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To all the ladies who have husbands that race at the Isom racetrack: Watch out for a certain woman. She does nothing but go around showing her boobs to the men if they let her. Racer wives, somebody needs to put this girl in her place and show her who’s the boss.

If there’s no one in Heaven like me, then I don’t want to go.

Keep holding on, baby, we’ll get through this. We just have to be tough. I love you and nothing could ever change that. Miss you and love you a lot. MR.

I think it is a shame that people call Social Services just to spite someone. You know, you who do are not happy with your lives, so you have to make other people’s lives miserable. I have called Social Services once in my life, and that is because I saw the abuse with my own eyes. I don’t call and put kids through the embarrassment just to spite the parents. I called on someone because I saw a 40-year-old man beating his 15-year-old son like he was a grown man. Those kids begged me to get them out of that home and that’s what I tried to do. The mother of these kids let them drink alcohol and just because the 15-year-old didn’t want to, she then took a monstrous rage out on everyone. Then she coaxed them into saying that I gave them alcohol. Does it make sense that I had to fight the woman to make her stop giving the kids alcohol and then turn around and give it to them myself? No, it does not. And it does not make sense that I called Social Services and reported all that went on, and gave them a handful of witnesses and these parents were given a smack on the butt, and let them walk on freely. I have pictures and video of what went on, and still no one is arrested for child abuse. For those who are really caring about their bad habits and how they spend their money on them, and not worried about your children like I am mine, then I will pray for you. Letcher County needs to wake up and teach our children to grow up and be part of the human race, instead of teaching them the fastest way to die. Why don’t one of you big shot officials put something here in this county for kids to do? Movies, skating, something.

I am an elderly man who lives alone. I have been a customer of Bell South, and now AT&T for many years. My home telephone has been out of service since Tuesday, Aug. 18. It is now Monday, Aug. 23, and my phone is still out. This phone is my lifeline in emergencies. No one should have to do without telephone service this long, elderly people in particular. This never happened when we had Bell South. In this day and age of technology, this should not happen. The problem is not the technicians they have. I personally know some of them, and they are excellent people. Therefore, the problem lies in the higher-ups in AT&T management, which rates at stupidity. I challenge the county judge and the fiscal court to check into this matter and see that this does not become a habit. Considering what the people of Letcher County are charged for phone service, we deserve better. Thank you.

Hello from the Frog Doctor. Wow it has been a very long time since I have written anything. Just thought I would drop in and say hi. I want to wish ladybug the best of luck. I love you and I always will be here for you. To most of my family, I wish you all the love and happiness that life has to offer. Some people can take a flying leap and get lost, but oh well, I don’t have to deal with people who talk smack about family. Oh wait, I’m sorry about that, because my family wouldn’t do that, so I guess that means that you’re not my family. To my kids, I love and miss you like crazy. Just to let you know, my calendar is looking awful lonely with nothing written on it. I am always here when you need me, no matter what. I think everyone should show love for their kids whether they are your real kids or kids that you just look out for and love. Life is too short to keep saying hurtful things, so I am done with stuff that doesn’t get us anywhere.

Self wants to tell everyone hello. Especially a little cutie called Donavon.

I need to tell someone that I am so sorry for doing something without thinking about how they would feel about it. I am truly sorry. Sometimes we just get carried away and don’t realize what day it is until it’s too late. I’m sorry.

Please print this, it will save a lot of people some heartache. Why are some people asking others to come to a center? They must out of fresh bait. If you want a divorce, please go, because there are people there who will help you out. Men and women. They would love to get into your lives and tear it apart. They do not care if you have kids, or a good wife or husband, just as long as they get what they are after. These men and women are to be uncovered, soon they will all be on the ropes, and to answer for all this, because someone higher is going to be asking, ‘Why?’ I hope this helps others.

I would like to wish my mother-in-law a speedy recovery from her operation at Central Baptist. From Owen and family.

Why is a center begging for people to come there? They are people there who are no good. All they care to do is cheat on their husbands or wives. Why would they care to listen to a band that plays the same thing all the time? They all look like death covered up. I was talking to a nice lady the other day, and we had some good laughs about that place. She has quit going, and she said that there are a lot of tramps who go there, men and women. They are cheating on their husbands and wives right in front of them. Wake up people.

Afghanistan is a country of mostly mountains, with a few river valleys where nonopium agriculture on a paying scale is possible. If we’re going to fix Afghanistan, a Virginia/Kentucky solution to governing mountains is the best we can aim for. Which is to say, build up the flatlands, concentrate political and economic power, infrastructure and population there, and let the mountaineers have their mountains. I will remind everyone that the planes hit the buildings in New York a good six months into George Worst Bush’s administration, which ought to have been plenty of time for competent people to get positions filled in the security apparatus in time to say, evaluate and act on the FBI reports on the 9/11 hijackers that were available beforehand. I will remind everyone that, rather than concentrate on Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, Cheney and Bush invaded Iraq, despite the weapons of mass destruction that never turned up (but where Saddam had all that thenunleased, undeveloped oil). The invasion prompted al Qaeda to open up a branch office in Iraq, where none was before the invasion. At least our military forces in Iraq are staying on one base lately, and Iraqis are blowing up other Iraqis. Today our soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan, where we’ve been since before the Iraq invasion, are foot-patrolling against vicious hill folk on the hill folk’s home territory, and riding around hostile cities in mobile deathtraps until they’re blown up by homemade bombs. What’s over? What’s behind us? Cheney and Bush left a huge mess it will take years to clean up. No sovereign has ever been immune from the consequences of his actions. More kings than you can shake a stick at have had their heads chopped off, and more dictators than there are hairs on a dog’s back have been shot. Nixon only resigned after Goldwater told him the Democrats had the impeachment votes. Private citizen Cheney and private citizen Bush need to be held accountable, because it ain’t over, nothing is behind us. If all of our troops pull out of Afghanistan tomorrow, the rest of the world will pay as much attention to Afghanistan as they do us, here in the mountains of Kentucky and Virginia. But we would still be left with the questionable precedent set by a couple of bad executive branch actors. What’s important is that we find out what really happened, learn the lessons we need to learn about how to avoid similar circumstances in the future, and hold the bad actors accountable. There should be no golden parachutes for ‘ex’-es covered in other people’s blood. Sic ’em, Nancy. Hey, Eric Holder, get ’em.

Rules of mistress/call girl: It has recently come to my attention that mistresses nowadays seem to have forgotten their place in life and are overstepping their bounds, therefore I feel compelled to educate those of you who are way out of line. The following are the 10 rules to remember if you are ‘the other woman’. (1) Don’t confuse sex with love. Cheating doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife, or that he has stopped having sex with her. He will always love her; you are just easy. (2) He is not bound to you, nor does he care about you. No matter how the relationship seems, no matter what he says, in the end, you will lose. (3) Be good at living in the moment. Reality: That’s all you’ve got, in your mind you may think, and he may say, that you have a future. That’s not a reality. (4) In the minute that you think he is going to leave his wife for you, get out. Do you really want to be with a cheater? (5) If you think you are his first affair, think again. You are not now, nor will you ever be his first or second choice. You are just easy. (6) Eventually you will come to realize that you have to disappear. Your presence is no longer needed. (7) You can never compete with his wife and kids. Remember, you are a side item, not a commitment. You are not a part of his real life or the people who have his name. (8) Don’t expect support from your neighbors, family or friends. No one wants to be cheated on, and they won’t feel sorry for you when he leaves you. They won’t defend you in public and they will be ashamed of you. (9) Be aware of who and what you are. Hold your head down and stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Once your affair is known, leave town. It’s the right thing to do. Which brings us to number (10) Know your place. Don’t drive by his house, it makes you look desperate parading around like a prostitute. Don’t call his house or cell phone, it makes you look like a call girl. And keep away from married men; it makes you look like trash. In conclusion, try to get a man of your own and quit using someone else’s hand-medowns. Save yourself and your family the shame. Right about now there are some of you who are thinking, ‘is this about me?’ If you are thinking that, the answer is yes, it really is.

I had a friend recently ticketed for carrying children in the back of his pickup truck and he has to pay a big fine. Why did they single this guy out when a lot of people do that?

Can anyone name one thing that politicians have done that they say is for the common good that has been successful? They have basically destroyed the public education system and helped their wealthy Wall Street campaign contributors to bankrupt the treasury, just for starters. Now they want to meddle with health care. These are the people who do not have the intelligence to succeed in any kind of business, so they decide to try to make a career in politics by soliciting businesses to back them with promises of huge paybacks. These are con men of the lowest order. Here is a very good example of their kind of management. In Nevada, in certain areas, brothels are legal. One of these was the Mustang Ranch. The owner made $100 million, but failed to pay his taxes. The IRS went after him, but he left the country. The government took over the ranch. And what happened next? You guessed it. The ranch went bankrupt. I rest my case.

(If you’re going to borrow so heavily from something you’ve read on the Internet, please check to be sure that what you are forwarding is actually true. The Mustang Ranch claim has been circulating since October 2008 and has been proven to be false. Before you believe what’s being sent to you in a forwarded chain e-mail, you< really ought to consider checking its validity on sites such as factcheck.org, snopes.com, and about.com. You’d be surprised by how much of the stuff you get in your in-box is totally fabricated.)

We would like to wish Hailey Kuracka a ‘Sweet 16th Birthday’ on Aug. 31. We love you. Dad, Mammaw and Papaw Kuracka.

5010. Think of the past. What happened was a crazy, unexpected series of events. I didn’t mean to hang the phone up. When you came on the phone it didn’t ring and your dogs were making so much noise that I couldn’t hear. The phone was cut off. I was trying to call a number. If you had tried to call back I couldn’t have heard you. Someone had cut the phone off. Why don’t you give me another chance and put your phone number in my mailbox on the front door or mailbox on the at the post office? Sorry about everything. I do care for you. May God bless you. Over the years I thought about you and Tennessee and our secret. You are the one and only. You are the man to be in my life with our secret.

I live in Westwood and three weeks ago for a period of about 10 days, the apparition of a little girl appeared to several people in my neighborhood, including me. If anyone else has seen this little girl and you think she may be a ghost, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece, and please, no smart aleck remarks. Thank you.

(Please don’t mistake me for a smart aleck when I point out that Westwood is the neighborhood formerly known as Graveyard Hollow.)

What can be done about people with dogs that bark all night and keep other people from sleeping? People have to work, you know. Sick people need their rest also.

Hello, grandmother at Deane. How are you sleeping at night since you and your family lied and put your granddaughter and husband in jail? How are you going to explain this on Judgment Day?

Would any men out there like to meet a kind and good-hearted lady? If so, respond to brown eyes.

There’s no use to holler for help in Jenkins. They’re all up at the fire station all the time. It looks like we need to call the state police back in.

I have to say this, son. I always thought that without that education you never would make anything of yourself, and I was right. You’re 28 years old and you’ve done nothing. You’ve not worked two years in your life, son. I always thought that without that education you would be like your mother and I — wake up too tired to go back to work and too broke not to go back. Son, I’ve not given up on you and the good Lord hasn’t, either. I just hope you change your life in time, son. I love you, son. And thank you for being my son. God bless you.

Steve, I’m still waiting.

That Thornton school bus is so overcrowded it is dangerous, and the super- intendent and transportation director are never in their offices to take my phone call about it. Maybe I should call Pine Mountain Grill and ask for them.

I don’t see how the law can let a piece of scum in Doty Creek get by with whatever he wants to do every Friday and Saturday night.

Dear Speak Your Piece: We need to slow way down on our driving or else we’ll be back to $4.50 a gallon real quick. The American people showed the Arabs once before that we control the price of gasoline. We need to do it again. Don’t think for one minute that gasoline won’t be gone from here in the near future. My friend Gatewood Galbraith is running for governor again. His idea on legalizing hemp for industrial fuels is something we need to get started on now. Otherwise, the car you own will be extinct quick.

To the major coal companies behind the very successful ‘Friends of Coal’ campaign: If you really want to get your message out, you should build a sign like the famous one in Hollywood and put it on that mountaintop strip mine that overlooks Carr Creek Lake State Park. This would be a great opportunity for you to show the world that you really are proud of what you have left in total ruin. The state let you destroy the lake, park and campgrounds with your strip mines; surely our good and honest officials won’t mind if you erect a world-class sign on what’s left. And by all means, make sure you light it up at night.

If they want to stop the drugs from coming in to Letcher County, first they need to stop them coming to Little Robinson Creek in Pike County.

You people and your attitudes. You act like you’re better than me, but you know better. You’re far from it.

To a certain redhead who works at Double Kwik in Jenkins: You are the sweetest and kindest cashier I’ve ever met in my life, and you are beautiful inside and out and I love you to pieces. They are doing a great job by having you in that store. I love you. L.R.

Send Ron Johnson back to Harlan where he belongs.

The law-abiding citizens of Letcher County owe one big thank you to our new district judge, Ron Johnson. It’s about time we had a judge who is free to enforce the law. Judges who live in Letcher County have to worry about being reelected, but Mr. Johnson, who is from Harlan County, doesn’t have that albatross hanging around his neck. What’s going on in Letcher County right now is proof that judges need to be appointed and rotate among counties instead of being elected. Keep up the good work, Mr. Johnson. Letcher County has been in need of a good cleaning for some time.

A tramp who drives a silver car had better quit flirting with a certain man she works with. If not, his wife is going to knock her silly.

People are losing their jobs and homes because of Ron Johnson. You need to go back home, Johnson.

My grandmother used to always say you can never trust a black-headed woman or a black-headed man. That is the truest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Another old saying is an old mop or an old broom knows where the dirt is. That’s definitely true, because the older you get the more you know people and know what they’re capable of and the more you know what they’re capable of doing. It all boils down to the fact that when you’re young you’re dumb and you really don’t know people and take them at face value.

This is in response to the reply about my comment about garbage on Bill Moore Branch: Garbage bags do not rot in one week. I just want you to know that the men who picked up your garbage very humbly were very kind about picking up after your cheapness. You should have more respect for them than that.

To the person who commented about Gary Rogers not being qualified to be chief at Letcher Fire and Rescue: What makes any of them qualified?

To Mr. C.: I miss you. I still love you and I still care about you. If you ever find it in your heart, give me a call just to say hi. I still remember August 11 and rainy days.

The fire marshal should look into certain fires in Hemphill. A family member has already told what really happened. So good luck to you and yours.

Why is Ron Johnson locking people up for being just $100 behind on their child support? This is unfair.

If you think you’re the big bad redhead you think you are, then why isn’t he with you instead of me? Ha ha.

To a certain grandmother at Railroad Hill: You can go to church seven days a week and act like a Christian, but everyone knows how you have treated your grandchildren. You turn your back on my children every time they see you. How would the church feel about the way you do your own grandchildren? You will have to answer to God one day. You should be ashamed of yourself.

To a certain person with the initials B.D.C.R.I.: I love you. I always will and I always have. B.M.S.

To the low life who lives on Slate Hill in Jenkins: You are nothing but trash for signing your parental rights over to your two children. But the kids are better off with their mother, because you are nothing but a nogood scumbag. And your good-for-nothing wife is just as bad for making your sign your rights over. You two can go to hell.

Come one, come all. Pizza rolls on sale, two for three dollars, at a certain store. Oh, and get all your needs met any way you want it for the low price of $10. Come at night.

I know a man who got laid off from his job in the coal mine because the company was going broke. He couldn’t pay his child support because no one would give him the chance to get caught up. Now he is doing time in jail.

Hey, you dopers on Smoky Row. Quit snitching.

Watch out. The people who are selling pills on Smoky Row will rat on you.

All I can say is you better research the coming swine flu vaccine before you put any of the ingredients in your body — and pray. Hundreds of people were left paralyzed from a similar vaccine during a previous swine flu outbreak in 1976. I have also been reading about the safety of the HPV shot that is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. Please Google ABC News about the safety of the HPV vaccine.

I sat up the other night to listen to King Daddy on WMMT and get him to play me some requests. I called and told him I wanted to hear ‘Big Green Huey’ and ‘Sweet Home Knott County.’ I waited all night as usual and he didn’t play my songs as usual. He’s just like the Country Gentleman. The DJ’s at WMMT won’t play music for you unless you are friends with them. They need to be fired.

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