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You asked me a question, son. Here’s the answer: Man’s soul is the seat of emotion, passion, desire, appetite, and all feeling. Man’s spirit is the seat of the intellect and conscience. It is capable of all divine powers, only in a lesser degree. The inner man consists of soul and spirit. Think about it.

I think it’s a shame that Whitco isn’t being cleaned up of all the pain pills and cocaine that’s being sold here. If a certain guy isn’t in jail he’s out there pushing cocaine, pot and Lortabs. They just let it keep going on and on. They know about it, but won’t do anything about it. Clean it up.

I’m all for having a shopping center at the Gateway Industrial Site at Jenkins. I think anybody who lives in the City of Jenkins ought to support Council member Braddock’s effort to get us a shopping center. We could use a Walmart Super Center and other places to shop. All of our money in Letcher County either goes to Tennessee or to Lexington. Anybody who lives in the Jenkins area should be for him and help him get this done.

Does the girl on Little Colley still shave your back for a ‘stop sign’? Thank you.

Anti-semitism is a hate crime. The Bible says that if you hate Jewish people you are cursed.

Just a word of advice to all you Speak Your Piece aficionados who like to hear your poignant epistles on ‘Riding Around Listening to the Radio’ with Wiley Quixote on 88.7, WMMT, on Wednesdays at 5. Please edit your work. I can’t read the really really long ones on the air, and sometimes I would like to. I do appreciate the letters to the other woman. They are well written, but too long to read on the air. They are well written, but in this case too long to read on the air. In this case, less can be more. Thank you. Wiley.

I would like compliment Brenda Gross on her writings from Eolia in the mountains I am so familiar with. The only thing we see wrong with it is she doesn’t write enough. Please tell us a little more, Brenda.

Good job, Operation UNITE, on cleaning up Steer Fork in Knott County. Now if you would move on up to Hale’s Branch you would make a big dent in the drug trafficking.

I wish someone would let me in on the secret of how certain people in Woodrock draw checks, drive big nice vehicles, own four-wheelers and eat at the steak house at the dead end of the month. I know God said He would bless you tenfold, but you people aren’t that generous.

This is Lesla Bush, and I want to thank Jim Stephens and the Jenkins Fire Department for coming to help me when my car caught on fire. I want to thank everyone for their kindness.

Yes, that makes you a drug-dealing preacher. But when you’re preaching against drugs that also makes you a hypocrite.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a place where no cops took bribes for drugs? Imagine that.

Can we please keep the dark-haired girl at the Roxana Post Office? Come on, Postal Service. Keep the lady at Roxana. She takes good care of the customers.

To the queen bee of Jenkins: I want to congratulate you for your determination to succeed. It is evident the arts council was not going anywhere until you took over the leadership. I know now that you should have been more active in the council. Continue the good work and I know the arts council has a future.

To a certain friend of mine who lives in Doty Creek: If I said something last Monday that upset you I am really sorry about it. I love you and your wife and kids. You are like family to me. I don’t want to lose you guys. If I do lose you, my life will be more hell than it’s already turned out to be. I wish I could make it up to you guys. When you’ve got a past like mine it always comes back to haunt you.

I want a big ol’ puppy kiss right on the lips, you sweet thing. And don’t forget it.

If you’re wearing socks with a dead man’s initials on them, does that mean you took them from a dead man’s feet?

For everyone of you out there, check out ‘Reflex’ by Duran Duran.

To anyone who puts dogs and cats out beside the road: You’re the one who needs to be put out. Get a life. You’re not supposed to be mean to animals.

I want everybody to take their hats off to Mr. Popcorn Sutton. Those of us who knew him think he was a fine man. May his legend live on forever.

Why do some of you women go on these diets when you hit the age of 40 to try to look like you were when you were a teen-ager? You’re no longer a spring chicken, so just look your age. So what if you’re fat?

I wanted to speak about the Letcher County Water and Sewer District’s board of directors, apparently with the blessing of the fiscal court, taking action to eliminate Mr. Murtaugh’s job. I think this is bull. The board’s chairman, Peewee Back, is way overrated. He thinks he’s better than anyone else. If Peewee Back stepped in a mess left by a dog or cat he would probably sue someone. This is a shame that our officials let someone like Peewee Back behave so ill-natured and run a good man off.

Who does the superintendent think she is fooling? Yes, state law says a school’s principal and site-based council are supposed to pick a school’s employees, but everyone knows the superintendent tells the high school principal and sitebased council what to do. If the new basketball coach wants the new assistant principal’s job then he will get it. How dare the Letcher County Board of Education create this position anyway when they are laying off teachers and other employees? Do they consider sports more important than educating our students? It seems so.

Hey, Brushy Bill. I can smell that moonshine you’re making at your house and that pot you’re growing.

Concerning the child molesters on Bill Moore Branch, there’s nothing I’d rather do than die for an innocent child. So bring it on, because it doesn’t bother me one bit. I would die happy just to get even with one of you.

To the person who told me if I didn’t like the outcome of a certain situation I should call the attorney general’s office: Brother, I’m way ahead of you on that. I’ve already done that. And I’ll tell you something about you cowards in the monkey suits; you don’t scare me one damn bit. Your probation, your jail — nothing about you scares me one bit. If you harass me I will burn your behind like a fire in California. You watch me.

To a certain man: You are letting her keep you from people who love you. She’s taking you right down to Hazard and those places where you used to pick up all your rips. That’s pretty low.

I just recently started smoking in hopes it would help me get a job at a certain store in West Whitesburg. Apparently, that’s all you need to do. You see all the cashiers out smoking, but when you go into the store to buy something you can’t find a soul.

To a certain man: I don’t know what anybody said to you, but there’s no one but you. When you came up here the other day I felt like a million dollars. Please come back. I really care for you.

This is concerning the Christian that takes: Well, this is the Christian who takes and I’m going to keep take, take, taking. Talk to whomever you want to about it. I don’t care.

I would like to meet a gentleman who is financially secure and would like to move to Houston, Tex., for a while, or for good. I’m 45 and single. Please reply if interested, or if someone is ready to retire that’s OK too.

I sit here with this pen and pad and can’t explain what I put you through. I’m trying to tell you how sad I am, but it all comes back to the anger for the hate I have inside for what I did to you. How did it happen this way? For 25 grand I would get a sack of OxyContin pills to help take the pain away and pay all of our bills and get whatever we wanted and take trips to stay in some nice hotel for $400 a night just to get high and buy you something nice — the whole time getting addicted to this high. I thought I was number one. The women were so great I could get any of them to go on a date for a few little pills. But where did it leave you? At home with the girls in your own little world trying to hide it all inside. You kept me happy when the whole time I should have been worried about you, because you were my world, you and those two little girls. Who knew I was hurting all of you? They came in and took that 40 grand and the rest of the pills and the kids because you wouldn’t give up the answers they needed because you’re not a rat and wouldn’t tell on the one you love no matter what. So look where I am at now — jail. You should have told, because you don’t have the girls now. You’re in your perfect world now, happy and married. Too bad he can’t see your new child looks like me. So what do we call it, three? All I wish is that I would have been the one to call you my wife and our kids. It took a wreck that should have killed me and a jail term that seems like it is life before it will end. My love for you will never end, and no one can stop that love. He might love you, but we have kids to pull us through. I will always love you. From a broken heart. L.S.

To Supt. Anna Craft: I think it’s a shame the kids at MJP stay later and later each day. Aren’t they there long enough? It was 3:27 Thursday before the parents went and got them, about every day it’s 3:20 before she lets the buses go. A lot of us have kids to go and get. This place is like a prison. You’re not allowed to eat with your kid at all. I wish you would come down there, Ms. Craft, at 3:00 one day and ask the parents how long we have to wait until the prisoners are released for the day.

Hypocrisy seems to have become the norm in this country. Like the Congressman who announced earlier this year that Congress had decided to not take a cost-of-living raise next year. A really noble gesture, since the government had decided that no one would get a cost-of-living raise next year. And then we have Frito-Lay announcing their concern for people eating too much fatty food, so they would cut down the amount of potato chips in a bag. What they failed to mention was the extra profit they would make. And in the wake of the flu outbreak the government refuses to consider closing the border. Every time someone dies from the flu they always say there may have been other underlying causes. And just a few days ago in Duluth, Minn., a raid on two houses turned up 250 pounds of crystal meth. Four Mexicans were arrested, three of them illegals. But with all the drugs and violence, cholera, flu, and antibiotic resistant TB, I suppose that is not enough reason to close the border.

Dear Nerd, I read your letter in Speak Your Piece. Your prayers have been answered. The cougar is here to take you to her lair. I’m experienced and can bring you great joy. Honey, you will have girlfriends beating down your door after I am through with you. The drawback is none of them will be as good as yours truly. Let me describe myself. I have a voluptuous body, long silky black hair with piercing blue eyes. My smile can lighten up a room. Don’t worry about being a nerd. I have an IQ of 149 and am a long-term member of the Mensa Society. If you want to reach your full potential of manhood, please respond and you too can be a guest at the cougar’s den. P.S. I am not from Letcher County, but read the paper because I get a kick out of Speak Your Piece.

To the other woman: There is no doubt in my mind that time and again my husband told you that I was unfaithful. He has accused me of it more times than I can count, and I am a clever mathematician. Let me say this without any expectation that you will believe me (how could you and your conscience let you sleep at night): Never once did I dishonor our relationship during our entire time together. I have made many mistakes, again, more than I can count, but not one single time did I act in any way that would be considered unfaithful or disgraceful to the intimacy of my marriage. For example, I never accepted a gift of a cashmere sweater from another woman’s husband. I never left voice mail explaining that I had to take a call ‘from your dad’ (insert girlish giggle here) asking for prayer, nor did I say ‘I love you’ to another woman’s husband. I never went with another woman’s husband to visit another woman’s ‘in laws’ where I was encouraged to feel like one of the family. I never sang in church with my eyes on another woman’s husband the entire time. I never planned double dates with my best friend and the much younger, physically challenged best friend of another woman’s husband. (Dang, M. A., you’ve done a lot of things I haven’t done.) Yes, I have had relationships with men other than my husband. They were colleagues, or classmates, or church members, or community friends, or brothersin laws. Sometimes I had lengthy conversations with these men. Sometimes they were held in private. Sometimes we were even compelled by circumstance to travel together. But never — no, not once — were any of those exchanges personal or intimate in nature. I had what seems now like a bizarre practice during my marriage. I have even had women friends tell me since then that I was stupid to have done so and should never repeat it if the opportunity presented. When a man would flirt with me, whether in person or by email or by phone (and even when I was the one doing the flirting), I told G. about it. Always. My personality is outgoing and engaging. People love me and I love them. I am a responsive person both toward men and women. I like people. I like playful interactions, so it never crossed my mind that G. would take my confiding these conversations in him as anything to be concerned about or even bothered by. I never made any attempt to hide them. It is a little difficult to admit, especially to you, but I shared all these things with him for two reasons. One, I wanted him to know that I was desirable. I am not thin and pretty and have always believed I was unattractive. I wanted to remind my darling hubby that even if I was not a supermodel, I was worth having. My second reason is both less superficial and more difficult to confess. I recounted every word to him as an offering. I laid them before him to, in a manner, appease him. I wanted him to know beyond any doubt that I could be trusted, that I would never abuse the privilege of being his intimate partner. And I did not. As I am sure you know, he is an incredibly generous and loving partner. I had no reason to ever seek another’s company. He fulfilled me in every way, which was something I never imagined finding. You do not have to acknowledge the truth to make it so. I adored my husband. I still do. I think it is only fair. He was mine and you loved him. Now he is yours …

I have been reading the comments about mountain top removal. You need to listen to the song “Hey, Tree Hugger.’ I bought my copy at Hometown Music. It is by the ‘Holler Girl’ and her husband (sorry, I can’t remember their names). They have the right idea about what is going on in coal and how it’s affecting us now and how it may in the future. Get a copy and show your support of our hard working coal miners. Whether they are strippers or underground workers, as they say, they keep the lights on.

I’ll go one better on religious restrictions. One of our most prominent religious leaders has decreed that baptism, fecal coliform notwithstanding, must be done in the river, instead of a sanitary pool. Note that the same bible these people use to justify their dominance of others also permits the killing of disobedient children, and generous use of slaves.

Our ‘can’t walk and chew gum’ water board has struck again, demoting Jim Murtaugh. This situation, as well as several other equally mismanaged ones, reflects directly on the judge and fiscal court. I agree, however, that our governmental administration is hopeless, and that all attention should be focused on rejuvenating the educational system, which, left unchecked, will penalize our children for life. The board must be replaced systematically, as they come up for election, because their only function is to support and rehire the superintendent. I also think the school TV should be abolished because it is nothing more than an amateurish excuse for TV, and a cheerleader for the superintendent and the superintendent’s athletic ambitions.

Ask yourself, where’s the transparency? Our hospital has lost its dialysis unit. Patients now have to be transported by ambulance several times a week to Paintsville and elsewhere. The hospital’s dialysis equipment has been replaced once and is now shut down again because of polluted water. Who pays? What is the cost? The patients’ health, the loss of time with family and friends? Who pays? The insurance companies or you and me with higher insurance rates? What about the taxpayers? We pay in terms of our community’s infrastructure (schools closed, roads dug up), and loss of potential employers moving in. Downstream it costs our neighbors more to have their water processed and cleaned. It costs us in tourism dollars — who wants to come here if we can’t trust the water? It has already cost us in terms of employment, restaurants and beauty shops, etc., and further health issues of hospitals not able to perform surgeries and nursing homes unable to bathe patients. Isn’t this situation about stealing what belongs to all of us — our water, our health, our jobs, our earnings, our community’s reputation?

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