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There’s a fat man in Jenkins that likes to sneak around people’s house at night dressed in black. If you think about it, that’s the reason he lost his job. The next reason could be why it could be he’s eventually going to prison for a short term for stalking.

Yes, I would like to put in Speak Your Piece whoever called welfare people on the people up on Colson better have the fear of God on them because the devil is going to get them.

This is for the sexy man that walks at the Colson park: You sure are looking good, baby. I wish you could call me sometime again. Maybe you can get rid of your skanky wife and her mom and dad and meet me sometime in Jenkins. I think you still have my number. I hope to hear from you, honey.

I just seen a bunch on TV talking about how they would like to bring tourist dollars into Letcher County. People, the 4-wheelers can be what the boats are in Somerset, Ky., if our politicians would just get behind it. We’ve got beautiful country through here. We could make money, money, money but nobody seems interested.

To the new judge in Whitesburg: Keep up the good work. Make these deadbeat dads pay their child support. You need to back up 30 years and address the ones who made these women raise kids by themselves and wouldn’t pay their child support. I hope you dig that out of cold case files and make them back up and pay that. Thank you, sir. You are doing a fine job.

Well, he let you know what you meant to him, nothing. What you are is nothing but scum, uneducated, a stupid woman. The next time why don’t you try finding you a divorced man or a single man and it might work for you.

Yes, I am looking for a black vehicle with three white bubbles on the driver’s side. If anybody knows this vehicle, please call me.

I would like to speak my piece. I am a concerned citizen and I heard there is a certain woman in Doty Creek who thinks she owns everything. She has claimed she has went through neighbors’ houses and everything, just like her son goes around bragging. He is a well-known piece of trash who has been known to vandalize tombstones. And he even has his friend taking him to drinking parties. Now, people, that is a shame. Someone like him needs to be taken to jail and locked up. He is nothing but trouble.

Attention to all the seniors between 50 and 62: If you can’t get free meals at any other center, come to Colson. They’ll feed you. All you have to do is lie about your age and claim you are kin to the magistrates and they will let you eat. They’ll even save it for you. You can eat anytime between noon and midnight. So you all come and join us for those free meals. Thank you.

People at a certain house with their cars all covered up with sheets and blankets are in desperate need of more. Please reply by bringing sheets and blankets and throw them over the hill. Thank you.

Check out the website healthfreedomusa.org. Very interesting. Wake up or we’ll lose all of our freedoms.

This is to the child molester in Jenkins: You better quit molesting my son and my daughter or charges will be filed against you.

Son, I got to see you play your first football game. I was really proud of you. You did a great job. I was there even though you didn’t see me. I was there watching you play. I love you, son. I miss you very much. Take care of yourself and take care of your brother. Love, Dad.

It’s a shame that every time you go to court in Whitesburg there aren’t enough chairs out in the hall to sit down or a place to come in the courtroom and sit down. The biggest part of us are disabled and have grandchildren to take care of. You can’t get into the courthouse for people lying in the aisles. It is a shame. They give you a 10 o’clock appointment and you don’t get done until 4:30 p.m. That’s pitiful.

Hey, holler rat. Did he come off the hill to talk to you? No, he wouldn’t talk to you. He is probably so upset he just hovered over your bed and looked at you wondering how you could do what you did at the funeral home — his first wife, the love of his life. You better expect him to hover over your bed every night.

To the mayor of Whitesburg: Shame on you for sexual discrimination. You have provided a place for those old hairy-legged men to sit and smoke and chew. We women smoke, too. Therefore we demand that you paint a line through the center of that shed and forbid the men to cross that line or even talk across that line or you will face a discrimination charge.

The best message man ever received came from an empty tomb. Think about it.

God gives to us daily and He can also take away./ When people turn from God there’s a price to pay./When the Israelites turned their hearts away/Under the rule of another they had to stay./ God made this country a great place in which to be./ By trusting in God is how we live free./The way things are going now may be God’s plan./This may be God’s way to put His fear back into man./We all need to seek God and put Him back in our hearts./God has always been willing to give man a new start.

It is a shame when you have a good middle school girls’ game, tied up at halftime, and you have an adult who thinks they have to change the game. A referee should have pride, respect and be honest. A girl from a team came up to him at half-time and said, ‘Make us win,’ and he did. He owes those girls an apology and needs to hang up his whistle. How can these children learn the fundamentals of basketball when you have referees who manipulate games to please others?

To G.: I miss our talks and your friendship. I have tried to call you, but was unsuccessful for a reason that is obvious to you. I hope you are doing great. I think of you often.

To the neighbor: You need to be more specific as to who you’re talking about. Come out from behind Speak Your Piece and let it be known. If you’re talking about me, I do feed my dog and I don’t have a cat. Go ahead, busybody, contact someone. When they come out and look at the dog, then they’ll know what a fool you’ve made of yourself and that you’re a troublemaker. If this is not about me, I do apologize.

My two buddies are at it again. Apparently they are making a hand-crafted bed to sleep in together. Come on, fellas, get it together before things really get out of control.

This is to the woman from Mountain Breeze that has been talking about the couple from Slate Hill: I know the couple you are talking about and I also know who you are. They are nice and decent people, unlike you. You are nothing but trash and will never change. He is right when he said that it was you who kept his kids from him because you did. You have told your kids lies about their father all their lives and none of it is true. You never gave him a chance to be a father to your kids. But let me tell you something, he is a good father to his little girl that he has now and she is his pride and joy. That little girl gets anything and everything that she wants and always will. You have also always made your kids call every man that you have ever been with Daddy. At least his wife knows how to put makeup on and you look like a clown and a wannabe Tammy Faye Baker. His wife is a beautiful and very smart woman and he is lucky to have her. You are jealous of them because they have a nice home and nice things and you don’t. They also are a very loving family. The reason you would never let him see his kids is because you knew that his wife would be a better mother to them than you are. Honey, you are the one that is skanky. I remember when you ran your husband off for a few days for another man and then took your husband back. That sounds more like a whore than a skank, don’t you think? You and your husband have caused trouble everywhere you have ever lived. Nobody even likes you up at Mountain Breeze. I know that the father is in the process of signing over his rights and that is the best thing that he has ever done in his life. Go right ahead and let your husband adopt your kids so when you two divorce you can put him through pure hell like you have the other two you have been married to. He doesn’t need your family because he has a beautiful little girl that he sees every day and she calls him Daddy every day. Leave those people alone and worry about your own life.

I drove through Whitesburg a few days ago while I was on a ‘memory tour’ and as I passed the old football field I took a few seconds to reminisce. It looked great with the new blue paint on the seats glimmering in the sun. As I looked at it I suddenly began to see it through my Yellowjacket eyes. I visualized the great orange and black as it was displayed for decades during countless football games and events. I thought of the ‘field days’, as they were called when I was in Whitesburg Grade School, and how Harry Fields and I were strapped together as we ran the three-legged race when we were in the fifth grade. I recalled the times when I played the snare drum in the band and how we marched during half-time. I remembered how we played the ‘On Whitesburg’ pep song in the bleachers whenever the Yellowjackets scored a touchdown. I can still see Mr. Frank Bickel as he stood at the bottom and directed us as we played the national anthem. I tell you, all of the blue and white paint in the world will never blot out these memories and the legacy which was passed down to younger generations. I traveled on through town and it was so dead it was pitiful. I don’t even want to get started talking about that. Anyway, I rode up on the old school hill and I wandered among the vacant and silent buildings. I peered through windows that I used to look out of so many years ago. I was saddened to think of all the thousands of students who graduated there over the years who lived and breathed Yellowjacket pride and have held it dear all their lives. The only word that comes to mind to describe the way I felt is ‘deserted.’ Yes, deserted for a great big school that if the truth was known, only a few from Whitesburg, Fleming- Neon and Letcher wanted to attend. I don’t know and it may be economically better for the school system, but I think Letcher County lost far more in tradition, school spirit and pride than they have gained financially by consolidating the schools. I know the new school is beautiful and the facilities are grand, but the individuality of our communities is gone. Sometimes bigger does not always mean better. I enjoy reading Bennett Welch’s memories of WHS in The Mountain Eagle. It helps old fogies like myself relive our teenage high school years. I hope the Cougars do well and prosper through the years, but I will always be a Yellowjacket until I am no more. I live in Madison County, but on the front of my pickup truck I have a license plate that says, ‘Whitesburg Yellowjackets, Kentucky’s Pride’ and I still wear my class ring proudly every day. I think and I hope the Letcher Eagles and Fleming-Neon Pirates graduates will always feel the same way about their years of tradition and deserted high schools. I dedicate these few paragraphs to the greatest class that ever graduated from Whitesburg High School, the Class of 1969.

(Thanks for the interesting read. Some (blush) believe the school had been on life support since the highway bypass came through and destroyed the old grounds and what was by far the best neighborhood in Whitesburg.) 

One year ago, Wall Street went bankrupt and almost put us into a depression. Remember who was president then? It was George W. Bush. So don’t blame President Obama for this mess.

Candy Cane, when I made you my wife a little over a year and a half ago you made me the happiest person on this earth. Then we separated. You were gone for over a year and came back a couple of weeks ago. You made me really happy again, and now you’re gone again. I would like to know what happened. Call me.

This is Robocop who is also a security cop: Bad boys, what you gonna do?

Not too long ago the county put a road to a cemetery in our neighborhood. A certain person had to let them go through his property. Now someone is using the property for weekly bashes. Why haven’t the state police paid this person a visit?

To the slut who lives on Slate Hill: For your information, my kids love their new dad. You can go to you know where.

E., I think it’s a shame the way you are treating your friends. You need to give them what they deserve and what they want back. Thank you.

You call yourself a Christian, but I would like to know where in the Bible it says Jesus Christ was a fornicator and a thief. You won’t find it in there, so what does that make you?

To the woman with the ‘bite me’ decal on the back window of her car: You better stay away from my boyfriend. Next time I hear you at the bar talking to him, I’ll do more than bite you. I’ll pull you out of that chair and beat you.

To the editor of Speak Your Piece: You say you cannot really know what someone believes. Then you say that President Obama says that God and Christianity play a major role in his life. So how can you believe him? Did you not contradict yourself? The answer to this rhetorical question is yes.


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