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Hats off to Chuck Johnson of WMMT-FM, one of the best singers that eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia has ever known and will ever know.

If someone calls you a pal that’s not a good thing. They mean you are a big sap.

Mr. President, you receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is about like a Carolina Panther football player receiving a Super Bowl ring. As far as trying to put the Muslims and the Christians together, that is like putting Hitler and the Jews together.

That girl that works down there at Isom better leave my husband alone or I will give her a good one.

To the fat man in Jenkins who sits in the window: It would be a lot easier to just keep your grandson and his friend off my property than to sit in your window and peek on me.

To whoever put in the comment about the woman sitting on the front porch: You are just jealous because you can’t be sitting on it. Signed mad for you. No trespassing.

This is to banana head and her alcoholic boyfriend: You all better quit that scratching and digging or you are going to find something you might not want to find. If you want a surprise, buy yourself a box of Cracker Jacks unless you are too stingy.

I think that is a shame if you get a new car and you go across the railroad tracks you burst a tire. The state is taking all the money from everybody and won’t even fix the roads. I think something needs to done about that.

Oh, yeah right. We won’t hold our breath. I tell you where you can go. Why don’t you go take a flying leap? Nobody would miss you. Nothing gone but trouble.

This goes to the trash that lives on Daniel’s Branch: Your day’s a’coming so you better watch your back.

What happened to the blacktop for the roads in the City of Jenkins? Look at our roads.

Our City of Jenkins has new bosses. Nobody else can voice opinions except three men. You know who you are. Twenty-five hundred people have no say. Vote them out next time.

I know who you are. I’ve got your number. I wouldn’t advise you to try it but if you feel froggy, jump.

The only reason why half the drug dealers in Letcher County get their way is because they always get let out of the court system without punishment.

What gives Martha Jane Potter School the right to abuse and punish our children over a festivity that the children have no control over? If the parents didn’t donate $10, your child was punished by not getting to do as the other children did that the parents paid for them. Wake up. They are forcing money from the parents and if the parents don’t pay they’ll punish your child. To me th at is a busing a child. I think we pay enough school taxes on our property and bills. Wake up, parents, and quit giving money to these small schools that are forcing you to do so.

I’d like to say this to all of you old preachers out there — you know, the ones that are teaching and preaching hate for the black president: He says he’s a Christian and you say he is lying. You say you are a Christian and how do we know you are not lying? This black guy is about to send you $250 to go with a stimulus package he has already sent you. If you hate him so much why don’t you send it back? You need to turn off Fox News, which spreads more hate than the devil himself, and watch some real preachers who are on T.V.

To the woman who works at a local grocery store: You are not a woman that takes my man. So back off if you know what is good for you.

To the scum who drives a Mustang: You must be a snitch. You will get it one of these days. I pity you.

Dear Speak Your Piece: You know, I see all of these Friends of Coal license plates, Friends of Coal credit cards, Friends of Coal this and that. I am no friend of scab coal. I am a friend of union coal.

To Hall and Harris, who should still be in the Letcher County Jail if they haven’t snitched out yet: We are hoping you two punks will be sent on to prison. There you will make someone a good ‘wife,’ because you sure are no use out here. I think the gangs will like Harris, since he looks like one of them with all of his tattoos. Hall will make a good mama’s boy for a big weightlifter.

I was tired of being told I won’t make it far./Tired of being labeled white trash./ But see now I’m a superstar./ All I see are cameras flash./Now I’m spending all my time signing autographs./ So I ask you am I still a geek?/Now who’s the one who gets the last laugh?/What, are you too shocked to speak?

To the anti gunners: If guns were banned do you really think criminals would give a hoot?/No, so for my protection I got my gun loaded and ready to shoot./ I mean are you really that blind?/What goes through your mind,/When you say you want to take the gun?/I tell you what, I’m not going to run./I’m going to stand/ With my gun in hand./To protect my family./Don’t you see?/Without the gun there’ll be more stealing./ There’ll be even more killing./ Our problems will be a lot bigger./Remember it’s not the gun, it’s who’s pulling the trigger. C

Here’s hoping Republicans will have a major change of heart and allow sick and injured poor people the right to life.

I am sending out this invitation to all you people who want to cause problems for my friend, the Holler Rat. Come on over to Linefork. Heck, preferably, come to Big Branch and join in on the fun. We are going to have a cookie crushing contest. OMG. Can you believe how much fun it will be? Toodles to my friends. Hoodie HaHa Rat.

I am writing to complain about Jenkins Schools making students go to school when there is swine flu going around. I think this is really totally dumb. Jenkins lets their students out of school for something stupid, but where there is a bad case of sickness, the students have to go.

To the person who keeps sending messages to the Holler Rat: Are you serious? The love of his life, that is so funny. Honey for real, if you are going to write stuff in the paper, lay down your crack pipe, because the stuff you’re writing about him ‘hovering over her in her sleep,’ that’s just stupid. If you need help with your drug problem, you can call 1-800-no one gives a crap what you think. You buzzard.

I’d listen to you reading your shopping list, Mister. You have a great radio voice. Have you thought about maybe DJ-ing?

I am well and truly sick of a few of the coal trucks coming out of McRoberts. I know that a man has to make a living, but do it lawfully. Once again I had to follow an overloaded truck out of the hollow with no tarp, and coal falling all over the road — and my car! I tried calling Neon Police Department, but they apparently weren’t in yet. Now I have the number of the Kentucky State Police programmed into my cell phone, and if I have to, I’ll call them and see if we can’t get you off of the road. Put a tarp over it so it’s not a danger to other drivers and children on the side of the road waiting for a school bus, stay on your side of the road for a change, and keep the speed limit, and we’ll get along just fine. Like I said, I have no problem with a man earning a living. Just don’t do it so arrogantly and with no care for the safety of others. Don’t even try to whine about how you’re trying to make a living. You can make a living without being a danger to everyone else on the road, as most other coal truck drivers do. If the police won’t do anything about it, a few jake rocks well placed will take care of the whole problem.

I saw somewhere on Facebook that actor John Malkovich reads Speak Your Piece. Is that true? If it is, here’s a big shout out to you, John! Southeastern Kentucky enjoys your work.

You are an awful woman. You’re a control freak. You never would allow my stepchildren to have relationship with me. You manipulated them with your lies about me. From day one you’ve said things about me. I know all about it. That doesn’t bother me, that’s your problem. If it wasn’t for your manipulation, we could have had a good relationship. They would have seen that I am a better person than you could ever be. I have nothing else to say to you.

No, you got it wrong last week. I wanted to say that my relative invited their friend to the wedding instead of us — not my friend. She knew that we both couldn’t come — the friend had already acted like a maniac and had threatened me, so she chose to have the friend at the wedding instead of family. Through no fault of my own I was excluded, as were others in our family. You chose, and I really hope you regret it.

There is one thing for sure, the cemetery on Pert Creek is not the McClain Cemetery, it is the Taulbee Cemetery. It has always been the Taulbee Cemetery and it will always be the Taulbee Cemetery. Just because there is a McClain or so buried there doesn’t mean it belongs to the McClains.

My darling blue-eyed Gibbs, tonight as I sit watching NCIS, I’m thinking of my Gibbs and how I long to be in your arms soon. I dreamed of you, in the convertible, driving down to M. V., and you showing me all of your favorite places. Our walks in the Smokies and watching the sunrise together as you stand behind me with your arms around me and sitting on the deck at night watching the sunset. That would make for a marvelous weekend. I long for us to have some time just for us. I miss not getting to be with you more, but with winter coming, that means staying inside more and those special inside activities, Sweetheart. So I’m looking forward to that. Take care my darling, your Lotus Blossom. Love you now and forever.

Hello Dreamlover. I long so much to get to see you and spend several hours with you. This being sick is lousy, but I get to talk to you at least and that makes it some better. I was scared I would give it to you and I want my sweetheart safe and sound. I love you too much to want you sick in any way. Remember, there is only one life, one love, and that’s you. I’m hoping to get to see you soon, very, very soon. How I wish we had a weekend just for us, no worries, just you and I at the Breaks or your favorite place in Carolina, walking, talking, Jacuzzi. It would be so wonderful. I would be the envy of every woman who saw us. Walking beside such a tall, ruggedly handsome cotton top, blue-eyed hunk. They would be wondering why you’re with an old 58- year-old salt-and-pepper haired long-legged, bigbusted woman. But when they saw my face, they would se how much you mean to me, and understand it all. I hope that tomorrow I waken and yours will be the first voice I hear, and then you call me back tomorrow evening and that will make my day better, my love. Take care, my darling, love, hugs and kisses, Your sunshine always.

Yes, we all know why you behaved the way you did and still do. It’s all about jealousy. You ask what my excuse is? I will defend my three children, especially from a vindictive, malicious person like you. Do you really think God intended you to use children out of revenge? Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.

When you reach the depths of loneliness and despair./Reach out to God, for He is always there./ Never turn from God as many today have done./ When life here is over from Him we can not run./Face each day with faith that God will lead you through./God controls all things no matter what man may do./Life’s struggles are many, at times so hard to face./With true faith in God, He’ll provide a great resting place./Don’t ever lose faith, endure life until its end./Reach out to Christ, He’ll be your one true friend.

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