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As a dream, life soon fades away. Man has no promise of even one more day. Born into troubled life’s hardships are many. Most have a little while few have plenty. Seek not for riches here on Earth. Give God your heart, seek that heavenly birth. God knows all needs whether great or small. With true faith in Him, God will answer your call. Let Satan not deceive you and draw you away. Those who endure with God, they will get to stay.

Someone has some pit bulls over here on Big Cowan starving in cages. It ought to be seen about. Thank you, Daddy Long Legs.

It’s very late, but I’m sorry to hear about Lorene Dollarhide passing away. She was a true friend. Two times you’ve not printed what I had to say, but you all write other garbage in there. I’m wondering what’s the difference. I sign my name always. Stanley Pack. Thank you.

These are the streets I walk./They are the prey I stalk./Yes, they are the prey I seek./I need their blood, for without it I grow weak./For I am a vampire./ Blood is my desire./ It’s what keeps me alive./ It’s my motivation, my drive./It’s what I live for./I go out into the night and explore./When I see my chance/I take it, don’t worry through, I’ll put you in a trance/So you don’t feel a thang/When I bite into your neck with my fangs.

Hey there auntie, I figured I would write again. How are you and the rest of the family doing? Same ol’ same here. It’s been so long, maybe me ‘n’ John Boy can come down there for a visit sometime soon. He’s almost completed this last writing he’s been working on. It would be fun to get the whole family together again. Give the rest of the family a holler for us. We’ll be home soon.

Beware: New biker gangs in Letcher County. There are new biker gangs starting in Letcher County and you should beware. They are lit up and dangerous. It could cause you to wreck if looking directly at one of their bikes at night. These bad bikers can be identified by a bunch of lights in various places on their motorcycles. Some have a lot of them in various colors. They have only been seen on the newer Harleys so far, that sound and look like the other Japanese motorcycles. The engines sound like Japanese bikes and sometimes are quieter, and are known as ‘Blockhead’ engines. None of the older bikes will have these lights, since most are real ‘bikers’ who ride them, and would be ashamed to humiliate themselves with pretty lights. You will notice ‘Boy George’ blue, ‘Richard Simmons’ red, and ‘Elton John’ green. There could be some with ‘Michael Jackson’ purple. Take care to not look the riders directly in the eyes when passing them. They could chase you down and want to hug you regardless of your gender. They are very weird, so be careful out there.

Does every single person who dies stand before God? In the entire world, how many people die each second? Will everyone have to stand before God? Do you get in line and pick a number? How does God find the time? Does he or she ever get a break? Seems like he/she couldn’t give much time to each person and still run the world, answer prayers, do miracles, etc. I’m afraid I may not get enough time to state my case. I’d hate to end up in the wrong place because of a snap judgment caused by too big a workload.

Hey UNITE, we need you here on Stamper’s Branch at Isom. Danny Webb, there’s another drug dealer on Stamper’s Branch.

I would like to congratulate the Jenkins Cavaliers and new Coach Larry Maggard on their win last Friday against South Floyd High School. The home game was very exciting. It was great to see such a big crowd at the game. It was one of the biggest crowds I had seen at a game in Jenkins in 15 years. Jenkins School System made a great hire in Coach Maggard. He is first class all the way. I hope Jenkins High School gives Coach Maggard time to rebuild the program. This will not happen overnight, but it looks like it is going in the right direction.

That was a great story about Charles Howard, who had the courage and guts to keep pushing for miners’ safety. It got him ‘laid off ‘ by Cumberland River Coal, which doesn’t like whistle-blowers. But hooray for the Feds, who order Cumberland River Coal to rehire Howard with back pay and benefits. I hope Howard cleans up on his lawsuit. Maybe then Cumberland River Coal will think twice before putting profits before miners’ lives. But when government enforces safety regulations for miners, do we hear folks screaming ‘government takeover’ or ‘socialism’? No. So why do folks think it’s great to keep health care at the mercy of the health care insurance companies, who make their billions by giving a little health care as possible for the most money? A government-paid option (it’s not government-run) saves us all money because, like Medicare, it bypasses the middle men — who are the health insurance corporations with CEOs raking in up to $50 million a year. No wonder the health insurance fat cats will do anything to keep people from having a choice of a governmentpaid plan like Medicare. No wonder they’re putting out $1.2 million a day on lobbyists to sucker and scare us into opposing a public option. No wonder they’re screaming — or persuasively smooth-talking — ‘government bankruptcy’, ‘Grandma killers’, ‘socialism’, and other lies in town halls and on Fox TV. And we seem to be falling for it — again. If we do, the CEOs of health insurance and drug companies will be laughing all the way to the bank — with our money.

Hey, Lexi. What are you doing? I figured I would surprise you and write to you in here. Read any good books lately? Do you have any more Hannah Montana books? Can I borrow them? From your cousin, Cridal.

Whether you’re for or against the death penalty, the story of Cameron Todd Willingham is something that every responsible American should read. It is in the September 7 edition

of the New Yorker

magazine, and is available online. It’s not a short article, but well worth the time.

The article written by Keith Howard about the Letcher County Central Cougars stated there were four sophomores that started for the Cougars. It should have said five, the fifth being Michael Blair the starting center.

The Kentucky Bar Association must have an awfully low bar.

What’s the difference between an E.M.T. and a cop? Girl, you better watch out. You’ll think cop.

Acted stupidly. I’ll never forget that quote. I love Obama. When have certain cops never not acted stupidly?

To the nice lady who told me ‘nice car’ last Thursday: If you would like to take a ride in it with me, respond next week.

People will gripe about a dog being tied up and barking, but won’t complain about dogs running loose and carrying people’s shoes off.

It takes more than an ugly, lying jackass like you to make me mad.

To the little old lady from Ohio who thinks she is a god: You’re no better than the rest of us. You let your niece sell your pills for you, and you’ve got a young guy living with you. This is one of your fat, nasty neighbors as you call us.

To my niece: I just want you to know I could have him any time, any place. He’s in love with his ex.

Who’s the guy who goes around Whitesburg driving the little red coupe? I know some women who are hot for him and would like to take a ride in it. He did great when he got rid of that skank he had for a wife.

You call yourself a Christian, do you? Can you show me in the Bible where Jesus Christ had another man’s wife? Just food for you to think about.

My name is Michelle Staton and my address is P.O. Box 202, Coeburn, VA 24230. I am asking for the mercy of the public to please send financial donations to me. I am in a legal battle with my abuser. I am a victim and survivor of severe domestic violence and I have a sixyear old little boy. This is not a joke; it is not a scam. Please send donations if you can. Please help me if you can. I am trying to protect myself and my son from a legal battle that has been brought against us in court. Please, if you read this in Speak Your Piece, pass it on to your friends, your family, and your churches.

I am proud to live on Oven Fork. If that makes me a river rat, then so be it. I would rather be a river rat than a sewer rat any day. I would also like to give the Whitesburg Fire Department an ice cold shout-out. They wouldn’t come and help my niece get her cat out of the tree for one reason and one reason only — she lives on the wrong side of the mountain. They told her if she lived in Whitesburg her cat would already be out of the tree. I wouldn’t call them if I was on fire. By the way, the kitty is now out of the tree and doing great, thanks to the tree trimmers from Evarts, Ky. By the way, they are from our side of the mountain. They are river rats, too.

I want to wish my husband, Emmit, and my niece, Brandy, a very happy birthday. They celebrated on September 5 and 6. I love you.

To a woman in Jenkins who is sneaking around with a video recorder trying to record me: You better watch what you’re doing. If you get on my property I’m going to get you for trespassing.

To the woman in Jenkins who is living right at the foot of the cross but has been aiding and abetting her family in crime for the last seven years: Wouldn’t it be funny if they had any law in Jenkins and had you in court, too?

To E.: I’m still waiting for you, too. If you want to meet me, be at McDonald’s Friday at noon.

I wish certain people in Stinking Branch would mind their own business. You all are always in other families’ affairs. Why don’t you keep everything to yourselves and stay in your own homes and mind your own business? You act like you are the king and queen. Just take care of your own families and leave others alone.

To the new district judge: You are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. These deadbeat dads have been coddled too long.

The Jenkins Homecoming Festival was a big flop this year. There were no rides for the kids and the teen-agers had nothing at all to do but walk around. Another thing: Since people are so against smoking, why were the vendors selling fake cigarettes that look real to the small children? Mayor Dixon, get with the program.

To the losers on Slate Hill who called my wife jealous: First of all, she is not jealous of you or your skanky wife. As for me, you don’t know anything about me. I work every day and support my daughter and your two children. The only reason you call me a deadbeat is because for four years I have been taking care of your children. So who is the deadbeat now, punk? The only reason she had you to sign your rights over is my son asked her to do so. He wants me to adopt him. Yes, it feels damn good to have those beautiful children call me Daddy. Don’t be mad because she finally found a real man. We have a beautiful and happy life together. Just remember the time you broke my son’s arm. I’m sure that will be brought up in court.

I am the booger man.

I would like to respond to the caller who commented about Pearlie Bates being in Hattie Mason’s obituary: She was a special sister to Hattie’s girls and she was also Hattie’s niece.

I wish my dad was still alive. I need to talk to him so bad about the life that I’m living now. Maybe he could give me some good advice. Dad, I love you very much.

Yes, it’s true that the Letcher County Jail inmates have to buy mats to sleep on. They also have to pay for their own toilet paper. I wonder what they do with the inmates’ underwear when they take it — sell it at yard sales?

I wish District Judge Ron Johnson would get all the child molesters and other sex offenders who are on welfare and food stamps and put them in jail instead of the hardworking people who get behind on their fines or child support payments. They can’t pay what they owe if they can’t work.

It looks like the neighborhood sot has the do drop inn running again. How much longer can he get away with this? He’s going to push someone around who will rat on him just like he rats on others.

I wonder who the Kentucky Supreme Court went to in Letcher County to find out about James Wiley Craft’s good moral character.

Is there anybody out there who knows for sure if our president believes in God or not? I would like to know. Thank you.

(No person can know for certain what another person really believes, but President Obama has said many times that God and Christianity play major roles in his life. Why wouldn’t you believe what he says?)

This is the drugstore cowboy: If you need a pill I’ve got anything you need. Just come to Jenkins and ask for me.

I would like to say hello to my cousins Eugene and Tiny in Morristown, Tennessee, who receive The Mountain Eagle every week. I just wanted to tell you all that I miss you all and would like to see you sometime. Please come and visit. Love you.

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