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Who is the funny circus clown riding the BMW? That is hilarious. Who would do that to themselves?

To the editor: What was the first comment ever phoned into Speak Your Piece? And in what year did it start?

(Speak Your Piece began accepting comments during the Thanksgiving weekend of 1982. Those comments, about 16 of them, appeared in the Dec. 2 edition. The very first comment was this: ‘Preachers around here are preaching that it’s a sin if a man has long hair. The Bible doesn’t say that. It says it’s a shame, and that’s right in Corinthians 12:14. It says it is a shame. A shame and a sin are two different things. I would like to know what is right. Is a shame and a sin two different things?’) 

To a certain woman who was a patient at the clinic: Me and my friend got a kick out of you talking about your ex-husband like a dog, and how you showed him in court and got all that money in your divorce settlement. Way to go.

Stop global whining. Here are the facts: World temperatures have gone down for 11 years in a row. This is according to recent EPA reports, but Obama tries to hide this report. The Competitive Enterprise Institute had a copy of it on their website in June 25. Check it out. The passing of the Waxman-Markey bill is the largest tax increase in American history. It will eventually cost every American family $12 per day. So why don’t we hear about this in the papers? This doesn’t get published in most newspapers. People like the Sierra Club and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth make it a point not to allow that to happen. Check out the July 5 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette entitled ‘Green Nonsense.’

Let’s see if The Mountain  Eagle will put that in the paper.

(Neither the Sierra Club nor Kentuckians for the Commonwealth has any influence over what does or does not appear in this newspaper. The controversy over the EPA report to which you refer has been covered in many of the nation’s major newspapers, including The New York Times. Top EPA officials say the report wasn’t released because it wasn’t based on science and its authors  are not scientists. That said, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s refusal to release a report that argues against the immediate need for government action to fight global warming is eerily similar to the Bush Administration’s controversial decision to cover up EPA documents calling for the immediate need for government action on global warming. It’s sad that politics on either end of the spectrum, including the rightwing ‘think tank’ you reference, play any role in such a debate.)

In last week’s Speak Your Piece, someone commented about the poker houses not being shut down. One is located in McPeek’s Branch. They have poker machines and all. The police have known about it for a long time, but it’s never been shut down. Someone needs to call the state in on them.

To a certain woman from Jenkins: I just don’t know how much longer you can survive with all these rumors about you. I don’t believe a word of it. Just hold your head high.

To our mayor of Jenkins from the concerned citizens of Brickyard Hill: We are very disappointed that you haven’t had the tree removed that keeps people from seeing when pulling out onto the road. When will this tree be removed from the side of the highway? The state highway department had better do something before there is a bad wreck in the City of Jenkins.

The ducks have been in Jenkins for more than 50 years. There’s never been a problem with the duck droppings before. Why now?

Our God has blessed the United States of America. We can never thank our good Master enough. We need to thank Him for having mercy on our souls.

It must be nice when a church holds private picnics and private parties and invites only a select few. Don’t they know they’re hurting people’s feelings?

You asked for it and now you’ve got it. Every night I spend in this town you’re going to get it — the bluelight special.

To the guy with the new car: Can I come and take a ride?

Enough has been said about the condition of the railroad crossings on KY 15 near Vicco. But what about the conditions of the crossings on KY 7, between Jeff and Letcher? Is it because people are on Route 7 and go a slower speed? They’re in just as bad shape on Route 7, but everyone goes ballistic about the crossings on KY 15. Just obey the speed limit law, slow down and go over them. CSX should be contacted about the crossings on Route 7, too.

I have a question for Obama: Isn’t it rather hypocritical to favor abortion when you’re already born?

It’s your little baby girl Cheyenne. I just want to make a shout-out to my daddy who lives in Louisville. He lives far away and I don’t get to see him very often.

My landlords who live at Ice need to come and fix my house over by the Extension office. It’s not working right and they won’t come fix it.

I’m from Pistol City and I’m not afraid of the woman who called Speak Your Piece last week. And I can have him anytime I want.

Our Relay for Life Team would like to thank everybody who gave at our roadblock and bought our raffle tickets. A special thanks to the State of Mind band, Donna Boggs, Joe Eddy Eversole, the bikers who rode in our fundraiser, Walmart, the Neon Volunteer Fire Department, Marshall Bevins, Donna’s Purses and More, Reggie the Pepsi man, Jody Fleming, Neon Area Cruisers, Food City, Breeding’s Trucking, Bill ‘Cody’ Rose, Jesse Howard and Todd DePriest. Thanks so much for making our team a success.

‘Be ye doers of the word, not hearers only.’ How could a person preach on that for 30 minutes when you know there are people right there who have asked for jobs to do, but have been turned down in favor of more high society people?

Why is every so sad about Michael Jackson? All he was is an accused child molester.

Hello, Dream Lover. I miss you and can hardly wait to be with you again. As the rain hits my roof tonight, it sounds like a heartbeat at times. When my head and hand are near your heart, I can hear and feel its strong beat and how much faster it gets when you kiss or touch me. I love you and hope to see you very soon. Your sunshine.

So you admit you’ve been harassing me. Well that’s too bad. I’m still ignoring you.

To a girl named Marcy: I found something that you’ve lost. Please call me at 606-821-6059.

Fathers, love your wife and kids and tell them every day that you love them. You never know when they might be called to heaven. Then it’s too late.

So you think I am too old to be driving a truck that sits high off the ground and you say I look dumb in it. Who cares what you think, Mr. Jealous? I didn’t know there was an age limit on what kind of vehicle a man can drive. You say I look dumb, but you just proved you are dumb by saying such a stupid thing. And you think I should get a real man’s job? I think I did about 22 years ago. I’m still employed there and hold a good position with the company. You must be one of the deadbeats we had to let go.

I wonder if the husband of a certain woman knows she was in Vicco dancing with a fake Elvis. My, my, your mischievous is catching up with you. Hubby needs to know this and much more.

A certain woman who works at Walmart is a backstabber. She acts like she is your friend to your face, but talks about you like a dog behind your back. She will do anything to get her revenge on you.

To a certain woman: That false tale you told one family member has caught up with you. Everybody knows when you tried to get another family member thrown out so you could take over the money, not one family member went along with you. That is so greedy, greedy, greedy.

Watch out, everyone in Ingram’s Creek. Rat is back in town and he is dragging his big long tail.

To the new judge in Whitesburg: I hear you are a hard man to deal with. I hope you are. My son-inlaw has not paid child support in years. I have had to support his children and grandchildren for years. That in itself doesn’t bother me, but I hope you give those deadbeat dads pure hell. If you are giving them hell, sir, then more power to you.

To a certain person: Our date last week was amazing. I haven’t quit thinking about you. I wish we didn’t have to be so discreet. I wish we could go out in the public so everyone in the world could know our love for one another. V.G.

Ricky Vance, you are such a goodhearted and caring person. You have such a sweet soul and you have been a true blessing to others. You are appreciated and loved by many.

Norma Jean Hall, I just wanted to let you know that your Indy family are keeping you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Hello. I’m needing some information about my 10- year high school reunion. I graduated in 1999. I saw a friend from my graduating class who told me that our 10-year reunion was going to be held in August. Can anyone from my graduating class please email me with information? My email address is: JasonHolbrook1980@yahoo.com. If you are from my graduating class, please email me and give me some information about our reunion. Thanks so much.

It’s a shame that a church group is charging a $30 fee for free mattresses and box springs. A church group in Letcher County that hands out free food and clothing each month is now charging the poor people of Letcher County a $30 fee to get a bed that they get free to give out. What does Jesus tell his 12 followers in the Bible? ‘Go out into the world and preach my Gospel and don’t take one piece of silver or gold for this deed, for your riches are in Heaven.’ Shame, shame on this group. While we are talking about Letcher County, I like the way that the City of Neon is looking with a fresh coat of paint on the curbs. It’s also a shame that this seems to happen right before the Neon Day Festival starts, but it looks great.

Dustin Lee Helton, I hope you get better soon so we can go four-wheeler riding. We love and miss you. The Helton family.

Just when I think all these ‘family values’ conservatives can’t get any more ridiculous with all their various affairs, looking for anonymous sex in airport bathrooms, and abandoning their jobs in the middle of their terms, TEAbaggers are demonstrating in Jenkins. Funny thing is, I don’t remember hearing a peep out of them while George ‘W.’ Bush was peeing away hundreds of billions of dollars murdering innocent civilians in Iraq. Or is that just because they think bombing women and children is a good thing since they’re not Christians? They weren’t worried about our founding documents while Bush was running them through the White House shredder so that he could torture people, lock them up in secret prisons without due process, spy on his own citizens, and commit all the other evil and incompetence that conservatives love so much. But now that we have a President who is honest and intelligent and cares about people and is trying to help them, the TEAbaggers are oh, so worried about our country. How did I get onto this? I looked up ‘hypocrites’ in the dictionary and they had a picture of the TEAbaggers. Thanks for the laughs, folks, and keep up the hilarious work.

To Jessie Williams Miller, you are such a special person. You have spent your life loving and caring for others. You have the biggest heart of anyone I kno w. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. You are a blessing to all who know you. I love you with all of my heart.

If you’ve ever felt alone, rejected, confused, lost, anxious, wrong, wronged, unclean, angry, ashamed, curious or used, someone out there loves you. Never give up, and never let them take you alive.

To the girl who keeps trying to please a good-looking guy: Don’t you know it takes a person in the medical field to know what one likes? You’re wasting your time. He doesn’t love you, just tolerates you, doesn’t respect you, and just uses you. Get lost.

Honey, what else can I say? You are everything I ever dreamed of and wanted. I’ve had the most wonderful two years of my life. You are my best friend forever. Words cannot express my love. You are truly wonderful. From the luckiest girl on earth. P.S. I love calling and waking you up every morning.

To the family of Ada Maloney: I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I didn’t know until I read in The Mountain Eagle. I live in Florida. Ada was a wonderful person. She was a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen her for a few years. That was before Raymond passed away. I met her sister Burdie in Michigan. I moved to Florida in 1980. I hope some of her family would write. Here is my address, Catherine Merritt, 405 Foxwood Dr., Brandon, FL 33510-4015.

This goes out to our homeboy, P.C.: Hope you had a happy birthday on July 11. Tattoo man and I miss you a lot. We talk and laugh about the good times we have had in the past. We hope you’re holding strong, and make sure you keep your head up because there is nothing on the ground for homies like us. You know you’re still a big part of the EKB (East Kentucky Brotherhood) and always will be. We are at Western Kentucky Correctional Complex. We should be home around summer of 2011, maybe sooner. I go back up for parole on Aug. 1, 2010, after an 18-month flop. Tattoo Man goes back up Jan. 1, 2011, after a 30-month flop. We both have our hearts set for the summer of 2011. If you want to write, get up with R. H. He has our institution numbers and our address. Well brother, be careful out there. Your true homeboys for life, D. H., a/k/a Sleeves, and A.M. a/k/a Tattoo Man.

There is a woman who works at Walmart and every time I see her she’s got a big smile on her face. My mother always told me that overly friendly women were easy. So I asked around and was told that you think you’re above everyone else and that you were a tease. Lady, there are a lot of goodlooking women out there. You are a pretty woman, but I’ve seen better. There are quite a few good-looking women at Walmart. Just a little friendly advice: You had better watch who you’re friendly with. Some people might take it the wrong way.

I had thought that I would not write anymore because most people don’t care what happens to this country, but this needs to be said. President Obama says that we can’t meddle in Iran’s affairs even though protesters are being beaten, thrown in prison, and even killed, yet he and Hillary have joined with Castro and Chavez, protesting and saying that the ouster of Honduras’s president is illegal. This in spite of the fact that he was subverting the constitution and the people, along with the Supreme Court, threw him out. Don’t think that this same thing can’t happen to your constitution. And the global warming lie, like the hole in the ozone layer which started in the ’70s, is just another scam to make millions for people like Al Gore and the heads of General Electric, further bankrupting this nation and hurting the truly working class.

I just read something very disturbing in The Mountain Eagle. The man who ran from the police and almost hit other people on the highway is already out of jail on a property bond. What is wrong with these people? They said that his mother and grandparents got him out of jail, and that was after they hid him out from the police for day, and plus, he was out laughing about how close he came to hitting those cars. They run around acting like fine citizens and church members, but if they really were they would have some concern about other people. That is why these thugs act like they do, because their families run and get them out of jail and they never suffer the consequences for what they do. Didn’t his family see the picture in The Mountain Eagle? This man, and he is not a boy, could have killed the other people in the cars. I think the people who get these idiots out of jail should be personally responsible for everything they do. And the last thing I have to say is, if that piece of crap ever hurts anyone in my family, his family will not get him out of jail on a property bond because I will own their property.


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