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Over at Isom at that racetrack are nothing but loose women.

Well I guess he let you know what you meant to him — nothing.

To the girl with the long black hair who was at ARH Clinic last Tuesday: Please respond. You looked so beautiful.

Now that I know what makes your buttons push, I’m going to push them a lot —just like you did me.

Since June 29, six rightwing groups against health care reform have spent more than $21 million on television ads intended to mislead the public. That’s about a quarter-million dollars per day these people are spending to make sure that insurance companies are allowed to continue doubling our premiums and denying coverage or canceling our policies when we’re sick. Even worse is that fact these idiot teabaggers are out supporting the insurance companies and the far right groups. If there’s a God He’ll let the family members of the teabaggers be the ones who get sick and get their policies canceled. That would serve them right, but too many of them belong to a selfish segment of the elderly who are covered for everything that goes wrong with them under a Medicare program they call socialist. Ignorance and evil are combining to take over our country.

We all know the woman who went on topix.com last month and was saying all those bad things about her ex-husband and his fiancée. We know the ex-husband and his fiancée both come from good families, unlike you. The whole world knows you are an unfit mother and a liar.

I attended a funeral recently and witnessed a horrible sight. The deceased man’s sister physically put a lady out of the funeral home. Come to find out it was the man’s ex-wife of 15 to 20 years and the mother of his only son. Five or six of his stepchildren were there, too. She acted like an animal, a hollow rat. I am around her sometimes, but can’t tell her what I think about her because I’m afraid of what she would do to me. I hope you please print this, because everyone needs to know that hollow rats still exist.

Do you think his soul is going to rest the way you’re treating his kids? You ought to think about that.

A lot of us Christians feed our bodies but starve our souls. We feed our souls with junk food, not the bread of life. Man’s traditions make void the word of God. Think about it; it’s your soul.

To all the people in Gordon: If you’re planning on moving, please beware there’s a certain woman watching and waiting for you to move so she can take what you leave. Take everything you have when you go. If not, this woman will clean you out.

You’ve heard the saying ‘like father, like son.’ In this case it’s like mother, like son. You did a good job of teaching him to lie and use people. He’s just like you.

What a mess at a certain church. You’ve got two elders tripping over each other scared to death they’re not going to be able to take the morning tithes up. You’ve got another lady who’s just about beaten her three children to death.

To the person commenting about hating to end up in the wrong place because God has been too busy: The thing to do is give your heart to the Lord asking for forgiveness and to come into your heart and save your soul. Then you won’t have to think about it.

Concerning the comment about the Jenkins Homecoming Days being a big flop, it always has been since Mayor Shubert left.

Hey, preacher man. You and your wife don’t need to get excited. I saw you at Jenkins Days, and every time I got close you turned and went the other way. That’s cool, man. You don’t have to worry, because you won’t be hearing from me or seeing me anymore.

Well, neighbor, you’ve not fed your dog yet. I hear it howling and moaning of hunger. I can count its ribs from 300 feet. I would call and report you, but the people I would have to tell would end up taking your side. So you just go ahead and enjoy starving that dog and that cat.

We the guards of Storm Security would like to know if one certain cop who is a security guard is ever going to stand up and start being his own man.

The paper stated that Letcher Central’s quarterback was s imply untouchable on the ground, with 80 yards rushing and three touchdowns. I don’t consider that unstoppable when the running back had 108 yards on 13 carries.

(Then you need to brush up on your knowledge of the game.)

Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. It’s at the door, people. You better get ready.

I think it’s a shame the county and state police would not come and tell our family that my niece had been shot. What’s wrong with you people?

I am recently unemployed and have been having to deal with our local food stamp office trying to get help for my family. I have worked since I was 16 years old, paying into this wonderful nation. I could receive no help. Every time I tried to receive help, the worker made four different mistakes that took food from my two children. In the end, all I got was $129 in food stamps for me and my two children. I am still unemployed, and because I draw unemployment my children don’t qualify for food stamps or medical benefits. My unemployment check barely pays the light bill and the water bill and garbage bill.

To a woman in Gordon: I hope you are happy with the stuff you have stolen from the family who was moving. Enjoy your new dishes.

Well, Miss Smoking, how did you like the car ride to the police station?

To the man on Colson: You ought to take time to get to know your grandchildren. They are precious. One day you’re going to wake up and everybody will be gone. Get rid of the tramp and enjoy life with your kids and your grandkids. They still love you.

This is entitled ‘The Other Woman’: I am the other woman in your man’s life. You are his girlfriend and I am his wife. He takes you to bed in the dark of the night, he walks me to church in the bright morning light. He takes you to the motel and makes me a home. You show him your children, I give him my own. He calls you sweetheart, baby and other names, he took me for life and gave me his name. You go to a strange place and he’ll hold your hand, mine will be wearing a gold wedding band. He’ll take me to parties or to a family affair, you can bet your sweet life you’ll never be there. He’ll never be there in your time of need, so get your own man or someday you’ll be alone. For when it comes to a choice for life, it won’t be his girlfriend because he’ll choose his wife.

I guess a guy can make drug deals at the end of the road when his sister works at the courthouse.

Why won’t UNITE do something about the drug dealers at Smoot Creek?

To Daddy Longlegs: Don’t worry about our pit bulls up on Big Cowan. They get fed every day. You need to keep your nose out of our business and feed your starved to death chickens and turkeys up on your hill. And stay off our hill. We don’t need anyone to cut our hill for us. If we want it cut we’ll cut it ourselves. If you have any other comments, be a man and say it to our face.

To the security guard who puts on his uniform and thinks he becomes Robocop: It’s time to forget it. You’re just like the rest of us guards. Signed, the rest of us.

To the organizers of the Riverside Festival in Whitesburg: I would like to commend you for producing a very nice brochure. Wouldn’t you have been better off to have spent that $1,000 from the Letcher County Tourism board on more entertainment for Thursday and Friday night? I think what you had there is called all blow and no show.

I think the organizers of the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival should consider finding a new venue. When you try to cram 2,000 to 3,000 people in that little city park you have people walking on each other’s feet. Maybe you should move the festival to Whitesburg where you will have more room.

My heart goes out to Cherie D. Taylor and her family. You are all in our prayers. May God bless each and every one of you, and may there be much prayer for the child.

Hi, boys. How are you doing? I’m just sitting here thinking about you both and how much I love and miss you both. My heart grieves for you two all the time. Just remember, Daddy loves you and misses you all the time.

I tell the truth when I speak this. I spent a couple of weeks in the Letcher County Jail. When I got out I went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with the swine flu. Every inmate needs to be checked for this. It’s a dangerous situation.

There’s a meth lab up at Mayking. Check it out.

I’m leaving it all up to you. So start moving.

The biggest dope dealer in Letcher County still lives in the Blacksmith Drive area. Doesn’t the law ever read Speak Your Piece?

I went to the door. You were there. You were about to knock. I was so happy to see you. Where are you now? Will you please let me know?

Whitesburg Middle School is a disgrace. It is ridiculous they’re making us wear tee shirts to dance — tee shirts you have to buy from the school. It’s criminal. It’s a shame and it is so corny. There are girls who wear dresses to school on a daily basis. Do they actually expect them to wear tee shirts and dance? How disappointing.

For all the sinners in Mayking: I am asking you to quit doing everything you are doing and get God in your life. God is the answer to all problems. It’s not going to be too long before God comes. The devil is wide open and I just feel for all the people. I’ve been there myself and I know what I’m talking about. And God is free. He can help you through anything.

To the lady who calls herself a cop: I clocked you coming up Kentucky River at 76 miles an hour. You turned up Bill Moore Branch where the speed limit is 25 and you got up to 47 miles an hour. Don’t you think you’re setting a bad example for your neighbors and the cops?

My dream man of 14 years, I know how you like The Mountain Eagle. This is here for you: Isaiah 40:31, Hope in the Lord, renew your strength, soar like an eagle. The first of November I will be moving to McRoberts. You can get the phone number and give me a call. Then I can soar like an eagle. Fourteen years. Make it happen. Another 20 years. You are the only one 5010.

To my girls: I sit here inside these prison walls, away from my family because I broke society’s laws./Thinking of my family I left back home, and all of the struggle they have trying to make it alone./ My little girls walking to school lonely and sad, wondering why they can’t be like the other kids getting dropped off by their dads./And what can my girls tell? Do they make up a lie or do they say my daddy’s in jail?/When they come home from school my family ask them, ‘How was your day?’/’I just want my daddy home again,’ is all they can say./I call them to talk on the phone, they always ask me, ‘Daddy, when are you coming home?’/I hold back the tears the best as I can./I tell them not to worry, we’ll all be together as a family again./Walking back to my cell alone and sad, I find myself thinking, ‘If only I could have been a better dad.’/I get down on my knees asking the good Lord above, ‘Please watch over my babies and wrap them in Your arms of love. Lord, please forgive me for all of my sins, and give me one more chance to be a daddy again.’ From an inmate in the Three Fork Regional Jail to his kids.

We now have five molesters in the Frank’s Creek, Eolia area. Summer is almost gone, but nobody can enjoy the park. It has a nice ball court, but fake lights, so you can’t play when it’s cool at night. Would enjoy roasting marshmallows, but can’t see for that either. Grass is growing up in the great blacktop track. The other park is very neat. What has happened?

Did you hear about the young girl who is now in Dad’s custody? Nobody is talking but it’s who it is. He really has a problem. What goes around comes around.

Everyday, hardworking Americans shouldn’t be fooled by all the talk about socialism and a government takeover of health care. Big money interests are spending billions to get you to believe these lies. Conservative Republicans were saying the same thing when Franklin Roosevelt was trying to pass Social Security 80 years ago. They called it socialism and said it would break the economy. Ever since they have been predicting it will go bankrupt in 15-20 years. Well, they are still saying it will go bankrupt in 15-20 years, but it is still there and keeping millions of Americans alive today. Republicans don’t dare speak out against Social Security today, but they keep trying to privatize it so Wall Street can get their hands on all that money. Can you imagine what would have happened if Bush had got that passed? Conservative Republicans said the same things about Medicare when Johnson passed it in 1965 — that it was ‘socialism and a government takeover of health care,’ and it would break the economy. Today no politician would dare run against Medicare because it is so popular. They know if health reform and universal health coverage passes, it will once again be so popular no one will dare speak against it. They admit something needs to be done about reforming health care, but why did it never come up during the last eight years when they were in power? Wake up. They aren’t looking out for your interests.

A guy stole my Dell laptop in April from the Housing Authority. If you happen to have my laptop or know who does, please call me. It’s worthless to anyone else but me, and I will be glad to pay for it back. Thanks, 633-1735.

To the person who witnessed the ghost-apparition, I would be interested in talking with you further. Please email me at : Lynn@aaarc.us. Thank you. Lynn Taylor.

To the liars at Mountain Breeze: Before you call my wife names, look at your wife. She is the one that is skanky and sleazy and she has been married three or four times. My wife looks a hell of a lot better than your wife will ever look. As for me knowing nothing about you, buddy, we live in Jenkins and it is a small town and everybody talks. I may know more about you than you think. You may support those kids physically, but I have always supported them financially. It was your choice to take care of them for the past four years, not mine. I have tried long before you were in their life to see those kids and she wouldn’t let me. She has brainwashed those kids for many years and they believe only what she has told them. I finally see that you both have admitted that it was her that asked me to sign over my rights in court. What the hell are you talking about me breaking your son’s arm? I haven’t even seen those kids in over five years. It was probably you who broke his arm because from what I heard from your neighbors, they have seen you hit him before. Let’s bring that up in court, huh? Let’s talk to some of your neighbors and see what they have to say. You two are nothing but troublemakers and always will be troublemakers. Thank you.

To the person who got Social Services in on my son for being a meth head and a woman beater: I know who you are. You best keep your nose out of things that you have no business in. The lies and accusations are going to stop. My son has done no such thing other than trying to be a good husband and father to his kid. All you are is a no good piece of trash who has no reason other than to cause others problems to get your own kicks and giggles out of it. You will get what is coming to you in time. You just watch and see. Think next time before you mess with me or my family.

I had a real nice weekend with my family. We went to Boone, N.C. There was a little town there named Blowing Rock. It made me think back to the 1940s. It looked so much like Neon did back then. It was nice and Grandfather Mountain was so high, but pretty. And while I was there I had a new little great-granddaughter.

Jack and Jill: Jack and Jill went up the hill. Down came Jack. Not a word was said. Jill upon the hill lay so still. She never made it back. She was dead. Now you know what they all say. They point the finger at Jack. They say he’s guilty as can be. They say he had it planned to kill Jill that day. The case was an easy crack. Jack entered a guilty plea. He tried to make us feel sad with his tears. Still we know the truth, no matter what he would tell. His love for Jill wasn’t real. The verdict was in. He was sentenced to 99 years in a prison cell.

Hi. I live in Mansfield, Ohio. I read The Mountain Eagle every week online. I love to keep up with what’s happening there. I haven’t lived there for the past 40 years, but I grew up on Campbranch, went to WHS, left to find work. I still have family there and I visit as often as possible. I want to thank Oma Hatton of Whitesburg news for putting pictures of the Stidham family in her column. Rosa Mae Stidham was my mom’s sister, so the pictures were appreciated very much. She talked about Lenville Sexton, my dad’s brother, the last of the long list of Sextons. He is 98 years old. I saw him three years ago and he looked good. Please tell Oma that I said hi. I know her son, Billy and his wife, Sandra. I keep in contact with them online. Tell her I will pray for her husband. My parents were Raymond and Florence Sexton of Campbranch.

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