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Father Edward Randall died Friday, October 2. He was the former pastor of St. George Catholic Church in Jenkins, and Holy Angels Catholic Church in McRoberts. Father taught art classes in Jenkins for many years and was an avid Kentucky basketball fan. Mass was always short when Kentucky was on TV that night. He was a regular in the mornings at Hardee’s to meet with his buddies and swap stories. Father Randall is missed by many and loved by more. He was a good man, a decent man, and I loved him. I am blessed to have known him and hopefully he will keep us all in his prayers because I need his prayers more than he needs my prayers, that’s for sure. God bless you, Father Randall.

I personally want to thank The Mountain Eagle for allowing people to express themselves through Speak Your Piece. You guys are awesome. The Mountain Eagle rocks. Thanks for keeping it going, guys.

Could the Letcher County Water and Sewer District board get me a new truck? They seem to be able to bypass the due process in getting one legally.

I hope that whoever is sending in comments about the ‘holler rat’ is having the time of their life. I know the woman you are referring to personally, she is a really good person. She only did what was best for her brother and what he wanted done. As for the love of his life, she is planted right up on top of that hill, right beside him. We all know he was married before, and we all know the kind of condition he was in when he left the other woman behind. He wasn’t healthy, he had been mistreated and abused and used. It was an honor to get to know him. I thank God every day for having him as my friend. I thank God every day that he had a sister to care enough for him to take care of him during his illness before his passing. Not only did she take care of him then, she took care of him and nursed him back to good health when he wised up and left the ex behind. So I think you just need to get on with your life and leave everyone else alone. I know the reason you are giving her such a hard time over him is because she loved him and has followed through with his last wishes. He didn’t only tell her what to do and what he wanted done, he told several who love him and are still mourning over his death. So why don’t you just crawl back under a rock somewhere and leave people alone? Let them have peace and let them begin healing over the hurt that they are feeling over his death. Signed, the Hoochie Ha-Ha Rat.

I have some questions that I am hoping someone can help me with. Why isn’t there ever any law over on Linefork? Why is it that drugs have gotten so bad there that even preachers are selling them? I live on Linefork. I have been there most of my life, and I have never known of it being this bad of a place until now. You can drive through Campbell Town, Turkey Creek and Tolby Branch and pick up any drug you want. It’s scary. I fear for my children’s safety with all of the strange vehicles hanging around and traveling to certain areas to get drugs. I really wish Operation UNITE would come on over, watch the roads and catch some of these pill heads. Make the place safer for our kids and clean up our county. If you can answer any of my questions, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thanks. A concerned parent.

They should change Cane Hollow to Cocaine Hollow.

It’s clearly a different water and sewer district board from the one that worked so hard and long to get water projects started in Letcher County. The old board members had integrity.

What are we to do? We’ve asked and asked and nothing’s ever done. There are some really bad side roads/hollows. You don’t see them until you get right up on them. This is very dangerous. I and others have had some very close calls. Some people blow their horns, well, you just blow them old horns. You pull out of here and see how it is. Cars are bad enough, but, man, it is scary when you pull out and the coal trucks are right on your behind or coming right at your face. I am not blaming the coal trucks or other nice drivers. But what is uncalled for are the ones who speed around here like there aren’t any hollows here, and they know there are because they drive by them a lot. I was just wondering why nothing’s being done. What else do we have to do? Is it because we’re not in the main city limits? Doesn’t anyone care about us over here? I guess we will just have to wait until someone gets killed over here, but I doubt anything will be done even then.

OK, here’s the way I figure it. The Republican Area Medical gave $111,225 in services. The 2008 estimate was a Letcher County population of 23,890. If each person could somehow pay $4.66 more in taxes each year or, say, $18.63 for a family of four, which is 36 cents per week, those people could have had the dignity of being able to go to their family doctors or visit hospitals anytime during the year for those same services. Thank God we have the Republican Party to protect us from such an oppressive tax burden.

To my beautiful wife: No, I did not put the article in Speak Your Piece about a mother teaching her son to lie and use people. At least now I know that I am not the only one with the problem. L.U.

Someone should have to pay for the way the Joseph woman was cursed while working for the county water and sewer district. Are you kidding me? I would have been fired so fast my head would spin if my boss caught me talking to anyone like that while I was representing the company I work for. There is no excuse for such foul manners. This country is getting ruder by the day, and if people in powerful positions are allowed to ‘have at’ anyone they please, whether it be a worker or a customer, then shame on the fiscal court. Is this what you stand for? How would it have been handled, I wonder, if he’d talked to the judge’s wife like that? Someone in authority needs to step up and do something if he’s not man enough to resign on his own.

Hello, Oma Hatton. My name is Gaynell Sexton McMonigal, and I live in Mansfield, Oh., and I want to thank you for the pictures of the Stidham family, and mentioning my uncle, Lenville Sexton, in the paper. I so enjoy reading the paper each week. I am the daughter of Raymond and Florence Sexton, and lived on Campbranch, and graduated from WHS and came to Ohio in 1969.

Now that the Whitesburg college’s foot bridge has been dedicated, hopefully someday the college will blossom into a world class research facility and find a cure for the scourge of Little Man Syndrome.

Well, I met this guy when my husband went out on me, and I liked him as soon as I met him. Days went by and me and my husband got back together, but I’m still in love with this other man so very bad. I didn’t know how much I loved him until it was too late. I know you think I didn’t love you, but my heart has been broken every day that I have not been with you. Things were happening so fast, my heart just passed up what was really real. I hope you forgive me for what I have done to you. I don’t think you care for me as I love you. I guess this is good-bye for good, but I’ll always love you. The days I’ve cried and thought how stupid I was. Sometimes after things are gone, that’s when you find out how much you really love them. I’m going to leave you alone and I wish you the best, the very best out of life. I’m going to miss you so bad, but always remember I will always love you. No one can take that away. If for some reason you feel differently, you can let me know. I love you, W.

This is to the nosy neighbors who live on Smoot Creek. You all need to keep your nose out of everyone’s business and stop spreading rumors and gossip about other people. You all sit around and talk about people like a dog behind their backs, then you eat them up to their face. I just want you to know that everything you are saying about people around here, they know about it. You need to find something better to do with your time than to sit and watch the neighbors and then talk about them behind their backs. The person you are confiding in and telling your tales to is telling everything you have ever said about everyone. But you need to get your story straight and stop lying so much. If you’re going to tell anything, at least tell the truth, because you’re nothing but a liar. Remember what goes around comes around.

It is an indictment of the quality of your paper that you continue to include, ‘this is for the witch who sits on the porch being old Missy Nosy’ and, ‘I’ve got news for you, you tramp in a silver car,’ and lack the courage to print a thoughtful reflection on the times in which we live. Sir, I had a conversation with you over a year ago about your failure to print my letters to the editor and submissions to Speak Your Piece. At that time you offered that perhaps there was a problem with the mail, and you could not imagine that you wouldn’t print comments of encouragement to people to educate themselves before they vote (basically the main idea of each piece). Since that time, you did include one of my comments, thanks so much. It is really a disservice to your readers to appeal to the lowest common denominator with comments as the above. Failure to offer an opinion different from your own displays lack of faith in the strength of your position. The bias is more than apparent. My local paper prints letters to the editor that offer a variety of perspectives. Your editorial bias is showing. Kudos to the Kentucky Police Commissioner for pointing out your recklessness in regard to some of the comments you print. I’m back at square one and debating if I want to continue to support you with my subscription when you are so blatantly biased. On Sept. 23, I sent an e-mail. Once again, it was not included. Your paper states, ‘Tell us what’s on your mind.’ I have.

(The reason your latest comment wasn’t printed is because it was an attack on

Dr. Artie Ann Bates, who submitted a signed letter to the editor urging Kentucky’s delegation in the House and Senate to approve health care reform. It has never been this newspaper’s practice to allow an anonymous attack on the writer of a signed letter. If that’s ‘bias,’ then we plead guilty. If you want to respond to a signed letter, then do so in a signed letter of your own. And be sure to include a telephone number and address so we can verify the letter’s authenticity.)

Hey, Red. I’ll swap men with you any day. You’ve got a tall, handsome man and I’ve got a short and dumpy guy and he’s got a bad drug problem. Yes, I’ll swap any day you want to but, girlfriend, just look me up.

Hey, you didn’t have to paint that pretty red car the color of your boyfriend’s truck. That’s ugly.

It’s amazing how a certain lowlife piece of trash has got the law bought off. This certain lowlife piece of trash lives in Doty Creek. He sells drugs on Friday and Saturday nights and knows how to get away with it.

I’d like to know what happened to the marijuana patch that was spotted in Apple Tree Branch whenever they were looking for Leslie Hughes. It was never on the news. Nobody knows how much they got or if someone got it during the night before they got back.

I took a good look at me and I took a better look at you. Believe me, when it comes to ugly, pal, you broke the mold.

What do you mean start taking pictures? You’ve had your ugly head stuck out windows and around corners stalking me for the last two years. I might take you to court for stalking, you ugly thing.

To the person who called in and said your mommy is calling and wants you to come home: I’ve got a little riddle for you. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’ve got all the good medication down here and what about you? If you expect to get any off me, guess what, mister, as the wrench said to the mud, you’re screwed.

After 30 some years your husband found out you have been with another man. You’ve lost your home and everything you had, but you’ve come up in the world since then. You’re a nurse and everything will be fine.

So you started shooting your mouth off to me again. Well, that’s OK. I’ve been told that your son don’t hardly talk to you. Evidently that must be true that he would drive to another state because he doesn’t want to be around you. Ha ha ha.

I’m not impressed with any man who will write two autobiographies about himself before he is 45 years old. America, land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s not let dictatorship take it away. God bless America.

It looks like some of the adults would grow up. Children don’t get mad if they don’t get invited to certain things so it looks like the adults are very immature. Grow up, adults.

1947 was two years after our victory in W.W.II and we were respected all over the world as liberators and the United States was very prosperous, but that isn’t why I called this week. The fivecent Royal Crown Cola was very nice and I want to thank the Bentleys and tell them congratulations on their birthday and anniversary. And thanks to The Mountain Eagle for running that. I cut a copy of that out and framed it for my office, not because it was just Royal Crown Cola, but because it was Royal Crown Cola and the nostalgia of it being five cent. Most of all it said Neon, Ky. Once again thank you, Mountain Eagle, for a job well done. Good day and good bye.

Advertising the cross will not get you to heaven. You have to live by the cross and I guess that leaves you out, huh?

I would like to know why it is that a local grocery store is running an ad for rotisserie chicken for $3.99. When you go in they have them, but they are priced for $6.99 and they won’t let you have them for $3.99. It seems to me that someone needs to check into this.

Yeah, bring the state police up. I would like to tell him a thing or two about what I have seen you and your buddy exchange next door. I do have tapes of it.

I am not a friend of coal. I don’t support coal. Coal supports me. I guess that makes me a coal whore.

I watched Governor Beshear on television Sunday morning. He was very upset because all of the gambling money down in Louisville is going to the Indiana side. He was going to do everything in his power to get gambling on the Kentucky side so we won’t lose all that revenue. Well, Mr. Beshear, why don’t you fix it so we can buy beer here in Letcher County. Don’t you know all of our revenue is going into Virginia? You don’t give a damn about eastern Kentucky, sir. I wish you would be as firm about eastern Kentucky as you are about central and western Kentucky. You have a good day, sir.

I would like to wish Debbie Miller a happy birthday on Oct. 10. Love you, pussy cat.

I just wanted to say I still love you. We were married for seven years. We have two beautiful boys. I wish we could somehow cross a bridge and we could build it and get our lives back together and quit play the games that we are playing. All we are doing is breaking our children’s hearts. Our little boys don’t need to go through this. If you want to make things right, let’s work things out instead of going through the court system.

If that little old liar girl doesn’t quit flirting with my husband at the racetrack I am going to whoop her tail.

If coal companies and the county garage can occasionally test their employees for drugs, how come they don’t test our state policemen for drugs occasionally? Boy, wouldn’t that be nice to find out?

(State troopers are tested for drugs. Kentucky State Police have had a drug testing policy in place since the 1990s.)

With all due respect to everybody out there, I voted for Governor Steve Beshear. Can anybody out there give me an address where to write him and tell him what I think about him? I voted for him. I ain’t mad at him. I am disappointed. If you have an address call it in to Speak Your Piece.

In response to the woman who said my son was a liar and a user just like me: You really should not talk about people when you trained your son to report to you about anything. You can’t even ask him a question. You should pay attention to what your son does instead of running your mouth about somebody else. You need to worry about yourself. People are laughing about how skanky you look. Get a life and stay out of mine.

You’ve been reading Speak Your Piece for quite a while now and keep asking me if certain submissions are about you. Well, just so you know, this one is about you. Have a great day, Mister.

To the skank: I think your boyfriend and children need to know the games you’re playing before you pick a fight with someone. Be brave enough to carry it out. Next time we meet, come to my face, or if on the road, pull over. If not, tuck your tail between your legs and shut up, because if it happened in your place of work, before it was over you would lose your job. Do you want to risk that?

So you want to start running your mouth to me again about this and that? Well, from what I’ve heard your son doesn’t hardly talk to you from what my husband tells me. And apparently he would rather drive to another state than be around you. If I were you I’d worry about my own family instead of butting my nose in on someone else’s business. You’re a joke.

To all of our good friends over at Cowan: This is to notify you that if you don’t already know, you have a family of thieves living around you. They might not have stolen from you, but they have stolen from people in the Jeremiah area of the county, and probably other places. They act like they are Christian people, but they live off of what they steal and what they can get from the food stamps and K-Chip federal programs. Just remember to lock up your outbuilding and house when you are not home. They usually strike during the daylight hours.

To the weirdoes on Vomit Mountain: Keep your drooling, snotty, phlegm-filled selves away from my man, or I will slap your phlegm-filled face off of my man. Furthermore, I saw you yesterday with that skanky long-haired Australian shepherd, and I do plan to report you to the Animal Control Office.

I would like to meet a single man. I am 45 and have been a widow for almost three years. I’m 5 feet, 6-1/2 inches with auburn hair and tan skin. For friendship or long-term relationship. You can write me at Box 311, Neon, Ky., 41840 and put attention T.M. Must be working or retired.

Doug and Ruth, I really enjoyed spending the weekend with you. Wish it could have been longer. It’s your turn to visit now.

My husband and I would like to thank everyone that helped us after our house burned down on August 24. Sandlick Fire Department, thank you for all your efforts in stopping the fire and getting here so quickly. Everyone who gave us clothes, the Caudills for the living room set, everyone that donated money, the Family Resource Center, all your help and kindness was so great appreciated. We will never be able to thank you all enough for everything that you have done for us. We would also like to thank our family for everything they have done for us. We want to give a big thank you to Karen, Jeanette, Chris and Harold Day for letting us live with them until we can find a place to rent. Thanks, you all, for letting all four of us pile in on you guys. You will never know how much it has meant to us. We love you all so much. Thank you.

To do things right in the name of God will bring forward rewards. But doing things wrong and doing so in His name will not be rewarded but met with displeasure. It is great to see a church need to expand its parking area and have the attendance on the rise, but it is not a pleasure to see it done in an ungodly way that was done at a certain church. There was no need to leave a wall of dirt in such a manner that it will cause hardship on some elderly people that visit the cemetery there. A few strokes with that bulldozer would have left a slanted entrance that could have been used. To do the way you at this church have done is not only hurtful to some but is wrong to all. We pray that God’s will be done.

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