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Why trade mountains, clean water and forests for another Dollywood or King’s Island?

Please, Whitesburg Middle School, have your next graduation at the high school or at the football field. It would have been a very enjoyable graduation, but everyone was miserable. No seats were available, and the people who had seats were so close to everyone else that they would rather stand.

This is in response to the comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the nutty woman that hangs out in the beauty shop. Please be more specific about the location, because there are a lot of beauty shops in Letcher County. Thanks.

To the person who is so concerned with me moving to Tennessee: Well, first of all you will be very excited to know that I am not moving, I have decided to stay. Now I will be like a VISA card, everywhere you want to be. So I guess you and all of the other haters can take off those dancing shoes. This is too funny that you don’t have the courage to say this to my face, which makes you fairly smart anyway. I know who this is, so you better watch yourself, because I will.

June 19 is a special day for one of the sweetest and cutest couples I know. Happy anniversary, Roland and Ellen.

Little lady, please accept my apology for interrupting your peace of mind. I guess looking doesn’t mean anything. It was just that I thought you were a very pretty lady. So I will say this, as this will be the last comment that I will ever put in the newspaper, may the circle of life bless you greatly and fulfill all your heart’s desires.

June birthday greetings go out to Jessie Williams Miller and Charles Phillips. May God bless you today and always.

Happy 90th birthday, Myrtle Blair. Your photo in

The Eagle was lovely. You do not look a day over 80. May God bless you today and always.

I had to say this. Some of you churches are still wandering in the wilderness. You’re still following man’s tradition. Seek and ye shall find. He gave us the truth in His Word. God bless you all.

I’d like to say something about these so-called Christians that go to my church. They get on a computer and badmouth people or harass people with phone calls. Don’t they realize God is watching them? You people need to grow up. You’re supposed to be Christians. You’re supposed to love thy neighbor, not hate him.

Guess what, boys and girls? I’m not listening anymore.

I would like to speak my piece about those people that truly don’t know God. I just asked the Lord this morning to help those people to turn around and save them before it’s everlasting too late. I think each and every one of us that are Christians should also be doing that, to keep our minds on our Father instead of another’s business and to help each other become a Christian before it’s everlasting too late. Just ask the Lord to be with each and every one today and to keep them in His care. Amen.

This is to a woman who’s a member at a certain church: I saw the way you were talking about me Sunday evening at church. Shame on you. Then you got up and sang as if you’d done nothing wrong. You will be judged for that.

To the only man I’ll ever love: It was nice running into you May 27 at Wal-Mart. Wish we’d had more time to talk, but you were in a hurry. Whenever you need someone, I’ll be there.

Wish the government would take this weather machine out of this area and move it to another. I’m tired of this rain every day.

OK, I read the news on the front page about the two that got charged at Jeremiah for robbery, burglary and kidnapping, and well I could go on but I won’t. The list just

went on and on in The Mountain

Eagle, of course. But what I don’t understand, what doesn’t make any sense at all, is the girl’s bond is $85,000 and the guy’s bond is set at $75,000. I wonder why his is lower. Something doesn’t sound right. To top all this off, he’s the one that was charged with having the shotgun at the man’s head and being ready to pull the trigger. I hope neither one gets out.

I was just going to call and say stuff about a certain grocery store. I went in there shopping the other day and a cashier treated me horribly and was so rude to the bag boys. If the management doesn’t do something about it, the store is going to lose a lot of customers.

This is to my big security guard: You know all you have to do is call and you can come home. You know we love you. Just give me a call. I know you’re not happy. Everybody knows you’re not happy. You know who this is, so give me a call and we’ll work it out. Just don’t wait too long.

You want to see a good joke, just look in the mirror. You’re the biggest joke in town.

How come it is you can tell the truth on a preacher, it’s public knowledge that he’s guilty, and yet people will get mad and still uphold that man. I don’t understand it. I guess it’s like Jesus says, if the blind lead the blind they’ll all fall into the ditch together.

To a certain woman: How many communities do you have to be removed from before you understand the meaning of the word accountability?

I don’t see why people in Letcher County don’t build a horse track where people don’t have to go plumb out of Letcher County to show a horse.

Honey, I am so sorry. I was the one sitting on my porch watching you go by. I know you had to sit there at least an hour on that road construction. I felt so bad for you. Was it worth it? Have a good day and I’ll see you later. Try to stay out of road construction, OK? They should have it finished up here in a few days, but I miss you, I miss seeing you. I’ll see you soon, hopefully very soon. I think they’re going to have a big event at the races so plan on it. Catch you later.

Hello, Dream Lover. Sure do miss my blue-eyed darling and that handsome face and to hear that sexy voice when you say, ‘hello, Sunshine.’

The reason that they don’t have anyone directing traffic at Letcher County Central High School is there is a traffic light there.

Could someone tell me how a poker house is operating without being shut down? I think it’s a shame that lawyers and politicians are able go down there with convicts and restaurant owners and play poker in a place that doesn’t have a gambling license. You know Letcher County just never changes. If anyone can get me a phone number of someone who can’t be bought off, I would love to have it because it’s a shame we have something like this in our area.

(When it comes to ‘law

breakers’ in Letcher County,

don’t you believe poker players

rank pretty far down the


Just want to say a job well done to all those who helped the Letcher County Relay for Life being such a success and meeting their Goal of $100,000 and then some. Thank you to all those who helped with the Letcher County Relay for Life this year.

To the beautiful woman who drives a black car: Last night when we went to Fishpond and it was amazing. Even though we just talked I had a wonderful time. I hope there are many more to come.

To my secret admirer: You’re the biggest chicken ever put on this crazy planet. What are you afraid of, rejection or what? Big daggone deal. What’s up with that crap? The only thing I’ve got to tell you is, you’ve got about a month to straighten your hind end up. Quit calling me and quit bugging me and quit aggravating me, you need to come and see me to my face and quit with this crap on the phone. It’s stupid, it’s immature. Besides, I don’t think you could possibly be that bad that I wouldn’t even talk to you or whatever. Get over yourself or get over me or do something, but do something and quit this crap on the phone.

The sheriff’s department might need to know aside from the Florida, people are going to Tennessee and Virginia and getting Xanax and OxyContin and everything in the world on their Medicaid cars and bringing them back up here and selling them. You might want to look into that also.

This is concerning the article about the senior citizen prom. It was a very nice article. However, there were a few things in it that were wrong. The man from Blackey whose name is Tommy Timble won first place in the talent show, and I believe Coral won second and Lydia won third. I am sure it was just a mistake, because those things do happen.

I see our own senator, Mitch McConnell, who helped the coal companies blow the tops off our mountains, is now trying to dynamite any public health care option — like Medicare — in our health care reform. After all, we might want to choose that instead of the big health care insurance and drug companies. How is Mitch doing it? Easy, just be oh so shocked and outraged at the cost and then sabotage any fair, workable way to pay for it. Only what we’ll hear is outrage and attacks increased. Mitch won’t mention that it’s only the multimillionaires who pay less than working folks do. Maybe he figures we’ll fall for it again. Maybe we will.

To the queen bee of Jenkins: Just to let you know despite all the rumors going around, I’m behind you all the way. I’ll be looking out for you, listening for you, seeing what you’re doing. Go, girl.

Haymond Pentecostal Church will be starting a revival from June 18 to June 21. All the services will begin at 6 p.m. Our final homecoming is June 21. We will also be having dinner following. There will be different ministers and we will be having special singing. Everyone is welcome. The pastor of this church is Brother Freddy Bryant. Hope to see you there. God bless.

I’ve saw a young lady in Walmart the other day and she had a child that had several machines hooked up to it. I spoke to her and she just inspired me so much. All she talked about was how she did this all alone. For a young woman of 23 years old to do something alone like that sure means something. It takes a lot of courage. I was wondering where is the father of this child, and what kind of man would not want to take care of a child so beautiful and so loved. I hope he gets what he deserves.

This is to the nasty skank: My man doesn’t want you. If you don’t quit going past my house and blowing, I feel for you.

If only this world was as God meant it to be/ Our sorrows would be gone, our spirit set free./ If only people would open their hearts and see with opened eyes/ God above could give them much better lives./ To turn God away they know not what they do/ For when life here ends, God we have to answer to./ The things we have here can all be replaced/ Man’s soul lives on, someday God we must face./ Put not your hope in the things you have today/ They, like many’s, faith will soon fade away. C.A.C.

The preamble to the Constitution should read ‘we the sheeple.’ We have come to look at the elected officials as though they were gods. Most of us don’t recognize the fact that these are self-serving, greedy people whose only interest is in keeping their campaign contributors super rich. They throw you a few crumbs and you think they are great. A murdered abortion doctor with 65,000 abortions to his credit gets media coverage over and over, leading to an FBI investigation, while at the same time a soldier in uniform, in Little Rock, Arkansas, is murdered by a Muslim and only gets a 30-second sound bite. This was once in a sovereign nation which had its own language like every other nation, but now the people in charge want to change that so that the millions of illegals can vote and keep them in power. And the citizens who uphold this idea have no knowledge of the true facts. They get free schooling and free medical care at your expense. Think about it.

(The soldier and doctor

were both murdered and

both cases received widespread

coverage in the national

media. According to

Google, the name of the man

who is accused of killing the

private at the recruiting center

on June 1 had been mentioned

in newspapers, on TV

and radio stations, and on

the Internet 34,900 times as of

June 16.)

This is to my red-haired cousin L.S.: I see that you write Speak your Piece. This is your dark-skinned cousin R.H. I’ve been wondering about you since I left Whitesburg. I’ve been trying to find out where you’re at. I’m still in the box in Duffield, Va. Hopefully we’ll meet up again on the streets soon. They can’t hold us forever, it just seems like it sometimes. I hope you are doing good. If you read this, write me back and let me know how you’re doing and where you’re at. Love ya, brother.

To the girls in The Valley: We hear that there is where the baddest, hottest, real outlaw women are caged in the state. So you hear a lot about the boys in No. 21? well how’s that? Anyway we send our love, back at you. One cat in here already writes a Valley girl down there. And this isn’t who you think it is. Cell 21.

To my husband on Father’s Day: You bring me so much joy, and there’s nothing that means more to me than your love. I truly adore you. You’re the greatest father, lover and friend, and when we got together a whole new life began. We have a special bond that only you and I will share. And you’re the only reason that I even have a care. I love you and miss you in so many ways, and hope that you’re happy on this special day. Happy Father’s Day from your wife, V.E.T.

While at the Kids Day event in Jenkins on June 6 a very nice mother wanted to thank the Kids Day Committee for the events that are held each year, saying that she could not afford to take her children out to other activies because it took all of their money for everyday living. She said she brings her children to each event held each year and the children look forward to coming and have a great time. And it doesn’t cost a single dime. So thank you to all those who help bring all Kids Day events to the families in our community.

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