘Rats’. I think it also contains some identification on the great undercover agents that we all love so much. Check it out. It could have a snitch you all know and love.

Lisa Carroll, HSE assigned to JMHS, has been named the principal of the new K-12 Jenkins Independent Schools. An unnamed substitute has stated that he will be back next year, not as a substitute but in some other capacity. I’d just like to thank the JIS BOE for bringing in a Knott County superintendent, Perry County principal, Perry County teacher/coach, and Frank Welch from Pike County. It is comforting to know that they will be taking our tax dollars, but paying no Jenkins taxes. Bring in some more outsiders in place of the 13 local teachers you laid off. Sounds like a Pandora’s box to me.

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