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This goes to a woman who lives on Sandlick: You think you’re better than everybody else, but honey you are nothing but trash. Your day is coming and you will get it. It will be soon, so you better watch it.

To all you women out there: Is it wrong for a man to consider going out with a woman who clearly is interested in him when the woman he has been faithful to is suddenly treating him as if he were the day’s trash? Is it cheating if you go out on an angel who is becoming a witch? Please answer.

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the letter that Peewee Back read aloud in the water and sewer board meeting was sidestepping the issue at hand and trying to get the issue settled without taking any type of action. Peewee said he was not going to take any disciplinary action against Tim Reed and asked Tim Reed to place a detailed report of what took place in his file. I said that I was not a real sharp person, but it sounds to me like the secretary got cursed at for informing the county judge’s office that Tim Reed had removed portions of his file. Now it appears that Peewee has left the fox watching the hen house. After reading Peewee’s statement I discovered I was smarter than I thought I was.

You know you won’t get away with this, don’t you? You know how it is going to turn out in the end. You may go around intimidating everyone else but you sure as hell don’t scare us.

To banana head and her alcoholic boyfriend: You ought to stop coming up here trying to saying something or else you might get something you don’t want.

A certain postmaster likes to put mail in the wrong boxes. She doesn’t know how to deliver the mail right. She puts everybody else’s mail in other people’s boxes.

We had eight years under George Bush to get health care reform and got nothing. Why should people work with no health insurance when people that they are keeping up have health insurance such as congressmen, state representatives, teachers and public workers? They have better health insurance than what the healthy working man does. People are dissatisfied. Old folks think they don’t need health care reform because it is going to damage Medicare. What if people stop paying taxes?

Unfortunately you have a lot of people’s numbers. You shouldn’t have a phone if all you do is make anonymous phone calls. You are going to find out the hard way.

Nothing between me and you buddy but thin air. Ain’t nothing holding you back.

My little man and me had the same thing. I took him to the doctor and he took a flu test and he had the flu. I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. The only way to be sure you have the swine flu is to pay $96 and get a swine flu test. The rest of us just have flu-like symptoms. You have to pay to have a diagnosis. If you don’t have any money you don’t have anything. God bless you.

I would just like to ask The Mountain Eagle editor how the board members of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District are elected and who is the main person that makes these types of decisions?

(Board members are nominated by the county judge/executive. It is then up to the full Letcher Fiscal Court to decide whether to accept the county judge’s recommendations.)

Listen up. I was never told I wasn’t welcome until it was too late. I have kept my mouth shut when some people have been talking a lot of hurtful stuff. I was the one who was treated bad at my ex-husband’s funeral. I probably really shouldn’t have gone at all except he asked me to attend. At the Whitesburg hospital one night before he died I went to see him and stood at the door and he told me to come in. He forgave me for a lot of things and told me he was dying. During his talk he told me he was pretty happy with his wife. He asked if I remembered what we always said we would do if something happened to either of us first. That is when he smiled and said you come see me off and I said I would. By that time I was crying so he squeezed my hand and I left. I guess I didn’t really need to come to the funeral because we said our good-byes in the hospital. But I was trying to follow his wishes. I do not want to hurt anyone. I was always good to his family because they were my family too. I’m sorry if I caused bad feelings and bad times. Now I have finally spoken my piece. Signed, Cookie.

Flu season is here and I heard it is going to get bad, so I need a little help from an old timer. I have a pint of ‘shine and need a recipe for the old trusted hot toddy. I would really appreciate it.

I am counting down the days until it is just me and you again and nobody else far, far from here.

You need to just shut up if you know what is good for you. Life is just too short to have to argue with a nobody like you. Get a life.

This goes to the one that put a comment in the paper about a Mustang: There are all kinds of Mustangs. Can you please identify what color and all that? Thank you.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting the worst equipment from Hendrick Motorsports. If he doesn’t go back to No. 8 he’ll never win another race. It’s not fair that they are giving Mark Martin and Jimmy Johnson the best equipment.

If a certain official in the courthouse doesn’t stop messing with my wife, I’m going to let him have her and go after his wife.

I think that we need more maintenance workers up here at Mountain Pride Apartments at Goose Creek. They need two maintenance men. The sliding glass doors need to be fixed. The bathtubs are runny and you can’t turn the water on and off. We live up here in the government housing and I think things need to be fixed here in Neon.

Hey, Red. What’s wrong? Aren’t you woman enough? I think you my have a little chicken in your body there, baby.


I’d just like to say that I’m this guy and I’m single and I really like this one girl that I sit with at lunch. If she would just give me her phone number it would mean the world to me.

If you don’t believe I am leaving you can count the days I am gone because I am out of here sooner than you think.

I just want to say that the Honorable Judge Jim Wood Jr. will be greatly missed. He was a great man of great integrity. I will miss him a lot, even though I went in front of him many times. He did his job very honestly. I am going to miss you, Jim. May you rest in peace.

Mr. Preacher, Solomon had a better understanding of the Gospel than many today who reject the doctrine of Christians having all prayers answered through faith. He prayed that such would be the call with himself with all Israel and all others who called upon God. Thus it should be with Christians for great and precious promises are given unto us. And all of God’s promises are given to those who believe. Think about that for a while, preacher.

I look forward to seeing you each and every night. I don’t care if you are driving black or white.

You need to Google how to prepare naturally for the swine influenza.

After reading the latest article in The Mountain Eagle concerning the Letcher County Water and Sewer District I can’t understand how the district board of directors and Phillip Back could make any decision on what kind of disciplinary action to take against Tim Reed when they did not even try to get the secretary’s side of the story. Another mistake made by the board was making any kind of decision when only half the board members were present for the meeting. From what I read in the paper, this was a low priority decision in the eyes of the board. A high priority for board member Richard Carter was to hold up on voting for a vice chairman for the board, but apparently an employee being verbally abused by the superintendent was a low priority for him or he would have insisted on all board members being at the meeting prior to coming to a conclusion.

I would like to speak my piece about my neighbors sitting on the porch: I am just so glad to see my neighbors sitting on the porch looking happy. I thank God every day for those who are able to sit on the porch. I hope we can continue for many more years.

I am so sorry that Jim Wood passed away. He was the best judge ever. God bless you.

There is a lot of trash in Daniel’s Branch. Who are you talking about? Respond in next week’s paper.

I am a landlord in the city of Whitesburg. Does anyone else have to pay tenants’ water bills from years past? If so, is it legal? If it’s not, we need to all get together as landlords and get an attorney and sue the city. Let me know if anyone else like to get in on this.

Would anybody know where Denton Newsome is buried? He was always so good to me when I was a child. I would just love to put a wreath of flowers on his grave. If anyone could give me this information I would be grateful?

What’s the big deal about nude beaches and nudist colonies? We have nudist mountains back here in the head of Bill Moore Branch, Craft Branch and all the way into southwest Virginia. Come on up. We ride around naked with our wives and other people’s wives. Bring your fourwheel, your wife or somebody else’s wives. Nude beaches don’t have anything on us. We have been doing this for years.

I see you are still running that mouth and talking about me. Didn’t I tell you to stop talking about me? Well evidently it didn’t help. Stop talking about me. I’m getting tired of people telling me little stuff you are saying about me. Keep it up or we will be in court now I am telling you, lady.

To whom it may not concern: Speak Your Piece now has Caller ID. This means each call can be traced to a certain phone at a certain residence. So here is the deal, if you call in any libelous comment whatsoever about yours truly, I shall subpoena and a courting we will go. This means I will take you to court.

(Speak Your Piece does not — we repeat, does not — have Caller ID. And if anyone did phone in a libelous comment about you it wouldn’t be printed in the first place.)

I think it is a shame how you are treating a friend. I think you need to give them back what you have taken all of these years.

Hey, judge. Do you think two people graduating from the drug program solves the problem? Why don’t you look around?

To banana head and her alcoholic: I know you enjoy traveling and gardening and you are very proud of that one civic organization to which you belong. But I have something to tell you. That one child to who you were a mentor is now back in juvenile hall. How does that make you feel, banana head?

I have challenged you to a duel. If you are going to accept please let me know. By the way, you may choose the weapon, OK?

If you are sick, puke.

Editor of Speak Your Piece: Do we still have a dog catcher in this county?

When a contagious disease breaks out, you find the source and isolate it. Our government failed miserably at this. But then, that is par for the course in Washington. I am a registered Democrat, but unlike the party loyalists, I do not pretend that my party can do no wrong. Saying that ‘you don’t need to close the barn door after the horse is out,’ is not good enough. It does not mean that you should also open the corral gates and let thousands more out. Our people in Washington knew where it started, and did nothing. Now the Centers for Disease Control says that 90,000 people will die from the swine flu virus. So much for the protection of the citizens of this country, which is in their charge.

Hello dream lover. It was so marvelous getting to be with you this past week. This has been the longest that we’ve ever been apart. I hope it never happens again for that long. I need and love it so much when we can get together every few days. Talking to you on the phone brings such a pleasure to my day, sweetheart. I’m going to hold you to that back rub. Those fantastic, strong hands of yours are magic. Maybe I should nickname you Magic Fingers. You have brought so much magic to my magic. It started over two years ago with the first magic dream kiss, and then with that kiss at Lee’s. I would like for us to go up to Weak Knee Branch and have a small picnic before the weather gets too bad and winter sets in. If not a picnic, just to drive up there and spend time together. Take care, my darling, until you’re back in your sunshine’s arms. Love, hugs and kisses.

I would like to know how a Dollar Store that is so nasty on the outside can be so clean inside. Cigarette butts, pop bottles and all kind of trash are there.

(We’ll go out on a limb here and say the reason it’s so clean inside is because the store has dedicated employees who work hard to see that those thoughtless people who trash up the outside aren’t allowed to ruin the inside for the workers and their customers.)

To my painter: I would like to paint some more pictures with you. I have not been able to do anything but lie around all day. If I get better I will contact you. You are great.

I want to wish Lesley Adams and Kendall Boggs, a longtime friend, both happy birthdays this month of October. Plus, happy anniversary to Charlie Webb and another niece, Amanda, his wife, on the 26th. Please print this. Signed, Stanley Pack.

We, the citizens of Fleming-Neon and Haymond, want to sincerely thank Vivian Collins for contacting Magistrate Wayne Fleming and State Rep. Leslie Combs about the flooding of the homes in Fleming and Haymond. Vivian had a meeting with Wayne and Leslie and the people of Fleming at her home. Thanks to the hard work and phone calls, the creeks have now been dredged. We have been in touch with the governor’s office and many more. Thanks to everyone the job is done. Thank you, Vivian Collins, Wayne Fleming and Leslie Combs.

Today is very lonely and sad without you. I cry a lot and keep you in my heart and mind. The children all miss you, and the grandchildren speak of you often. These two years have been so empty. There is a void in all of our lives. But God keeps us all strong. We know you are at peace with Jesus. God bless you until we meet again. Miss you and love you. Symolene ‘Shot,’ Ben, Bob, Jim, Sandy, Paulette and Pam, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thank you for the great game. You trained her well to be just like you — loud, obnoxious and liked by no one.

As a Letcher County native and a law-abiding citizen, I have to say that I greatly admire Jackie Joseph for resigning from the Letcher County Water District. She, as an honest Christian lady, did the right thing by informing others of the taking of documents from a personnel folder and of buying the truck without soliciting bids. Judge/Executive Jim Ward needs to see that she gets an apology. I have great respect for Michael Joseph. He seems to be a man of integrity and honesty. His wife, or anyone else’s wife, shouldn’t be cursed. Seth Long was let go also. It seems like all of the honest Christian people are being replaced, one way or the other.

Yes I’m sure you have my number. If you weren’t such a big joke, you would call that number. Then I would jump and knock you flat on your behind. Now start pressing those buttons, you patheticlooking loser. Ha, ha.

D.L., when are you going to LC? M.A.

Have a wonderful autumn. Enjoy the colors on the trees. Be thankful for the loved ones in your life.

Mark: Have a wonderful 27th birthday. Love, Mom and Dad.

Faye: I hope you had a great birthday.

In reality, there are no ‘Friends of Coal.’ There are slaves of coal. These are the coal miners and their families. They are used by big coal while they are healthy, and discarded when they are not. They are victims of coal. These are the mountain landowners who have been pushed off of their land as big coal destroys everything around them in pursuit of the almighty dollar. There are abusers and users. These are the coal mine owners who have never lived in the coalfields, don’t care about the people or environment of the area, and who will do whatever it takes to turn a profit from the coal which they took through deceit many years ago. Finally, there are the prostitutes of coal. These are the politicians, businessmen, and media who take money from coal for services which harm the community. They often point to what they call the ‘benefits of coal mining,’ when in truth, almost every benefit derived from the coal industry has been forced on big coal by the very people the coal owners try to shout down and shut up. Environmentalists forced the cleanup of burning slag heaps and the reclamation of abandoned mines. Unions built the hospitals and forced the mines to pay decent wages and benefits. Activists forced the legislature to tax coal companies for the value of the coal reserves they hold, and place a severance tax on the coal they mine. If big coal had its way, our mountains would be leveled, the streams would be dry or polluted, and the miners would be working for minimum wage. So if you consider yourself a ‘Friend of Coal,’ ask yourself which of the above groups you really fit into, and then ask, ‘Is this any way for coal to treat its friends?’

Since the city council won’t take the steps to drag Jenkins into the 20th century (we can hardly hope for the 21st), I would love to see some real leaders step up and help the city through the process of getting a wet/ dry vote. And not just for the sales in restaurants, since you don’t have any. Do the whole thing, beer in grocery stores, a liquor store or two, and a few nice bars. You don’t have to have a dump like the Big Eye or something, but a nice classy place like Summit City would be nice.

I got a kick out reading the paper about how those fool preachers bullied the city council in Jenkins into not voting on alcohol sales. What are those guys doing, are they making money off of the drug sales in Jenkins? It’s crazy to limit beer sales in Jenkins when you can find any drug you want in 15 minutes. And the dope dealers don’t check IDs or pay city tax either. Way to go, council. Smart move.

Happy Halloween, Roland and Ellen.

Hi Chancellor. Happy Halloween from the great pumpkin.

About the deceased man and his ex-wife: The man was my ‘dad’ and was with my mom for 15 plus years. He helped her raise six kids that weren’t any blood relation to him, going so far as to adopt one of her boys. All my mother wanted was to thank him for all that he had done for her and her kids and to tell him good-bye. And the ‘family’ didn’t run outside cussing the so- called ‘lady’, that was his step-granddaughter. And this ‘lady’ (ha, ha, ha) had no right to place her hands on my mother in the first place. I’m just happy I was outside and unaware of what was going on. It was a public visitation anyway, anyone had the right to attend. I want to know who is writing these comments. This person claims he called all his stepchildren (with the exception of two boys) ‘buzzards’. I never asked my father for anything. He may not have created me but he raised me as though he had. And I know he never said those things about me or my siblings. Get a life and please let my father rest in peace. Oh, and the comments about the ‘cookie’ stomping party, well, there are a lot of ‘ingredients’ that might have a problem with that.

What kind of Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board do we have? I know by the facts that I read in The Mountain Eagle last week that they have no scruples at all. We had a board with integrity for years until they all got run off by the present administration and were replaced with yes people. When is politics ever going to change in Letcher County?

Chancellor, the Great Pumpkin says happy Halloween. Also, the birthday fairy says she hopes you had a good birthday.

Ellen, I hope your birthday was as special as you are.


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