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Here’s a song people should check out. I would tell you what it’s about but it would ruin it. It’s called ‘Happy Birthday’ by a band called Flipsyde.

I’m replying to the comment about the dandruff shampoo from a few weeks ago: Sorry I haven’t had time to write until now. In my opinion a good dandruff shampoo is Selsun Blue. There are three or four different types, and even if you don’t have any problems it makes your scalp feel so good. But that’s just my opinion. Maybe you might try it for yourself and see what you think of it.

‘The Broken Road.’ Follow the broken road/ That’s what you were told/ It’s the only thing you’re left to hold/ For it will lead you where you need to go/ And it will show/ You what you need to know/ Sometimes the only way to learn/ Is to take the hardest turn/ And forever let the memories burn/ In your mind/ Remember to never leave them behind/ For if you do you’ll never truly find/ What got you here/ Remember to always keep the memories of the broken road near/ For we need to overcome our struggles and our fears/ And we may/ Just have to do it the hard way/ Remember to keep them close by day after day/ The memories of the broken road/ They may grow old/ But will forever be told/ CLH

Not too long ago my PC was ready to blow. I got online and tried to download ‘Anti-Virus, Removal and Protection Software.’ My computer was so bad I couldn’t even get the icon to pop up and the download was going to cost me $65. Then a friend told me about a man who was great at fixing computers for a reasonable price. His name is Robert Spangler. I looked him up in the phone book, gave him a call and told him my PC troubles. I took my hard drive to his house the next day. He was a very nice man and he fixed my poor ol’ PC in less than two days. It’s as good as new and he charged me less than half the price of the downloads.

That white snake in the picture in the paper is an albino and could be of any species.

Want to say hi to my sister Angie and niece Brittany and great- niece Carly Shae.

This is to a Christian: I know that Christian people are supposed to help, but what you were doing is wrong. Instead of helping some families, you have been taking away. They need what belongs to them back or I am going to have to talk to someone about it. And you don’t want that.

Every time I get out to cut weeds and mow grass on my property, I can’t help but see all of the beer cans and whiskey bottles that have been put in my yard. I know the person who is throwing them there and it’s all going to come back to him real soon. So let him just keep on partying and keep on having a big time, because his day is coming.

To the old redneck: That woodpile is looking pretty bad right now. That looks a lot worse than the barn everyone is talking about.

This power company up and down Kentucky River is sorry. We’ve got one little breaker thrown up here at Bill Moore Branch and they won’t even come and put it back in. All they would have to do is take one of those long yellow poles and put it back in place. Instead the whole hollow is without power.

To the little girl who is seeing the black guy: He keeps going back to his exgirlfriend when you’re not around. He’s never going to forget her, honey. They’ve been together too many years for that. Whenever he gets the chance he always calls the ex-girlfriend.

I am looking for a man who was at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville. He is about six feet, five inches tall and is slender with grayish hair. He was with a redhead who I hope was just a friend. If he reads this and is interested he should reply to Swamp Angel.

To a certain man: You sit and lie about everything that you do. You even quit a job to cover up what you are doing. Why don’t you go back to where you belong? That red Chevrolet truck doesn’t suit you, baby.

The government says it wants to save money. Well, I can tell them a good place they can save it. All these shots they are sending into space don’t benefit the people here on this earth one Abraham Lincoln penny. It is no good to any of us. They could shut those down and save millions and millions of dollars. How does it benefit anybody on earth for them to shoot themselves into space what seems to be every other week or so?

To the gentleman in the black Blazer: I think you’re hot. From a secret admirer.

When are they going send that man off for robbing that bank a while back? That was a low as it gets, especially for scaring those people like he did. Send him away and throw away the key.

To Roger: I really wanted to let you know I miss you. Please come back.

Preacher, what you are saying doesn’t mean anything. He’s the same today He was yesterday. There is one marvelous thing we can do, and that’s repent. Praise God.

To a certain someone who lives in the housing project: You’re like a praying mantis — you eat your lover after you get what you want. I got away before you could eat me. You are definitely going to miss out on a lot. You chose to screw around with a certain man and left me with a broken heart. Do you want him or do you want me? Opportunities only come every so often, and this one isn’t going to be around forever. Make up your mind.

These ladies who are in their early eighties and half the size of a buffalo are just like me — they’re not cut out for Levi Strauss. That’s for the younger generation. Ladies, you can’t go back to being teen-agers again.

My goodness, lady, don’t you know your children know you are faking your illness? You know who I am and you know I know the truth.

To the person who wrote to the other woman: Honey, she does not deserve a message from you. All ‘other’ women are selfish and usually do not want marriage. They just want what is not theirs, your husband. She will do to him what she has done to you. They always come across as being sweet and tender-hearted.

To the drug dealer who calls himself a preacher: You don’t have to let anybody else judge you. God will judge you for who and what you are on Judgment Day.

Let me ask you something, Mr. Judge and Mr. Lawyer. When these deadbeat dads don’t pay their child support, how do you all sleep at night knowing you are letting them get away with it. There is a single mother somewhere having to compensate and feed these children, and a lot of them are going to bed hungry because you’re not enforcing the law. There’s a grandma and grandpa somewhere having to take up the slack. Come on, fellows, I’m begging you to make them pay their child support. We will appreciate you for it.

Let me explain to you people who do not know what your sex is. If you were born a male you are supposed to like females. If you were born a female you are supposed to like males. Otherwise, you are backwards. Sex means boy or girl, not gay or lesbian. Some of you cry discrimination when there is none against you. Before you cry and say I am prejudiced, I am not. I have friends who are gay and lesbian. No one is to judge another, just God. Get your dictionary out, people. You will see who is right and who is wrong.

In defense of Anna Craft, superintendent of Letcher County schools, I think she is doing a great job. I am a retired teacher and I’ve been studying the Jenkins school system. I, too, have been wondering about writing no longer being taught. Apparently, we are going to a quicker and faster society and going toward texting. Everything changes after a while and you just have to go with the flow.

I guess that makes the guy there a drug-dealing preacher.

I think it’s great what Summit City is doing — giving local bands a chance and bringing culture and music to the hills. You’re bringing in some really interesting bands. Keep it up, guys. Good work.

If that comment about a special friend was about me, you’re crazy if you think I’ll call you. I don’t want anything to do with you.

I’m a lady from Whitesburg calling in response to the lady from Whitesburg who is looking for the guy driving the truck with his name on the front of it. You need to be more specific about the truck. If the name on the front license plate starts with an F you might want to find out how many other girlfriends he already has. Thank you.

That’s all right, sister, God sees exactly what’s going on in this town and He’s going to vindicate you.

You think you are something, you loud male look-a-like. Cutting your hair that short and wearing a t-shirt with dice on it makes you look even more like a man. Your blubber boyfriend must like males. You look like a worn down old barfly out there twisting and talking so loud the whole parking lot could hear you. You think giving my husband an STD will ever get out of my mind, you’re wrong. Three years is not long enough to forget it. The health department has your name on a list. You better tell your poor old big mouth mom to quit bragging about your wealth. In a couple of months you and your whole family will be begging for handouts.

How can you think of leaving me? I bought you from your pa when you was 14 years old. I gave him two mules and my best cow milk for you. Though you are no great loss, it’s not fair of you to turn loose the fruit of my loins and have me raise them on my own. You birthed these kids, girl, and it’s only right that you raise them. I have worked my fingers to the bone as a security guard, and this is how you repay me. Was I not the viral and robust bull of the woods that I am, I would suspect another man. What little geek that you could find could take my place? I will gladly give you the bus fare out of Letcher County, but I do not want to be stuck with your snot-nosed whelps, some of whom I doubt that I am the father of. Thank you for your kind attention.

I was just going to say thanks to everyone that takes a little time out of their day to write Speak Your Piece. It really does give a guy like me some interesting things to read about. I like reading about everyday people and what they are thinking and what their concerns might be.

Me and Edra Mae sure do miss Aunt Annie Hall over at Thornton. She’s such a kind lady, as well as Stan, her son, and Shirley, her daughter-in-law. There are others that are badly missed, and onto other matters: I want to thank Joe Brown, our pastor, for his donation, and again so many others on Cowan, Kingscreek, out of state, also, Frank Fields, my brother-in-law, and Crystal Callahan for hanging in there helping me out as well on building my house back. Thank you. Stanley D. Pack.

For Mother’s Day I spent a great weekend in a beautiful cabin made of native hemlock that had been cut and sawed right here in Whitesburg. The property is owned by a boy from Letcher County. There are four cabins on the 22-acre property, and he plans to build more. It was so quiet and peaceful with the birds singing. If you plan to go to Lake Cumberland you should stay in one of his cabins. We should support and be proud of our people of eastern Kentucky who work hard and become successful.

Have you heard about the Fleming-Neon alumni reunion? It is June 26 and 27, 2009. Check out the web site at www.fleming neonalumni.com. It includes all classes of 1934- 2008. Look at your yearbooks, contact old friends, relive high school memories. It’s a great site. Thanks, Karen and JoAnne, for all your hard work. I love the site.

Our Indy hearts are saddened today upon learning of the loss of our dear friend, Mary Blair. Mary was so kind, so loving and had such a good heart. Mary will be missed always.

My dear friend Mary Blair will remain in my heart, thoughts, and prayers always. Your friendship was precious to me and I will miss you. Dixie Harlow.

Another letter to the other woman: Let’s see. Where were we? Oh, yes, we were talking about how it came to pass that you had an illicit affair with my husband which has recently ended in our divorce. Rumor has it, folks are congratulating you on your upcoming nuptials, maybe even this past weekend. As I said, three and a half years is a long time to wait for my husband to become yours. This past one was a tough Christmas. All of the holidays are hard. We try to be cordial, try to plan so that each, when he makes himself available, will have time with the girls. But then there are all the reminders of better days, well, they were better for my family, of delightful happy years spent as a family. It is hard. I don’t know if I will ever really grow accustomed to the abject loneliness that follows being abandoned in this way. Of course, Christmas is tough also because of the presents, not just the lack of presence. For so long I had those suspicions that crawl slowly around a wife’s ankles until they finally circle her legs and draw in quickly and tightly upsetting the delicate balance and throwing her down flat on her face. It was the receipt from the first, to my knowledge though maybe it was not your first, Christmas present from my husband to you. It was more than three years ago now, but it seems like three minutes. The receipt was from Kohl’s for three cashmere sweaters. I could account for two of them. Each of my daughters received a pretty sweater from their dad that year. He had them wrapped by the store clerk and under the tree without my help at all. that in itself was a rarity. They had opened them and been pleased and had worn them proudly. Days later, I found it. And there it was, a list of three sweaters. Three? Wonder why three? Did we give a third sweater as a gift? No. I didn’t remember that we did. I called the store. Yes, it was a cashmere sweater, similar to the others, only in bright Christmas red. I hope you were as pleased and surprised as my daughters and as proud to wear it. I can’t even begin to imagine how nauseating I would find it for a man to purchase me the same gift at the same time he did his children when I was nothing more than his co-adulterer. I am sure there are many men who do this and many women who find it acceptable. I find it contemptible. But my opinion does not matter and again I hope you were happy to have it. I suspect you had your qualms initially, which would explain why my mother-in-law told me you rejected the gift at first and that she had to be the one to talk you into keeping it. Yes, that raises a whole new level of disgust, but that is for another day.

I agree with all the complaints about the fiscal court, the county courts, and government in general, but I think the chance of any meaningful reform for it all is about nil. It’s too ingrained and will take generations to change. I am a frustrated as anyone with the way our money is frittered away, and that poor officials seem to be replaced with worse ones, but I think we should focus our attention on our schools and educational systems, which are more urgent matters. Our children will be affected all their lives by the education they get, and if it isn’t improved they aren’t going to fare well. They will probably notice it first when they get to college and find themselves surrounded by students from other areas who are way ahead of them. That is the point at which many drop out. School morale is good, but graduates shouldn’t plan on Cougar spirit getting them far once they leave Whitesburg, and football and basketball trophies will quickly lose their luster. The sports orientation is a dangerous situation, and priority must be given to the training needed for an ever-more competitive world. Those in charge of our children’s education aren’t educators — they are politicians, and this must be changed. Qualified professionals with academic stature must be brought in and we must pay the cost. It’s the only practical way to protect this vital part of our future.

Joining the civic improvement group to further personal gains, or to promote an image is not uncommon, but not very admirable. Taking the group over for personal reasons — a desire to control, ego, whatever they may be — is even worse. Running off the productive members of the group is even worse than that. I’m glad we don’t have people like that in Letcher County.

Who is taking care of our McRoberts Cemetery, the county prisoners or the one getting a check from all of us? It’s okay for the prisoners to take care of it, but are they getting paid? They should. L.H.R.

Here’s a song people should check out. I would tell you what it’s about, but it would ruin it. It’s called ‘Happy Birthday,’ by a band called Flipsyde.

I’m replying about the dandruff shampoo from a few weeks ago. Sorry I haven’t had time to write until now. Anyway, my opinion of a good dandruff shampoo is Selsun Blue. There are three or four different types of Selsun Blue. Even if you don’t have any problems it makes your scalp feel so good. But that’s just my opinion, maybe you might try it for yourself and see what you think of it.

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