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I was just thinking, what if the preacher is wrong and the Bible is right? We’re going to be in a heap of trouble. Think about it.

A certain person who dresses in black and likes to sneak around people’s homes is being watched.

To my candy cane at Isom: I miss you, I love you, and I would like to hear from you. You know the number to call.

To the woman who lives in Pistol City: Are you jealous because you used to sleep with the man I have now? If you don’t leave him alone there will be trouble.

What’s up with the private parties and private picnics, church? If you’re not going to invite the rest of the crew, at least don’t rub it in their faces. The next time you go to one of your private barbecues in your chalets or a private beach party, be careful not to rub it in the faces of the rest of us.

To the people who come to church 20 minutes late every single week: Please be a little more respectful. That’s God’s house and you all come in there making too much noise.

With all due respect to Michael Jackson, he’s been dead for more than a week. All I see on my TV is Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. Let’s give it a break and move on to something else. With all apologies, I am sick and tired of it.

The police in Letcher County need to back off of Jason Ison. You all are nothing. You are looking for someone who isn’t even here. Got it? If you don’t quit harassing everyone, the members of his family will file charges against you.

To the sexy man who lives on Linefork and drives a Harley: You are hot.

To the nasty skank on Premium: Keep your mouth shut before you get it busted.

The road workers need to come to Linefork and fix the holes in the road.

My family does help me take care of my sick baby, but, no, my baby would not have been taken from me if they didn’t help me. I am a good mother. It’s nobody’s business who the father is.

It’s funny how the other day I asked a friend to put another friend on the prayer request. There are 500 names on the web site, but not the one I requested. I guess you have to be a member of a certain group to get a prayer request.

The reason there was no message left is because it was an accidental calling of your number. Please don’t read any more into it than what it was.

If I see you down in that alley again doing what you did on the last Sunday in June you’re going to be in big trouble. You may already be in big trouble, because I filmed it.

As a taxpaying citizen of Letcher County, I wonder why the people of Isom and Colson can’t get Internet service from AT&T. We’re having to put up with TVS Cable, and it’s terrible. I wish some of our county officials would check to see why we can’t get service from AT&T.

This is in response to the comment about the flooding in Neon being caused by mountaintop removal mining: In 1977, Neon had a lot worse flooding and there was no mountaintop removal mining at that time. You need to check your records.

We would like to wish our daughter, Kelli Smith of Defeated Creek on Linefork, a happy 19th birthday on July 12. Happy birthday, Kelli. We love you.

This is a message for the short blonde-haired twofaced baboon who comes to Jenkins: I want you to know that you’re talking about my friends behind their backs, too, but to their faces you just love them up. Actually, you must not have a single friend.

To the parents of the little girl who was out saying a certain man had touched her: If the parents had raised her the right way and not let her dress the way she dresses and stay at the homes of men, this wouldn’t have happened. They need to keep her at the house and take care of her. I blame it all on the parents.

(So a pervert who

‘touches’ a little girl isn’t to


Happy birthday to Derek Hall on July 15.

Honey, I sure do wish you would hurry and get your nerve up. Maybe if I kick your behind you could get your nerve up a little faster. I try to get you mad so you will get grouchy and hateful so you will get your nerve up like that. I’ve tried to do everything I know how to make you get your nerve up. Bye, you sweet little sugar baby.

I went to Green Acres Cemetery the other day and bought a grave plot. You know why? I wanted a grave with a view.

It was obvious that George W. always wanted to be a dramatic actor, but finally realized that he did not have the mental capacity. He used Bin Laudin and ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ to keep him in power, and it soon became clear that he had no intention of getting Bin Laudin. He had to have time to work out his plan to make his rich friends richer at the expense of the taxpayer, namely the hardworking people. Now we have gone from The Wild Wild West to Comedy Central in Washington. But it is not funny to know that within a few years you will be treated as an alien in your own country. Most of you do not realize that because you have not seen and heard what I have, firsthand. I saw from the beginning of the primary who would be President and offered to bet serious money on it, but got no takers. I have done all I can to bring you the truth, but since you choose not to listen, don’t start crying and complaining when you lose your country. Adios, amigos y amigas.

June 24, 2009. A day of independence. After a year and a half of a rough marriage, today the divorce is final. I’ve looked forward to this day, but somewhat dreaded it, too. Sometimes I guess failure and happiness go hand in hand. Through the love, support and patience of wonderful family, friends and co-workers, I found the strength to push on through. I’m thankful that God put these special people in my life who stand by me. They have taught me to love myself the way they love and accept me. Better things and brighter days have already begun. I can’t wait to see what God has in store. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are, D.B., C.B., J.A., T.C., G.H., F.C., C.F. You’re the best. Dry Fork is a wonderful, safe, and sane place to be.

5010, in all the years and today my thoughts of friendships are of you. Please come to Letcher County. An address and phone number would be nice and a welcome. Wishing you a happy life and hope you had a happy Fourth of July.

Hope you had a happy Fourth of July, Roland and Ellen. Misty, Nibble and I think you’re both wonderful and we love you very, very much.

I love seeing Holiness Pentecostals walking around. They’re so pretty, and the only people trying to get to Heaven anymore it seems. I love seeing them in their long skirts and long hair. Why are people so mean to them? All they do is try to do good; when did that become a bad thing? I wish we had more of them. I love them, every last one.

I’m looking for any information pertaining to my 10- year high school reunion. I saw one of my good friends, Christi Lee, in Lexington and she informed me about it. I’m finishing up my master’s degree in education, and will graduate in August of this year. If anyone has any information about my high school reunion, please contact me at: JasonHolbrook1980@yahoo.com. I will provide the respected person from my graduating class with my current address so that I may receive a formal invitation to this event. Thanks, Jason Holbrook, Whitesburg High School Class of 1999.

Why would my motherin law offer you $800 to kick my hind end when you would do it for a bag of pot?

Congratulations to my cousin, Gary Mullins, on being promoted to chief of the Whitesburg Fire Department. Tons of love and major proud of you. Hugs from your cousin, Pamela Mullins in Dayton, Oh.

As a citizen of Fleming- Neon, I am growing more concerned about the ability of our police department to protect us and our property. If a crime was to occur at he mouth of Barlow where they hang out then maybe, and only maybe, they would respond. We pay city taxes, buy city stickers and city business licenses and the police stay at a well-known establishment that has illegal poker machines they pay out on. A growing concern in the community is, why have police that are not willing to do their job? If the city is paying cell phone bills for these officers, then they might look into the amount of use they are getting. The so-called Chief spends more time on the phone than Ma Bell herself. He has also trained the new man to follow in his footsteps, and put his shift in at the mouth of Barlow. It may be time to look at the administration of the city and ask ourselves are they looking after our best interests, or looking the other way?

I just want to say that it takes a real cold heart to kill a cat that has newborn kittens. I just hope and pray that the guilt drives you crazy.

I attended this year’s Seedtime on the Cumberland, put together so beautifully by Appalshop in Whitesburg. I want to thank my generous host in Seco, the visionaries at Appalshop, and all the musicians and filmmakers who shared their craft and passion. I had a wonderful time, and still have all the music giving me peace back in the work-a-day world. You all live in a most beautiful place. I can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up looking at those mountains every day. Dianne in Maryland.

I enjoy being in Kentucky for over a month, but it is time to go back to my home in Summerville, S.C. It is always nice to get back home. I think of McRoberts as being my home, but my son Jeff came in, so I am going back with him. But I will be back the first of August. L.H.R.

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