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To the local preacher on Main Street: Mind your own business. You have lived here and gone to other towns that sold strong drink, beer and whiskey, And then you came back here. What’s the difference?

This is to the Mayor of Jenkins: Why was it such a secret about the boil water advisory in Jenkins? What was wrong with the water that you couldn’t have it publicized on television or radio? Why was it such a secret?

The Whitesburg Lions Club would like to thank Shirley Lattice, Crawford Engineering, Cowan School and Ella Preston for all of their help with our float dedicated to Mrs. Gurtha Boatwright, who taught the Lions Club kindergarten in Whitesburg for many years. We really appreciate all the help you gave. Thanks again.

Thank God for The

Mountain Eagle. Just as I was getting ready to verbally abuse my wife, I just read where I’d be better off to let the Letcher County Water and Sewer District employees do it for me. They can abuse whoever they want to and not have to worry about getting into trouble for it.

This is for the woman that went along with her daughter who was sleeping with my husband: So now you can’t understand why my family and friends are mad at you and can’t stand to look at you or your daughter. I just want you to know you are a dummy and not a friend like you claim to be to all of us. Just stay home.

To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: When you were running for office, you pledged to put the Letcher County Water and Sewer District on the ‘fast track.’ Little did we know you mean the ‘fast track’ to destruction. You should be ashamed by what is happening to our water and sewer district on your watch. How can you just stand by while someone like Peewee Back continues to run off every good employee? What type of message are you trying to send?

If you want to get a wild woman, go to the Letcher racetrack.

To a certain woman in the Jeremiah area: Oh, honey, you think you can fool everybody. Just when you think it is safe again, the big bad wolf is going to get you.

In reference to the comment about the ‘bite me’ decal, if you want to know what it means then come ask me. I am easy to find. As for the comment about pulling me out of the chair and beating me with it, shy don’t you come try pulling me from the chair? I have something waiting for you. If you want to keep your man, keep him at home on a leash, because he read my decal and was trying to bite me. Has he had his rabies vaccination?

Yes, I am looking for a JV tall and handsome. And if he is out there somewhere give me a call.

You all start making noise again and I am going to start taking pictures again and I mean it. I am going to give them to the state police.

Tonight he’ll be coming off the graveyard. He’ll watch you. He won’t rest until you make things right. His sister should know better than what she did.

This is for the nosy neighbors in Gordon: I would be careful if I were you. There are people that work every day to pay taxes for sorry people like you who lie to draw your S.S.I. and sit on your behind. You have never worked a day in your life. Get over it.

This is for the witch who sits on the porch being old Miss Nosy: You’re just jealous because you can’t do what I can. Are you so stupid you didn’t know that the ‘no trespassing’ sign was for you? You should have been the one that had to leave.

If all these carpet munchers would be good to people, maybe they wouldn’t hate them so much.

It’s almost the first of the month and the pill heads and the drunk drivers will be coming back to get pot and pills. It’s a shame you can’t let you kids near the road. I never do see any cops.

We would like to get some officials from the Department of Transportation to come to Haymond and watch these trucks and cars that go up here so fast. You can’t tell if they are going 55 or 75. They are passing on the double yellow line, anything that they can do. We’d appreciate some help on this.

Over here at Campbranch we don’t have to buy a Friends of Coal tag. All we have to do is write ‘Friends of Coal’ on the side of our vehicle with our finger and the mud and the coal dust. This is pathetic over here at Sapphire Coal Company.

To a guy who drives a black Mustang on Addison Branch: You are so hot. If you want to have a good time, call me.

I just wanted to see when Sheriff Danny Webb is going to come to Kingscreek to bust some of the drug dealers over here. We’ve got them dealing drugs in the middle of the road. We can’t get home for them stopping in the middle of the road to buy drugs.

Happy third birthday, Austin. Love, your Daddy.

I would like to wish my husband a happy two-year anniversary. It was on Sept. 29. And I still love you.

I agree with what she said. They need to give her stuff back, including her money and everything else.

Why don’t you leave those boys at Woodrock and Carbon Glow alone and go pick on someone else?

No, you’re the one that is an ugly lying piece of trash. You think you’re not, but you better look again.

That banana head and her alcoholic boyfriend better quit that scratching and digging for gold or I am going to call the government.

There’s a rumor going around that the employee file that was taken out of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District office was the result of a drug test. If someone didn’t have something to hide then why would a drug test be taken? Also, when the board members found out a drug test was stolen why didn’t they order new drug tests for all employees?

Your mother’s calling. She’s wanting you to come home.

This is to the one that is complaining about the child molester in Jenkins: Let me tell you something, woman. You don’t need those children. You say you better quit molesting my son or my daughter or charges will be filed against you. Honey, if someone molested my children and I knew about it, there would be a missing person. You need those children taken from you. If I knew who you were I would take those children from you. God bless you and please God bless your children.

In Florida and Georgia they have what is called Jack Russell racing clubs and I was wondering if there is anything like that in this area. There is no gambling, it is all for fun and a family atmosphere.

I’m calling in reference to the comment to the lady that was talking about the child molester in Jenkins that better quit molesting her son and daughter or charges will be filed against whoever. I think charges should be filed against that mother for not taking action. She is one sick inhuman being. Because a mother does not know that such filth is taking place and not take action. You are not a mother.

I can’t believe winter is almost here. It seems like summer just passed us by so quickly this year.

I had a great time at the carnival this year. Dad, I just want to thank you so much. You are a great dad.

Another hour pass,/it’s been months and many days since we saw or spoke last./I try to hold on to a memory and love that I fear is dead and gone./I’m no man to look down on or judge/’cause my share of wrongs are way too much./ I lie in a bed of steel and called in rows to claim my meal./I share the same things in this world as you./ I’ve done my all through letters to hold your heart, to be with you./But how long can you love a person who won’t love back?/When, after two years of waiting it never comes back./I’ve been faithful, turning others away./Staying locked in a 6 by 8, living day to day./I’ve done things that couldn’t be done, to feel your soft lips and make your body go numb./After all I’ve done, it’s never enough./I’m so sick of fighting with you that I’m about to give up./This whole time has been nothing but lies./Everything I loved was just a disguise./ Now I realize that, and from here on out I’ll open my eyes, and day after day I’ll put a little more of you out of my way./When I stop caring, you’ll see it’s true, I’ll picture my life without loving you./Because no one deserves to feel pain like you’ve put me through. To an Angel.

Happy birthday, Sabrina Brock, from Granny. Love you.

I’m still waiting for you to tell my husband what you say I’ve been doing. When he is through with you, you will feel two feet high. He knows what a liar you are, and he can’t stand you. And I’m sorry for you, but it will be a cold day in hellfire before you would ever drive my car. For trash like you, that would never happen.

Get over it. You’re a liar and a user. You tried to teach your kids to be that way, but from what I heard they now know what your motive is behind things you say about me. Act that way over someone who said, quote, ‘She’s the lowest piece of trash who ever lived.’ I wouldn’t want to be you. By the way, I’d like to see you try to push my buttons Miss Pathetic.

I’ve got news for you, you tramp in a silver car. You’re the ugly liar. You better take heed to what I’ve said, you anorexic tramp.

I was at the Pikeville Methodist Hospital the other day for surgery, and I saw the hottest thing on two legs. She had dark skin, was a tall drink of water, and had some love pillows that I wanted to fall asleep on. She works in anesthesia, and if she’s looking for a good time, she can write me back in the next Speak Your Piece. You know who you

are. Sure hope you get The

Mountain Eagle.

Well, I just heard about what happened in Craft’s Colly to one of my aunts. Her so-called neighbor called the animal control to come and tell her to get rid of her animals, even though they kept them in the house. But yet their neighbors can have their animals run wild and get into other people’s garbage and yard. This is so wrong. Why can’t people mind their own business. I know for a fact that those animals were not bothering anyone.

This goes out to a certain person in Hemphill: I want you to know I love you and those kids with all my heart, and though others are jealous and make up stories of my doings and whereabouts, that’s because they’re miserable in their own life. I’m there for you and all four children and ready to take this relationship to the next level. Just letting you know how much I love and care for you. Sid.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Mountain Heritage Festival. I hope I can attend the festivities next year.

Summer is over, fall has arrived. Now is the time to connect with family and friends you haven’t seen or talked with in a long time. Life is too short to be separated from loved ones.

G.M.W., enjoy reading Speak Your Piece. This message is for you. Hope you are doing fine and dandy. Love, Mom.

I’m calling in because I’m fed up with the way people drive up and down Joe’s Branch like it’s a NASCAR track. Do you people that fly up and down this road realize that there are children out playing or have any respect for the community itself? Slow down before you get someone killed, because the rate you people drive you don’t have time to slow down for nothing. I’m going to start calling the police and report you for reckless driving.

I am a parent of two children and I would like to thank everyone that played a part in fixing the park at Dunham for our kids to play. It’s a very nice park.

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