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Hey girls in Letcher County. Have you seen the new sanitation worker? I saw the best-looking tall, dark-skinned, black-haired man hanging off the back of a garbage truck Wednesday evening. He looks like he’s in his early 20s. He had his shirt cut off at the sleeves. Please put it in Speak Your Piece if you know his name and if he’s single. I’m 19 and single. My name starts with a J.

This is to all the child molesters in the state, especially here in Letcher County and Wayne County: It’s a shame that our legal system has failed our young, innocent children. The taxpayers are out thousands of dollars every year to fund a sex abuse program for you sick-o’s. Let me tell you something, there’s no help for that sickness. This program you go to can’t teach you not to fondle and have sex with babies. What is wrong with you people? I t’s a waste of time and money for the state. Worst of all, you’re put back on the streets by the parole board after completing your year of S.O.P., to molest more innocent babies. You all should never be put back in society. I’m a common criminal that has seen from inside a courtroom, jails and prisons, that you all are treated more in a well-mannered, respectful way than the other inmates. Why? Only God knows. If the system doesn’t change from where it stands, we normal people are going to have to stand up for our innocent children, taking justice in our own hands. Starting from the streets to the jails and prisons. It’s called vigilante justice. So listen close, real close. We E.K.B.’s are taking a stand to protect the innocent babies. You all don’t have to worry about judges, prosecutors and jurors any more. It’s us. We know the house in Lexington that welcomes you sick people, thanks to the news. We also know where a lot of you are, and we are watching you closely. Be seeing you soon. Sleeves.

I’m real sorry to hear about Herbie Adams of Little Cowan passing away. Patsy, Angel and family, he was a very special friend of mine and he will be sadly missed. Stanley Pack.

Reading The Mountain Eagle last week, I was shocked to read what the owner of the winery was telling. Every word he said in that story was untrue and everyone who lives here in Seco knows it. The only thing I can hope for is that the saying ‘what comes around goes around’ is true. I just hope that I live long enough to see it. And by the way, I would like to know what dummy made up the signs that tell people not to park on county ‘rightaway.’ For future reference, it is ‘right-of-way,’ not ‘rightaway.’

To promote our government and make it go, we cannot use status quo. The economy of the past was based around the elite and today everyone faces a sense of defeat. Many government officials have been in their positions too long. Voters need to send these incompetents home. We have elected individuals without qualifications and that has been part of the downfall in our nation. Patriotism has been up and down, validation of this fact can be seen in most towns. Many times we have elected crooks. They have proved to us that they can ‘cook the books.’ Most politicians profess the same, that their biggest goal is to stay in the game. We have a few visionaries in government today, but without support for their thoughts, their plans fade away. Prescription drugs have been misused and illegal drugs have left our nation confused. The time arrives when elections are over, politicians open up the coffer covers. The politicians’ big aim is to make money the vital part of their game. The secular world is moving on, but God will not allow this plan too long. We know this as a fact, that most of the tax is paid by the middle class. We have used and abused our mineral resources, so today we are looking for other sources. Law and order is in doubt because we have let some of the criminals out. The automotive industry has been made lean and the taxpayers’ pockets have been cleaned. The politicians have made pork barrel spending such a joke. Every one of them needs to be poked. Wall Street was given the right to manage everyone’s money, but the job they did was not funny. If this info has put on your thinking cap, then why don’t you lie down and take a nap?

I don’t think anybody could possibly need to chew Nicorette gum, smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, and every now and then wear a patch. That’s just making an appointment with the funeral home. I don’t think anybody on earth needs to have that much nicotine. That’s a bad habit.

You can be a thinker or you can be a doer. You can spend all of your time thinking about something and being unsure, or you can do something about the situation and probably get better results.

To a certain family at Kona: What makes you think you can actually take children who are no relation to you away from their real family who love them unconditionally. You almost had the justice system fooled into thinking you truly cared for those two beautiful little girls. We know we are not perfect and we don’t claim to be, but before you start pointing fingers you should make sure your own hands are clean.

‘No,’ he laughed, ‘the other counties aren’t nearly this nice, but you have to remember, none of the other counties had a governor.’ Former Gov. Paul Patton made these remarks on the future of eastern Kentucky with or without coal. Yes, I would say Pike County is a very fortunate county. But let’s ask ourselves one question: How do the southeastern Kentucky counties stack up to the central Kentucky counties and northern Kentucky counties? We are going to have to compete with these counties when the coal is gone. No one has cared about southeastern Kentucky before; why would they care now? Paul Patton acts as if he is the only politician who has made any contribution to the mountains. He is arrogance personified.

To the person who called in disgruntled about the people who got their grandson and son out of trouble for evading the police recently: I don’t blame them one single bit. You stick by your family. Blood is thicker than water. I don’t care if a member of my family cut somebody’s head off with an ax, I would do whatever I had to do to help him or her. You stick by your family. Family is all you have in this life.

It seems to me that Mayor Dixon seems to care only about the people on Lakeside and the people on Main Street in Jenkins. Leave the ducks alone people. This was their travel way long before we were here.

This is to the people who frown on people being late for church: Just remember, it’s better to be tardy than absent.

A certain person won’t do anything for her son. I have to run everywhere and do everything for him. She’s always been worthless and she’s still no benefit .

I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in getting karate or some other martial arts training organized in the Blackey area. The library or senior citizens’ center would be a great place. They had these classes there years ago. I have asked several people, and the large majority of them said they would be interested and join if some teacher out there would get such a class going. With fall and winter around the corner, it would be great exercise and learning for indoors. If anyone is interested, please respond in Speak Your Piece and I will see about getting the ball in motion if I get enough replies.

If that had been a husband of mine he would be history.

People need to read the law in Letcher County. Playing poker is not illegal. They need to keep their mouths off McPeek’s Branch. There is nothing up there. Why don’t you call the state?

If you’re one of the people who believes that President Obama wasn’t born in America, you are a certifiable idiot. They have now proven that not only is his birth certificate from Hawaii legitimate, but on the day after his birth the Honolulu daily paper mentioned that a boy was born to his parents. Where do some of you idiots come up with this kind of stuff? The people on CNN say it’s embarrassing that they even have to report this kind of stuff. I can certainly see why. Americans just keep getting dumber by the day.

You better watch what you give people, Blue Light Special, because some people have the ability to turn it around on you and blow it right back in your ugly face.

People wonder why there’s a problem with the duck droppings now when there wasn’t before. It’s because someone who owns a business downtown does nothing but whine and cry about it.

Concerning the Pine Mountain trail system being blocked by the Deputy Dog Hunting Club, I wonder if the owners of the stone quarry located in Burdine are aware of an employee of their company allowing this club to take over their land. I also thought that national forest land was for public use. How can this club deny access to land that taxpayers like all of us pay to use? If anyone has any answers, please respond in next week’s paper.

Concerning the poker house, how could the person who called in know what they have in the house unless he has lost his behind and is trying to get even? We all know who is calling. It could be devastating to their family.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I read recently in The Mountain Eagle the concerns of the sheriff and others about narcotics and the illegal use of them in Letcher County. There is a relatively new drug out that when used as prescribed can relieve the county of its narcotics problem. This is Suboxone. It is a miracle drug. The court needs to direct addicts to this drug or put them in jail. We have at least two doctors in this area who deal with addiction — Dr. Cheney in Hazard and Dr. Rosen in Harlan.

To the person calling about the poker house: You shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses when you are having an affair. Stones can bounce back.

I read The Kentucky Explorer every month. I’ve been reading it for 16 years now. The only thing I’ve seen in there interesting lately is about the Confederate army in Letcher County. Let me tell you something, folks, the Caudills aren’t the only ones who fought for the Confederates in the Civil War. There were Hamptons, Fieldses and others. Why don’t they put any of their names in The Kentucky Explorer?

I can and will survive in Jenkins. I can survive anything as long as I’ve got the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you were really concerned you wouldn’t have put that in Speak Your Piece.

I see where Sam Church, the former president of the UMWA, has died. I don’t care. He hurt me bad back in the Seventies when he would not stand up for me. The UMWA would still be here if it wasn’t for Sam Church.

To a father and son in the Letcher County Jail: You might be a redneck if you show up for a jury trial with no attorney. To the son: I am calling your doctor on you.

So you don’t think I look right driving the truck that’s high off the ground? Well, turn your head as I go by.

Hey, Marlowe, how’s it going, boy? I love you. I’m still hanging on. Call me.

Being shy is not going to get you anywhere. You have to be more straightforward. You’re as good as anyone else. You just need to be more aggressive.

Page 11 of last week’s paper had pictures of a race. It said Terry Perkins was the winner of the race driving car 77, but the car had 45 on the door. I think there’s a little difference.

(We did that on purpose

just to see if you would catch


Preacher man says we need to have a special prayer for a friend, that his request is more special. They’re all special. The one I asked for a few weeks ago was special, too, but went unrecognized.

When ex-UMWA president Sam Church used to go to Consol and Bethlehem back in the day he would come out from being in the mines with the men and go take a shower with the company men. He didn’t take a shower with us regular old coal miners, because he thought he was above us. Anyone who doesn’t like this can eat humble pie.

Trying to hurt people for no reason will only come back to haunt you.

I would like to direct this message to Mrs. Ezra Watts, whose picture I saw in the paper with members of her family: I would love to write her a letter or card, but don’t have her address. Would she please put her address in Speak Your Piece for me? This is Betty Collier Terry and I would love to get in contact with her?

Well I surely do think that you’re talking about the low-life.

I want to know what’s wrong with the men and women around here that they don’t come to Hemphill Community Center for Bluegrass on Friday nights. They are good and nice people up there.

The landman snooping around McRoberts needs to quit stalking my wife.

Thank you sweetheart. You are the best. What can I say, I am as lucky as you are, maybe more. Your pretty face and your pretty smile mean the world to me.

I just love to hear a fat woman walk around the office in flip-flops. Each time she plants a foot it sounds like a vertical saw-log dropped on a basketball floor. Then that flip-flop sounds like your mama’s palm smacking your little brother’s cheek after he lets the f-word slip when it hits her fat heel. Stomp-slap, stomp-slap, stomp-slap. Yeah, boy.

Why is the world celebrating the life of Michael Jackson? He might have been a singer, and don’t take that away from him, however, he was an accused child molester. Why aren’t there more praising of the American soldiers who give their life for their country? Farrah Fawcett sure died at the wrong time. She got minimum coverage. I can’t understand how anyone can make an idol out of an ordinary person just because they become famous. We cannot take our money with us when the angel of death comes for us.

Overloaded coal trucks are on the road again. This law enforcement we have is an unbelievable joke. Have a nice day.

I wish the United States would fence off Texas from the Old Mexico-New Mexico line, clean around the Gulf at Louisiana. Then George ‘Worst’ Bush could declare himself the Emperor of Mexico and march into Mexico City at the head of a column of Minutemen. It’s been better than one hundred and fifty years since the last gringo tried something like that. He was stood up against a wall and shot, which is a low enough bar for old W. No matter how that turns out, it’s a win-win situation for the rest of us. Not Cheney, though. He should be spitted over a fire and roasted until the lard runs out. Sic ’em, Nancy.

You’re the sitting president, following the worst administration in history, and don’t want anyone digging into what the last bunch did. Maybe you believe the executive branch ought not to investigate the executive branch, and you’re hinting that Congress needs to do the dirty work. Or maybe, since the arch-criminals, Cheney and Bush, threw down some pretty big executive-privilege markers, you’d like their dirty dealings to stand as a precedent for whatever you have up your sleeve. The Conyers Report, for instance, on the lies that got us into Petroleum War II, contains enough credible evidence for any US District Attorney in any jurisdiction in the country to indict Cheney and Bush for, say, treason by fraud in the inducement to war. Public officials get immunity from prosecution for their legal actions. I’m sure plenty of what Dick Cheney did while he ran the country behind our challenged ex is illegal. We absolutely must investigate, prosecute and litigate anything we can dig up on old Dick. We owe it to ourselves and future Americans to spell out just exactly how wrong the Cheney Bush model of government is. Besides, if the economy doesn’t turn around pretty quickly, it’ll be a hard slog next fall in the Congressional elections. What better reminder of why we voted out the bums in the first place than Dick Cheney defying a battery of House investigative committees attacking him with the facts? Sic ’em, Nancy.

I cannot believe you allowed my and J’s daughter and grandson to stay the night at my trailer, and at the same time you were drawing up the papers to have her arrested for breaking and entering, and had the police to come and arrest his own daughter and boyfriend. Knowing mine and his grandson was with them. And because they weren’t arrested you then made them escort them out of Coon Hollow. Your sister’s best friend gave them the key, and when the police asked her how they got in, she told them he gave her the key. That’s why they weren’t arrested. And then you told him to stay out of it, but of course he will agree with you. After all, he lives in your house. They had to sleep in the car because their headlights had shorted out, and they were there to visit his grave and clean it. You should be ashamed that you had no more respect than that for your own brother. I know J would disown you for that. Her daddy was murdered violently and D was his life. How dare you put my daughter and grandson out of the home we built together for a $700 tombstone that I couldn’t get any other way? I trusted you to be the one I could count on. Man, what a deal you’ve got — a tool building, thousands of dollars worth of tools, property, mobile home, all the cars and everything I had left from a 25-year marriage that he and I had built together. All personal belongings? Why would I do that? It’s funny how I found the receipt yesterday and the only thing I remember on the receipt when I signed it was the property. Only two months after he passed and you won’t allow them to his grave. My name is on that stone, too, and if I choose to be buried there when I pass, then I’m choosing to be buried where my daughter and grandson can’t visit my grave either. Would J have ever done that to you? Never. C.

Should the Letcher County Cooperative Extension Office be pushing wine making when drunks are such a blight on society already? This is nothing but another example of their socialist agenda to help Obama destroy America. The state taxes the citizens to spread around the wealth when a capitalist organization could advise gardeners and growers much more efficiently and ethically.

My buddy and I gave our boat to two friends as long as they kept the boat in good working order. We went out on the boat this weekend and realized that they hadn’t done a lick of upkeep on the boat. Thanks a bunch C. and H. for ruining mine and N.’s boat.

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