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I’m curious to know why Whitesburg Middle and Elementary Schools have policemen directing traffic every morning and afternoon, but Letcher County Central High School does not even though it’s a major traffic jam there. About 10 minutes of help from our local lawenforcement would be greatly appreciated.

To my heroine, the queen bee of Jenkins: I’m behind you all the way.

To the person who phoned in the comment extolling all the virtues of the queen bee in Jenkins: It is obvious that comment was submitted by the queen bee herself.

Yes, I’m all for the darkhaired girl to keep the Roxana Post Office. She’s great.

To the nutty woman who hangs out around a certain beauty shop: When people go to get their hair cut they would like to do it in peace and not have to put up with an idiot.

To the Appeals Court : Nice job in letting a boy out of prison after he was convicted of killing three innocent people in a car wreck. Now look what he’s done. Apologize to him? Please. What a joke. The Appeals Court should pay for what he has done. What’s going to happen when more innocent people are killed?

I’m a single, 37-year-old male with no children. I do have my own income. I am looking for a female to share a three-bedroom home with me. You will have your own space. I just need you to share the rent with me. Please reply to Speak Your Piece.

Yeah, that preacher really believes in laying on the hands. He laid his hands on my little woman and away they went.

I was wondering if The Mountain Eagle had anything to do with bailing Jason Ison out of jail since he seems to make the front page each week.

How much more does Jason Ray Ison have to do before the court puts a bond on him that’s big enough to keep him in jail? He does not need to be out here with the rest of us running around. Judge Wright, the day Jason wrecked and killed three people and crippled another he was running up and down Premium flying. It’s a wonder he didn’t kill the three people who were with him earlier that day. The Appeals Court made the wrong decision and may cause a lot more people to get hurt.

To a certain woman in Jenkins: I have enjoyed the pleasure of your man. My nights are no longer lonely. When he comes home to you he is still imagining me. He only stays because of the kids, but in a month they’ll be grown and gone.

I just wonder how much banjo music there is in the world. It would be nice to turn on WMMT one morning and not hear someone squalling and picking a banjo. They need to rock out a little bit more.

To a man who just came back from Afghanistan: I want to rock your world the way I used to. You know who I am.

Can’t I cash my check in peace? Looking at someone does not mean a thing.

To all the little girls and boys in high school: Don’t have sex unless you know how to prevent pregnancies and disease. You don’t need to have babies until you are 25. Then you might make a decent parent.

To a certain woman in Jenkins: You keep talking about packing up and moving to Tennessee. Let’s make a deal. I will pay for the moving van and help you load your furnishings, plus I will pay you $1,000 in moving expenses. You might have a hard time getting through Jenkins, though, because people will be out dancing in the streets.

Wonder how Jenkins feels now that one of its council members went to jail?

Hello, Dream Lover. Sure have missed you. Was so glad to see you Wednesday. It made for a great day. I don’t like being apart that long. We’ve got to do better. We can; it will just take some more scheduling by us. You look more handsome each time I see you. I do hope you get a break soon so we can be together some more. Remember, our anniversary day is the 24th. Your Sunshine loves you.

I have a next-door neighbor who thinks he can bully everybody around. He’s nothing but a joke.

I am calling in regard to the three railroad crossings in the Vicco-Acup area of Perry County. I am sure a lot of people from Letcher County have to cross these tracks while traveling and know how rough they are. Most people probably don’t realize that CSX has a telephone number, 1-800-232- 0146, to call to report these rough crossings. You will need the numbers of the three crossings when you call to report them. The first crossing is 346314E. The second crossing is 346311J. The third is 346303S. These crossings have become so hazardous that drivers need to come to a complete stop before going on over them.

(What a great comment. Here’s hoping that plenty of drivers who must use KY 15 in Perry County will follow your advice and go ahead and make the call.)

I have some good advice for everybody who reads Speak Your Piece, including me. It comes from the Good Book: ‘Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.’

It’s bad that a man would leave his children and only pay child support after being forced to do so by court order, then try to act like daddy of the year when they grow up. He’s not doing it because he loves them; he’s doing it just to clear his guilty conscience. That’s very bad.

Kids shouldn’t be allowed to hug up in the hallways at Whitesburg Middle School.

To a certain guy: I know we see each other like three times a month, but, honestly, you’re going to have to pick up the pace. Two weeks apart is too long. You’re going to have to make time. I know you’re a little shy and nervous, but you’re going to have to get over it. Just be yourself.

To a certain security guard: You looked a lot better in that Camaro with that pretty blonde beside of you than you do in that truck

My family and I went to Dairy Queen in Whitesburg on Friday the 5th and I was amazed at how well we were treated by the workers. We were treated like family. I would advise anyone to go there and eat if they want to be treated like family. The little brown-haired girl was all smiles. If you’re sad, just go in and see her. She will make you smile.

My second wife knew all the drunks in Letcher County. My first wife knew all the preachers.

We hope Dewey Bradley had a very happy birthday. It was on June 6.

I just wanted to say that Jeanie from TVS Cable is the sweetest lady ever. If you call for Internet service, be sure to ask for Jeanie.

‘Who Knew’ (an event that occurred years ago): ‘Who knew/ You were through?/ You never even withdrew/ So who knew, ’cause we didn’t have a clue/ You were still you/ You were never sad and blue/ You never drifted away, you still hung with the crew/ So who knew, who ever thought this is what you would do?/ Tomorrow we’ll be sitting in the church pews/ Saying our last goodbyes to you/ There’s so many questions I would send/ Like why’d you want to call it to an end?/ Why you never told a friend?/ Did you think we wouldn’t have a helping hand to lend?/ Did you think we wouldn’t have the time to spend/ For your broken heart to mend?/ Some say it’s over, what’s done is done but I won’t sit and pretend/ For you I will stand, for your life I will defend/ Suicide, some call it an ugly trend/ For I call it a murderer, for it took the life of my friend/ clh

Donald, I just want you to know that I love you regardless of where you are and what you are doing, and will until the day that I die.

I would like to know how many years in prison the man will get for robbing the bank in Isom.

To a certain woman: I truly love you, baby, with all my heart. When I’m not with you I am lost. We are so happy together when we are together. The happiness and love we share is so beautiful. I don’t know what choice you will make, but you know where your heart is and where the happiness is. I will never give you up. My heart belongs to you. I hope it doesn’t get broken. I offer you love, happiness and honesty, and I will protect you and keep you safe. I will never let you down. Guess who? I love you and I’m lonely for you.

God’s love is giving freely, it costs nothing at all./ The only thing we have to do is answer His call./ The hardships of this life at times cloud our mind/ All things can be clearer if we give God some time./ The days grow longer filled with everyday stress,/ If our hearts we give to God, He will give us rest./ God asks not much but for us to follow His way/ Great joy He can bring into our life each day./ Hold on to your faith no matter what you go through,/ God will always be there is only you want Him to. C.A.C.

Dear Cougar: Please take me to your den. I am a security guard not a nerd. I will be able to protect your lair in a way that whining, milksop nerd could never do. Cougar, you are a real woman and I am a real man, not a 19-year-old. Cougar, you are a real woman so don’t waste your time as a baby-sitter. If I saw that nerd I would have given him the back of my manly hand. Let me know when you could meet me at Wal-Mart. Respectfully, a man who can give you security and guard you. A Security Guard.

Cougar Lady, who do you think you are? How dare you make reference to prayers in your letter. You talk about prayer and offer your body. You are nothing but a low down hillbilly, white trash harlot. You might think you are smart but you have no common sense or common decency. I don’t know what kind of society this is but groups that have you in it can’t be much. Girl, I can tell you’re not from Letcher County because we don’t raise tramps like you here. If it was up to me, I would put a scarlet letter on your forehead and whip your behind. So keep your hands off my son. A Christian Lady

Sorry if the truth hurts. MJP volunteers aren’t all treated the same. I wouldn’t kiss someone’s behind just to get along if I had to.

Math isn’t easy, for some it is. I complain because they don’t stay on something long enough to learn it. It’s not the parents getting paid to do the teacher’s job. They should want everyone to learn it not just a few. Two classes a day is a pain in the behind.

I would like to wish my beautiful princess Nicole a happy birthday. She will be 14 years old June 24. I love you, baby girl, wish I could be there. Love always, Dad

This is concerning nonviolent criminals that are 15 percent or 20 percent to the Parole Board. I am currently in prison doing time on my second institutional number from a drug- and alcohol-related crime which sent me to prison the first time. I went through all my programs that were required for me, with success the last time I was in prison and I am currently going through the same programs. They say it costs less to fund a person’s college for three years than to house one person in prison for one year. I do agree that there are some alcohol- and drug-related crimes a person commits that needs institutional treatment, but what about afterward? For example, a person is sent to prison for seven years to be rehabilitated, goes through all the programs necessary for treatment, and when the seven years are up, he or she is put on the street. Most of them have no family, no home, no job. This is why we have so many repeat offenders and it has caused the system to be overcrowded, which has left the state in a financial crisis. I do believe if there were an after-care program for a person leaving prison to the streets to help them find a place to live and get a job to let us pay for our own rehabilitation and to have another chance of becoming a well, productive citizen, it would take a big dent out of our state’s financial problems and our economy could prosper. Sincerely an ex-con.

The LCCHS Drama Class should be recognized for all the hard work and effort they put into their excellent musical production of ‘Grease’. Thanks for providing the community with some great entertainment. Can’t wait to see what they will do next year.

In response to L.: The only thing you ever loved was your pills and tramps. I always told you that you would regret all the things you did to me one day, but you never cared before. Me and the kids never mattered. I should have told the cops everything they wanted to know that day and saved myself all this trouble. You are exactly where you deserve to be. Everything that has happened to you was karma, and you know what they say about karma. If you and your stupid mom think this kid looks like you, maybe you should request a paternity test. I promise you would look like a fool but I am more than willing to give you or my husband one and stop all the rumors. I moved on with my life and I couldn’t be happier. My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me and those girls. I truly love him more than life and I’m loved in return just the same. And if you cared anything at all about them you would convince your mom to quit being a witch and give them back. You know I was always a good mom and they deserve to be with me. Look back on your childhood. Do you really want them to be raised like you? I didn’t think so. So maybe you will think about all of this for the next five years and learn from your mistakes.

This is a message for all the UNITE officers out there: You are doing a great job keeping the marijuana out of Letcher County. The county is up to its ankles in hydrocodone pills of every color, but a good hardworkin’ man can’t find a joint anywhere.

‘Now recruiting for one of the county’s largest growing money-making businesses, resale of prescription drugs.’ Is that what our beautiful mountains are coming to? Come on, people, our men are losing their jobs. You know the saying, ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.’ Well, they’ve gone and drained our ponds. My husband lost his job with the shutdown of Raven. Underground mining is all he knows. He’s been doing it for over nine years now. Do I blame the mines? No. It’s higher than that. What are men to do? Take jobs from our college kids at McDonald’s? I know everyone doesn’t share the same views about mining, but let’s face it, it’s part of Kentucky. Our little towns came from mining. What else has that kind of pay around here? Without it we all suffer, even down to restaurant workers. I know the economy is suffering, but really, if we don’t give these people a way to make money, they will find it on their own. Not just our miners, but everyone. We need our government to get things rolling. We need help, now.

If anyone knows the new, hot, sexy, built delivery man that comes in the Double Kwik at Pine Mountain Junction, please let me know. I noticed there was no ring on his left hand. Could you tell me if he’s single?

To the two fattening hogs fighting over a man: He’s not worth it. He stayed with my cousin Sue’s best friend last night. To let you know, she’s got critters. And you know the critters I’m talking about. She’s always scratching or going to the doctor. You best just let him lie with somebody else.

This is a note to the person that wants the Kentucky Department of Forestry to check on the Pine Mountain Trail being blocked near Raven Rock: First of all, Kentucky forestry officials can’t do anything about the trail being blocked because the ‘club’ is in Virginia. The ‘club’ is private property, bought and paid for. Its owner doesn’t want this section of mountain trashed with beer and soda cans and picnic trash. If Pine Mountain Trail personnel did their job of finding the rightful owners instead of just crossing anyone and anywhere they want, passage may have been granted. Also, if you are one of the trail personnel, I feel sorry for your knowledge of length of trails. Instead of two to three miles, all that is blocked is one mile of trail and it’s not near Raven Rock, unless eight miles is considered near. My property is bordered by Jefferson National Forest, and they may let you paint their trees and use their land to walk on. Did you ever ask them?

I enjoyed the recent articles in The Mountain Eagle on Father Edward Randall. He really was a treasure of Letcher County. He never met a stranger and is missed big time by his friends. He is a very special man, I miss him dearly and I love him. Thanks to everyone who brought their art to the Caudill Library and for honoring Father Randall. Somewhere up in Massachusetts he is smiling and smoking a cigarette I am sure.

Family is very special. You have family, you love them no matter what they do or don’t do. That’s what we have. We still love them always and forever, and if you can’t love them, then bye and see ya ’cause you ain’t worth losing any sleep over if you don’t.

Hi. I just wanted to say that the Speak Your Piece column is too funny and informative in a way. I personally never lived in Kentucky, but my family was raised there. My grandparents brought up a large family in Sassafras/Cody area. I am part of the Ashley/Mullins/Cornett lineage. My Uncle Morris Mullins lived in Whitesburg and raised his family there. I miss seeing my extended family as loads of them have passed away. I can remember when I was little and they (Stella and Melvin Cornett, my grandparents) lived in Pinetop and we used to run all over those hills, playing for hours. Funny what memories flood back when reflect. I miss my grandmother’s cooking and canning, wow, do I miss a mess of pickled beans and cornbread. I think I was the only child who begged to have turnips cooked every time we would go home to Pinetop. My son, Jerad Mullins, hasn’t really seen what I saw growing up, dressing a hog for winter, drying apples, making shuckie beans, and my grandmother’s gingerbread. My son is a city boy, ha ha, as we live in Dayton, Ohio. Pamela Mullins Krest.

Effective education is probably the most important factor in improving the condition of this area, and in assuring the best future possible for our children. Being able to read well, write easily and forcefully, and communicate verbally, is a powerful force. People who can do these things are not likely to be taken in by politicians who aren’t working for their interests, and are not like to tolerate them. It is essential that the current laissez faire, sportsoriented educational system be replaced with one that prepares people for life. No one can predict the economic future of the country, but it seems a safe bet that things are going to be pretty tight for a long time, and that good employment will be scarce, and very competitive. The current school board must be replaced as they come up for election with people who are capable, and who understand priorities.

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