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To the woman in Pistol City: Does your husband know you drive by a certain trailer and blow the horn and whoop and holler? If you don’t stop, you’re going to get in big trouble, little lady.

Some of you folks out there need to read your marriage vows. Look very closely and see how people are supposed to treat inlaws as their own people. People wouldn’t be separated if they would tell their families how to live under God after they get married. We need to live for God instead of serving the devil.

Why can’t we have a judge like Perry County’s who keeps the roads fixed to the last house in the hollow no matter what?

I can see why people don’t like to come to Letcher County to visit. They have cut our mountains in half and destroyed them, and the roads are bad no matter where you go.

Here they go, up in smoke. North Korea having a bomb, one of mass destruction, reminds me of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. — someone will set if off. When someone doesn’t respect God or its neighbors, what else can we expect? If I was in a thousand miles of North Korea I would be like Speedy Gonzales. I’d pass the Road Runner up and get the heck out of Dodge. God have mercy on their souls.

To the one who told Roger she misses him: I’m from Ohio. If I’m the one who rode ATV’s with you, please respond.

One way to inspire the University of Kentucky basketball team, would be to put a copy of a road sign from Indianapolis in the locker room. It says, ‘Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the NCAA Final Four.’ Last weekend I was back in the state of Indiana and saw that the sign is gone. They must have heard the footsteps of John Calipari, John Wall and company.

Wonder what’s going through the mind of University of Florida basketball coach Billy Gillispie now that the Orlando Magic are in the NBA finals and the University of Kentucky is on the brink of doing so well? Wonder if he wishes he had taken either of those jobs when they were offered to him?

This is to inform the forestry department of Kentucky that a group of people has the Pine Mountain Trail near Raven Rock blocked. They have it posted and say they will prosecute anyone who crosses it. They claim to be a deputy-dog hunting club, and they have at least two to three miles of that trail blocked and are turning hikers around and are sending them back out. Someone needs to do something.

Dear CAC: Please come to Letcher County and see me. I love you very much. G.

I cannot believe a certain woman let that good-looking man of hers go. I’ll take him, honey. You can keep the kids.

I agree that Mr. Popcorn Sutton was a wonderful man.

To the people who moved off and left the young maniac in Jenkins: You may be rid of him now, but your day is coming when you will have to take him back. When you do, you will have hell to pay.

Instead of the City of Jenkins sending a certain officer to the police academy they ought to send him to driving school. I saw him wreck a cruiser.

This is concerning the person who broke into our home and stole: You and your family can’t take it to Heaven with you, but you sure can take it to hell with you. Thank you.

Shame on you for breaking into your aunt’s house and your cousin’s house and her husband, who is disabled. Shame on you for taking things that don’t belong to you. I think it is a shame that cousins would do something this low.

I would like to let my husband, D.T., know that I really and truly love him, but he’s believing everything everyone else says. Both of us know we’re going through a lot right now, but I still love him. I just can’t put up with what we’ve been going through. Things just don’t seem to be able to work out for us. I want him to know I still love him, but he always accuses me of stuff when all I do is stay home and take care of my baby. He will regret this one day. I just don’t know what else to do. I would at least like to be friends with him, because I still care about him. We just can’t get along. He has accused me of so many things I haven’t done. He said he wanted the ‘D’ and that’s what we’re getting. We have no home and we have no job. How can we make it in this world? You had a job and messed things up. You accused me of being in Caudilltown when I came from my sister’s house in Thornton. My sister will not lie for me. Call her and ask her. I love you.

I would like to send the song ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ out to a good-looking hunk of hot stuff.

How can anyone say they are a Christian when they steal? The Lord’s people cannot do that. The Lord’s people can’t hurt anybody, because He won’t let them. You have even taught your kids how to lie and scheme.

To the lady who drives a white car: You’ve been seen at night in a certain spot. You need to watch what you’re doing. Everyone knows and everyone saw you and they’re telling on you. If you don’t stop we’re going to get word to your husband.

The two worst pieces of scum in the world are a man who will sexually abuse a younger girl and a man who will beat his wife. Both need to be tied up in front of courthouse with baseball bats available to members of the public who want to beat on them a lick or two each time they walk by.

To the queen bee of Jenkins: This is your admirer again. I cannot believe the members of the arts council can look you in the eye after all they’ve said about you. You are a good person and the town of Jenkins will answer for the way they have done you. There is no one who can organize and put on a festival like you can. I hope that you can get control of the amphitheater site. Then you can put on another festival in Jenkins. Hang in there. You have my support.

I was reading in Speak Your Piece where UNITE was cleaning up Knott County. I wish they would come on up to Whitco.

My, how the mighty have fallen. Gee, where’s the Jaguar you were driving? That grungy little truck, a 23-inch TV and your clothes, and you’re on the road again. At your age it looks like you would learn to settle down. She’s not going to leave her husband and comfortable home for you. Looks like I’m getting to have the last laugh once again.

This is Lissa Bush: You misspelled my name in the paper, but that’s all right because you probably didn’t understand me. I was thanking Jim Stephens and the Jenkins Fire Department for coming to me when my car was on fire. I just want people to know exactly who is saying this.

My husband hasn’t given away any of his tools or sold any of his tools to anybody. His initials, B.C., are engraved on them, and if they’re floating around the community they are stolen.

Kentucky state law requires, KRS 65.065, the local finance officer of a special district to prepare and supply its county clerk with a budget. The budget is submitted to the fiscal court, but no action is required by the fiscal court — only to make the budget available for public inspection. So the conservation district, extension service and library board do not need approval from the fiscal court for their budgets. Perhaps the fiscal court can extend its efforts to other issues confronting the county. Thank you.

I have one comment to make to members of the Adams and Smith families: This place does not belong to you. It belongs to Dennis C., Rick and Mike and their kids. I hope you print this. Thank you.

Well the gas people are back on Bill Moore Branch. They crossed a certain woman’s property and won’t pay her. Now they are going up through Heaven’s Valley. Heaven’s Valley will look like hell when they’re through with it.

I don’t know why the drug dealer over on Camp Branch hasn’t been caught. I hope it’s printed just like this. He’s selling everywhere.

A lot of irresponsible people send their waste right into the river via straight pipes. This should not be tolerated, and local and state officials should take legal action to stop this immediately. Many of the people who refused to give sewer easements, however, did so because of a deep, understandable, mistrust of government. They don’t trust officials who sided with gas companies against them. Government has abused citizens in many other ways, and it will be a long time in gaining any trust, if it ever does. One thing that most people in Letcher County agree on is that things aren’t working in the county, and the things that are needed, such as sewer and water, taken for granted in most places, seem to get further and further into the distance.

Dear Bub: Transitioning from 8th grade to high school is a big change/ There’s classes and schedules to arrange/ Graduating, at first it may seem strange/ Like now your heart beats like a drum/ For the time has come/ Friends and teachers, you’ll leave behind some/ As you leave Beckham Bates/ Now high school awaits/ You and your classmates/ And even though you’ll start a new school and a new grade/ The memories you made/ At BBE will never fade/ P.S. now it’s your time to shine/ There’s just a week to go and you’ll be forming that graduation line/ Congratulations, Bub, on being BBE class of 2009. Your sister, CLH.

Alex loves Savannah. Ashleigh loves Anthony.

This is to the lady who called a certain place a few weeks ago: If you still want to talk or whatever, give me a shout.

This is to the little lady who was at a certain grocery store on May 27: You are one hot lady. You were cashing your check. I am the strawberry blond male you looked at. There was a blonde lady with you, and you got into a gray or silver car. If you liked what you saw, let me know in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

Good for the person who contacted the Attorney General. It sounds like you were burned by the system. Well, a lot of us have been, and you did the right thing. That’s the way to go, and it’s easy. If you don’t get satisfaction with state agencies, go to the U S Attorney, or the FBI, and be encouraged with what’s going on in Clay County.

I agree that the children in school are the ones being most betrayed by deficiencies in the school system, and that they will be affected all their lives. A lot of them aren’t mature enough to realize this, though, and are preoccupied with athletics, proms, and extracurricular programs. It’s the responsibility of adults to protect their interests, and demand that this inferior program establish sensible priorities, and put their frivolous activities in the proper perspective. It’s doubtful whether the current administration is capable of running an effective program, even if they wanted to. The need is obvious — we need educators in the educational system. I think the school TV should be improved to show something about reading, writing, and arithmetic, or be dropped. It gives a bad impression.

This is to all the parents who are complaining about the math teachers and the principal at MJP: If you would take a few minutes of your time to talk with them they will show you how to do the math so that you can help your child. Your child wouldn’t have so much homework if they would do the work in class and not goof off. Second, the principal is not there to make you happy. She is there to keep your child safe and to allow him or her to get the best education they can. School doesn’t let out until 3:12 for bus riders, and sometimes they have to wait on all school buses to get there. You are not getting on the high school hill that fast anyway. They are also high school students and are old enough to wait a second or two. If you don’t like how she runs her school then take your child to another school. So get off your high horse and quit complaining. You probably don’t even know what is going on at the school anyway; you’re just one of these people that have too much time on their hands and have nothing else to do but complain. Take the volunteer training next year and come and give us a hand. Myself, I enjoy MJP as a parent and if I have a problem I take time out to talk with the teachers and the principal. Remember, there are seven more schools in the county. Try one of them. From an MJP parent.

This county is ruled by rich, elderly, heirs to money, political power, and social stature, to the detriment of most of the populace. They, apparently, consider it kind of a hobby to exercise this power in the courts, in the social events, and especially in the school system. They have no special talent or genius — just a gift of being born with a silver spoon.

I’m not from Letcher County but I sure do enjoy ‘talk about your paper.’ I sure have heard a lot about the boys in Cell #21 in Letcher County Jail. What’s up, boys? Holler back at your girls in the valley, and this isn’t who you think it is.

To the 19-year-old nerd: We are two hot prison women in Pewee Valley. If you are interested in some savory tips or friendly advice we are always available. Respond back in next week’s paper. Until then keep it flaming.

My clothes may be faded, tattered, and torn,/ At my end, with a robe of white my body He will adorn./ My home here may be crowded and a little small,/ When I get to Heaven my mansion will stand tall./ Here each day friends will turn you away/ In Heaven new friends with you will always stay./ Each day life seems to get harder, more things to bear,/ Walking those streets of gold, we’ll have not a care./ Lord, I’m thankful for the life you give me each day/ When life here is over, to be with you is what I pray. C.A.C.

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