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My son lost his PSP case with his PSP and several games in it. He left it at Riverside Park in Whitesburg on Thursday, July 23. When he returned it was gone. We would greatly appreciate the return of these items. We are offering a cash reward to get these items back. Anyone with information can call us at (606) 832-0013 or 821-5491. Thank you.

To the persons attacking the McPeeks Branch ‘supposed’ poker house: If there was any card playing going on, it’s among friends. Sounds like a jealous wife attacking the ‘supposed’ poker house at McPeeks Branch. Truth is, if your husband is cheating on you it will be anywhere at any time. So either keep your man happy at home or follow him to his true locations of extracurricular fun times.

To my Michigan family members: It tears me apart every time one of your gossips runs through the family’s conversations. You sit up there with nothing to do but tear down those you haven’t seen in years. The years we were able to spend together, true love and respect were given to both of you freely, and the love is still there, so why do you constantly tear us down? Yes, the procedure was necessary and no, no one is addicted to their medication. They take it as prescribed. Maybe you need to check your closer family members and their habits. And hey, what about your illegal habit? So please, quit tearing those down who have never hurt you. Life here is struggle enough, but we appreciate all we have and all that truly love us.

To the person who said that you stick by your family no matter what: That is why this country is in such a mess and we have 25 percent of the world’s prison population, and the prisons are overcrowded. Blood is not thicker than morality.

I remember when 9-11- 01 happened and how everyone seemed to be so patriotic and concerned about their fellow Americans, and how they pulled together for our nation. We were in a dire time, and I feel the President at that time, George W. Bush, and the whole Senate and House of Representatives pulled together as a team of 20 Mule Team Borax mules would do. But I also remember how the Taliban promised to destroy the United States from within. I feel that is exactly what is going on now in Washington with all the ridiculous bills they are pushing through on the working people, whether you are rich or not. If you work you lose. If you never work they will see that you and all the illegitimate children you have will be taken care of. This way, the working family is taking care of not only their family, but all these others. I know this has been going on for years, but the way our Taliban is working in Washington today, it isn’t going to be long before they have done its job and destroyed the United States completely.

(Inquiring minds will ask which ‘ridiculous bills’ have been pushed through in Washington during 2009 how they will destroy working people and our nation?

Care to enlighten them?)

I live in a housing project that is supposed to be for low- or no-income people and I am getting paid to be a police officer, am I still legal? If I fall in the woods on a pile of deer manure while doing my job, can I bring charges against the deer for my being clumsy in performing my job? What if I put my handcuffs on the deer and whack it a few times with my flashlight about the head after I have it cuffed? Can I still hold the deer accountable for the torn zipper on my $110 boots, even though the boots are Chinese junk as are most other products? Did the sheriff ‘s department buy them for me or did I use my own money? Would I sound really stupid in the newspaper and in court crying about my torn boot zipper? What if all county workers, such as the sanitation department people, tore a boot and started whining? Would we all be left in a pile of garbage all week until someone got his or her zipper fixed? What if I tear my zipper on my pants while urinating on the job? Who would I file charges against then? I wonder if the deer could charge me for beating him after I put on the cuffs? What if the deer has pictures and witnesses? As I sit here polishing my badge, I wonder about all these intellectual and brilliant questions. Signed: To Serve and Protect My Zipper.

Concerning the comment about Obama’s birth certificate, he has never shown an actual birth certificate, just a certification of live birth, which is not the same thing.

And, the officials in Hawaii have said that the certification he has shown is not the valid form. Also, an attorney has a tape recording of his step-grandmother from Kenya saying that he was born in Kenya.

(On Monday (July 27), the director of Hawaii’s state Department of Health, issued a statement for the second time since October attesting to the fact that she has personally seen the full birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, a document which shows that Obama was born in Honolulu’s Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.

Hawaii state law forbids the release of the full birth certificate of Obama or anyone else. Hawaii’s Republican governor also says that Obama was born in Honolulu.

If you don’t trust those two public officials, then check the August 13, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper which carries an announcement of Obama’s birth on Page B6, fourth from the bottom in the left-hand column. By the way, the website www.factcheck.org is your friend. Embrace it. And visit it each time you hear a rumor as foolish as the one about Obama not being born in the United States.)

To the girl who asked about the good-looking guy working with sanitation: I have already asked about him. He is a summer worker on college break. He is taken. He is going to medical school. I can’t wait for an appointment.

Many of our local stores and fast food managers need to take a look at this customer service article, reprinted from MSN Money. And it would not hurt if our local courthouse showed it to all its employees, especially as they receive their paycheck courtesy of the taxpayer. Rudeness has become an accepted way of doing business, but it seems the employees are only doing the job the way management trained them. The customers know what bad customer service is. Their pet peeves: Not making eye contact. Answering the phone. Chatting to other clerks. Not counting change back. Walking past shoppers who need help.

This is concerning a driver at a local dirt track. Congratulations, Bro, for finally getting in the victory lane picture without you racing. How come your car has never been in the paper for winning a race? Good question, right?

This is for my gorgeous husband Chris. I love you, sweetheart, more than you will ever know. It is so wonderful being your wife. This is something that was meant to be and I am happier now than I have ever been in my whole entire life. I just want you to know how much I appreciate the way you love me and the way you make me feel. July 10 will be a day that I will cherish for the rest of my life. That is the day that I became one with you. You are my life, my everything, and I will show you every day that you are my king. I love you, my gorgeous husband. Love always, your wife Star.

The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her actions. Matthew 11:19. I suspect Christ Jesus would not be welcome in Letcher County.

What is all the hype about using the term Indian? That word was used for many years, now it is the correct usage to say American Indians. I have Indian blood in me so I have been told, well so I am supposed to have Irish in me too. I am not offended. I did not tell my ancestors who to be born to, and on down the line. I am not going around and saying well, my ancestors came from Ireland. Big whomping to-do. My grandmother had the high cheek bones of Indian traditions, my great-grandmother looked like she had the same features. I didn’t try to kill Indians, nor did my close relations. That is history and been done hundreds of years ago. I do not believe we should go around calling names. Lord knows I’ve been called a few not of racial nature. Have you ever watched a grown child of yours slowly destroy their life with alcohol? Have you ever watched them destroy themselves with a pill? So why don’t people put their time and effort to volunteer to help someone than to worry about a little cotton picking think such as a name that has been around since time began?

To the jealous wife from Ermine: No one cares that your husband is seeing another woman. Frankly, I am sick of your mouth talking about it. He isn’t going to stop seeing the other woman anyway, so give it a rest.

In response to the person encouraging Nancy Pelosi to pursue investigation/ prosecution of Bush/ Cheney, I can only say, get your priorities straight. For heaven’s sake, it is behind us. I didn’t approve of everything Bush did, including TARP, but for goodness sake let it go. Nancy Pelosi lied through her teeth about intelligence briefings. Is anyone pursuing that? In the past six months, a highly irresponsible Congress (Republicans and Democrats alike) has passed unread legislation that is fundamentally changing our country, stripping us of our basic freedoms, and the left continues to hound poor W. He is no longer in power, has been gentleman enough not to comment on Obama’s decisions, and he did not whine. So far I’ve heard a lot of references to inherited problems, but I think it is time for Obama to buck up and accept responsibility for the path he has chosen. Just this week, he was immature and irresponsible enough to brand a policeman’s dutiful actions as stupid behavior. The man injects talks of racism at every opportunity, and this episode tells young people they don’t need to respect authority. It is scary to think this man has set a path to utter socialism, and has been so successful at it. Has any law passed in this administration made you better off than you were six months ago? So far since January, we have lost control of the auto industry, financial institutions, and are on the verge of destroying our ability to access adequate health care. Ruining health care for most to benefit some is not the proper approach. As a registered nurse, I have seen fraudulent billing practices from Medicare and private insurers, and consequently we all pay more. Why not address an area like this in which we could save billions, instead of making changes that will lead to rationing? Enforce laws in place already, and slowly, thoughtfully, modify facets of health care to make improvements. Do I need to point out these decisions don’t need to made exclusively by lawmakers and lobbyists? When a car salesman tells me we have to get this deal done today, I have enough sense to walk away. When a deal is on the proposed level of this health care deal, for goodness sake, run. Sic ’em, Nancy? Please.

This is to the person who wrote in about the wine making class at the Extension Office: Using your logic, they shouldn’t be teaching people how to grow things to eat either because of all the fat people in the county. How does this have anything to do with ‘stupid’ Obama? If people make wine at home, they won’t be paying alcohol taxes to that socialist country you talked about. What a goofball.

Could you put me in touch with someone with compassion and patience? I would like to find out some information about a certain area and a specific graveyard and will need them to look up some information. Thanks, Gary Adams, Gloucester, Va.

Congratulations, social services and family members in Deane and Jackhorn. I guess you’re happy that you succeeded in putting an innocent couple in jail because of your lies. You all have harassed them for years because you couldn’t control their lives and children. Remember, on Judgment Day you will find out about lying tongues and bearing false witness, especially the so-called Christian in Deane. How could you ever do that to your own grandchild? I hope you sleep good at night.

Don’t you think we’ve spent a whole lot of money just trying to get into outer space? And all those experiments we did in outer space, couldn’t we have done most of the here on earth? Wouldn’t it have been better to spend that money here on earth and cured diseases before we started scattering them around the universe? Sure, I thank God for the Hubble space telescope, but let’s get this earth shored up before we start polluting all the other universes and galaxies. Think about it.

I would like to ask the people if they think it’s right for a pastor to stop right in the middle of his sermon and call down little children who are in church. Please respond. It’s important to me. I really don’t have the desire to go back to this church again because this happened. And I mean the preacher really yelled at these children.

There sure is a lot of traffic up and down Slate Avenue in Fleming-Neon. They’re also racing that big Mustang motor. Wow. Wonder what’s going to happen when the woman comes and claims her car. Think about it.

Preacher man, you say your phone is very important to you — that it lets you get in touch with the Internet no matter where you are. Why don’t you try using it every once in a while and putting on some of the prayer requests people are telling you about instead of just certain ones?

I really think the state police should come to Jenkins and see what goes on every Friday and Saturday night.

I am calling in response to the recent article about Seco and Jackie Looney. I expected better from this newspaper. I expected when you went out to do a story that you got both sides of the story. I sincerely hope that you charged Jackie Looney for that three-quarters of-a-page ad you gave him. He is being untruthful and deceitful, and it’s your job as a newspaper and as journalists to check that out before you print it. I hope you print this if you’ve got the nerve.

This is in response to the signs that were put up on Seco Drive in Seco that tell people not to park on the county right-of-way. They spelled right-of-way as one word, ‘rightaway.’ I don’t know who put the signs up or who paid for them, but spelling right-of-way as ‘rightaway’ is as stupid as leaving the ‘b’ off the end of the word ‘dumb.’ Somebody needs to learn to use spell check.

Whitco is still not cleaned up. A certain drug dealer is being watched.

To 5010: My phone number is 843-261-9080. I’ll be in for a reunion and would like to get in touch with this person while I am there.

It’s a shame they won’t do anything about the two drug dealers on Pratt Branch. You can’t get in and out of Pratt Branch for the pill heads stopping and sniffing their pills up their noses. Sergeant Brian Damron of the sheriff’s office needs to come down here and stop all this if he can.

I think the cops needs to go back on Carbon Glow Mountain on the weekends and stop all the partying and drug dealing. You can’t even get the cops to do anything anymore. UNITE won’t even do anything anymore.

We’re going to be having a beer party every weekend in the head of Carbon Glow on the strip job — every weekend until the snow falls. The law never comes around and everybody is welcome.

Ducks have been around since the world began. Let the people keep feeding the ducks at the park in Jenkins.

To the person who said it’s better to be tardy than to miss church: Just remember, being tardy several times adds up to being absent.

To the lady on Buck Creek: My sister’s air-conditioner wasn’t broken, but I had a nice time with my ex — twice. I’m still the one.

There’s a bunch of rats on Ingram’s Creek.

Where do you find the meanest people? At the housing authority. They need to start treating the people who live here with some respect.

To the good-looking man who works at a restaurant in Whitesburg and has the prettiest voice ever: I couldn’t talk to you the other day when I was in there. I am sorry, but I promised I would behave. Please call.

To P.G., who is in jail: I love you and I am here for you.

To all parents in Letcher County whose kids have been removed from their homes by the so-called social workers: The new district judge and the social workers are working together to keep the kids away from their natural parents.

Why is it true that when druggies get their kids removed from their home and get put in foster care they get them back, but when kids are removed because a home wasn’t clean enough it’s hard for the parents to get them back?

(Why would anyone let a home get so filthy that children had to be removed from it in the first place? How could anyone possibly have an excuse for letting a home get so dirty?)

I would like to say thank you to my mammaw, whose initials are D.S., for all of her hard work of trying to take care of me for these eight years and for trying to take care of my brother for 10 or 11 years.

I wish the old district judge in Letcher County would come back so we could get rid of the new one.

A certain person gets on the Swap Shop and takes up all the time. I bet the radio station is tired of him calling, too. Someone needs to tell him to quit taking up all the time so other people can get on the air to try to sell something.

To the people calling in about the nice family whose grandson and kid got in trouble recently: First, this situation has nothing to do with you. Second, who wouldn’t help a family member? Third, everyone messes up sometime — just like you did by talking about these people and making this your business. Freedom of speech is really great most of the time if you use it for something constructive. Thank you. Lisa Caudill.

To the person trying to get in my back door: I know who you are. Smile, you’re on Candid Camera. If you don’t knock it off I’m going to turn the pictures in.

I’m the guy on the back of the garbage truck. I’m single and I’m looking for a young woman.

I know for a fact there’s more than one pot patch in that stinking hollow they call Doty Creek.

It’s a shame the girls at Mayking have let the drugs control their lives so much that they like to leave their children with someone they don’t even know and party all the time. How could you ever find someone to love you while you’re acting like that? A concerned citizen.

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