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I just wanted to let my parents know how much I appreciate everything they have done for me. To Mom: Thanks so much for fixing dinner for me everyday and then not complaining at all when I have to run out without washing dishes so that I can get back to work on time. To Dad: Thank you for always having enough patience to get up every morning and baby-sit. Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to repay you both, if not with money then by my actions. I love you both so much. Happy early 40th anniversary.

Happy fourth anniversary to Robert and Mary. It was on August 2. From their children.

To the people who called in about the dogs on Roberts Branch: Instead of killing the dogs who have done nothing – it’s their owners’ faults – you should call the dog warden to come and pick the dogs up. If you kill the dogs you are even more guilty than the people who let the dogs run.

I would like to do a little complaining about people smoking in Hardee’s even though the law banning smoking in public places has been passed and is now in effect. I have bad lungs, and if it continues I will get a lawyer and I will sue Hardee’s. A gentleman comes in every morning between 10 and 11 and smokes. The people at Hardee’s have been told of this problem already. I have already spent enough time in the hospital and don’t want to have to spend more time just because someone is disobeying the law. I would like to have this published in the next paper. I feel like that is what this paper is for, and I would like to see this smoking stopped at Hardee’s.

To a certain woman: This is N.D.B., and you better leave a certain man alone. His name starts with a G. I’m already hunting you down and I’m investigating him, too. You and all the other women around had better stay away from him before I kill every one of you.

This is to the lady who lives next door: If I hear that child screaming one more time I’m going to report you to social services. And I hope they take every one of them away from you. You know who you are.

I read a comment in last week’s paper to a homemaker who thinks she’s a cowgirl: Well, I just happen to be that cowgirl. First, it’s yippee-yi-o-ki-yay. Second, I don’t even know who your man is, so how can I be messing with him?

To TECO’s Job 40: Guys, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to disrespect anybody or hurt anybody’s feelings or make anybody mad at me. Sometimes I just say stuff before I think. It’s killed me thinking about what I said. I know I offended you all, but I’m too cowardly to get back on and apologize. I just went ahead and boxed my CB up and put it in the closet.

To all Islamic people who love Allah: My Lord Jesus Christ will be seeing you soon. He tells me in His word I have to love you, so I say I love you. But guess what? It’s a whole different story about your god, Allah. So I say in Jesus Christ’s name, come on out Allah. I don’t care how big you are, I will punch you right in the nose. I sure think this would make a god like yours mad. I’m waiting. Maybe he can’t hear me. One of you tell him for me that he can set up a ring and we’ll go one on one, no holds barred. Tell him I said his daddy was a camel and his mother was a goat. That ought to make him mad. I’m waiting if he’s not afraid of me. Think about it.

Has anyone ever had an experience like this? When my wife of over 50 years and I heard this woman talking I thought about these words in a song: He speaks and the sound of his voice is so sweet the birds stop their singing.

It’s the good ol’ hard working scrapper man again. I’m still looking for that 528 pounds of copper I lost. I don’t know, it could have evaporated. It’s a possibility as I was driving over from Kentucky into Virginia. If anyone else has had the same problem I would like to hear about it in Speak Your Piece. That was only $1,500 out of my pocket. That might not be much to some people, but to a hard working man that’s a lot of money. I haven’t eaten good since I lost it. I’m in a very deep depression – feeling bad and discouraged. I’m a welder by trade, but can’t even weld a pipe now because I’m so depressed.

To the people on Cram Creek: Mind your own business. Thank you.

I have asked for this to be printed in The Mountain Eagle quite a few times, but it has not been. So I’m going to repeat it so maybe it will this time. This is to an unbridled power: I would like to say to you that your time is coming. You are ugly and you’re a skank. I hate you and so does my whole family. You know who I am. You have started trouble with us before, and I am coming to get you. I am back in town and you better watch out.

It’s a shame a woman can’t pay her phone bill and has to put her phone in somebody else’s last name. It’s a shame she can’t pay her bills because she uses her money up for drugs.

To the hot guy from Dairy Hollow: I’ve not seen you since we graduated, but I wish you would get in touch with me. I’ve seen you a few times and I miss you a lot. I wish you would stop being with her and start being with me. You know who is the right one for you. I love you. I always will.

Rumor has it there is going to be a sale on Railroad Hill this coming weekend. You can get OxyContin 80s for $62. Xanax is two for $15. A special notice to Operation UNITE officers: Show us your badge and receive an additional 20 percent off the above prices. Y’all come now, y’hear.

To a certain guy whose first name starts with a C.: I love you with all my heart. Can’t wait to have our baby. Can’t wait to marry you. Love always, M.

I think it’s a shame a family on Cram Creek is about to lose their kids just because of all these drug dealers in one area within a quarter-mile of each other. Something ought to be done about the OxyContin up here in Cram Creek. The dealers who sell it need to be taken down so the people will have nowhere to buy it.

To Mr. Lucky: I see you’re still selling your drugs in Doty Creek. Everybody knows who you are. I just want to know how the same people can get by with selling drugs for six years.

If you’re a female and you want drugs, come to Cram Creek. The dealers up here will be glad to trade pills for special favors. A lot of people’s wives are messing around with these dealers just to get pills. Thank you. Hopefully you will print this.

I think we sort of have a problem. Parents are afraid not to send their children to school because they are only allowed to miss 10 or so days a year, so they send them to school sick. You can take your child to the doctor, but most of the time they won’t give them antibiotics. My child caught the flu three times last year. There’s really not much you can do about it with this new schedule that limits them on days missed. The children go to school sick with running noses, vomiting and diarrhea, and they give it to everybody else at the school. Then it just spreads like wildfire, and after enough people catch it they shut the school down for a couple of weeks. I think if a child is really and truly sick and has a doctor’s excuse there shouldn’t be a day count or number count. Most parents can’t afford to spend $600 to $700 each year at the doctor.

I don’t know if you’ll print this or not, but here goes: A preacher is supposed to be helping people, but says he can’t get a group to come here to help people work on their houses. However, he turns around and gets one of these groups to make improvements to his own property. Now isn’t that something? What about the people who can’t afford to get any help?

I’m just wondering if Charlie Dixon ran for mayor Jenkins or Lexington. I’m just kind of confused, because every time I call and need something from him he’s in Lexington.

To a guy in Isom: I really like the time we spend together – if there was more of it. And I really like the time in a certain room. You know who you are.

I would like to thank my baby for being the best thing in the world to me. She means everything to me. I am so glad we met at (a certain fast-food restaurant). I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I hope we’ll be together forever, and I look forward to having our baby together.

To a woman who drives a green car: You better watch those rumors you are spreading around about other people. It’s all going to backfire and you’re going to lose everything.

Hi, little baby. I was just thinking of you like always. I was thinking if you would marry me we could start a family of our own and have a little baby. We could get you a mini-van and get a home together, maybe that cabin we were looking at. I put you a key to the door in the breaker box just in case. You know you and the baby are always welcome anytime. I love you.

To the person who keeps trying to justify why the Jenkins Police keep harassing people and our children: Yes, I know that the police were looking for a girl who wasn’t supposed to be out of her house. But the graduates who were camping had nothing to do with the girl or with the boy she was with. And no alcohol was found anywhere. So why the harassment? Did you know the reason the overage people were there was to chaperone the students and that the parents knew they were there? Why did you fail to respond to the whole comment?

To the person who thinks being called a hillbilly is an insult: Well I’m proud to be from these hills. I have never had a dollar bill with residue on it to pull out in front of a police officer or anyone else. Now for the smart part: I am smart enough to know that the Jenkins police are looking up people’s noses for pill residue, and I know that snorting or taking anything to get high does nothing but destroy your mind, body and soul. It sounds to me like you know too much about snorting stuff. Maybe the Jenkins police should be inspecting your noses instead of the noses of good, God-fearing people like this hillbilly. In my opinion you must be an addict. Instead of responding to this, go and get yourself some help. Last but not least, Terry Braddock is the best thing going for the city officials in Jenkins. And losing the help of Ernestine Flint for Jenkins Days is the worst thing that could have ever happened. What is the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee going to do when the Jenkins Festival at River Park in Whitesburg is more successful than the Homecoming Days?

To a woman who thinks her daughter is so perfect: Your daughter is running around with different men and meeting men who are married. She is selling pills and buying pills and doing everything else. You are going to be surprised soon when the people show up with all of the evidence. It’s not going to be pretty at all.

Hey there, buddy. Why are you following me around when I go places? I know who you are, so if I was you I would back off. I’m not bothering you and I’m not going to be bothered, either. Just please tend to your own business.

A big thanks goes out to the custodians at Martha Jane Potter Elementary for all the hard work they have done to get the school ready to begin a new year. Our school looks fantastic.

It is my understanding that Operate UNITE is an acronym standing for Unlawful Narcotics Investigation, Treatment, and Education. This program has been in place for a few years now, and where are the results? The number of drug addicts is the same, if not higher, as well as the incidence of drug-related crime. I have heard news of them living up to the investigation component, convincing addicts who get busted to wear a wire and make buys for them. Sometimes they are even made infamous by DVD copies of their undercover purchases being passed around town. Where is the treatment and education? Help these poor people help themselves and then you will start to see some results. Put all that grant money to some good use, and stop making the judges and lawyers fat on it.

This is to a certain lady on Smoot Creek: You claim to be such a good Christian person and say that you are going to church and living right, but anyone who is a Christian would not stand and cuss a small child and call it a bastard and other words. I don’t know what kind of church you belong to, but you don’t sound like much of a Christian tome. Sounds to me like you are the long-tongued devil itself. You should really be ashamed of yourself. Anyone who has the love of God in them doesn’t act the way that you did.

Hey, judge, when are you going to start doing something for this county like you promised in your great campaign? As far as I can see, you haven’t done anything but give our money to ARH and contract out the blacktopping to pay back the money that was given to your election. Hum, politics at its best here in Letcher County again. I bet folks will think before they vote again.

Looks like everyone else is griping about the drug problem so I might as well join them. There are some over on Gordon that need to be looked into also. There are kids in the home that see people rolling their joints and so on and they go and try it. When they get caught, they blame it on someone else’s child. If I knew a good social worker I would call them and let them in on what is going on over in this area, but I don’t know one. I am tired of my child getting blamed for things that they have no idea how to do. It’s bull. I don’t do that stuff in front of my child and I don’t appreciate it being blamed on my child. The person doing the blaming needs to keep their child at home then he wouldn’t know how to do these things. Thank you guys for your time.

I see you’re just as stupid this week as you were two weeks ago. I used the witch trials as an example. I also used the Duke lacrosse stripper, which happened recently, as an example, but I can see that you are as uninformed and uneducated as you are illiterate. Your comment was so stupid it wasn’t even worth responding to, so in the future I won’t. And if you don’t want people to know just how stupid you are, I would advise you not to speak.

I’m sorry that things haven’t worked out for us yet, but I hope that one day they will. I want you to know that I do miss you and I’m still here waiting just like I promised you. I love you and always will. 1-4-3. Love, your baby girl. And remember, you said true love never dies.

To the woman that wrote about the 15-year-old daughter: Sounds to me like that it was your responsibility to take care of the problem. I have a teenage daughter, too, and you can bet that what you said happened wouldn’t have happened if you had been doing your job. You let it go on. You let him move in and ruin her life. So it’s your own fault, not the other way around. Don’t put the blame on someone else when you sat back and you let it happen. Are you jealous of her lifestyle? How do you know if she gets welfare and uses drugs? I would say you have used welfare, too. Better sweep your own back porch, honey, before you go to putting other people down. By the way, maybe she’s worked hard in her life, too. You’re not mother of the year either. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Where are your morals? Or do you have any? It’s not her responsibility to keep a young man out of your child’s life. It’s you that said you let him move in for 13 months. Are you stupid or what? Sounds like she was out of control before he came into the picture. If she cried, why didn’t you find out why? I know that my daughter would not have someone live with her under my roof or my watch. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but it sounds like you didn’t learn anything. So let it go if she’s so happy now. Can’t cry over spilled milk.

I don’t know why you are trying to get in my AT&T account, but I know it’s you, so cut it out. There isn’t anything on my bill that is of your concern. I don’t care about your personal life, so quit caring about mine.

A government’s first duty to its citizens is to protect them from harm, physical or otherwise. This protection is not being provided in Letcher County as is evident by the drug siege that has control of almost every community in the county. The Sheriff is arresting a lot of druggies, the Commonwealth’s Attorney is getting indictments. The weak link here is the court, which is permissive and soft. Drug dealers are put on bonds and issued fines that are no more than pocket change to them. Repeat, repeat, repeat offenders are put on probation and promptly offend again. What we need is a citizen court-watch system to track every important case, keep statistics, and report to the media. This is going on in other counties and has been very effective.

I picked up my things and went outside / A man that I loved up and died / I couldn’t believe that after all of this time / I never knew the man but he was a good friend of mine / So long, I’ll see you down that long dark river / Floating on that lining in the sky / I’m lucky, lucky enough to have heard you play your song / So long, Jerry, so long

I can’t get the link to turn in a drug dealer to work on the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office website. Is there anywhere else you can turn them in anonymously? Thanks.

Getting a criminal conviction for anything under the existing circumstances seems well-nigh impossible. If a criminal defendant has enough money and can find a lawyer not governed by ethics (easy enough), they can dig up enough technicalities to make it mathematically unlikely that even in the best cases there will be a conviction. If, however, the prosecution should get over all the technical hurdles, the criminal lawyer can then call on a host of experts willing to be coached and to testify to anything. Fortunately, these criminals will commit enough residual crime in trying to get out of the original charge that they can be pursued indefinitely if the prosecution and the victims are determined. One source of satisfaction: a criminal’s life is probably not a very pleasant one.

To the young man who opposed the article about illegal aliens: Before you make your comments you should get firsthand information as I have for many years, and not from Google. If we believe everything we hear and read, then we will believe all the lies we hear from our federal, state and local governments. And, by the way, to show how well informed you are, this administration wants to legalize even the criminals who are red-tagged for deportation. I have more Mexican friends than you probably ever will have and they feel the same way I do. Does patriotism mean allowing people to take down the American flag and stomp it in the ground and put up the Mexican flag? This disgraces our soldiers who fight and die for our flag. I have worked in other states and was accepted because I didn’t appear to be ignorant. The great Roman Empire fell because it turned a blind eye to all the immigrants who finally burned it to the ground. Mexico is much older than this country, but they did not have the foresight to develop the kind of industry to sustain their people. Mexico’s second largest income is from the U.S. According to the General Accounting Office, in 1980 there were 9,000 illegals in prison who had committed crimes. In 2003, there were 267,000. This is documented fact. You need to get a dictionary because it seems you don’t know the difference between emigration and immigration. You should read page 4 of the August 1 issue of The Mountain Eagle. Thank you, Eagle.

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