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I agree that breastfeeding a child is a beautiful thing, but it should be done discreetly. The mother should be covered with something. If she is feeding her baby in a restaurant it’s because maybe the baby is hungry, but no one else needs to see what she is doing.

Just to ease your mind, the death incident didn’t happen three years ago. It happened a month ago, on the third, but if the shoe fits.

I would just like to let you know I was showing my first cousin a counterfeit $20 I had just gotten at a certain drugstore when you accused me of selling drugs in the parking lot. Next time, know what you are talking about before you go and create problems for people. I think that would be the right thing to do.

This is a concerned citizen. I own two homes and pay a garbage bill out in the county. I have an office in Whitesburg — I guess there’s seven or eight offices in there — and the county wants me to pay a garbage bill there, too, even though somebody else owns the property. I thought if you owned the property you couldn’t get electrical service on it if you didn’t pay your garbage bill. Seven people times $15 a month means someone is getting rich. Something is going on here. I know we’ve got to pay what we owe, but there’s no sense in somebody getting rich at my expense.

Our county road department has got to have some of the most impolite people I have ever heard talk on a radio to represent Letcher County and spend our taxpayers’ money. Thank you.

When I was at a certain store on the first of the month I noticed that some of the customers smelled. The first thing I thought of was ‘let’s round up these people who are too lazy to take a bath, take them back to lawn and garden and hose them down.’ While we are at it, we’ll give them a bar of Safeguard. Come on, you lazy people. Soap is fifty cents a bar.

I just wanted to say that it’s a shame a certain little girl got an emergency protective order on a certain man and now all of a sudden they have gotten back together and it’s still not dropped. You would think she would have learned her lesson after the first time. I would just like to say that she doesn’t deserve to live in that apartment she is living in.

It is a shame that you go to a place of business and all you see are the female workers walking around with their boobs hanging halfway out of their tops. I am tired of looking at that. Management ought to do something, but of course they like seeing things like that. I think they need to change their little attitudes and cover up a little bit. There is nothing left to the imagination.

This goes to the bunch who live in Knott County who are driving the Cavalier with no tags: You are a lowlife bunch to be a mother and a father. You need to get a life and a job before you go to jail.

Yes, I am a concerned citizen of Jenkins and I just heard that four city councilmen and the mayor have voted to have the employees’ insurance taken from them. Oh, I’m sorry, not taken from them but changed to the form of $1,500 being put on a debit card for a year. If an employee is put in the hospital for one day that $1,500 will be gone. How dare you vote behind the workers’ backs and agree to do this? I am so disappointed with the mayor and these four councilmen.

Yes, you are right. These mountaintop strip jobs could be like Dollywood. They could be made into a Kings Island. They could be lots of things, but our politicians don’t want it to happen. As long as they have $7 or $8 in their pocket and we don’t have anything they are satisfied.

Nine-month-old babies out here can dig a two-foot ditch, twenty-four feet long and do it better than a certain dentist can fix a good set of false teeth.

Just moved back from Lexington. If there are any chicks here with plenty of money and looking for a good night out, reply in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Lonely Heart.

To a Burdine cousin from your cousins in Marshallville, Georgia: The maroon drunk is a no show down here. Have any luck up your way? Hope to see you at the reunion in August. P.S. Hi to Mike and Cindy.

I’m a lady from Whitesburg looking for a certain guy that drives a truck with his name on the front license plate. I would like to hook up with him some night. I know he gets out on the weekends and I know he is married, but who cares? I hear she likes to play around, too. Why don’t you come out and let me know something? Please respond.

We were reading in the paper where someone said the bikers had a ride to raise money for autism research. The writer said there were more than 50 members of the Seventh Sons motorcycle club taking part. Is there any way you can fix that? There were only a few of the Seventh Sons, and the rest of the bikers need some recognition so they can get funded better. There were about 15 of the Rigid Riders and a Christian biker group out of Virginia. There was a club out of Pikeville and the Short Arm Gang out of Harlan. Several of them were hurt over this. They need this recognition so they can help others.

Did you all enjoy sitting on top of the mountain watching my car all night? I’m going to break you all from watching me one way or the other.

I would like to know what you call a person who blames everybody for everything but themselves and still claims to be a Christian. Anyone with comments please call into Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

I sell pills six days a week and preach on Sunday. Does that make me a drug dealer or a preacher? Think about it.

Looking for two gentlemen between the ages of 58 and 68 to escort two ladies to a family reunion. No papaws, please. If interested, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

Well little sweetie pants, how does it feel after you come home from wherever to find that none of your neighbors will have much to do with you? You should think and ask people before you start talking.

Hello, dream lover. Sure do miss seeing you. The baby found the strawberries and likes it like you do. I hope his eyes stay blue and then I will have two blue-eyed darlings to love. I hope things work out so that we will get to spend extra time together There is so much to say to you and never enough time. I’ll hold you in my heart, sweetheart, until I get to hold you in my arms. Your sunshine loves you. Hugs, kisses and love.

If you don’t get any satisfaction try the Attorney General’s office. I’m sure they can help you.

The devil only does what God permits him to do.

I just saw a black dude who is about 35 years old in a car with a little girl who’s about 20 years old. That is so lame. He is old enough to be her daddy. I figure he must have lost out, because his ex-girlfriend sure does look a lot better than that. He should have stayed with her. She was more his age and now he has a little baby. I guess when you make your bed you have to lie in it. If I were him I’d be begging my ex-girlfriend back.

I’m a 19-year-old college student. I’ve been told that I’m good looking in a nerdy sort of way. Maybe you out there can help me. Everyone pokes fun at me because I don’t have a girlfriend. What I want to do is meet an older woman to teach me the ropes — what they call a cougar. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks. A nerd.

When will people stand up for their God-given right to make whiskey? My distant relative made a living defending folks’ right to make mountain dew. Yes people, the greatest folk singer in the history of time thought that much of moonshining. He was a devout and saintly man. Doesn’t the Good Book tell us to take a little wine for the stomach’s sake? My relative knew that at Galilee the good Lord turned water into wine, not Coca- Cola. Let us follow scripture and my relative’s injunctions. Up with whiskey, down with Coke.

To Indian Outlaw: Hi darling. Just a few lines to let you know how much I love you today. Yes, the tables have definitely turned since you came into my life. You’re doing everything that someone else didn’t and doesn’t do. Letters, visits, phone calls — you have shown me the kind of love that it takes to keep a man with a smile on his face. I love you with all my heart. It’s no secret anymore, it’s all about us and I hope our exes rot in hell for being heartless. Their loss, our gain, and believe me it’s sure a gain, baby. Thank you for coming into my life. Big C-Dog. What’s up to Lee, Fox, and the crew in 111? Hope you all get back to the real world. A special thanks to ‘Buggy’ Yonts for the church services and bringing us God’s word down at the county jail, thanks, ‘Bug’ and friends. C-Dog, Purkey sends his best for that special someone in the picture who is the prettiest lady in Kentucky. Cell 116.

I would turn in some of these drug dealers, but I hate to cause a family feud.

I’m so mad. They repossessed my fourwheeler and I had just filled it up with gas.

When I first came to Norton nearly 30 years ago the highwalls above town were still raw from the excavator buckets. Today they’re screened by foliage. The mountain will heal itself. The problem is that all those folks whose property washes away when a new watershed forms after the valley fills, whose drinking water was ruined by the drilling, whose property is covered in dust from trucks, they have had their right to enjoy their property taken from them for nothing. People who own coal and oil and gas in the ground have a right to the money from them. But letting them reduce the value of surrounding property for free is simply energy industry. Part of the true cost of energy production is the loss of value to private landowners. Someone besides the landowners should bear that cost.

Sir Isaac Newton likened himself to a person walking on a great sand beach with each grain of sand being a piece of knowledge. Despite being one of the most intelligent people ever, he was, in his opinion, able to pick up a single grain only occasionally, so he did not consider his knowledge to be anything more than infinitesimal. Yet, religion has worked out a neat capsule summary of the whole situation that explains almost everything; a universe that is 6,000 years old, a multitude of conflicts and contradictions in beliefs, rationalized away by each sect having decided that only it is right, and the others are lost, and a creative way of interpreting biblical teachings, or originating whatever is needed from whole cloth. Religion has also probably generated more evil in various directions that any other force in history. That dogma is still very much alive in dictatorial behavior by many church leaders — no music in church, or only specified music, facial makeup restrictions, hair length restrictions, dress length restrictions, and bans against associating with other religions, or even those of the same religion who have been separated by man-made schisms. I believe there should be another commandment — to think.

I agree with all the complaints about the sorry service we are getting from people we are paying with our tax money to work for us. You don’t know the meaning of indifference until you have asked this fiscal court for something. The thing that bothers me the most is that these are people from this community, our neighbors. If they had been halfway responsible with the money that has passed through the court, Letcher County would be in fine shape. Think about where it’s gone. Millions have gone into useless museums, an amphitheater, and into the biggest drain hole we have ever funded, the old Jenkins School. Is anything going on there, or has that been completely abandoned? As far as the educational system is concerned, I think our children are getting shorted in many ways. Football and basketball are just part of it. The biggest problem, as far as I can see, is just that there’s not much interest in teaching children the basic needs for getting along in this world — how to speak, how to read, how to write, and how to do the very basic arithmetic for everyday use.

To the ‘other’ woman: I have thought for months what I might say to you. What does one say to the woman whose self-interest came into conflict with one’s own to the point where an entire life is torn apart? How do you express the anger? Place the blame? Blast the accusations that encompass the devastation caused by divorce and infidelity? I am not certain that I can do so, but I will try even though I know it will not matter to either you or him. Maybe someone will learn something from this. Please know that there are some things that I cannot utter, even under the guise of the most cathartic cleansing; I cannot bear to expose the darkest depths of my own heart. First, credit where credit is due. I congratulate you on doing what few mistresses manage to do. Not only did you draw him to your side against his judgment, if not his heart, but you held on for more than three years, and have managed to be one of the women he is with as the divorce becomes final. Many, many women were unable to accomplish this. Either they grow bored, or he does. Either they come to realizations, or he does. But the two of you remain a couple having persevered boredom and sidestepping any hindering realizations. Your family and friends in Burdine must be very proud. Well, as much as they can be of a woman who violated a sacred marriage vow. Maybe next time I will be able to give you just a little more of a glimpse into the lives you have entered, wittingly or no. For now, let me close by offering forgiveness to you. Only through the love of Christ can I extend this. I know that He can and will cleanse you both of the selfishness and cowardice which plagues you. He has been gracious and merciful to me, so I attempt to be gracious and merciful to others. N.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why there has not been an uprising of unparalleled proportions from the people here in Letcher County. How can we sit back and allow the Kentucky Department of Transportation to get away with the ill-planned roads we have? When are they going to do something about them? Why are there no turn-off lanes where they are desperately needed? Why can they not see how dangerous it is to try to turn off from the ‘fast’ or ‘passing’ lanes? I implore each of you to think of your daily driving routes, and count the number of times you have to turn off the road with no turn lanes, and you pray each time you try to turn off the road. Why is our county judge not sitting at the Capitol every single day to get these roads up to par? What do we have to do to get roads that are not so dangerous? Maybe the governor is waiting until we get the billions Washington is promising. I guess then we will get the improvements. Yet I do not suggest you hold your breath while waiting. I am furious, and very sick and tired of the lack of decent roads in this county. Is there anyone who can help us?

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