Whitesburg KY

Speak Your Piece

I’m just calling in about the copper thieves over in Virginia. I’m telling you, man, a certain scrap yard over there took 528 pounds from me. I’ll give it to you if you want to go and get it. Just go over there and tell them Leon said to give you his copper. This is getting old, but it will be a lot different before it’s over. I’m getting even one way or the other.

I’m wanting to ask The Mountain Eagle a question. How come you don’t take comments from e-mail to put in Speak Your Piece? I have sent in dozens and dozens and they never get put in. I would like to know what the reason is. Thank you.

(We get very few messages by electronic mail that we don’t use, and we don’t recall at anytime receiving ‘dozens and dozens’ that were not printed. Perhaps it’s something as simple as you sending the messages to the wrong address. Or maybe our mail e-mail program recognized them as ‘junk’ and automatically threw them away before we had a chance to see them.)

I am so happy I am beside myself. Actually, I listened to the Tuesday morning roundtable on WXKQ. Most of the time I won’t listen to it because it’s all about sewer and water and all that stuff that has to be done. But this time it was different. I know the skateboard park has been in the plans for a while, but they were actually talking about tourism – about a pavilion and about putting in ATV trails like the ones in Harlan. If Jim Ward is able to do what he says he’s going to do then he has my vote forever. When I heard him talking about the four-wheelers I started jumping up and down I was so happy. That is such a great recreational sport. I was also happy to hear about them wanting to put in a dock and cabins at Fishpond Lake.

This goes out to a certain man I know in Jenkins who got married a few years ago: I’ve known your wife for about 20 years, and your step children do not think anything good about you. What do you think is going to happen when something happens to you? Your wife is going to move that other man back in with her. She already said that. She gets out and talks about you like a dog. What is going to happen to you when she runs you out of your own home?

I am so glad there is one thing to look forward to when the kids start school back at Letcher. The girls and boys in grades 5 through 8 will be learning together in classrooms this year and never separated again. This happened thanks to one parent who never gave up. This just goes to show that one person can get things done.

To a man in Daniels Branch: Your wife is getting ready to find out everything about you.

I have a complaint and don’t know who to call anymore. I got on the ‘no call’ list, but I get calls day and night from so-called charities asking me for money. They’re waking me up in the morning and keeping me up at night. They all want money. It’s all a telemarketing scheme. They can say they’re working for charity and get $10 while only 10 cents goes to the charity. When someone calls with a foreign accent I know it’s someone from outside this country being paid to try to take money from me. I’m so sick of it I can’t stand it. I don’t want to take my number out of the phone book, but I may have to. Thank you.

To a certain man: I’m getting sick and tired of everyone taking you away from me. You don’t need to be with the one you’re married to right now. I want to be with you. Bye.

To a certain bus driver: What you say to young kids to get them mad and kicked off the bus is wrong. I think you should be fired. Thank you.

To my good friend, L.C.: I miss talking to you. You should call me and come see me sometime, whether you have a girlfriend or not. I miss you. From the girl you think looks like Brittany Murphy in ‘Eight Mile.’

I would like to make a statement to the person who has no guts and keeps writing in negative comments about Magistrate Wayne Fleming and Representative Leslie Combs: For your information, Wayne Fleming made a motion to give the Neon Little League $500 at the last fiscal court meeting. Leslie Combs wrote a $200 personal check to the Neon Little League. Why don’t you wizen up, you dumb jerk? Howard Cornett never gave the Neon Little League squat. Why don’t you go suck on Howard and stop writing stupid remarks in the paper? It just shows your ignorance.

To the caller who commented about the Jenkins police not knowing if the girl was a drug user or driving on a suspended license if they weren’t really harassing her: How would you feel if a person driving on a suspended license and under the influence of drugs wrecks her car – with no insurance and tags – into your house and killed your family? Would you still be saying the police were harassing her even though they had arrested her numerous times before on other drug-related charges and driving on a suspended license?

Dear citizens of Jenkins: I am asking for your help with our police department. We desperately need to get rid of all of them. They are so horrible. They arrest way too many drug dealers, drug users, rapists, child abusers, and local low-life’s to be working in our small community. So please help Councilman Terry Braddock and the rest of us get rid of all of them so that we can sell you drugs, steal your belongings, beat our kids, and rape your daughter – all without being wrongfully harassed. Signed, your good neighbor.

To the person commenting about the Jenkins police officer using bad language in front of a small child in Neon: First, your lies will come back to haunt you. Second, is this the same person who was so ignorant they would not put down the gun when the cops told them to because he was trying to look tough in front of his wife so she would stop cheating on him? Just curious. Please respond.

To the person who said the Jenkins police were harassing high school graduates who were camping and four-wheeling last month: Did you know that the reason the police went there is because they got a report that a bunch of overage boys were there drinking with underage girls who were not supposed to be out of their homes. That’s the kind of alcohol abuse that leads to teen pregnancy. Grow up.

Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. Always remember, a small fish is better than an empty dish. Jesus never saw a small fish when He said, ‘Come with Me and I will make you fishers of men.’ Do you know what the sign of the fish stood for in early Christianity? It’s a Greek symbol for Jesus Christ, son of God.

Finally I see someone has the nerve to speak up about the Jenkins police officers. Those sorry low-life men. Every time I get out of my house and decide I want to snort a pill and drink a 12-pack of beer and go steal somebody’s stuff those darned police officers keep arresting me. Shame on those awful cops.

To my good friend, Jonathan: I don’t want you to move to Tennessee. I will miss you. I don’t want you to ever forget me. With love, your friend.

Every week when I pick up The Mountain Eagle and turn to Speak Your Piece there are a number of comments about Mountain Breeze and Jenkins. It’s always something horrible about a bunch of young girls who are nothing but trash. Let me just say that every decent woman in the world stays away from Mountain Breeze. If you’re a man with any sense you’ll stay away from there, too. There’s nothing but skanks there.

(Do you really think it’s fair to be painting everyone with such a broad brush? Plenty of good people live at Mountain Breeze. A few bad apples are in every neighborhood.)

To the person who commented to the certain cook who has black hair and is tall and sexy: Why don’t you be more specific about that. Is it a man or a woman? Where does he or she work? Maybe you all could get together and have a candlelight dinner.

To the woman who gave my man gonorrhea: I appreciate it, because I was pregnant at the time it was transferred to me. You need to quit transmitting diseases to everybody. If you had guts you would come out and tell me who you are so I could beat your behind, you tramp.

Yes, you said it. Slut is the word. I didn’t say it. You did. It fits you right to a tee.

To a certain girl on Craft’s Colly: You better stay away from the one I love who is acting as if he wants to come back and get you. Stay away from him or else. He said he loved me first. You better back off. I know where you live and I know your phone number. I already gave it to the cops so they could do something about you.

I was just reading in the paper where the Letcher Fiscal Court gave $100,000 to ARH. They asked for $200,000. I can’t believe our fiscal court would give these people this money. And then they toot their horn about indigent care? I just had an experience with that. Because I have a minimum wage job and work 30 hours a week at $5.85 and my vehicle is valued at $500, I do not qualify for anything at ARH – not one nickel – but our county government will give them money.

I guess we now see how the fiscal court cares about people. They voted to give $100,000 to the Whitesburg hospital, even though the hospital won’t treat people without billing them and treats its employees like dirt. So I guess we see where our county judge and magistrates are setting their pegs. People, we’ve made a mistake – a big mistake. You need to think and think hard on whether we’re going to let this county judge and fiscal court destroy the poor people and what little we’ve got. You need to think this over.

How is it that Letcher Elementary School can have four people from the same family working at the same school? Is there not a rule against that? There should be.

I think the sheriff’s department ought to do something about that drug dealer on Cram Creek. He’s destroying people’s families. Even though he’s been in trouble before, he’s selling OxyContin, Lorcet and Xanax. He’s just thumbing his nose at the sheriff’s department. Our sheriff has been doing a good job, so it looks like he’d get up there and put them out of business. If he’ll keep an officer on Cram Creek he’ll find out what’s going on.

To the people on Cram Creek: I wish you would mind your own business and leave everyone else alone.

I want to tell Jacob that this has been the greatest six months ever. One day I will marry him and we’ll have kids. I love him so much.

Just tell Ryan that I love him and I want him back.

Some hillbilly thinks the police are looking up people’s noses for snot. Maybe you should never have pulled out the dollar bill with residue on it in front of the police officer at the gas station. Now wasn’t that smart?

To that no-good, ornery ol’ egg-sucking dog: You need to start thinking with the head on your shoulders. You’re going to end up getting caught, and sucking up isn’t going to help. You need to find out what you really want in life and get it instead of chasing every little thing that goes by.

I think it’s a shame a certain professional can beat his wife up and she’s the one who gets taken to jail. This happened after the professional I’m talking about called the police over to the side. Then she gets an emergency protective order against her and can’t even see her kids. That’s a shame. Stuff like that should no go on in this county. This county needs cleaned up. What goes on here is awful.

To a certain boy in Whitesburg: I know you’re cute and I know you think I’m cute, so let’s hook up.

To a certain man: I care about you a lot. I don’t know why you married someone else who doesn’t even love you and is just using you for your money. I really want to be with you.

What happened over at Beaver? Didn’t they bust you? You better watch it. They’re watching you again.

This comment goes out to the drug court team members: Be aware that your clients are taking drugs – drugs that won’t show up in a drug screen. They’re still taking Ultram and anything else they can get their hands on that doesn’t show up in a drug screen. Thank you.

This is a friend of the 15-yearold from Mountain Breeze: I just think you’re mad because she can get him and you can’t.

As a tax-paying citizen and old-timer of Letcher County, this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen our county government donate our money to ARH hospital. Jim Ward, I think that’s the worst thing you and the five magistrates could do. I do not understand why you are giving our tax money away to a business as big as ARH. You all need to go to the insane asylum. Thank you.

The greatest player on the Cougar football team lives at Millstone.

A certain woman at Mountain Breeze will do anything for pills. Give her thirty and she’ll get dirty.

I’m a concerned parent living on Cram Creek. We have three drug dealers in our neighborhood. I think it’s a pity they can’t get up here and stop them from selling the OxyContin pills left and right. The people around here who are buying them don’t have anything left to their name anymore. I just think it’s a shame. They need to get someone in here to go undercover. I know I can’t say their names, but the cops know who they are. I’m tired of driving by and seeing it all. You can’t even get through sometimes because the road is so congested. Thank you for printing this.

I’m calling about a little girl who drives a Mustang: I hate you and you need to stay away from my man. The next time I see you talking to him there will be hell to pay.

To a certain girl at Jenkins – and I do mean girl, because a woman would have tried to keep her man if she really did love him: When you had no one to turn to and you were all alone, who stood up for you? He did. Who held you when you had no one or nothing? When you all went out the first time he quit seeing all the other girls. That wasn’t like him. I knew he loved you, but he was scared. When he needed you the most you turned your back on him. He’s told me and everyone else how he yelled at you and grabbed you. He even tried to kill himself. Don’t you realize he is pleading for help? You didn’t even care if he had food or anything. You took the vows with this man but ran away when better turned to worse. He says he deserves what happened. I saw him sticking a gun to his head. What did you do? You left. Why didn’t you try to get help for him? Don’t you have any compassion? I don’t think you ever really loved him. If you did you would have tried to get help for him. No, you have a job and you don’t need him anymore. God forgave him. Why not you? He prays for you and your children every night at church and testifies. Even if you never come back to him he wants the Lord to watch over you and your children, and to give you a great life. You are missing a great man who could give you more love and heart than the one he used to be when you said you loved him. Call him at least just to say hi. It would mean the world to him. I’ll be praying for you. If you have any compassion and ever did love him you will at least go to church with him. That doesn’t mean you have to get back with him, but please give him and God a chance.

Twenty-five thousand dollars to anyone who will quit smoking. There is some money in this for me, and also some fine print. Anyone interested, call Speak Your Piece.

Citizens are being asked to get on board concerning coal-to-oil. This is a great deal for southeastern Kentucky since jobs are not plentiful and the only thing left is mining. But here are some things to consider. If they take oil from coal it takes five gallons of fresh water for every gallon of fuel oil produced. If they don’t have it in the western states why would they have it in southeastern Kentucky? This is something you should ask yourselves if you want a coal-to-oil plant in your community. Are you willing to sacrifice your water for the benefit of a couple of jobs? I wouldn’t. After all, we need drinking water to live. Where is the water in the mountains that will be required to run this plant? This is the untold story.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has already come with an analysis saying our electric bills will increase 20 percent if carbon capturing is required at power plants. There’s something for us all to think about.

To the lady who had her husband taken by trash: You didn’t need him anyway. If he threw your kid down for trash, forget him. Do you need a home? I have one. I would love to show you a good home, one that is peaceful and quiet. Help me and I will help you. I’ll be waiting for your response in Speak Your Piece. Maybe we can meet somewhere. From Thrown Away.

An extra big thank you to the numskulls who tried to break in my front door. It’s twice as hard to get in now than it was before.

This is to the extremely nice and nice-looking man at the Cumberland Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Jenkins, Ky. You had on a blue and white striped shirt and a pair of shorts. I was not alone and couldn’t talk to you although I wanted to. However, I’m not married or engaged, although I’d like to be. If you are also unattached and you’re interested, please respond via Speak Your Piece. You definitely seemed interested.

To a certain woman that owns a business in Whitesburg: You have been in the county courthouse twice to file a divorce to put your marriage to death. Lady, wake up. You are destroying your business. A friend.

Letcher County just served as the backdrop for a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode starring John Edwards and Jim Ward with Appalshop as the setting. If you doubt this, consider these little exhibits of truth stranger than fiction. Facts, John Edwards, the Democrat presidential hopeful from North Carolina, has three enlightening footnotes on his resume. One, he got his money being a lawsuit lawyer, which is not, repeat not, to be confused with some kind of real life Matlock. Money is money, but in rating the social value of lawsuit money, I’d put it one notch above the inherited fortunes of the Kennedys, Bushes and Gores of the political world and one notch below that of the real life Tony Sopranos. And yes, I do realize that prostituting pimps and being a made-man murderer aren’t exactly bragging rights material, but at least these ‘goodfellows’ are putting their own behinds on the line. Two, his shining moments of political stands include a losing stint as a vice presidential candidate and a caught-ontape not-so-private moment when he and Hillary were scheming to squeeze out the other Democrat candidates from the debates. Not exactly a stellar point in time for either of these champions of freedom and intellectual discourse. And think, he gets $400 haircuts. Do you honestly think anyone could be a more credible voice for the working poor and poverty-stricken? Which brings us to County Judge Jim Ward. You may remember him when, as county judge candidate Jim Ward, he campaigned on raising the minimum wage after voting against it three separate times. Or maybe you remember him as the working man’s candidate who spent a quarter of a million dollars to get elected. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember him as the candidate that campaigned against courthouse ethics and corruption. Well, now we have County Judge Jim Ward and while we still don’t get $7.50 a hour we have seen two big changes. We no longer have to worry about courthouse ethics and corruption because we longer have courthouse ethics to corrupt. And Jim’s allergy problems have disappeared. When he was county judge candidate he couldn’t get near the Appalshop or its supporters. Remember those no show performances at the debates? But look at him now. Why it’s front row reservations for him and the rest of the royal family entourage. Which brings us to one final observation. How is it that so many of Letcher County’s finest and most prominent citizens cuss, fuss, even flat refuse to discuss that hippie heaven, Appalshop, right up to the point to where anything or anybody that wants to showcase the county comes to town. Guess where you manage to find those same folks then?

At the John Edwards rally a young man compared illegal immigration to the possibility of his having to go elsewhere for a job. This is like comparing apples to oranges. He has a legal right as a citizen. They broke the law coming here illegally, and a vast number of them commit felonies while here. He was speaking strictly from emotional feelings without knowledge of the facts. If our emotions dictate the future of this country we are all in big trouble. I speak with several years of personal knowledge, living among these people and being acquainted with many of them. The big lie coming out of Washington is that they do jobs our people won’t do. The truth is, a large chicken processing plant in the Atlanta, Ga., area was raided. The following day it had 400 applications from area residents. Atlanta’s only trauma center is threatening to close by year’s end because it lost $11 million in one year, basically from treating illegals.

To the stuttering idiot child molester who moved away from here: Don’t think that you’re going to come in and ‘take care of business.’ We’ve had enough trouble and heartache because of your sister. If you think for one minute that you’re going to do anything, you are wrong. If you try one thing, or even say one thing, then I’m going to say and do something too. I will tell everyone what you did in the barn, the cabin, and your parents’ basement. I will do something I should have done a long time ago. I will break my silence and I will file charges for you molesting me when I was only eight years old. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. It will embarrass me, but it will ruin your life. You ruined mine. I might just tell my brothers anyway. When do you think about that, pervert? I guess you thought I was too young to remember, wrong. I remember everything. I even remember what I was wearing, you sick creep. So if you and the rest of your weird family don’t want trouble, then I suggest that you better just lick your wounds, crawl in a hole, and don’t come out.

A lot of people in Letcher County didn’t use to pay their property taxes because they claimed they couldn’t afford them. But when they found they might lose their property, they were suddenly able to find the money. If the criminals also found out that there were consequences to their acts, you’ll start seeing a lot of religious conversions and less crime. What we need here is a court watch system that will track all those people the Sheriff arrests and find out how many actually suffer any real consequences, and publish that in the paper.

To a certain regional outlaw: You may have a place in a big city, but I know where you are from. I had a great time playing music with you, even if you did point out that my fiddle was a piece of junk. Next time we meet I’ll have some more songs and a better fiddle, so watch out. I also challenge you to a barbecue cookout next summer. All that talk about burying things in the ground and cooking them. I tell you what. We’ll let a certain local radio personality decide which is best.

To Buffy the man hater: Just so you know, it is a scientific fact that lying and deceiving is an evolutionary trait developed in women as self defense and to eliminate potential competition. Ever wonder why women spread nasty rumors about each other? They’ll pretend to be friends and talk about each other behind their backs in an attempt to eliminate their competition. Men have more testosterone so they are naturally more muscular, aggressive and have little need for that trait. The downfall is that men are more prone to violent crimes such as rape and other forms of abuse but that is a small number of the population and luckily we have laws to punish those sickos. Unfortunately there are no laws to protect us from a scorned woman looking to exact revenge by lying and deceiving, which can be more dangerous. For example, the Salem witch trials or the Duke lacrosse stripper. Men aren’t as perceptive to body language as women so it’s harder for men to distinguish when they’re being lied to. So I have developed a foolproof system to help me tell when a woman is lying. If their mouth is open, they’re lying.

What kind of mother puts her boyfriend before her own daughter? She’s not a woman or a mother, she’s on the lowest end of the food chain. She hurt her daughter in the long run, being as my son has had to take care of her baby since she was in high school. She’s only worried about herself. The low-life she lives with won’t even take care of his own flesh and blood. My son and I have done her job since her daughter has been in high school. Boy, what a mother, if you can call her that. She knows where I live. I invite her to have a very long and important discussion, but I’m afraid she doesn’t want to face me. Anytime, any place, I’m waiting.

In the summer, groups of Christian people come in here from far off and work on needyfamily homes. Some of the homes that are repaired belong to drug dealers and people who have been indicted. There are more needy families out there that really need it and can’t get help. God, open your eyes and help more needy families.

This is concerning my son. I thought that the court system is fair. Well to my surprise that’s not so. It’s really bad when you have a very young person that all he has ever wanted to do is be a soldier. He’s never been in trouble for anything in his life, not so much as a traffic ticket. He was threatened on his life and he defended himself because of someone who won’t even pay his child support and is on two years’ probation and this so-called man won’t even keep up his own children in Ohio. He’s on probation from the Jenkins Days Festival and got caught for being drunk or whatever. A very young man that has never been in any kind of trouble, served his country, and now goes to college full time and works double shifts every day to better his life and those around him is in jail for 12 months. He’s 23 and his whole life is ruined because of a lowlife that owes child support for his children in another state, that drives on a suspended license, that threatened the life of another, and now for protecting himself my son has been sentenced to 12 months in jail. That is not fair. I really hope that he and his girlfriend are happy. As they say, give an old dog enough rope and it will hang itself. It won’t be soon enough. All I can say is they better both watch themselves very, very close because it is not over. Be very careful, watch every move you make because I will be there watching. I just hope I’m there to see it happen. She even ruined her daughter’s life, too. They will pay. God does punish. Moms don’t forget, either. I am a mother. I don’t put a so-called man before my child. She did. That is not a mother or a woman.

I just read that our newlyelected judge has just committed $100,000 of our coal tax money to ARH and they are not sure if the facility is going to be built here. This is the judge that is going to lead us into the future. This man has been in office for nearly seven months. I can’t see much that he has done. The big corporation that helped elect him did give $5,000 to the Letcher County Food Pantry. How much will that $5,000 really cost Letcher County? You magistrates that call yourselves the fiscal court, are you going to let our county judge throw our money away like this? What has ARH really done for this county? Look how they treated their workers during the last strike.

It pleasures my heart to know how much these two want to be together and to know that it will never happen. Misty (Bonnie, Bonnie 357) thinks she is going to be free and let David (Shawn, Clyde, Outlaw) take the rap for her. What a fool David is. I love it. I grin ear to ear every time I read their love letters, because it pleases my heart. I want them to suffer, I want them to leave this earth exactly the same way Jack did. Come on, Bonnie and Clyde, make me grin. Please my heart.

Anyone who has knowledge of lawyers or judges making or taking payoffs in the court system is obligated to report it. The state police have an investigative force and that would be a good place to start. The Sheriff may be able to handle it. He could at least tell you where to go. The main thing is to make it know to somebody who can follow up.

Looks like our county judge and the magistrates have lost their minds by giving our tax money to a hospital that does not care about the people who made it what it is. I would ask the magistrates how they would feel to be taken to ARH and then before you get treated they ask for 1,500 bucks up front. Oh I forgot, the judge and all his controlled magistrates have insurance through the state and then with the vote they cast I bet you ARH will not bill them. They were selling the poor people out at the award meeting.

Word is there has been another substantial timber theft and that the thieves were so brazen as to cut some of the trees on the edge of a well-traveled road. What are we to do? Stand guard over the trees, as one Speak Your Piece suggested, or have it considered our fault if they are stolen? When are officials, courts and juries going to recognize that we are being stolen blind by rogues who apparently consider all timber to be theirs, and punish these people?

I live in a neighborhood of mostly retirees. We don’t have the drug sales and drug use that other communities are saturated with, but I feel for and support the people in those neighborhoods. Also, I know that our neighborhood is subject to the burglary, theft, and attacks that come from attempts to get drug money. The people in this county need to join together and insist on better protection and help get that protection.

My brother, my hero. In memory of Sgt. Robert Alan Ridlon Jr., July 18, 1980 – July 10, 2004. I miss you every day, little brother. I’ll see you in my dreams.

I was just wondering, whatever happened to that cute guy from Cowan in the purple monster truck? Where’s he been?

Those who are commenting on the court system may want to get more specific information or make complaints. For up-to-date court performance statistics, contact website courts.ky.gov/ contact.htm. For complaints, contact the Judicial Conduct Commission at http:// courts.ky.gov/JCC/. They both have forms you can fill out to email them or to submit a complaint.

Weekly pleas for help from Cram Creek, Doty Creek, Millstone, Neon, and other communities indicate that we have teams of crime specialists around here. Some sell drugs, some steal drugs, some steal cars, some steal copper, some steal timber. These specialists sometimes branch out but they usually stick to their specialty and they are apparently pretty well organized and efficient. What they may not know is that their approach may make them prime candidates for racketeering charges. RICO basically only requires five people, and repetitions. Crossing state lines is another factor. Information about RICO can be obtained and charges can be initiated through the FBI and/or the U.S. Attorneys. There are FBI offices in Pikeville, London, and Louisville, and a U.S. Attorney’s office in Lexington and possibly one in Pikeville. There are several advantages to handling criminal activity in this way. First and most important, it gets it out of the local court system into a federal court. Second, it provides much harsher penalties which are not likely to be probated. Third, it allows complaints to be made anonymously and may allow the complainant to not reveal himself or herself since the FBI will do its own investigation and probably its own testimony.

To the very mature woman who said I belittled all females: Perhaps you should purchase a dictionary. I think you’ll find that the words ‘majority’ and ‘all’ have two different meanings. The definition of majority: being 51 percent or more of a group. Ninety-one percent of teenage girls have had sex. Eighty-six percent who listen to rap have had four or more sexual partners this year. Eighty-three percent admitted to underage drinking. Sixty-five percent admitted to smoking pot or taking illegal narcotics. Hopefully you’re not just one of those people who suddenly become Christians when they are on the defense, so I’ll ask you to look around yourself and tell me if you can still say I’m misguided and need Jesus for saying the ‘majority’ is doing wrong. The reason I criticized people for being into what’s hot is that these people are easily influenced and if someone tells them doing dope and having sex is what’s hot, then they will do it, and they are the first ones to criticize others for not participating. I agree that it is pathetic to look for girls on myspace; that’s why I don’t have an account. My sister is the one who pointed out how brain dead the girls your age are by showing me the lemmings on her account. Maybe if these girls could think for themselves they wouldn’t be pressured into drinking and 15,000 people a year wouldn’t die as a result of underage drinking. For the record, I have never been to a bar and I sure don’t look for girls at them, but party girls can be found even in churches and they are the worst kind. Take it from a guy who dated one, you can’t always trust your gut instinct unless you’re psychic. I agree with you that party girls care too much about themselves to care for anyone else, but unfortunately that is the majority. And before you go all Lifetime movie special on me again, the reason I didn’t complain about men is that I’m not interested in dating one. This time read my comment a little more thoroughly and you might not be so offended and if you are still offended, then maybe you’re not as decent as you claim.

To a certain guy who lives in the Colson area: I love you so much. I didn’t know how much until I left. I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you or in us. Last time I talked to you, you said that we could be friends. I’ve called and called; you never pick up the phone. I guess you have found someone else. I guess I don’t mean that much to you anymore. I love you and your son so much I just want to keep in touch with both of you. I know that I messed up everything. I think about that every day. I just want to say from the heart that I’m sorry. I still would love to be friends. Love always. Someone’s that a mess without you.

Hey, Mayor, wake up. I know that over half the stuff you read is not true but when you have as many complaints as you did last week in Speak Your Piece I would guess there is something going on with your police department. You’re a good mayor and you have cleaned up this town 100 percent in my book, and now you need to look into your police and any other employees who may be doing wrong, and don’t let them drag you down with their stupidity and give you a bad name for letting it go on and make a fool of you.

I would like to wish my little sister Crys a happy 18th birthday. Woot, woot, finally legal, hehehehe. I love you so much and wish you an amazing day. Hopefully the hot redhead will keep his word and give you that lap dance. Ha ha. Hugs and smooches. Your big sis, Carla.

I know this will be late according to how the paper comes out, but I want to wish an amazing friend, Twishy, a happy birthday. We love you and miss you bunches. Love, Caca and Beanie.

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