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Mr. Preacher, when God looks at you and your congregation, which is He going to chastise? What are you teaching? When you look out there, what do you see? You tell them everything is all right and they believe it. You need to check the word of God and see what it says about what’s happening to the whole world. It’s coming apart. You say it’s all right for interracial marriage and you say it’s all right for the homosexuals. You see what this has led to. You need to think about what you’ve been teaching.

Regarding the case of the sexual abuse of the sevenyear old: The lawyer stated in The Mountain Eagle that the woman persuaded the child to withhold testimony or falsely testify. This is not the truth. The mother told the child when she was crying for her daddy to tell the truth to all the people. From that came the charge of intimidating a witness. The lawyer also stated the child testified and told the jury the incident happened on March 11, 2008. People present in court when the child testified know this was not true. In fact, the child did not know what year it was and stated the supposed sexual abuse happened in the hospital. The lawyer also stated a child can be easily confused and appear not to be telling the truth. The lawyer also stated a child can appear to be too well coached. This could have happened, because this child has been in foster care.

Another comment on the Pine Mountain Trail being blocked by the Deputy Dog Hunting Club: I wonder if the owners of the stone quarry in Burdine are aware that an employee has allowed this club to take over their property. How can this club deny access to this land taxpayers pay to use? If anyone has any answers, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

Poker house slime, I know you won’t be taking money from my kids anymore. As for the blue light special, I will bring them with me and show them where you are. By the way, have you looked in the mirror lately? I guess you haven’t, because you’d probably scare yourself.

I live on Chisholm Road in Jeremiah and I wonder what a certain doofus is going to hide in the refrigerator in the back of his pickup truck. Is it pop or food? No, it’s probably booze. If you think this is your neighbor, you’re mistaken.

To the members of Letcher Fire and Rescue: How can you allow someone like Gary Rogers to be the chief of your department? What makes him qualified for the job?

You don’t have to be slim and trim to be pretty.

To all you doctors who make your patients sit for seven or eight hours to see you for five minutes: If you had worked in non-union places like I have, you would have been fired 20 years ago because you are not efficient and you are not a good worker. You would have been run out of town years ago.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I would like to speak my piece about United Coal Co. in Letcher County. It is a scab company. That’s two strikes against it. It is the typical grind up the coal miner and spit him out coal company. It had rather have workers on OxyContin than Suboxone. The reason for this is the company thinks a worker on OxyContin will kill himself for the company. Ninety-percent of the workers on OxyContin probably have to it for pain problems. Some of them probably got cut off by the doctors and went to a Suboxone clinic to cure their addiction that was work-related. The company now says, ‘No, you’re a drug addict. You’ve proved it by taking Suboxone.’

To a certain lady: You ever heard the saying while the cat is away the mouse will play? The next time you’re away, honey, your mouse might be playing with me. I’d love to be driving that black car with your hubby, filling him in on some of the things you’ve been doing.

Concerning the pastor calling down children in the church, he needs to read Matthew 18:3-6. If he were in the spirit he wouldn’t have noticed the children anyway. Thanks.

To the pathetic simpleton complaining about the parties on Carbon Glow: Go to hell, you hypocritical tapeworm.

Every time I hear a coal company talking about pride I want to puke. Yes, they’ve got pride all right, that they’ve taken the tops off mountains that will never be the same again, native plants and trees gone for good. Now we have bare mountains with cheap pine trees scattered around, our hollows are filled in, and all of the native plants gone. Too bad we can’t give them a pick and shovel and let them dig them out. They need to either mine underground or be run out of here. Pride? Yeah. Real proud of what they’ve done, not counting destroying people’s homes with sludge ponds they never admit to owning.

Peace and love to my Tennessee man. All my love from your Kentucky woman.

This is in response to the comment in Speak Your Piece about the preacher stopping his sermon and calling down some children: I take it they were very unruly children. I would like to say thank God for a pastor or preacher who will set their church in order. In First Corinthians 14:40, it says let all things be done in decency and order. In First Corinthians 11:14, it says it is a shame for a man to have long hair. A lot of preachers and pastors in this day and time are afraid to speak on such things, but the Bible plainly speaks against. The Bible says it’s a sin to have long hair. It also says it’s a sin to steal.

The magistrate in District Two, which includes Hemphill, Colson and Isom, says he’s the most powerful man in Letcher County, and that he’s got all the politicians in his pocket including the sheriff and judge. I think we the people need to try to get them out of his pocket. Thank you.

Take your film and pictures to the state police. Only them.

Rick Hall will be interviewing a natural health consultant on ‘Meet the People’ on Channel 24 on Tuesday, August 11 at 8 p.m. The topic will be swine flu and how to prevent and treat it. Also discussed will be information about the swine flu vaccination.

To the girl at Hancock Drive: When are you going to wake up and find yourself a good man? The one you’ve got now is just a user.

This is to wish Brenda Able a happy 65th birthday. From all her family and friends on Thornton. We love you.

I think every place they cross the road with gas lines there should be big visible signs. Some young people were crossing my property and didn’t know they were there and were about to cut into them. I hope the law makes the gas companies put up big signs that say ‘Gas line. Danger.’

OK, Letcher County, I have given up on recycling. I was fully behind the recycling to help save our county money. I also felt ashamed that I was putting so much plastic into the landfills — I have to buy my drinking and cooking water — so I was more than happy to do my share. But for the last month, the garbage men are picking it up and throwing it into the garbage truck even after I explained to them that the clear bags were for recycle. Could someone please let them know that the clear bags are also used for recycling? Sometimes I can’t find the blue bags and I buy the clear ones, also used for recycling. But they continually pick them up and put them with the regular garbage. So my time of separating, rinsing, taking labels off, etc., is wasted. Not to mention the expense of buying special bags. So OK, Letcher County, I’ve officially given up on the recycling thing.

Roland and Ellen, sorry my message I sent you wasn’t in last week’s Speak Your Piece. I’ll try again and see if it gets printed. Tu illumenes ma vie.

Our region, no actually our nation as a whole, needs to turn our heads back to God and live for Him. Pray for the drug addicts to get save or get busted or both simultaneously, and also the same for the drug dealers. We need to stop looking at everything from a negative point of view and the premise that supports a dreadful, chaotic, and/or increasingly entropic future. As for the Body of Christ, that is the church, the Bride of Christ, we need to band together as a spiritually-active, sociallyactive, and a communityactive army. I find that there is much division in the church, and it cannot be mended by pointing out the division only. God desires for us to meet together, get to know one another, learn about Him together, learn about our community and its needs together, focus on helping our community by seeking God and doing as He tells us to do, worship God together, praise Him together, and most importantly, to pray to God together. Prayer changes things. God desires koinonia (Greek: fellowship, communion) with us privately and corporately in the Body of Christ. We should organize prayer watches and prayer marches in our towns and cities. Let’s fight the ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ as the Bible mentions in Ephesians 6:12. As for unity, check Psalm 133:1, Acts 2:1, Ephesians 4:1-6, etc. More to come next time. I love you.

I heard the other day that Carroll Smith was thinking of throwing his hat into the race for judge/ executive again. Looking back on the job he did, it was all right, but why would we want to step back into the mentality of Letcher County being a rest home? There are things Jim Ward has done I don’t agree with, but I believe he has tried his best to take Letcher County forward instead of just leaving it to business as usual.

This is to the new little woman who lets my boyfriend in her pants to play. You think we don’t know, but we have seen you. Find your own. Leave mine alone. You’re going to ransack our family and yours too. He might like playing. Tell him no. Go home.

We can think but seems nothing comes to mind/ We can search but seems we’ll never find/ The words to write/ We fight and fight/ Writing is like magic/ Sometimes it just clicks/ Sometimes we can write up a storm/ Sometimes it’s like the words never form/ Sometimes we write like a river flows/ Sometimes it comes and goes. C.L.H.

Hey auntie, whatchya doin’? Figured I would write too ya, see what ya been into lately. Same ol’ same here. Well, I guess I’ll go now but be sure to write back. John Boy would love to hear from ya.


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