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I think I have finally figured out who it is that is the holler rat. And if it is true what they are saying you did at the funeral home, then I guess you really are a holler rat. You have never been taught any manners. That is terrible.

I’m just calling to let the old white-headed lady behind the desk who was asleep with a cigarette in her hand know that I went and bought one in Whitesburg. I paid cash for it. You didn’t have to be a smart aleck to me.

I want to know why the county trucks hauled gravel to a gas well five days in a row. Someone please explain.

This goes to the little girl that drives a white car: Let me tell you something, my man doesn’t want you, never did and never will. He’s got me and that’s all he needs. If I were you I would leave him alone.

A big congratulations to Brittany Spangler for winning this year’s crowd pleaser award in ‘Letcher County’s Got Talent’ at the Mountain Heritage Festival. She danced and sang to the hit song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. We all think Michael Jackson would have been very proud. From all your friends, you were great.

Who would want to bite you? They would need more than a rabies shot. They would need a whole rubber body suit, you nasty woman.

The cross was displayed because Jesus Christ is coming. You worry about your soul and I’ll worry about mine. I know where I stand with God, so don’t worry about me. And by the way, what are you all going to do for entertainment when I leave? And I am going to leave, maybe sooner than you think.

I would like to salute the Neon radio station. They play the oldies. I think they have a great radio station.

United Coal Company’s former owner, Jim Magoffin, told Coal People magazine back in 2007 that, ‘The coal industry has taken a lot of hits for a perceived inattention to safety and the environment. It is going to take a new generation of leaders in our industry to restore public confidence that coal is our nation’s leading energy source and it can be developed and utilized safely without destroying the communities where it operates.’ Although Mr. M doesn’t own United Coal anymore the new owners can take reference to this comment and do something about it.

I probably will be left out. But guess what? You are not going anywhere else either. Duh.

The Bible says, ‘Do not discuss who goes to Heaven or hell because I am a God of love, mercy, compassion and even kindness and you know not who I show it to.’ So even a drip like you has a slight hope.

I love you, Ricky.

I love you, Jessica. From Ricky.

I’d like to thank Speak Your Piece for correcting me on my misstatement about the Kentucky State Police not being drug tested. I apologize for that, even appreciate it. But anyway, what about our county cops? Are they drug tested? I hope so. But I do apologize for making my accusations. Hats off to the state police and our government.

I understand many churches are not shaking hands, just waving at each other since we are having an epidemic of the H1N1 virus. This is a good practice and I hope to see all of the churches following this example. Thank you.

I’d like to speak my piece on the city council at Jenkins talking about making the city wet. Why isn’t the whole county allowed to go wet? That would help our roads and everything. If the county and our cities want revenue, taxes and stuff like that, why don’t they charge the big trucks that are tearing up all of our roads? They let them spill gravel everywhere and the City of Jenkins does nothing about it. That needs to be stopped.

I just want to tell my husband that I love him to infinity and beyond. I love you, Baby. Love your wife, S.P.

Let’s see now. Beer is sold legally on the hilltop above Jenkins, but the city itself is the ‘jewel of the mountains’ because you can’t buy a can of Bud Light on the streets below? Genius. The state of Virginia, the City of Cumberland, and Perry County must really love Letcher County for remaining so ignorant.

We just wanted to tell our daddy, David Perry, that we love him so much. Love you always, Daddy. Brandy and Kaitlynn.

I think it is a shame that a certain grocery cannot teach its bag boys how to properly bag groceries. It’s absolutely disgusting. You buy pie shells, you should get them in a bag by themselves, but they are always mixed in with the canned stuff and broken all to pieces. Everything is thrown in a bag, not properly stacked. I think they ought to make them stay an extra hour or two to learn how to properly bag groceries.

If preachers, politicians and company men had the same health insurance as working men we would have health care reform by now.

Thank you, Dad. You are the greatest. Hope to see you again next weekend.

I’m calling about the Dinah Blair Cemetery. It’s a shame that people have little enough to do to go up there and steal a flag off of Dad’s grave and take the pot of flowers up off of Mom and Dad’s grave and also take a pole and flag down and steal it. I’m very upset. It’s a shame that people would vandalize a cemetery.

Here is a response to the person talking about the Remote Area Medical program. RAM gave away $111,225 in coverage in two days. The doctors that participated donated their time so the payment they would receive for such services was not included. This means that $55,612 per day was given away. Unless you only plan on giving people health care two days a year, then you have to multiply that by 365 days. This equals $20,298,562 per year. Divide that by 23,8900 citizens and you get $849 per year. If that still seems reasonable to you, add in the cost of a doctor’s salary, maintenance to a building and don’t forget more the advanced treatments. Because unless I am mistaken they didn’t fix any broken bones or treat cancer or other serious problems that cost much more. Maybe you should consider writing that letter of thanks now.

I would like to know why there are so many people worried about drugs. I agree that drugs are not good and it is not right to do them, but if you are an adult I think it is your own business what you do as long as you are not harming anyone or stealing from anyone. I think everyone needs to keep their nose to themselves and mind their own business. I agree drugs shouldn’t be given to minors, but I think everyone needs to focus on other crimes. The drugs shouldn’t be the major problem; it should be the murder crimes.

There’s a reason I behaved the way I did. I’ve got an excuse. What is your excuse? God forgives us, even if people don’t.

Sapphire Coal Company is putting a new sign up at the junction of KY 7 and KY 931 in Colson that reads ‘Warning. You are entering a Friends of Coal community. If you have just washed your car or truck or have a breathing problem, please take an alternate route.’

If that girl from out of state doesn’t quit flirting with my wife she is going to get a what for.

Can somebody please tell me how a man who has not proven that he is a U.S. citizen can become president of the United States?

(Here’s hoping you don’t really believe such nonsense. That claim has been debunked so many times it’s not even funny anymore.)

To the guy who writes Struttin’ Time in The M ountain Eagle: I was just wondering if you knew my father who used to go hunting with Clyde Hatton. My father passed away when I was 12 years old and he used to take me hunting. He was in a wheelchair and his name was Chalmer Dean Dixon. I miss my father. He was a very good man. I miss him dearly. I would love to go hunting with him again. I read Struttin’ Time every week.

One of the funniest newspaper stories I have read in years was the latest account of the Jenkins City Council and how the council backed down on the alcohol question after a few preachers showed up. This spineless act wouldn’t be so funny if the sky over Jenkins wasn’t lit up every night by the lights of two major beer and wine stores on the Virginia Kentucky state line. So it’s okay for us to drive two minutes and buy beer and give our tax money to Virginia, but we’ll go to hell if we ever buy it on Main Street in Jenkins? Letcher County is one place where truth really is stranger than fiction. It’s no wonder the outside world thinks we’re so darn silly.

Thank God we have a President who loves peace. This is the kind of change 51 percent of the country had the audacity to vote for.

Thank you, family member, for not inviting me to the wedding. We sure didn’t want to be in the same building with our psycho, crazy friend who was invited to come with her child molester. I guess that just shows that blood is not thicker than water, huh?

President Obama promoted education but very few people distorted his lesson. You be the judge. Colleges that pay their coaches in the millions. We must infer that they will make a good living. You be the judge. The leaders of the Kentucky General Assembly let the public know that we cannot serve ‘perks’ any more. You be the judge. If you are having problems with your neighbors, buy a keg of beer and talk about it later. You be the judge. The stimulus package has been initiated. Payment for it will be belated. You be the judge. To use profanity at Fancy Farm violates the rules that have been formed. You be the judge. Cap and trade has been discussed and this issue has caused a fuss. You be the judge. The clunker plan has come and gone, some people drove a new vehicle home. You be the judge. The government is calling for cleaner coal so they can tax us tenfold. You be the judge. The news media personnel are a bunch of clowns that promote negative news while the country is down. You be the judge. Immorality in sports and all forms of government is being covered up so no one pays. You be the judge. The democratic process is now in use, which means the Congress needs to produce. You be the judge.

No, I’m not your pal, and you are the ugly duckling. I’m not the one who said that about a camera. I have nothing to do with that. But if you’re the one who responded thinking it was me, I’ve got better things to do than stalk an ugly piece of scum like you.

Of all my possessions, I left my most treasured ones with you. I knew in their pain and grief you’d give them comfort to help them through. I didn’t want to leave them but God came for me that day, I had things left to do and so much I didn’t get to say. I knew my family would take care of everything I had to leave behind, and you’d see so much of me in them when the pain of losing me weighed heavy on your mind. I knew you’d find comfort in them as they could find in you, by sharing the funny stories or tales of all the things we used to do — to keep my memory alive for those who didn’t know me as well as you, but will feel like they did just because of you. They came to visit me and you had them sent away, but for you I’d still hope the treasures you leave behind are always welcome when this is where you lay. If I could I’d say to you, ‘Yes, I’d do it all again.’ Isn’t that what any father would do? So why now do you take a father’s highest honor away? Is it not what you’d have done just a familiar cliché? The day we hold our children for the very first time we promise to protect them at any cost, to pick them up if they fall, and help them find their way if ever they get lost. Written by Cathy E., October 10, 2009. To James: I will never forgive you. I have always been there for you all and you know it. Think about what he’d say. The police removed his daughter and grandson. I think you know what he’d say. I’d already given you all of it. What more did you want? Nothing left to give. I hope what you did was worth it. And you will never see my grandson again as long as I live. Was it worth it? Remember the day we were leaving to Kentucky to make his funeral arrangements, James? Do you even remember what you said? In front of the entire family, I quote, ‘Well, you all better be good to that baby. Johnny loved him so much. If y’all don’t mind, I’d like to step in near and be a papaw figure ’cause that’s what Johnny’d want.’ Hmm, then two years later you called and asked if you all could take him fishing that day and you drove right by the house and he was crying. We forgave you for that. I am sorry to refresh it all for you but you deserve it after what you’ve done. Yea, now I have all these memories and this week is hard enough if you remember what week it is. But I have no one to talk to either who knew Johnny the way I did. At least you have the control of everything we had together. But without him it means nothing to me.

Good move keeping Jenkins dry. Whitesburg and all of Pike and Wise counties appreciate the extra business Jenkins sends our way.

OK, time to talk about Craft’s Colly again. Well, it seems like a man that lives there is so two-faced. He is supposed to be this socalled good guy. If he is so good, why is he letting someone take a rap for something they did not do? He knows for a fact that this person is innocent but still he has to be right. Why is it so hard for some people to admit when they are wrong? Everyone knows who you are and what I’m talking about. What goes around comes around, my friend.

So, the Republicans, the Taliban, and white supremacist groups are all against President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s bad enough that the Republicans have the white supremacists in their fold but even more worrisome that they are siding with the Taliban. Why can’t they be for America, such as supporting our country getting the Olympics? To be fair, at least when George W. Bush was President we didn’t have all this controversy over whether he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hey Lexi, whatchya doing? Enjoying fall break? I bet you are. What’s lil Hannah been doing? Getting into everything? Lol. What are y’all gonna be Halloween? I don’t know what little Jaz is going to be yet, but I’ll let you know. Hey, remember what you were reading the other day at the house? I wrote one about lil Gavin now. Remind me next time I see you and I’ll let you read it. You know I always have them with me. Lol. Write me in here sometime. From your cuz Cridal.

Who stole the Letcher/ Knott County sign from up Airport Mountain way and placed it against the tipple tracks railroad sign there at Campbranch?

I agree with the people who say something should be done about the way the woman was talked to while doing her job with the water and sewer district. I don’t care if we work minimum wage, fast-food, department stores, etc., even if we work a high class job everyone should respect each other. We don’t know what someone may be going through. So be nice to others. What if it was your family working a certain job? Would you want someone to be nasty and rude to your family member or someone close to you? Or yourself? Please think about this. A few years ago I remember working a night shift with my sister. It just so happened to be really busy and it was just the two of us. A woman came in and ordered and soon began to complain to my sister. It wasn’t long before she came back by. Again it was just us two working. I waited on her but she asked to speak to my sister. Come to find out, she apologized to her. She said she was sorry, that she had just gotten off her job that day and it was a hectic day for her so she was already tired. That’s understandable. She said it was busy for us two then and she shouldn’t have been rude. She said she just had to come back and apologize. That takes real people to apologize and it was good that she did. I am grateful that we still have nice people. At least when they know they’re in the wrong they own up to their mistake. We need more people like that.

I am writing in regard to comments made on here about how this so-called person attended a funeral and the lady was supposed to have acted like an animal. Well, let’s tell the truth about that story. I also attended the same funeral. The ex-wife that barged her way into a funeral had been told several times she was not welcome there. This also is the same ex-wife that he himself had told family members he did not want attending his funeral. It was so very rude how this exwife and her family acted. They called the deceased man’s family names, cursed them outside in the parking lot. And let’s not forget the deceased man’s new inlaws of about 10 years were sitting and watching all this take place. It was the most vile thing I had ever witnessed. And you are right about one thing, you better stay away from the deceased man’s family, because they know who you are and when that lady sees you again there will be hell to pay. Now as far as his stepchildren that were there, I hate to tell you but there were only two of the boys that he really wanted there. The rest of you he called buzzards. You saw a dying man and thought, well here’s an opportunity for me to get my hands on something. Boy, were you ever wrong.

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