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If you want to catch some drug dealers, start patrolling and road-checking Dunham Hill.

I’ve got a message for you parents who are letting your kids from 14 years old on up go up on these mountains and party. You’re trash. Some of the young girls are sleeping with four and five boys a night. You’re a bunch of trash, and this makes me embarrassed to be from this part of the county. You’re a bunch of human garbage.

Mr. Preacher, I’m like the little old lady who asks ‘where’s the beef?’ Have there been any miracles since you’ve been preaching? Where’s the beef? Whoever wrote this is just jealous because he or she is not a star.

I’m calling in response to the caller about the man taking too much time on the ‘Swap Shop’: People listen to the ‘Swap Shop’ just to hear him. You must be jealous because you’re not famous.

Hello, everybody from Neon. I guess you’ve seen those two big shots from Hemphill in their red car with the handicapped sticker. I hope the police find out it’s not theirs. But everyone knows they’re handicapped, if you know what I mean.

I followed the garbage men up Bill Moore Branch in the pouring rain the other day. Those poor old boys were out their working their hind-ends off, and these people buy these cheap old garbage bags and fill them so full they burst on the spot. If was them I’d leave it on the ground.

A certain woman needs to stop worrying about which students are going to school where and start worrying about other things like how to live a Christian life, considering how she took a man from his wife.

The police still won’t come to Doty Creek and bust the drug dealers. Why are they afraid to do anything to them?

Of the last two people who threatened me, one lost their job and the other ended up killing himself. So watch whom you threaten.

I am responding to the comment about Slate Avenue in Fleming-Neon: There’s no more traffic here than anywhere else. It’s just people having company, and people have the right to have company here just as much as they do anyplace else.

Congratulations to Casey Adams of Paces Branch on Kingscreek who drives the No. 26 cart at Isom. His parents are Enoch and Tammy Adams. Not only does he drive a cart, he also drives my daughter crazy. She talks about him all the time. Stay in front and tell your folks I said hi. Your friend Zach.

It’s been over a month now since I traded a lawnmower deck to one of my cousins who lives in the right fork of Doty Creek. This cousin said he was going to give me some stuff for the lawnmower deck, but I’ve not seen anything yet. It just goes to show you that you can hardly even trust your family members anymore.

I just wanted to say hello there, you sweet little sugar pie. I haven’t gotten to see you in a while. Hope you have a good day. There are going to be a few changes in my little route, but I’ll catch up with you sooner or later. It’s pretty nice being friends with you. You can call me anytime you want to on my cell phone. Bye, blue eyes. Catch you later.

This is to a certain post office worker: I think you need to get a new attitude. This is a public job you’re holding. You need to treat everybody the same and not be a smart-aleck to some people.

The law needs to start patrolling more on Dunham Hill.

I want to correct my earlier comment where I said the Bible says it’s a sin to have long hair. It’s not a sin for all people to have long hair; the Bible says it’s a sin for a man to have long hair. I still think the people should keep their kids quiet in church while church is going on. I just want to apologize to all the readers for misquoting the Bible. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy reading Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

Pastor, you say you’re everybody’s friend. How come it is you only check on a few? You ought to check on the rest of your congregation every once in a while.

To my ex-wife: Darling, I do still love you and it hurts me real bad to see you and not get to talk to you. I wish you would call me. You can always get my phone number from the operator. Please call me and let me know you are doing okay. I do want you to know I love you and I always will. And I’m sorry for everything. Hugs and kisses.

To whoever is stealing miscellaneous things from the Kingdom Come Cemetery: I just want to know how you have the heart to do it. Just know that it will all come home to you eventually.

This is in response to the person who called Speak Your Piece and said the Bible says it is a sin to have long hair. The caller was quoting 1 Corinthians 11:14. The King James Version says ‘Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?’ The caller needs to read his Bible a little bit closer. There is a huge difference between shame and sin.

To the person wanting to know about calling children down in church: If the children are very unruly and the parents aren’t there or are there and can’t even control their own children then the pastor should call them down and maybe even bring them to the front row and sit them there so they will behave and not disrupt the service. My second comment is we need to quit worrying about long hair, what type of clothes somebody wears and this type of thing as long as it’s decent. It doesn’t matter whether you have on a dress or pants if you’re a woman. It doesn’t matter if you have on jeans or a suit if you’re a man. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair. What God is concerned about is our hearts and our lives, not what we look like on the outside.

Want to know why the mayor of Jenkins cares about what happens on Main Street? That’s where he lives. Everything I hear he hears too. Think about it, nincompoops.

I’m calling about the goat I saw in The Mountain Eagle last week on Page 16. I’m interested in the goat if its rescuers still have it to give away. Please call 276- 796-4393 and ask for Bobby or Amy.

I see Mother Nature quit wearing her Levi Strauss. I wonder if she got bigger or smaller or if she gave them away.

I am a citizen of this county and I am interested in knowing if anyone has any information about the proposed water line for Millstone. We haven’t seen it mentioned in the paper in a long time. We were told we would be getting treated water. Does anyone know anything? Please respond.

To the person talking about mountaintop removal mining: You must be a welfare recipient or you wouldn’t be talking about that. You need to get up off your sorry behind and go to work. Then you would see what a coal mine is all about. I also want to comment about kids misbehaving in church. If the parents would make their kids mind when they go to church the preacher wouldn’t have to call them down. If kids can’t behave in the house of God they don’t need to be there.

The magistrate in District Two says he is the most important man in Letcher County. He said he could take anyone he wanted and have him or her put in jail and they couldn’t get out until he said they could get out.

To the handsome gentleman who helped me get my bag of cedar down on Tuesday, August 4: Just curious, are you unattached? If so, would you like to have breakfast together next time?

We’re having a Taylor family reunion on August 15 and 16, the children of Lebron and Hannah Taylor, at Millstone at the old family homeplace. All family members are welcome.

A Letcher County woman loves a Tennessee man.

Hello, Dream Lover. It was so marvelous getting to be with you last Monday, sitting beside you as you drove along, time just to be with you and talk. It was so good to hear your voice each day. It makes me feel so special when you call to check on me like that. You mean so much to me. Hope we can be together and see each other this coming week. Take care. Your Sunshine.

I want to wish Louise Shepherd and Vivian Shepherd a happy birthday on August 20 and August 21.

I would like to wish my great-granddaughter Carly Shea Stamper a happy first birthday on the 14th day of August.

If the Letcher County Sheriff’s Department won’t do anything about the drug dealers on Smoot Creek, I guess I’ll have to give the same pictures to someone higher up than them. Maybe they’ll do something.

As the peace in the sound of a trickling waterfall,/ Jesus can bring such a peace to us all./As the hawk soars effortlessly high in the sky,/The Lord can lift us up from being so low and place us up high./As the sturdy mountain stands up against the wind,/Christ can be your strength if you will accept Him as your friend./ Like the mighty ocean that rolls on endlessly,/If you open your heart your mind and soul, Christ will set free./So if you seek peace, strength and love,/Simply turn your life over to God up above. C.A.C.

I’ve never seen so many threats, and somebody going to tell somebody’s husband or wife what their spouse is doing. I would say three-fourths of this stuff in here is lies. If you know who these people are, why don’t you say something to their face? Nobody knows who you’re talking about in here. Stop being a coward. You’ll split hell wide open one day for things you do.

A buddy of mine has moved in for awhile with another buddy of ours and his wife. They have always been close, and I am pretty sure they are having an unhealthy relationship in the eyes of God. I sure hope they straighten up and don’t make fools of themselves.

To G.K.R.: I figured I’d write you a little note. I want you to know that I am right here waiting for you with my hopes high and wishing on that star for you again. I miss you. I love you always. Love, M.R.

Oh Carly Bug. It’s your birthday. You have grown up so fast on us. It was just like yesterday, we were there the whole time Mommy was having you. We heard your first cry, saw you and your pretty smile, and now you’re so rotten. We love you to the mostest. You are Carly Bug.

I want to wish my greatniece Carly Shae Stamper a happy first birthday. Love, your Aunt Melissa, Uncle Charlie and cousin, J.D. We love you.

Poker House Blues. Happiness starts in the home. Lose some weight, join your man in some of his interests, and quit attacking innocent people. Only he can control his actions; fill his needs and you wouldn’t have to investigate his whereabouts and who he is with. No one at the Poker House anywhere wants him, so he must have looked elsewhere.

5010. I am from Letcher County, lived here most of my life. I love that place. Did you hear from your friend you were looking for? If not, keep trying. I had a friend in Letcher County once upon a time. I tried for years to find this person, and I did at last. Good luck.

The person who wrote about ‘family first’ should have said, ‘family first, right or wrong.’ Family members are never wrong. If a man won’t work, lies, eats his father’s food, lies, is housed by his father, lies, gets money from Mommy and lies, how can anyone be proud of him? I don’t know, maybe family members don’t know the meaning of proud. There are times when the family should mind their own business. They can do more harm than good. This should upset about half of the county.

It is urgent that American citizens carefully analyze the state of our Union. In a time of such concern from the American people regarding a possible/probable catastrophic change in the manner our health care is provided, why is it that Congress again leaves town? Whether newly elected or having been there long enough to no longer rise from their chairs unassisted, do these people really deserve a month of vacation in the midst of such urgent need? Not only that, but many of them will be taking junkets all over the word, accompanied by friends/ family and paid for by us during their down time. When there was such urgency in getting the bailout passed, if memory serves me, they again took a little break. I work day after day and have health coverage with which I am content. It has its problems, but somehow I suspect if these geniuses in Washington continue to tinker, I will have more expensive premiums, fewer choices, and less quality of care. Not only that, but I am reaching the age when I will be judged too old to be provided a specific test, procedure or medication I need because I will be too old for that particular investment. Does one hear Congress advise reforming health care so every American is covered by the same plan they are? I think not. Folks, we need to contact our representatives and tell them clearly to leave well enough alone for now. The information to contact every current member of Congress can be found by simply Googling: Mike Huckabee. There may need to be some changes in the provision of health care, but now is not the time. We need to catch our breath from the race we’ve been running for seven months, and start to think. As a family, can you continue to spend every penny you have, borrow like there’s no tomorrow and think you will be on sounder financial footing? What this administration has attempted, up to this point, is the equivalent of my going shopping and saying, “I’ll have one of those, one of those, and one of those, etc.,” as if there were no limitation on what I can afford. The only difference is that I cannot print money to cover my expenditures. There have been so many programs offered in so little time, it is difficult to process. I think that is a deliberate action. Does the phrase ‘divide and conquer’ come to mind? Please contact your representative and let them know what you think. What they think does not seem to be working too well for us.

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