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Speak Your Piece

To the UNITE people: I think you should do something about the drugs on Railroad Hill. It has been going on for years.

I want to know the reason why The Mountain Eagle will not put my comments in Speak Your Piece. I’ve e-mailed dozens and dozens of comments in, I’ve called them in on the phone, and they do not get put in The Mountain Eagle. They haven’t printed one of my comments in over a year, and I want to know the reason why.

(If you’ve been calling them in you’ve been disguising your voice, because this is the first time we can remember hearing from you by telephone. As for commenting by e-mail, you must be sending them to the wrong address, because we haven’t been leaving out ‘dozens and dozens’ of comments from anyone. It would be helpful if you would tell us the subject of your comments. Then we could tell you why we’re leaving them out – if, in fact, we really are.)

I’m just calling in to speak my piece about idiots who think that just because you wear pink you might be gay: If I wear pink and you think I’m gay, stop me and talk to me. Try to do something illegal to me like you do some gay person. If you think that way then you’re gay yourself. That’s what’s on your mind. If you want to talk to me, I drive a pink welding truck. Stop me. I fear no man. Understand that.

Dear Clyde: Hope you’re still thinking of me during your long days and nights, sweetheart. I miss you a lot. Daddy’s angel says hi. I love you much. Bonnie.

This message is for Bonnie and Clyde: I really don’t see why they don’t just shoot and make up. Thank you.

I don’t think the girls at Letcher County Central High School should not be allowed to wear heels. Thank you.

Certain people in Wright’s Hollow in Jenkins shouldn’t run their mouths on people who are younger than them.

I got my ‘News and Views’ paper in the mail today from our county school system. What a joke. When I read about Letcher Elementary School it said they would no longer be offering same-sex classes because of a lack of staff. You liars. You didn’t follow the law and can no longer use it. Everyone knows the parent who fought for those kids’ rights.

Hi, little baby. I was just thinking of you and hoping you and the baby are doing good and are happy. I hope you know that if you need anything all you have to do is call. I had a big surprise for you for the weekend, but you left before it got here. It wasn’t electric blue like the one we looked at in Norton. It was a black GT convertible. You and the baby would have looked good in it. But true love won out. I do love you, little baby. I wish you the best.

Smoking hot girl who dates ‘Planet of the Apes’ Mustang boy. Good-looking body, bad attitude. One more thing, put the cigarettes down.

The most beautiful girl in Whitesburg is 10 years old and about five-feet-four.

To the little blonde twig that lives in Whitesburg and will be in eighth grade at Whitesburg Middle School: It’s over for you. You’re not going to have a good year, because you took my boyfriend. You little backstabbing twig.

To that egg-sucking dog: Last week I said some stuff I didn’t mean. I just wanted to apologize to him and take all that stuff back. Just wanted to say I’m sorry.

To a certain girl: Big Bird called. He wants his legs back.

To a certain police officer: I don’t know who you think you are, but you sure need to watch what you say on the CB radio. You think at 2 a.m. on Channel 17 nobody is on there and you can go and harass people, but you can’t. You need to watch what you say. You never know who has a CB. You’re lucky I don’t report you to your boss.

To a certain jealous step mother: You need to back off my daddy and give us some space.

To a girl in Jenkins: You think your boyfriend is faithful to you, but he’s not. I live right above you in Mountain Breeze and you’ve yet to notice where he’s really been. Wake up and quit acting so childish.

Why doesn’t somebody do something about Cram Creek? If there’s any truth to what those people are saying, and I believe there is, they need some relief. Why doesn’t the state send in the National Guard or something? It sounds like they have a drug market similar to the old farmers’ markets. I’ll bet the rap sheets of some of those dealers would make for interesting reading and that there aren’t many of them who haven’t been arrested 15 or 20 times already.

I think I have a theory about why you’re such a witch. You see, you’re popular because you developed early and started having sex when you were 12, but now you can’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror because all you see is a slut, so you pick on other people to avoid the inevitable realization that once your bodies all used up. Soon you’re going to be a worn out chalkyskinned burlap sack that even your step dad won’t want. How about that. Am I in the ballpark?

To the blonde who threw shoes in my workplace a few months back. Yeah we were making fun of your golf ball-sized boobs and how ugly you and your friends are. Your friend told me your name and where you work, so don’t be surprised if the police show up where you work. My drawer was fifty dollars short that night and you stole it. We have you on camera and I’m going to sign a sworn statement that you reached in my drawer and took the money. That’s robbery, honey. See how your boss likes it when you get arrested at that store where you work.

This is for all of you ladies out there who think that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you: If you have a computer and you suspect that he is using it to meet others, go to this dating site on there and you might just be surprised what you could find. The site is called adultfreindfinder.com. I found my low-life dirty cheating soonto be ex-husband on there. And for my soon-to-be ex, you are nothing but trashy scum.

Wayne Fleming has done an awful lot for the county, but if he never does another thing people should appreciate him for two things. First, he almost singlehandedly beat down Leonard Lawson’s killer truck bill, probably the first defeat Leonard Lawson ever experienced. Second and more important even than that, he got rid of Howard Cornett and replaced him with Leslie Combs. Thanks, Wayne.

Like everybody else, I’m getting tired of this drug situation and the crime that goes with it. It’s time for us to face the fact that we are never going to be able to suppress the illegal drug trade, and simply legalize it. If you take the profit out of drugs, you take away the incentive to push them and to work to develop new customers. The fact is, if people want to kill themselves, there is not a thing anyone else can do. They have to clean up their own act. If they don’t, we may lose part of a generation, but we may save the rest of us and the next generation. It may sound harsh to say that we need to let people choose to send themselves to hell on drugs for the sake of everybody else, but what we are doing isn’t working. At some point, you need to do some triage, decide who can be saved and who can’t, and act accordingly.

In the coming weeks I will be speaking on crooks and crime over the last 16 years in Letcher County. How about when one official was a suspect in a drug case and was staked out in Pikeville by the FBI? Next week I will tell more, and soon the FBI will be in contact with someone. There also is a murder for hire that happened in Letcher County that I know about. I will tell it all in Speak Your Piece, then to the state and the FBI. So you men should start to worry, because your days are numbered.

There’s a certain little boy who deals drugs and won’t get a job. He’s dating a much older woman who’s way up in her thirties. She’s his ‘sugar mama,’ but she’s too stupid to realize it. She looks much older than her real age, and he looks 15. Talk about an odd couple. She’s also got a perverted brother who’s a pedophile. So watch your little girls if you think you know who I’m talking about. What a dysfunctional family.

When the FBI is snatching up public officials all over the place, why should we think Letcher County, which is best known for corruption, is any different?

The commentary on the courts and payoffs in the July 17 edition Speak Your Piece was very disturbing. Local officials apparently never learn. That same The Mountain Eagle had a story about the Knott County judge/executive being investigated by the FBI even though his predecessor spent a good part of his tenure in prison. We can only hope that they are looking at Letcher County as well. If they can’t find something here they’ve got to be blind.

The shortest distance between two objects is a straight line. Anyone knows this. So what’s the straight line to God? Anyone should know it’s Jesus Christ. When you pray in Jesus Christ’s name your prayer goes straight to your Father. There’s another straight line and it leads to Satan, our adversary. This is a straight line to death and destruction when all the time help is a prayer away to God.

No one and no agency is above the law. Anyone wanting to check on the behavior of government offices always has a place to go. For up-to-date court performance statistics, get on the internet and contact the Administrative Office of the Courts at web site courts.ky.gov/ contact.htm. For complaints, contact the Judicial Conduct Commission at http:// courts.ky.gov/JCC/. For general complaints, the Attorney General is the top law enforcement official in Kentucky and can either handle the complaint or direct the complainant to the right place.

I live on Daniels Branch and my neighbors are selling drugs. Would you please do something about it? Thank you.

To the Whitesburg mayor and city council: I understand you have adopted a prominent citizen of Jenkins. Can we make a deal whereby you keep her in Whitesburg? Maybe you would like to make her part of your city government. She is the embodiment of truth and accountability.

This is for the low-life person in Dunham who keeps shooting my cats with a BB gun or pellet gun: This is the last straw. I am not going to stand by and let you keep on hurting them. They are cats for God’s sake. How much damage can they do? If you would pick your garbage up off the ground and put it in a garbage can the cats couldn’t get to it. There are several other cats who come into my yard and terrorize my cats. Do I shoot them? No, I don’t. I didn’t ask for all these cats. I took in one stray cat and ended up with ten, but I fixed all of them and have taken care of them and I’ll be danged if I’m going to let you hurt them. If you have a problem with them, you know where I live. All you have to do is call or stop by and I will come and get my cats. For the life of me I don’t see how anyone could hurt a helpless animal. But let me say again: If you so much as hurt another one of my cats, or even if one gets missing, you better know I will be in your face. Don’t bother replying, because I’m not petty and I’m not going to argue with you through Speak Your Piece. The only reason I put it in here this time is so the right person reads it.

I sure am glad The Mountain Eagle is on-line now where people can read it. Maybe now certain officials in our county government won’t be buying all of them up or stealing them out of the stores.

I know it’s none of my business, but it looks like a certain woman would get her kids and take them home or get them another place to live instead of letting them run everywhere in the world while she stays with her husband. Why doesn’t she just take them back to their house? I think they need to be together instead of apart all the time.

I was reading where the fiscal court gave the sheriff’s department $60,000 for two new deputies. That department now has 11 police cars. Everyone there drives a car and the county buys the gas. Let them pay the salaries by selling off part of the cars. The county has already given away $100,000 to the hospital. Who gets the next handout?

I would like to speak my piece about the bathrooms at the Jenkins Football Field. The boys’ room is a disgrace. If I was Jenkins High School I would be ashamed to have people come in and see that bathroom. It’s like a pigsty.

To a certain man from Phelps: You’re a really small man.

For the last couple of days I have been thinking about the number three. Why, I don’t know. But I do know the number is going to come in handy for somebody. I would bet mine on the three.

To the hot redhead: Meet me at Bentley Loop next Wednesday at 9:45.

To a certain woman: Quit calling my house from the hospital, you slut.

The internet has opened up a new window into the lives of politicians. Just a little digging will turn up more information than has ever been possible before. Take advantage of this and keep them honest.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I would just like to say hello to all my friends in Thornton and Neon. I live in West Virginia and don’t get to see them very often. So I’d like to say hi to Judy and Jeanette and all the kids. From B.S. in Bluefield

If that girl doesn’t get rid of that young boy her parents are probably going to lose everything, too. Especially once he starts selling drugs from their home.

To a girl with really long hair: Have you ever wondered if you made a mistake concerning your love life? Just try to think of what benefits you’ve had from getting with that boy. No, wait … that’s right, you lost everything – your friends, your house, your car, your looks, and from what I hear most of your own family won’t have anything to do with you. What has that boy done for you that made you give up everything? I think you might have messed up, don’t you? Those drugs have really clouded your mind. Kick him out and go to rehab before it’s too late.

A group alleged to have taken timber that belonged to somebody else has apparently bragged all over that they stole the timber and got away with it. A peculiar quirk of criminals – bragging about their exploits seems as important to them as enjoying their ill-gotten gains.

Wayne Fleming got our road fixed and it’s at least 20 miles from here to his district. He has probably helped more people in Letcher County than any other magistrate in its history. Without him, this fiscal court would selfdestruct. Just appreciate him.

Why is it we can’t get a case tried or even an order signed? Seems like a selected few are still in control.

I see where Jim Ward is now paying back the paving company for the money that was given to his election. I also see where the gas company is donating money to the food pantry. I guess this will lead to a takeover by the blacktop and gas companies.

Last week there was a comment in Speak Your Piece about the young man at the John Edwards forum comparing apples to oranges by comparing immigrants from here to immigrants elsewhere. The actual essay was clearly laid out for you last week in the pages of The Mountain Eagle. I say a fruit’s a fruit. In two years I will have to leave the place I’ve called home all of my life. Why? Because there isn’t a job for me or the majority of my peers. This isn’t emotion, this is fact. Wherever I go they’ll call me a hick or a hillbilly the same way people around here call people of Mexican descent wetbacks. It will hurt me just as much as I believe it hurts them. Wherever I go, there will be someone there claiming I stole their job. It will anger me just as much as I believe it angers them. I think when you imagine people below the border making a run for it we don’t imagine people. Everything that the current administration says about border control paints a picture without a human factor. These people, who you want to keep out, need jobs because they have children like you who cry when they can’t eat dinner. These people, who you equate to criminals, can’t find work in their own country. These people, who you think don’t deserve medical treatment, experience pain in the exact way that you do. Here’s a history lesson: When the Mexican country gained independence the United States interfered. They were apparently independent of Spain but never really independent of the big bully we have become. We had a hand in their ruined economy. We had a strong hand in the devaluation of their peso. They didn’t do it to themselves. We screwed them out of jobs and money long before they jumped our borders. Google it if you want the entire story. I will become an immigrant to another place, another culture not like these hills. I will become someone’s next door neighbor. Hopefully that person is more open minded and accepting than the person who wrote that comment last week. You accused the young man of comparing apples to oranges, when all he ever did was compare a human to a fellow human. Thank you.

We know you are having medical concerns at this time and we wanted to send you our love. You remain as always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Does it make you feel any better to put the blame on someone else? I don’t have to answer to you or anyone else as to what kind of mother I am. Everyone that knows me knows what kind of person I am and what kind of mother I am. No, I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I have worked hard and raised my children by myself for years now. And I have done it without men or drugs or even welfare. As for your doing my job for me, you and your son have done nothing but ruin my daughter’s life. He bought her cigarettes for her when she was 15 and I didn’t want her to smoke. And he encouraged her to do a lot of other things she shouldn’t have been doing. He robbed her of her youth. And that time of her life can never be recaptured. At a time when her days should have been carefree and fun they were filled with tears every day of her life. How can you possibly think you were doing my job when you didn’t even raise your own son? What he has learned he learned from his grandmother. And how were you doing my job when your son lived in my home for 13 months for free? He paid for nothing, but he made more money than I did. I took him in when his own family, (including you) threw him out. And if he had done as I asked, none of this would have happened. He came in to my home with a weapon and started a fight with my boyfriend when I wasn’t home. My boyfriend might have ticked him off one time too many, but he did not have the right to come inside the house and settle it. He wanted a jury trial and he got it. Six jurors found him guilty. He was offered a deal and he wouldn’t take it. I don’t have anything bad to say about him. He makes my daughter happy now. I do think the sentence was too severe. But you were never there for him and suddenly you are ‘Mother of the Year’? And yes, I do know where you live, but this is the only discussion I am going to have with you, because you have no sense. I wouldn’t waste my time. At least I work for a living instead of drawing welfare. I don’t know how you support all your habits on that amount of money. And as for my boyfriend, he does pay child support. I think you are misinformed.

To a lady named Sherry: What Good Is Love. I waited for your love in hope, /That ours would come again, /And make me feel the things I felt, /When we were one, back then. /But time and distance have erased, /The things I wished anew, /And now I find myself alone, /Though I am here with you. /What good is love, that does not touch, /What good is love, that gives you pain. / What good is love, that makes you run, /And makes you lost out in the rain. /I traveled to another world, /Out far beyond the one we knew, /I thought that I could live again, /And now I find I’m back with you. /But what of hearts that beat as one, /And what of passion and embrace, /Is it too much to ask of you, /To make these tears of mine erase. /What good is love, that does not touch, /What good is love, that gives you pain. /What good is love, that makes you run, /And makes you lost out in the rain. /Too painful this – to journey back, /To times of love and laughter free, /The times we lay together with /A sense of you , a sense of me. /So now, I journey on alone, /Forever wandering, in my thoughts, /And I shall ask you once again, /What good is love.

Happy birthday, Jason York.

Attention Oma Hatton: Did you ever think you would ever hear from me again? I’m Jerry Swalec, the ex-husband of the late and dearly missed Bernice Miller. I think of her every day, and I often wonder how you and Clyde are doing. Then a while back I was reading an item about presidential candidates visiting Whitesburg. The Mountain Eagle was mentioned in the article and I remembered that you wrote an article for them. So, I tracked down their web page and e-mail address. I thought I would drop a line hoping that you are all well. God bless you and your family.

It is real sad to hear parents call in about their children on drugs – almost as sad as knowing most of the people dealing the drugs are also parents. Many years ago this country outlawed drinking, then we went to morphine and others drugs. A bell went off and we outlawed drugs and allowed drinking. I don’t do drugs, but now and then I do have a glass of beer or wine with dinner. The Bible says moderate drinking is just fine. So now we have no drinking, unless with dinner, and dope. If the police in Jenkins are really doing as some say, there is a solution. You can file a complaint at the federal courthouse in Pikeville against the department and the officer. The only catch is, you better be right in your charge – no hearsay or family crap, just the plain truth. Little by little the people are starting to speak up about their courts, hospital, etc. It’s a start. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, my wife and I drove around Fishpond Lake last week and couldn’t see any of the lake until the end of it. Where did the lake go?

I think it is ridiculous that girls have to put who they miss just to get them back.

I was sorry to hear that Paul Boyd Jr. had wrecked and broken his neck. He’s the son of Paul and Marie Boyd, formerly of Whitesburg. Get well soon, Paul. We love you.

To the girl who put the thing about Ryan in last week’s Speak Your Piece: That’s pretty pathetic and we all know who you are. If you wrote that thing about Jacob, too, then that’s really pathetic.

When will city water come to Little Cowan?

(The Kentucky Division of Water approved the design for the project to get water to Little Cowan in October 2006. Construction of the project is scheduled to be let for bids as soon as all property easements are obtained.)

I am looking for relatives of Dr. T.R. Collier. I am seeking information on the trained hunting dogs he used to have. If anyone has any information or knowledge of the whereabouts of either of his daughters, you may e-mail me at Adair1982@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

Isn’t it funny that botulism in food can kill you, yet the FDA will approve Botox, which is botulism toxin, to be injected into someone’s face so that they can look younger?

The Michael Vick dog fighting scandal brings up a subject near and dear to the hearts of many Letcher Countians – chicken fighting. Those spurred roosters being raised all over the county are not there to produce eggs. They are being bred to fight just like the dogs are and are sponsored by the same type of people. Most people would be amazed at how much money is being made in the breeding of these chickens, the money that is bet on Friday and Saturday nights, and the pillars of the community and churches who attend these savage exhibitions. This is not one of the things you want to list on your tourism brochures. Does the local police know about this or is this on the upper level they doesn’t bother?

Defense attorneys who know a client is guilty, but who will lie for the client and defend the client as not guilty, are one of the lowest forms of life. Almost every heinous crime – murder, murder and rape, murder and rape and child abuse – are preceded by a rap sheet of crimes nearly as serious. What a lawyer who knows a client is guilty is supposed to do is to plead the client guilty and try to get the best deal they can for them. Pleading guilty doesn’t give the lawyer an opportunity to run up big charges, though. Since guilty people don’t like to plead guilty, they insist on a not guilty plea and this suits the lawyers fine because that gives them a chance to run up big fees. I don’t have a solution; lawyers make the rules, usually to the detriment of the rest of us. What we can do is shun them as much as possible.

Information on the Granny and Pa Family Thanksgiving dinner will be forthcoming.

This is in regard to a statement made by a certain person in the The Mountain Eagle concerning the fiscal court donating money to ARH. If that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. Just ask any former or current employee where this person works. We would love to be part of the union. Most of the employees only make a little above minimum wage, then they cut big insurance premiums out of that. Most of the ones that make the big salaries are the children, spouses and even grandchildren of one family. But they give them fancy titles to justify it. Everyone knows they couldn’t hold down a job anywhere else. Is that called high class welfare? Thank you. P.S. We are betting this doesn’t get printed.

The author of the following poem is unknown. ‘Things That Count’ What are the things that count in life? /Another raise in pay? /To rule the company or head the government someday? /To gather all the wealth above and underneath the sea? /To conquer all the earth and try to guide its destiny? /No, these are not important as we live our lives on earth /And they add little to the weight of what we may be worth. /It is our conscience and our soul, our inner self alone /And whether we are critical or whether we condone ./It matters only how we strive for mankind everywhere / With faith in God and with the hope that we have done our share.

To a 15-year-old boy who was sitting in a car eating a Happy Meal and kept waving to me and my friends: Get a life and stop eating Happy Meals.

I was calling in about the comment that nothing but skanks live at Mountain Breeze. Well, I happen to be the mother of five and I don’t consider myself a skank. Some of us are not very fortunate to have well-paying fathers that take care of their children so some of us have no choice but to live there. Thank you.

(Good reply.)

I really hope this gets printed. I just wanted to speak my piece that I am thrilled to death that they finally caught Ricky Anderson. He deserved to get caught more than anybody because he used to be a police officer. He thought he was above the law and now he sees that he’s not.

Hey, Danny Webb, you need to watch a drug dealer at Kona. You’ve already caught a few in that area before.

Excuse me, Mr. Testosterone. The things you say make no sense and only allude to one point. Your bread is buttered on the other side. Just because some woman you met on myspace found out what a homosexual you are, that gives you no right to think all women are horrible. What about your mother, your grandmother, your sister? Are they lying whores too? Perhaps they turned you into the ignorant homo you portray yourself to be in the newspaper. The Salem witch trials? Excuse me but I checked a few days ago and it was 2007 then and I checked again and those trials were over hundreds and hundreds of years ago. So welcome to today, sir.

How many of us like to sit out on the porch and watch cars go by, watch trucks come up the road and just sit there and read a nice book or read a newspaper? But you know you always have those little mosquitoes that come up to you and just pester you. It gets worse as night falls. Here’s a remedy for you that doesn’t cost a lot of money and is better for you than spraying that insect repellent that never works. You know there’s always some part of the body that little pest gets to. Take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Mix it up and drink it before you go out. That pesky mosquito won’t attack you.

There are not many times when Letcher County gets put in the limelight, but in Scrip Talk this week the front page has Kentucky Eagle Coal Company of Carbon Glow. For all our scrip collectors out there I did a little research on this piece. It was 1933 through 1936. They had two mines and it was in Hazard Four Seam and it was a rail mine. Now where in the Carbon Glow area, it was probably at the head of the hollow was where this mine was. It’s not often that we get some positive feedback and not a negative from the mountains. I hope everything went well with the presidential visit.

To Brian: Happy 26th birthday on July 30. From your girlfriend.

To the staff at WMMT: It sure is a shame you are losing Carolina Girl. She was a great DJ, although Little Debbie and The Country Gent are pretty good, too. You should listen to everything Little Debbie says because she is awesome and brilliant. In case you get any ideas about bringing back White Oak on the Hill or Jesus vs. Jimmy, know that there are little ears listening all over, even in central Virginia. Lots of love to you all.

To the people who live on Roberts Branch who take no responsibility for your dogs running up and down the road: Let me tell you people something. I also live on Roberts Branch and have grown very tired of this. By the time you read this I have set out many, many containers of antifreeze. Now, if you get your dogs and put them on a chain like everyone else you may save their lives. But if not, I guess there will be a lot of dead dogs over here to be collected.

This is to the state troopers who have these innocent people involved with UNITE to help bring down the drug dealers: Do they also tell these people how much their lives are in danger and their children’s lives? No, I don’t think so because if so, they wouldn’t be there. You’re getting ready to get a lot of innocent people killed. Tell them that.

To a homemaker who think she’s a yippie-a-kaya cowgirl: You fat tub of lard, you stay away from my man. I’ll show you yippie-a-kaya. I’ll tie you up.

To D.H.: I love you very much and I miss you. Know that if you ever need anything I am here and I love you.

To whoever is putting the stuff in here about the woman who left her husband: I’m the man you need to stop. I messed up and I’m the one who has to live with it. She’s done nothing wrong so leave her alone. She’s a great mother and was the best wife a man could ever ask for. I put her through enough. She deserves the best life and I should have straightened up a long time ago but I was a fool. I love until the last breath I take no more. Then I look down from the heavens to keep her and our boys safe. So leave them alone. It was my fault for it all. Have a nice day. God bless you.

I’m just calling in about people who talk about other people when they don’t know what they’re talking about. When you start talking about people and you don’t know exactly what you’re talking about it’s a very bad thing. Always remember this, people who talk about other people aren’t very intelligent. If you know them well enough, if you’ve been in the bed with them, talk about them. If you know for a fact, say what you want to say. Remember this, the nut don’t fall too far from the tree, if you know what I mean. If you talk about it, you must be doing it.

Trash meets trash. Drugs overtake him and now he lives in adultery with the trash.

Well, Reverend, how does it feel to go from having everything to having nothing but an ankle bracelet on your leg?

I had a relative who died who had a house up on Pine Creek. It was worth a lot of money at one time. Apparently the person they got to appraise the house said because of the location and the reputation that Pine Creek and the Mayking area had, there was no way they could get the value it was assessed for. My family ended up selling it for basically a third of what it was appraised for, dirt cheap. I don’t know if people realize that in the Cram Creek and Pine Creek area that because of the reputation and the drug dealing that goes on up there and everyone else knowing about it, you’re not going to get what you have your land and your home assessed for it you go to sell it. I was told that by a Realtor. If you have insurance you might as well burn it to get what you want out of it, because you’re not going to get it because of the reputation.

Rite-Aid in Jenkins ought to be very careful. They’ve got a lot of competition up here in Dunham with all the pharmacies here.

I only have about one more month to pull and I’ll be free from jail. I miss you and our baby. I not I’m not supposed to see you but I’ll see you both. I still love you and always will. Just remember, I will find you and I will get to see you and my baby.

A certain restaurant is a nice place to eat. I think they need to get rid of all the fat people and let the skinny people work because I think that’s just the way it ought to be.

This is to the mayor of Jenkins: We need change the name of our town. Instead of calling it Jenkins, let’s call it Mayberry because we’ve got Barney Fifes for police officers.

I’m calling concerning the drug problem up in Cram Creek. It is absolutely pitiful that there are so many drug dealers up there and everybody knows it and all the law enforcement knows it and absolutely nothing gets done about it. One of the drug dealers who lives in Cram Creek acts like she loves her children so much. If she loved her children so much she wouldn’t give them pills and sell pills to them.

I just wanted to say that apparently Letcher County didn’t understand that John Edwards’s message is one America. That means everybody in Letcher County is the same. I think most people understood him, but I don’t think some of our officials did. While a lot of people that were just regular citizens had to wait out in the hot sun, we went inside only to find out that minutes before Mr. Edwards came in Mayor Craft and Leslie Combs and Jim Ward were given almost front row seats. Not front row, but they were put in the youth section that was reserved for ages 24 and under. I think that they should have had to stand in line like everyone else. I don’t think they should have been afforded special privileges that went against Mr. Edwards’s message.

(All three of the officials whose names you mention were invited to the forum by the Edwards campaign committee.)

I saw you take that Pioneer speaker from our son’s green Saturn. You thought no one was home, but guess what. His mother was home. I saw you from my window. It is just a matter of time before you get caught so bring it back or face the consequences.

I found a man’s ID bracelet in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The name ‘Scott’ is on the front and it was written ‘With love from Tracy.’ I thought it might have sentimental value for someone. If it belongs to you and you would like it back, just let me know next week. I don’t want to put my phone number in the paper.

To the man in the coal truck I talked to the other day: I think you are the most sexy man I have ever seen.

To my daughter in Pound, Va.: Mommy loves you with all my heart and don’t you ever forget that. Mommy.

I thought a certain person was going to put in a skating rink for all these kids around here because they had nothing to do, nowhere to go, everybody’s on drugs. How come you put in the store, buddy? Took all that money and trying to make more money off it a different way instead of having a place for the kids to play.

It used to be when you went to the doctor you were a patient and they cared a little bit about you. But not today. When you go to the doctor, you are no longer a patient you are a customer. You can take it or leave it.

How’s your little dog doing, the one that dances so well and coughs his head off? I hope he’s doing good. See you next year. Bye.

To those few people who have received city water I only have this to say to you: Boil, baby, boil.

This is a 39-year-old young lady looking for a real nice Christian guy that’s athletic or a musician or in the military and likes rodeos. She wants him to be good looking, looks like Gunnar Nelson or Matthew Nelson or any of the rodeo guys or NASCAR drivers or even anyone that’s on a Harley-Davidson. If anyone’s out there, please respond in Speak Your Piece.

I was calling regarding the $25,000 to quit smoking. I’m interested. Give me the details.

This is your family. You need to make some meatloaf.

The grand jury of Letcher County serves to improve local government. Send relevant information to P.O. Box 1073, Whitesburg, Ky., 41858-1073.

What is going on with the LCCHS football team? My neighbor’s son was beaten up in the locker room and had to spend two nights in the hospital. Where were all the coaches? They have about 10 or more.

I just recently received some money for taking care of the cemetery. It was delivered by Monroe Pack, my uncle, and his daughter, Yvonne Day, my first cousin; six family members and other people over the years. I see it as love and kindness, and I appreciate all that have donated. Thank you one and all. Stanley Pack. Thank you.

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