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To S.J.: Every time I stop and think, the first thought that comes to mind is the day I met you, S.J. I will never forget that cool, August afternoon in Jenkins, the way we held each other’s gaze as we looked into one another’s eyes. I could just feel something pulling at my heart. As you walked away my heart was pounding in my chest. Later that night you came to your friend’s house who introduced us, and we talked more and I will never forget how that day felt. How I wish it could have lasted forever, how when we kissed I could feel me giving my heart to you right there. That was the best day of my life, and soon I hope to continue where we left off. I don’t think of my life without you and our daughter. I can’t wait to come home and share the true love we have for each other. I will be yours forever. Happy anniversary Aug. 29, the day I found true love. I miss you and love you and B. so very much. Yours forever, ‘Toots.’

Dear Speak Your Piece: I am from Deane. I have never written anything in

The Mountain Eagle before. I love your paper. I went to Jackhorn Post Office yesterday, and I just wanted to know if anyone knew that the young lady who works in there is a professional singer. She is. I saw her there working, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She is a great singer. I used to follow her around all the time. I love her and her group. I would love to find out where she is going to sing next. I’ve lost track. Does she still sing or what? What about CDs? Does she have any new ones? If anyone knows, please let us know through Speak Your Piece. Thanks.

Have you had enough of helicopters scaring your cattle, dogs and kids by flying 20 feet over your land? Have you had to fix the shingles back on your roof because some idiot was hovering over it thinking your spider plant was pot in your yard? Have you seen marijuana being burned in years that isn’t rolled in a paper? Are you tired of paying taxes that furnish the payday of state police and the National Guard, plus all of their equipment? Then there is an answer to your dilemma: Shoot down the helicopters. If you catch one in a hover, it would be easy to hit. In the last few years they have gotten smarter in spotting out your crop to steal in a few more weeks. They found out the selling price is much better the longer it grows. Eradicate thieves now. Good hunting!

To the Letcher County woman who loves the Tennessee man: Can you give a little info so maybe he can figure if it’s him?

When you Bible thumpers get the important issues like whether it’s a sin or a shame for a man to have long hair settled, how about getting down to the small things like the fact that so many churchgoers are so incredibly selfish that they don’t want to help at least old, sick, poor, and young people get health insurance? Is that the position Jesus would take? How many preachers are exhorting their sheep to start caring as much about the unfortunate as they say they do, and how many are actually doing the work of Satan and keeping quiet or, as hard as it may be to believe, speaking against it?

Hi everyone. I am back home from the McRoberts reunion and did I ever enjoy it. I saw a lot of old friends and made a few new ones, and the same at my family reunion. We were having it at the same time. It was real nice too. I saw some family I had never seen before. Anyway, I had a nice weekend. The family reunion was at the Hollon, Maloney, Collins reunion. All my kids were there but one; my son was away with his family. He got married just before they got on the big old boat, and Jeff, Tina and the two kids all had a good time. They’re back home now. He has a nicelooking family. I want to say hi to 5010, and also Lillian.

Medical treatment and tax shelters, for example, are things that poor people can’t get, things that make being rich extremely valuable. Of course, rich people oppose health care reform. The way rich people think, anything a poor person gets, whether or not it takes any money out of the rich person’s pocket, means the rich person is poorer. Now take these poor, upset, incoherent folks screaming at their congress-nobles at these health insurance reform town hall meetings. Understand I’m no particular fan of the triple dippers in Congress, those who set their own exorbitant salaries and take every month of August off, take bribes from people buying themselves favored treatment, and spend taxpayer money professionally. But all I’m seeing from confrontational constituents on the TV is irrationality, mostly anger. And I think what these particular folks are angry about is that a man whose father was black is president. I think it’s racism, pure and simple. And until I hear someone ask intelligent questions about health insurance reform of their Congressperson or Senator, rather than foam at the mouth and fling a hissy fit, I’ll go on thinking it. Are all non-rich opponents of health insurance reform racists? It sure looks so to me.

I think it’s a shame that all these schools are wanting every student to buy all their school supplies themselves. They want them to buy paper, pencils, markers, color pencils, folders, binders, glue, paper towels, and Kleenex. Isn’t that ridiculous? What are we paying school taxes for? Looks like to me the least they could do is buy the supplies. I know they had a thing at the walking park to give away, but it’s not what they all need. What happened with the schools giving their stuff out that they need at school? That would be a bigger help to all the parents. You know some people don’t have much money at all. Do they even consider that? Nope. They don’t care. If you’re not going to help the kids with all this, I think you should stop taking school taxes from people’s checks and paydays. It’s not right. What if parents had more than two kids that go to school? That would break them up just on supplies. Maybe next you all would do better. You’ve got to always remember that there are some people in Letcher County, or wherever else they may be, that maybe cannot buy all these things. We send the kids to school, we pay taxes, so the least you can do is supply their needs for schooling. It’s getting ridiculous, people. Money, money is all the schools ever want. I just want my child to be taught. It seems like it’s getting to be all about sports, etc. What happened to your child needing to learn? That’s more important than sports. It’s good kids can perform well in sports. I’m not against it, but they have to put school work first. You’re not considering that they may have homework. So, why keep them at practice all day long? They’re too tired to do their schoolwork when they get home. Practice should be no longer than a couple of hours, or no more than two days a week. I think it’s awful to work the kids too hard. And parents, why ruin the games for the kids? You act so childish at the games. Just let the kids be kids. It’s not all about winning. Please grow up. You get all fired up at games, why not get fired up for God? He’s worth more than any game. Let the kids have fun. It’s just a game for them, let them play and have fun. Enjoy them, not hate one another’s team or the teammates. They’re kids. God bless everyone. I hope I got through to these schools.

Just curious — the Jenkins School Board advertised a sealed bid auction for school buses a little while ago. I never saw any mention in your Jenkins School Board reports; who won the bids and how much did they sell for? Thank you.

To a person in jail: I hope you got your Soap on a Rope ready. Oh boy, you will need it for what you did to your kids. Can’t wait until you meet Bubba.

From Hemphill: You are just mad that you don’t have this big, red car like we’ve got. Ha ha. And to the one who is writing this, you’re mad that one of your family members got put in jail for what they did to their kids. They got what they deserve.

I’m speaking my piece about the coal truck drivers. I drive to and from Hazard every day and I feel as though my life is on the line constantly. So many of the truck drivers will zoom up behind you, ride your bumper, cut you off in traffic, or pull out in front of you. They will take up both lanes going up a hill. They drive as though they were hell bent and maybe they are, but I’m not ready to go with them. Some of them are going way above the speed limit. I have seen state troopers pass them and never give them a glance. I can understand why folks are fed up with the coal industry around here.

In response to the person who followed the garbage truck up Bill Moore Branch: The trash bags, regardless if you buy cheap or heavy duty, disintegrate very quickly. Keep in mind, these bags are in the bin for a week before being picked up. I have seen the folks picking up the trash snag my bags on the bin, tearing the bag open, spilling the contents, and leaving it lay. This has happened several times. Don’t be too hard on people unless you know someone else’s side.

I’m speaking my piece about the coal truck drivers. I drive to and from Hazard every day and I feel as though my life is on the line constantly. So many of the truck drivers will zoom up behind you, ride your bumper, cut you off in traffic, or pull out in front of you. They will take up both lanes going up a hill. They drive as though they were hell bent and maybe they are, but I’m not ready to go with them. Some of them are going way above the speed limit. I have seen state troopers pass them and never give them a glance. I can understand why folks are fed up with the coal industry around here.

If you see sores on the arms of your children, kind of dark or spotted looking, that means they are shooting up drugs with a needle at your expense. Do what you want to do. Also, your children will also wear Band-aids and patches on their arms to cover up the needle marks.

What would a Jenkins garbage truck be doing on Bill Moore Branch five days a week?

To the person who shot the black cat on Turkey Creek: I know who you are and something will be done about it. There’s no reason for you to be shooting other people’s cats. Remember the old saying, what goes around comes around.

This is concerning the ad Wendy Ewald had in the paper: The Kingdom Come school was never a oneroom school. I went there in the ’60s and it was not a one-room school. Thank you.

I would like to ask the girl at Hatfield Drive when she is going to wake up and smell the coffee. The guy she is with is just using her. Can’t she see how his sister is already using her? They will drain her dry.

Sonny boy, you need to get some counseling. I did. You need help.

At Tuesday night’s Whitesburg City Council meeting, a council member asked for monthly reports about all the money coming in and going out. Most normal businesses do that, but when this was brought up everybody was appalled and amazed by this. Are they hiding something?

(City financial reports are

included in ‘packets’ distributed

to council members, the

media, and any other interested

parties before each city

council meeting.)

Your moonshine making and your meth making is the work of a sorcerer. It’s bad enough that you’re poisoning the ones who take it, but you’re also destroying their families. I wouldn’t want to stand before God after having done the work of a sorcerer.

I really liked John Bilden’s article about sin losing its shock value in Letcher County. Not many preachers preach against sin anymore. I also admire Tony Brown for telling it like it is on the radio. I respect and admire these brave men. We are not to turn a blind eye to sin.

Local media only covered the Friends of Coal rally in Knott County. There was no outside media from Lexington or Louisville. Even the coal publications didn’t have anyone there. No matter whose side you were on there was no coverage of the event. No one was there besides the local media. Sooner or later the coal will run out and we’ll have to go to an alternative fuel. Barack Obama promised clean coal technology while he was running for president, but we’ve not heard anything about it since. Also, we need to take the ‘cap and trade’ policy off the table until China and India also agree to the same terms.

I hope the people on Deane and Jackhorn are happy they put two innocent people in jail for something they did not do. You all have to have your noses in every family’s business. I think it’s sick that people would do that to their own family. God will take care of you on Judgment Day because of all your lies. How can a grandmother call herself a Christian after lying on her grandchild? I hope you have a guilty conscience for the rest of your lives.

Hey, Hillbilly, how does it feel?

Parents, you should be monitoring your children’s MySpace pages much closer. Some of you would be totally shocked if you saw what was on your young child’s page. I urge you to monitor them more closely.

A cousin of mine gave away a riding lawnmower that he had promised me. I was going to put an engine on it and use it to plow my garden. Does he have something against me?

Why does this certain family have a say in everything at this new Pentecostal church? It’s a clique. They don’t like the pastor and his wife and never have anything good to say about them. They are trying to change the bylaws now, dress code and all. They need to build their own church so Mama Bear can run it. We’re praying for them all.

The police need to check out the drug dealing at Low Gap Branch.

Deny, deny, that’s all that ole judge in circuit court knows. He must not have learned much in law school other than that one word. I think all the people in Whitesburg need to get rid of him and put Ron Johnson in the next election we have. At least he doesn’t have any obligations up there.

To a woman with the initials E.P.: I don’t know your new name, but you know who this is and I thank you kindly.

I see in the paper where someone said it is a sin for a man to have long hair. I believe if you’ll read that closely it says it’s a ‘shame,’ not a sin.

It’s a shame the law still hasn’t done anything about the two dope dealers at Pratt Branch and one at Woodrock.

Love you, 5010. I think about you all the time.

Listen up you pill heads out there. You can get anything you want on Pratt Branch.

To the person who called in asking Mr. Preacher, ‘where the beef?’: In my opinion, if all the beef you’ve had in your life were added up it would come to a hundred head of cattle. I don’t know about being jealous about he or she not being a star, but if you ever get in my face and say the wrong thing you’ll see all kinds of stars, except they won’t be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, if you know what I mean. If you have something you want to say to me, come to my face and say it.

I couldn’t imagine someone killing himself over a tramp like you, but I could imagine a man losing his job over you with the lying tongue you’ve got.

I was calling about a sister who thinks she is all of that and a bag of chips, too, but she’s not. This person is so devious she called the electric company and got them to move a pole on an emergency basis so her sister could be buried there. Fact is, this was in July and her other sister had already been buried on another piece of property in March. I think that’s very sick.

If anyone knows that my husband is going out on me, please respond with details. I really need to know. Thank you.

I would just like to say ‘looking good’ to the girl in Sergent Loop whose initials are K.H.

I think I’ll just go out and smack everybody in Letcher County just to get it out of my system. Has anyone seen Don Johnson? No, no one has seen Don Johnson but everyone is hearing about that Ron Johnson.

I’m sitting here watching one of the devil-worshipping religious programs on TV. They’ve got the Oak Ridge Boys and Ronnie Milsap on there singing religious songs. These boys and live for the devil and now they want to die for the Lord. Is this possible?

What has happened to the Whitesburg City Council? When did they become socialist? Since when can you be instructed on how to vote before the meeting, then all members obediently vote that way?

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