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I’m calling about the comment about the rough railroad crossings in the June 10 edition. Someone gave the wrong number to call to complain. The right number to contact CSX about the crossings is 1-800- 232-0144.

On May 29, around 8:30 or 9, me and my girlfriend got stopped by the police. She was driving and I was walking. One thing I am not is a rat. She’s got bleachblonde hair and I’m in love with her. Leave your husband and come to me. I accepted your kids before I did you.

I’m ignoring you all — cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. So kiss my grits.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I heard that United Coal Company wants to make sure its workers were on OxyContin, Lorcet and Percocet so they can work injured. I also heard the workers who were trying to better themselves and take Suboxone to get off narcotics like OxyContin were going to be fired. The owners of this company need to be educated. Suboxone good, OxyContin bad.

The people in the Isom area, mostly in Little Colley, pay for cable Internet that does not work most of the time. When it does work, it is so slow it takes forever to pull up your home page. We have called and called with no fix. This has been going on for months now.

I’ve lived in Doty Creek for about 35 years now and in the summertime I like to earn extra money by selling nightcrawlers and gathering scrap metal. One of my neighbors keeps driving by and giving me nasty looks. Lady, keep your nose to yourself.

To the love of my life, A.A.J.: I love you and miss having you around and want to be with you for the rest of my life. Please respond in next week’s paper.

To the man who lives in Burdine: You do not own that bridge. Why do you have it blocked off? You better take that sign down. I’ve already checked into it and you can’t do that.

To the sweet honey I met: You know my cellphone number. Give me a call. Next time I’ll bring the truck and we can go horseback riding.

I haven’t hung out at a beauty shop in a long time. So I’m not the nut you want.

The people of Letcher County who voted for our county judge thought they were voting for someone who wanted to do things to better the county. Well here is what he has done for us lately: He has closed the doors on the people who were trying to save as many of the animals of this county as they could from being hauled off like garbage to the animal shelter in Perry County where all of them are put to death. Our good judge thought it was more important to satisfy one man in Letcher County instead of doing the right thing. If he can’t do the right thing when it counts we don’t need or want him. I will remember this when the next election for his job comes up. I hope all of you people who care about animals remember, too.

Hey, Sticky Buns. If the man doesn’t come knocking he has to be crazy. Believe me, you are one hot lady.

To the person in Jenkins who was encouraged to leave the arts council with another member when she got voted off: You need to confront her about the remarks she made about you when you were recommended for the arts council and became a member.

To a certain person: You are a child molester. I found out about you on the Internet. You know who you lied on and you’re not going to live easy. I’m going to make you live hard for the lies you told on me.

I was wondering who the good-looking, tall and handsome guy is who works on High Street. I would like to give him my phone number. If he will respond in next week’s paper I might try to meet him somewhere.

To a good friend who will be going to LCC next year: I hope you have a good time. I will always love you.

I’m calling in regard to a recent comment in Speak Your Piece about the Pine Mountain Trail and the Deputy Dog Hunting Club: These people have put up gates on the main trail, making it dangerous to go around them. Cliff edges and rattlesnakes are numerous along this trail. Witnesses say they have pulled guns and threatened hikers with bodily harm. I would also like information on how the members of this club can block a government funded project. If you can help me and many more, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

I just saw on TV where Michael Jackson is dead. I didn’t approve of his lifestyle, but I want all of you to remember a jury found him innocent. I didn’t care for him, but no one should be accusing him of something for which a jury found him innocent.

To a certain man who drives a truck that sits high off the ground: This is just to let you know you look so dumb driving that truck. Aren’t you a little too old to be driving that kind of vehicle? How do you even afford to pay for all of those vehicles when you work for such a lousy company? You need to get a real man’s job. Also, I feel for your wife.

To a certain woman: I know you’re the one putting all that in-law junk in here all the time. You should be ashamed of yourself.

To my neighbor who has a bad gambling problem: You need to stop sitting around in your house with your doors locked and your curtains closed. Gambling on-line is where all of your money goes. You can’t even afford a couch or a dresser. I’ve only seen you come out of your house twice since I’ve been here, and that’s to play with your bird dogs. Seriously, you need to stop your gambling problem. And stop ignoring me on Yahoo.

If you don’t leave a message I have no idea who you are. This is for future reference. I looked for you for a solid hour and knew you would chicken out. The next time you do me like that you will wish you hadn’t. It would be different if I didn’t want you to come there. Who cares? What does it matter?

It seems the head of the Deputy Dog Hunting Club is an elected county official. We are forming a Robin Hood Club and are going to court to see what can be done about the situation. We don’t see how a private club can shut down a public hiking trail.

I’m calling about a girl who lives below Blackey: We used to run around together and be real good friends. I just wanted you to know the mother-in-law you are living with has offered $800 if someone would whip your hind-end.

This is in response to the comment about the young girl taking care of her sick baby all by herself: First, she has plenty of help from her family. If not for them the baby would have been taken a long time ago. She’s just lucky to have a family that will help her take care of the baby. Thank you.

To the two society queens in Whitesburg: Neither of you can pay a bill, but you act like you’re better than everybody else in this town. You two make everybody sick. Who would want to belong to your clubs with you two in them? You know who you are, high society gals.

A certain restaurant needs to get its air-conditioning fixed before it loses all of its business.

To that lady at Colly: You will pay for what you’ve done.

Big, sloppy, fat, ugly people on Lucky Hill need to start minding their own business and stop minding everyone else’s.

To my so-called friend: I want what is rightfully mine, money-wise and otherwise. Thank you.

Magistrate Archie Banks will drive right past your house and snub his nose at you when you throw your hand up at him, then come and shake your hand and ask you to vote for him. Is that the kind of people we want in office — too good to put his hand up to you? I don’t think so.

This goes out to all the boys at the Letcher County Jail: I hope you guys are enjoying that home-cooked food, because when you get to prison you will be eating Aramark Food. Me and a friend are down here at Western Kentucky Correctional Complex locked up in the SMU (Super Max Unit), also known as the worst hole in corrections. He is currently serving 105 days in segregation and I am serving 150 days in segregation for some minor offenses. We both shall return to the yard in September. I remember how I used to sit up there and try to get out, knowing I was coming to prison. You don’t get your face on the front page with a big story of how you tried to kill someone and get out. I wish I would have taken my plea and come on to prison instead of waiting all that time for no reason because when I got to prison it was time for me to see the parole board. I didn’t have anything to show them, no certificates, no AA, no NA, nothing, because I sat in the jail waiting for nothing. I had 32 months in on 10 years when I saw them. They gave me 30 more months because I hadn’t bettered myself. So you guys had better get it in gear and take your time and get ready for the parole board. You will get out a whole lot quicker. Don’t listen to everyone else and wait on a miracle. I did, and now I will end up doing five years flat, and two months on 10 before I even see the board again. Just looking out for you home boys. Tattoo Man A.M. and his best friend, D.H. Holler.

I’m going to quit going to these birthday parties because of this grandmother acting feisty, wanting to be the center of attention. It’s about your grandchildren, not you.

To the landlord: You need to put another trailer in. Maybe they can put up with your demon grandson every day like I have to. Christians are not supposed to aggravate people from what I’ve heard. What’s your problem?

Well, I don’t miss you. I don’t love you, I’m not your partner, I’m not your friend. Go see a shrink and get over it. And shut up.

Daddy, I love you and miss you. Love, D.W.B.

I just want you to know that I do love you. I always have and I always will. I think about you all the time. Even though you may not believe that, it is true. I’m sorry that I do not write as much as I used to, but I will try to write more. Love always, your baby girl forever.

‘With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things, and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.’ Wise words, and they apply to many parts of our troubled world. I’m not referring to Afghanistan or Iran, however, but to Letcher County. Evil people, in the guise of religious leaders, are telling your wives and daughters that they cannot cut their hair, that they cannot wear pants, and that they cannot wear makeup. They are telling your husbands, fathers, and sons that they cannot associate music with religious activities, that they must be baptized in polluted water in order for the ceremony to be sanctified, and are originating other restrictions for them. They are telling others, who were born with other than heterosexual desires, that they are abnormal and sinful. They involve themselves heavily in community mores, and try to influence laws — in direct violation of constitutional government/ church separations — and their tax exempt status should be removed immediately.

For those of us affected in the recent flooding in Neon and surrounding areas, it is time that we stop being submissive and silent when it comes to living with the results of mountaintop removal coal mining. It is obvious why Neon flooded to anyone who has driven out Hwy. 317. We do not have to accept this. We have the right and the responsibility to protect our homeplaces and families. We do not have to accept that our homes will be damaged at the drop of every rainfall. Very few communities in the United States accept having their land destroyed when they have to live there. Why do we? Do you think Lexington would put up with this type of destruction and damage? Why should we? Lexington is no better than we are. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I plan to do something about it. I have never done anything like this before, but I am realizing that if we do not speak up, who will for us? If our elected officials never hear from us, they assume we are happy. I am far from it. We need to speak up to our elected officials and tell them that we do not accept that destroying mountains and filling valleys and creeks are acceptable. We need to tell them our homes are important to us. I plan on calling State Representatives Leslie Combs at (606) 477-6672 and Ancel Smith at (606) 785-3844, and State Senator Johnny Ray Turner at (606) 377-6962. I am going to tell them to do something in Frankfort about this. I think there was a bill about it last year that failed. They needed to be reminded who they represent. I also plan on calling Steve Beshear at the Governor’s Office at (502) 564-2611 and asking him why don’t they do something about what’s going on here. I bet he would not let Frankfort flood over and over. I plan on talking to the candidates for U.S. Senate regarding this issue. One Democratic candidate sees no problem with what is going on. If you agree with him, you need to support him. I do not agree with him. This is why we have elections in this country. But don’t let the politicians or the coal companies try and scare you into believing that the coal companies will leave if we make them mad and take their jobs with them. Where are they going to go? The coal is in these hills. They are not going to go anywhere. But we can change how they do business. We have rights and we need to use them for once. I do believe that the vast majority of people want to work together. I support coal mining. I support it the oldfashioned way, using men, not machinery. But if the coal companies were too concerned about the wellbeing of our communities and jobs, they would not be doing mountaintop removal coal mining anyway. It damages the creeks and valleys which causes flooding and uses fewer miners and extracts more coal. In other words, they make more money with fewer people. If the coal companies are irresponsible, they should be held responsible. And right now we are having to live with the irresponsibility of the coal companies. God did not create the recent flooding. The mountain on Hwy. 317 has been torn away in the last three years by man. Neon is not alone though, this has happened in McRoberts and elsewhere. If only I make a phone call it will not matter, but if 100 to 150 people call and communicate their feelings and frustrations with our elected officials things could change. I am making my call, because I cannot continue to live with this mess and the stress of the next one coming. I hope you will take 15 minutes to do the same. Together we can do something.

A big hello back to you, Oma. I miss you and would love to see you.

Speak Your Piece is getting interesting again. The four pigs in No. 1 Bottom don’t smell. We smell, they stink. The in-law just might be right and some family members wrong. No, not all wrong, but some family members do stick their nose into business that they shouldn’t. A crosswalk is a crosswalk. When traffic clears you can walk across. You just have to be stupid to think you have the right of way. A car or truck will win. The comment about Johnson Fork and the braindiseased people is an easy one to understand. Some people have an IQ of 4 on a good day. They think if they take something or do something not legal and get by with it, someone will recognize them as cool. Then they go to church and it’s OK. Wrong again. They aren’t cool. Sad, but it only takes a few to ruin the good. Maybe tourists would come to see these brain-dead people. There are laws in the county, but you may have to wake up someone to enforce them. Just remember, you are right and the one who has a different idea is wrong. I prefer being an in-law.

Just a quick hello from Newcastle, Northern Ireland to say thank you to Karen from Letcher County who has been a valued friend and confidante and who has shown me the wondrous beauty of your great county. Best regards, Ean McCullough.

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