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There are some in-laws who don’t deserve to be treated like family. They forfeit their right by their lying, deceitful backstabbing ways. Sad but true.

If only people would open their hearts/ If only they would give God’s love a start./ If only we would think about the things we do /If only to God we would give some time to./ If only God’s rules we would try to obey /If only we would take a little time to pray./ If only we would reach out a helping hand/ If only we would help the weaker to take a stand./ If only man quits turning God away/ If only God doesn’t turn His love away. If only . . . C.A.C.

A while back I put a little note in Speak Your Piece and invited people to take a drive up Johnson Fork at Premium. It is off of Hwy. 160. Just forget about what I said about up there, because there seems to be some kind of brain disease that is spreading like wildfire. Don’t know what causes it, but now it has spread all the way up to the forks of the road. Whatever it is, I sure wouldn’t want to catch it, because it makes people put concrete blocks along the road to make it narrower than it already is, ignoring the fact that people who live in the hollow have to use the road too. And in a few places their fence is about 5-1/2 feet on county right-of-way. I said before that the people weren’t friendly, but I’d better change that because I’ll bet they are friendly on Sunday if they aren’t too lazy to get out and go sit in the Amen Corner. But this disease evidently already affected their brain, so I doubt if they have enough sense to find the church house, much less get any good out of it. Or maybe they don’t ever go to church. I don’t know what their problem is, but they have bigger worries coming.

To a certain man in 37: I just wanted you to know you’ve got whatever it is that blows me away. You’re everything in a man, but I can’t find the words to say, and I don’t know what to do. Every time I try to tell you how I feel it comes out, ‘I love you.’ I do. You make me feel I’m on top of the world and untouchable. I love you and miss you. I really miss our shower moment, but I still think of you. Ha. I hope you think of me too. I’m not far away. I’ve been writing to your mom. Have you not gotten them? I’ll see you whenever I can. Hope you had a happy Father’s Day. I love you. F.O.X.Y. 109.

I miss my best friend. No matter what I do, where I go or who’s by my side, you are always on my mind. All the money in the world can’t fill the hole in my heart. You are now and forever my best friend, my partner and my only true love.

I love you. This is to my wife, the light of my life. You know I still love you, let’s work things out. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. Please call me. After 5-1/2 years, let’s not give up. Call me.

The fire is steaming. Waiting for the knock on the door. Sticky Buns.

The Word says ‘… children’s children are the crown of a man, and the glory of the children are their father.’ Understand this, I asked my grandson to take my garbage out, and he said, ‘How much will you give me?’ I said, ‘How much do you want?’ He said, ‘$3 a bag, that’s a good deal for me, ain’t it Papaw?’ Anyway, today he asked me, he said ‘Papaw, I know you were raised on a mountain and ate a lot of that wild game. I got a question.’ He said, ‘How did you cut all that rabies out of them?’ Children are a blessing from God. Thank God for all of them.

I love you. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.

One can’t silence the truth, because it will make its way to the airwaves, Internet, and TV stations. UNITE, come feed upon this county’s dealers once again. Devour them. If you do not know where to look, you shall be shown the way. Visit the pharmacies to see who plunders ingredients and watch outside who they give them to.

The queen bee of Jenkins has the wrong person. I am not calling in or writing in Speak Your Piece about you, though I know who is. I have other things to do with my time. Look closer to your family to find out who’s doing this, because it’s not who you think.

Let me get this straight. You’re friends with whoever will sit still long enough to watch your two kids, is that right? No matter how much you say you despise someone, if they’ll watch your kids for you, then all of a sudden they’re OK? How could a decent mother leave her children with someone that she despises?

It’s time to shut down the meth makers. It’s time people starting talking and telling law enforcement where to find them. You’re not a rat when you turn in someone who is killing people — you’re a hero. A dealer or drug maker is someone who hurts people. They’re the bad guys. The good guys are going to have to stand up and help shut these guys down. Don’t let the label ‘rat’ shut you up when you know someone is dealing drugs. A hero helps people. It’s the dealers and makers who are the rats.

I would like to pass a few thoughts to the citizens of Letcher County. We all need to work hard, and this fall be sure to pay your taxes and do without the services the county was supposed to provide so we can all pitch in to help the fiscal court pay for the hospital at Jenkins. Bye-bye.

With the condition of the crossings at Vicco, and the three there seem to be getting rougher, we have to ask ourselves one simple question: Whose responsibility is it? Is it CSX’s or the state of Kentucky? Well, it’s both parties’ responsibility. CSX has responsibility for the crossing itself, but the state of Kentucky has a responsibility of maintenance, and they have not lived up to their obligations either, as a responsible party for the maintenance of the crossing itself. We’ve had two good items, one in The Mountain Eagle in Speak Your Piece about the number on the side of the crossing. This is based usually for emergencies only on the crossing.

The other was in Hazard Herald here recently on Brandon Smith, who has not fulfilled his obligations as to talking with CSX officials as to whose responsibility it is. Supposedly the crossing south of Vicco will get fixed in July. There will be long delays. So everybody just take a deep breath, and expect long delays while these crossing gets fixed. They are supposedly going to be fixed correctly, on the part of CSX. And the state of Kentucky, shame on you for not coming up and taking responsibility and fixing it during this rough time and trying to blame the railroad company for your irresponsibility. One final comment : There’s no other place probably in the whole state of Kentucky where we have to cross three different crossings on a major highway. Something to think about. Can these be eliminated? And these two load-outs probably load one train a day. We need to find out if there’s a way to move these to something like an overpass and eliminate the whole situation through these areas. And have some real stimulus and get rid of these tracks all together. Thank you very much, Mountain Eagle. And that’s a real good comment. Good day.

Listen, I can’t make people be home when they’re not home. I can’t be in certain places at certain times because I never know who’s yanking me where, or where I’ve got to go. And I know it showed up on my cell phone, so you can’t say I haven’t tried. But I can’t help it because there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s just absolutely nothing I can do. I’ve been there several times, but there’s either 10,000 people around or they’re going somewhere, or somebody’s coming, or the kids are there. It’s some big rigmarole all the time. But anyway you know where I’m usually at on certain days of the week. So I’m there. The only thing I know is wherever you see me is where you should come to. And the message I was supposed to get I didn’t even get until three days later. So you can’t blame me on that one either. It’s out of my control.

To on the road or somewhere: If you’re mad at me, you have no reason to be because I tried to catch up with you. So, if you’re mad you shouldn’t be, because I’ve not done anything. All right. Catch you later, honey. Bye.

To the four pigs who live in No. 1 Bottom: You need to keep your house clean, because you all smell like pigs.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: When a pedestrian steps into a crosswalk on the street, the traffic is supposed to stop. It’s like a red light, people. You can be ticketed for driving through a crosswalk when a person is standing in it. Got that? A ticket. Now I don’t know why the police don’t seem to pay attention when this happens, heck, I’ve even seen a policeman disregard the person in the crosswalk and drive on. Not cool. Nor is it legal. Get a clue, people. It shouldn’t be dangerous to cross the street.

I love my family, no matter what. They sometimes drive me nuts, but I love my family.

Let’s talk about turn signals on vehicles. Do you know what they are? Do you know what they’re for? Do you know where they are? Then please, for all of our sakes, use them. It’s not that difficult to flip the lever up or down, depending on which way you’re going to turn. Please, I’m begging you. Use your turn signal.

If you’re an adult, act like one. Partying is for the young who don’t know any better. Grow up. If you’re old enough to be out of school, you’re old enough to make a living and be responsible. No one thinks you’re cute; they think you’re pathetic. Living with your parents and not taking responsibility for your life and your bills is wrong. Plain and simple. Why should they have to pay your phone bill and insurance for your car? They’ve raised you to adulthood, now it’s your turn to take care of yourself. Shame on you for taking from your parents when they can barely make their own bills. What will you do when they’re gone? No one else will take care of you. Learn to take care of yourself now, and avoid the rush.

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