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I was just wondering if anyone has seen the video about texting with cellphones while driving? I saw it the other day. Some were saying it was too graphic for TV. Well I don’t think so. It’s the truth. That could happen to any one of us if someone was texting while driving. We don’t know who’s in the car we’re passing. It could be a baby, the elderly, young adults, teenagers, or someone middle aged. That could be your family, my family, or a friend. A life is a life. Yes, the video is so heartwrenching you’ve got to see it for yourself. But it’s the truth and the truth needs to be told and shown. We can’t sugarcoat the truth just to make it seem less bad. The truth is the truth. It is what it is.

Come to Long Branch. Anything that you need, we have it. The law is no problem. We sell to anybody. We put away your blues.

Is it true that the Letcher County Jail makes you pay for a bed to sleep in? I always thought they provided your bed, but someone told me they had to pay $100 for a mat to put on the floor and sleep on. That’s so wrong. I just think they are trying to get money for no reason. I know that the government pays for beds, blankets and food, so why should someone have to pay that for a mat?

Judgment shall begin at the house of the Lord. The kingdom of Heaven is near. It’s time to repent.

What’s wrong, did I hit a nerve when I was talking about the people at Hatfield Drive? Honey, I’m not your ex-girlfriend. I wouldn’t want a snaggle-tooth who drinks all the time. And the woman you’re with deserves better, too. Let’s see if I hit another nerve.

I think it’s a shame the sheriff ‘s department and state police didn’t come out and tell my family about my niece getting shot.

Hey, neighbor. Put me some more belt line in that creek. Put me another bed liner in that creek.

Son, you can’t walk with God and run with the devil at the same time. It doesn’t work that way. God is not going to have mercy on witches, sorcerers, warlocks, or the devil. Once death has come it is too late. Any way you look at it, you will stand before God just as Satan did. Think about it.

To my stupid next-door neighbor who has the police scanner: Just keep on eavesdropping on my phone calls. When someone calls the law on you, you run and hide. Enjoy yourself while you can, because your days of running and hiding are coming to an end.

I think it’s a shame that when you call the sheriff’s department about one of your neighbors flashing a gun at your kids, the dispatcher says someone will be there but no one ever shows up. They didn’t call or anything. What kind of county do we live in?

Why is it that Dry Fork cannot get city water, but Premium and Thornton can get it?

To my ex-husband, TWC from Neon: I just wanted you to know how much I love you and always will. It was good seeing you a few weeks ago. God, you look great. I know things have happened we can’t take back, but I do know that I will always love you and I wish we could find our way back to each other. From your ex-wife.

To the idiot who wants them to put a ‘Friends of Coal’ sign up on the hill at Carr Creek Lake: I’ll tell you right now, you stupid idiot, they can sure put it in my house. And thank God for people like me who work in the coal mines so they can light it up. That’s where all the electricity comes from, is coal. So you better be thanking a lot of people.

Can someone tell me who is in charge of the sign in front of Arlie Boggs Elementary School: School has been going on for two weeks and the sign still says school is beginning. Does anyone know who is in charge of that?

In case you ginseng diggers are finding less ginseng, it’s because back in the spring I went through much of Letcher County, Harlan County and southwest Virginia with a tank of weed killer on my back. I sprayed it when I found it just to keep trash like you from digging it. How do you like that?

This is my message to Rick Pitino: Go back to where you came from and KYPIYP. Thank you.

To R.W. in Jenkins: Honey I am waiting on you. I have been waiting on you for quite a while. So please come back to me.

I want to wish Samantha Callahan a happy birthday. It was on August 27.

I just want to thank Ethan A. so much for being my friend and for always being there for me. Love, K.N.B.

Thanks a lot, Judge Ron Johnson, for putting my brother in jail just because he was a couple of months late in paying his fines. Now he can’t feed his 18-monthold baby. That’s the only support the baby’s mother had.

What do you mean we owe Ron Johnson one great big thank you? I understand he is trying to do his job and is trying to keep the drugs off the streets and away from our young children, but there are some honest people in our county who have a few things on their record that are not as bad as selling drugs. What he’s doing needs to be stopped or we’re all going to be hurting.

I’m the guy who lives at Carcassonne and got the mailbox torn down. If this was an accident, I understand. Accidents do happen. But if you did it on purpose, be a man and come to my face and tell me you did it on purpose and why.

Want to know what to do about dogs that bark all night and keep you awake? You need to get that state trooper to move beside you. That will take care of it.

To the boy calling in about pizza rolls and $10 girls at a certain store: You’re just mad because she had to call your boss about you being 30 minutes late — again. Anytime you want to say something like that, feel free to say it to my face. I’m her boyfriend and I know you said it, because your coworker ratted you out. The only $10 woman I know is your mother back in Indiana.

To the woman with the initials K.C. who went on topix.com and was talking about the woman with the initials S.C.: We know you are just jealous of her. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and compare yourself with her. S.C. is a beauty. You are the beast. You are a skank.

Just watch. The pillhead is out of prison.

To the person who put the rules out for being a mistress: Love it, love it, love it. Do it again.

The Kentucky River Health District has come up with the idea of posting health and hygiene information at restaurants. This has been going on in Fayette County and elsewhere for a long time. At a rating of 85 or less you eat at your own risk. They need to have separate postings in Perry County, where they still allow smoking.

Oh my God. I was just reading Speak Your Piece and saw the warning about the woman at the races. My husband races, and this wouldn’t be the first boob he saw and it sure won’t be last. It’s not going to terrorize these men. Anyway, that girl is kind of silly if she thinks they’ve never seen a boob. That’s just my opinion.

Just wanted to invite all my Friends of Coal buddies over to Jenkins this weekend. Our sign will be lit up thanks to all the coal miners.

Help. I’m stuck in this newspaper and I can’t get out. I can’t breathe. Help.

What would be really cool is if we could get Hank Williams Jr. to come to Letcher County to put on a show for us. That would be great.

It looks like I better get my child support paid up. I’m $850 behind and I’m scared to death.

This is in response to the heartbroken wife who made up ’10 rules for a mistress/ call girl’ to follow’: Here are ’10 rules’ to let you know you are and always will be thinking about me. (1) You will always be wondering if the sex you are having with him is as satisfying as it is with me. It’s not, because he keeps coming back to me. Not because I am ‘easy,’ as you put it, but because he will always crave another woman’s body. (2) No he is not ‘bound’ to me, but when he is with me he doesn’t have to listen to whining, bitching, and boring conversations about yourself like how you are going to lose weight when the three of us know you never will. (3) You must be good at living in the ‘moment,’ because every waking moment you will be thinking about me — the ‘other woman.’ You will always wonder about the conversation we have. And yes some of them are about you. The ‘reality’ is you are living in a fantasy world all your own. (4) As for your rule number 4, you asked if I ‘really wanted to be with a cheater?’ Well apparently you do, because he is cheating on you with me, had before me and will cheat on you after me. So you should not confuse a marriage certificate or a ring on your left finger with love. He doesn’t really love you either. You see, he doesn’t really know what love is nor do you. You are only a legal ‘call girl.’ The only difference is you have to do so much more for him for which he is not even grateful — wash his smelly socks and underwear, cook, clean, etc. Oh, but you get paid a bit better don’t you? Guess that makes it easier to look down on someone who doesn’t have to do his chores. (5) You asked if I thought I was his first affair? Refer to my rule number 4. (6) You want me to ‘disappear.’ I may eventually leave his life from my choice, not yours, but my ‘presence’ will always be with you. You will never stop thinking about me, nor will he (you won’t let him). I will always know your husband. We have shared secrets, talked, laughed and loved too much for us to just ‘go away.’ He will never forget me. I will forever be a part of your lives. (7) You stated that I could never ‘compete’ with you. Well I did and won. He chose to be with me. I didn’t have to force him to see me. Don’t forget, he left your bed to come to mine. I didn’t come and roll you over. It doesn’t make any difference whether he leaves you or not, he still wants others. (8) I do not need support from anyone. Don’t you know people don’t ‘support’ you, they only tell you what they think you want to hear? I make my own choices whether they meet anyone’s ‘standards’ or not. I do not need to be defended. You will be the one making excuses for him and explaining why you choose to stay with your cheating husband. So keep your head down and remember they won’t be feeling sorry for you; they will be laughing behind your back for being so naive. (9) You need to be ‘aware of who and what you are’ also. Remember where you came from. Just because you have a marriage certificate doesn’t mean your past indiscretions disappeared. If you think everyone has forgotten or have stopped talking, think again. (10) Now you need to know ‘your place.’ It is your place henceforth to continue to make his life miserable for having an affair. Hold your head down and realize you are not all that he needs, you don’t make him happy and I will always be in his head. Every time he lies down with you he will be thinking about me. To anyone wondering ‘is this about me?’ If you live at Ermine it very well could be.

Why are we in Afghanistan? George W. went into Afghanistan under the pretense of getting bin Laden, and after almost eight years, bin Laden is all but forgotten. The answer must lie somewhere between more wealth for the military industrial complex and the drug trade. After we went into Afghanistan most of the farmers started growing poppies. They then produce opium. The Taliban are not a real threat to us militarily in this country. Their main agenda is to stop the drug trade. But the drug trade puts a great deal of money in circulation, and the big dogs at the top of the trade certainly don’t want it to stop. On another note, bleeding hearts are feeling sorry for the criminals, making them appear to be victims of the system. One good example of the criminal mind is a 17-year-old in Georgia in house arrest with a $250,000 bond for murder. He cut off the bracelet and went to the home of a young mother, shot her in the face, and used her young baby like a baseball bat, slamming it against the wall. He was later apprehended.

The obituary for Hattie Mason made it sound like Pearlie Bates was Hattie’s sister. She was just a friend.

Hi to my friend, 5010. Why didn’t you stop and come in yesterday? I do have a front door. No one here but me. All of my children have their own homes. They use my parking lot. Blow at the front door all you want, all my neighbors have passed away. Take care, and I do care and would like to see you face to face, like C.A.C. said. Hello to the house. A pleasure. Give me time to get to the door. I hope to see you soon.

I would like for people to go back to last week’s Speak Your Piece and read again the piece about all the cheating going on at the center. We know the center you’re talking about, it’s a good family place to go and there is always someone like you trying to tear down what other people work hard to get going in this county. You can tell by the language this person used they are very disturbed and they missed their English classes in school also. The people at that center do not beg people to come there, and whoever puts it in the paper asking people to come does that on their own and it is not appreciated. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Now if you came and you were rejected and that is the reason you are staying away, then so be it, you should just go somewhere else and stop causing problems. If you lost your husband or wife, that’s not the center’s fault. It was probably your own stupidity. But if you lost them there, please come and get them and take them home. There is no room to store trash at the center. There are married couples who come to the center and most of them dance with the one who brought them. They even like the music from the band who looks like death covered up (as you said). What on earth do you mean by that? They know the songs and they can dance to the music, what difference does it make to you? I don’t know who you are calling a tramp, but I invited you to come on and call them out. I should tell you that you better have proof. Now if you want a lawsuit for slander against you, keep on telling things that are not true. This place is supported by good people and good people work hard and do not get paid to provide you with a place to go to relax and enjoy a few minutes of time in a hard week. Please stop trying to tear it down. This is why we are at the bottom in everything in our county, it’s because of people like you.

To the pathological liar who lives in the two-bedroom apartment at Mountain Breeze: You are nothing but a liar and a troublemaker and have always been. Everyone who knows you knows how you are. Before you talk trash about other people, look in the mirror at yourself and your husband first. You are the ones that are trash. At least I have always provided a stable home for my family and haven’t gotten kicked out of every house I ever lived in because of not paying the bills and rent like you have. As for you calling me a lowlife, from what I hear your husband is a deadbeat father himself to his own daughter from a previous marriage. You are the one that spoke up in court about me signing over my parental rights and everyone there knows it. Did you know that they record every court session and they have you on record saying that? I’m going to get a copy of that record and show everyone that you are the lying one, not me. Like I said before, everyone knows how you are and that you are nothing but a liar. Everyone also knows that it was you that kept those kids from me. Every time I have ever seen those kids you have put me in jail or tried to put me in jail over your lies. You are just mad because when everything is finalized in court you will no longer get anything from me again. Looks like you or your sorry husband is going to have to get a job now. As for you calling my wife a goodfor nothing, you are just jealous of her and have always been. For a matter of fact, you have always been jealous of my entire family because we are so happy together and your are not. I have always heard that people who talk about other people are just miserable in their own lives. For your information, my wife just graduated from nursing school and has accomplished more in two years than you have accomplished your entire life. She is also not the one who made me sign my rights over. You are the one that asked me to do it. As for you talking about my mother, you are the one who has always told her and my dad for many years that they are not the grandparents. You kept those kids from them just like you did from me. Didn’t you mean to say that the kids were better off with your parents because that is where they are most of the time? You live your miserable and childish life and I’ll live my fairy tale life with my beautiful wife and daughter.

What? An apparition appeared in Graveyard Hollow that several people saw over a 10-day period and no one called the media? Or even took a picture? In other words, how dumb do you think we are?

5010, this is 1050. How are you doing finding whoever you are looking for? Maybe if you put the first letter of your name or the first letter of the person you are looking for you might just find that person. That is, if there is a 5010. Are you real or it is someone playing games? And that is a big if. Myself, I think someone is playing games. Many years ago I lost a boyfriend. I think he liked playing games. One night he sent his friends to my house. I thought it was a joke, but when we passed the ballpark he was not there. I knew I had been set up so I played his game. I lost the boyfriend but it all turned out very well because in a few days the best looking man ever hit Letcher County, came home from the Army. His house was right next to my mother’s house. We were together 36 years until he passed away 23 years ago. Sometimes games are not good, but if you are real, 5010, good luck in finding your friend. You say you miss and love that person. Find that person, 5010.

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